Debunking Cardinal O’Malley’s Position on Illegal Immigration

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s two recent Executive Orders to limit immigration from terror-associated countries, last week Cardinal Sean O’Malley sent a letter to parishes underscoring the church’s support for immigrants and refugees. The previous week, on Feb 2, he convened a private meeting of top politicians and Muslim lImage result for debunk
at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross to express solidarity with Muslims. BCI thinks it’s high time for Cardinal O’Malley to quit making emotional arguments and accept facts and reality.

He said, “Although many Americans are frustrated by a broken immigration system and others are fearful of the threat of terrorism…I believe that most people in this country recognize that we are a nation of immigrants and that we have an established history of assimilating people of different languages, religions, ethnicities into the magnificent mosaic that is America.”

We have a history of doing this–when the people want or wanted to adopt the core values of America, which was founded as a Christian nation. What should be done for immigrants whose intentions are evil?  Cardinal O’Malley implies we should just let them all in anyway.  He needs to look at the facts.

  • According to the Center for Immigration Studies, 72 terrorists have come to the U.S. from the countries covered in the Trump travel ban since 9/11.
  • In 2016, the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest released a report on individuals convicted in terror cases since 9/11. Using open sources (because the Obama administration refused to provide government records), the report found that 380 out of 580 people convicted in terror cases since 9/11 were foreign-born
  • 2,996 Americans were killed by Radical Islamists in the 9/11 attacks.
  • Since 9/11, an additional 145 Americans have been killed in 50 separate acts of deadly Islamic terror or Islam-related honor killing in the United States.  They are described in detail in this article and inventoried in this article.  Hundreds of mass murder plots have been thwarted or botched.
  • Illegal immigrants pose a danger on the roads: About 4.5 million illegal aliens in the U.S. drive on a regular basis, many without licenses or insurance or even the ability to read road signs written in English, The New York Times reported. In Arizona, 63 percent of cited drivers have no license, no insurance, and no registration for the vehicle, and 97 percent of them are illegal aliens. According to this article, of the 188,380 deportations of illegal aliens in one recent year, 23 percent had committed criminal traffic offenses, primarily driving under the influence. Rep. Steve King of Iowa has estimated that illegal alien drunk drivers kill 13 Americans every day.
  • Many immigrants entering the country illegally have a criminal record in the U.S.: In 2010, the Border Patrol reported that 212,000 illegals were caught in the Tucson, Ariz., sector alone, and as many as 30 percent of them already had a criminal record in the U.S.
  • Many illegal alien convicts have been arrested multiple times: A Government Accountability Office study of 55,000 illegal aliens found that they were arrested at least 459,614 times, averaging about eight arrests per alien. About one-quarter of them had 11 or more arrests.
  • In this recent piece by a former Muslim refugee, “Trump’s Immigration Ban Was Clumsy But He’s Right About Radical Islam” the author cites Pew research data in support of the ban.  “In a survey of Muslims who believe Sharia law should be official national law in their country, three-quarters of Pakistanis and almost half of Bangladeshis and Iraqis think that those, like me, who leave Islam should suffer the death penalty. More than 80 percent of Muslims in Pakistan and around two-thirds of Muslims in Bangladesh and Iraq regard Sharia law as the revealed word of God. Only tiny fractions would be comfortable if their daughters married Christians. Only a minority regards honor killings of women as “never justified.” More than a quarter of Bangladeshi Muslims, 13 percent of Pakistani Muslims and 7 percent of Iraqi Muslims think suicide bombings in defense of Islam are often or sometimes justified.

    People with views such as these pose a threat to us all, not because those who hold them will all turn to terrorism. Most will not. But such attitudes imply a readiness to turn a blind eye to the use of violence and intimidation tactics against, say, apostates and dissidents — and a clear aversion to the hard-won achievements of Western feminists and campaigners for minority rights. Admitting individuals with such views is not in the American national interest.

Pewsitter has written an open letter to the USCCB on Immigration with 5 questions for bishops who support illegal immigration, including the following:

  • Does the leader of a country have the right to prudentially limit immigration to that country?
  • If so, is it not Mr. Trump’s duty as President of the U.S. to make a prudential judgment as to what is an appropriate restriction? If, as Cardinal DiNardo and Archbishop Gomez have specifically noted, we must “screen vigilantly for infiltrators who would do us harm”, what about his order is problematic, and upon what moral reasoning?
  • Another frequently condemned item is the building of a wall on the southern border. An explanation of why such a wall is immoral would be helpful. The doors of our churches have locks, some of them have fences around them, and even part of the Vatican has walls. Jesus spoke of thieves coming in the night, and of the owner who would have taken precautions against housebreaking. Is the building of any wall on the border of any country morally wrong, or merely prudentially ill-advised?
  • During the latter part of the 19th century and early part of the 20th century, millions of immigrants came to the United States via Ellis Island. At this time, American immigration restrictions were very tight: immigrants were subjected to health inspections, questions about their beliefs, and their job prospects; some went before a board to answer more detailed questions, while others were held in detention, or quarantine. Would the bishops disagree with imposing such requirements on today’s immigrants?

Cardinal O’Malley, how would you respond to these questions and the factual data?  Just let everyone in because it feels good to be nice guys?

38 Responses to Debunking Cardinal O’Malley’s Position on Illegal Immigration

  1. Ann Mattson says:

    Assimilation is a key word here…without assimilation, we are not one nation

  2. Proudly American and Catholic says:

    I agree with Ann and with BCI. Moreover, Americans by and large agree with the executive order. A Reuters/Ipsos poll found that half of American adults polled said they either “strongly” or “somewhat” agreed with Trump’s executive order, with a third of those polled feeling more safe because of the temporary ban, and 38 percent saying they thought Trump was setting “a good example” of how best to confront terrorism. Cardinal O’Malley is obfuscating the issue by constantly talking about his experience working with immigrants many years ago. So what? His experience has nothing to do Muslims hell-bent on killing Americans and Christians.

  3. winslow1191 says:

    The Cardinal’s statement that we are a nation of immigrants is entirely disingenuous. All four of my grandparents were immigrants. None of them came to this country to impose a foreign legal system on the existing population. The history of Islam is clear. From the day Muhammad left Medina the objective of Islam has been to conquer the world and impose Sharia Law everywhere. London has a Muslim mayor and it won’t be long before the UK is majority Muslim. Then the world will know conclusively what Muslims are up to.

    The Cardinal seems to be willfully ignorant of the history of Islam. As one of his flock I’d like to read a response from him to the points being made here. The odds of that happening are about 1 in 10,000.

    • Rt Neary says:

      Qualifying adjectives can change the meaning of a concept enormously – totally, at times. “We are a nation of immigrants.” Of course! But what is it about the word “legal” which causes it to be excluded as a qualifier by Church Hierarchy?

      • AD says:

        That is what makes this so incredibly insulting. He must hold parishioners in low estimation to think we are too ignorant to know the difference between LEGAL immigrants and those who come here seeking to do harm and up-end our society.

  4. Sonny's Mom says:

    This sums up the situation well, I think. It also exposes the weakness of an open-borders, “feel-good” approach to public policy:

    “Empathy actually leads to bad policy because … while you’re empathizing for the person whose shoes you’re standing in, you’re forgetting about the effects of the public policy you’re recommending on the other million people the public policy actually impacts.”
    –Ben Shapiro

  5. Chris Whittle says:

    This is the same Cardinal O’Malley who (with the gang of 9) recently pledged allegiance to Francis’ personal magisterium (which is opposite of the Church’s). More evidence shows Benedict XVI was forced out and is still canonically Pope, albeit sitting in the Vatican dungeon.

    To say the USA is a nation of immigrants is irrelevant today. Most U.S. citizens living here and abroad do not have ancestory from the Colonial days. But the circumstances from ca. 1820-1924 were radically different then today: we needed those immigrants to WORK. My paternal grandfather’s family came from Britain when he was 5 for WORK. My paternal grandmother’s parents escaped from a communist country back then to practice the Catholic faith, and he WORKED until he had a heart attack at age 75. My mother’s mother was a British Army truck driver drafted by Churchill for WWII who married her husband (a U.S. soldier) at St. John’s R.C. Cathedral in Portsmouth, England; they moved back to USA after the war and had six children. She eventually became a naturalized American.

    All my ancestors were proud Americans. Today’s native-born children are taught to hate America.

    The only true refugees in the Middle East are the Christians, yet only a handful were admitted to the USA during the Obama years.

    I am sick of this continued disrespect of the President, especially now from the Bishops. They clearly didn’t vote for him, but this is out of control.

  6. D Paul says:

    “winslow1191” is completely accurate. As a Navy vet with 4 years of shipboard service, there is a great deal of naivete in regard to Islam. Pope Francis has made statements that are conducive to the interpretation that Islam is a parallel religion to Christianity. There is no coincidence that Fatima has connections to Islam. I have to believe that this fact is part of the warning. May 2017 will mark the 100th anniversary of this event. The only answer continues to be prayer.

  7. says:


    I am appauled by Cardinal O’Malley’s position on illegal immigration. Doesn’t he realize that a number of ISIS followers will come into this country, just as the Boston Bombers did, to hurt or kill our citizens. We should look to help people in a place more like their homeland. When our grandparents came into the US, they came to make a better life, but they weren’t out to kill the citizens already here.

    Please let the Cardinal know that his position is not favored by the Catholics in this diocese, that is why we voted for President Trump.

    Thank you

    • Rhino says:

      I didn’t vote for Trump and I am a Catholic. Just like your grandparents a huge % of the immigrants want to come to USA for better life not to hurt or kill. Today immigrants are vetted quite intensely more so than when our grandparents arrived.
      I pray everyday that they may be accepted and start of life free of war,torture and persecution.
      Ask yourselves … What Would Jesus

    • Rhino says:

      Ask yourselves
      What would Jesus Do, Say , Want

      • Miss Sally says:

        Jesus would tell us to shake the dust from his feet when dealing with the likes of Sean Omalley. To compare the Irish and Italian Catholics to Muslims is absurd and an utter disregard for the history of Middle Eastern countries which have seen their population overrun and out-bred by this “religious” group. You’re the enemy within, just as Cardinal O’Malley is. Martyring our own is not the way to heaven.

  8. john salys says:

    I think the problem in this instance is indicative of a more pervasive problem within the Archdiocese. Just because the Cardinal has alluded to the fact that our country has a history of assimilating people from all different backgrounds into such a beautiful mosaic, I do not think that he is any less concerned about the safety and well being of men, women and children not only within our country but around the world.

    How does this relate to the more pervasive problems within the Archdiocese today? The Cardinal, I think, needs to take time now to resolve critical problems within the Archdiocese rather than allude to or delegate them to other to do so. Let’s take one example.

    A significant number of the catholic schools within the Archdiocese are in a financial crisis, are faced with closure, and are operating in a crisis mode with little no financial guidance from the Catholic School Office.Even though the Cardinal has said very clearly that catholic schools are a priority. So why are so many of our schools in such a financial crisis?

    In the Catholic Schools Office, the Associate Superintendent for Finance & Planning is charged with such financial oversight. This is a highly compensated position but to date has been highly ineffective.

    So why does this problem not simply persist but worsen? More catholic schools have closed and more have less and less financial resources needed to resolve problems. Is the answer really to have a capital campaign to continue to pay people such excessive salaries or to resolve problems caused by mismanagement?

    If the catholic schools are a priority, then this should be clearly communicated not by simply delegating problems but rather by insuring these problems are resolved.


  10. Concerned Parent says:

    “The previous week, on Feb 2, he convened a private meeting of top politicians and Muslim leaders at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross to express solidarity with Muslims.”

    It would be nice if he supported the Catholics occasionally.

    Is he a socialist? Is he a “progressive”, deliberately engaged in efforts to eliminate America’s borders?

    As we can see, “refugee resettlement” is quite the cash cow.

    “…The figures available on the website show the USCCB garnering more than $91 million for refugee resettlement programs, more than $202 million going to Catholic Charities, which also serves refugees, and the Boston-based ICMC getting more than $17 million in government funds stipulated entirely for U.S. refugee resettlement…”

  11. Miss Sally says:

    I get that my as yet unconceived grandchildren will face enormous struggles in a country where Muslims will predominate. Any moron can do the math – the migration and breeding rates of this particular group are such that their numbers will change the Christian culture of our nation without any doubt. I would appreciate if the Cardinal and his minions would at least refrain from pouring gasoline on their martyrdom.

  12. JMM says:

    I would like to hear what the author and commentators think that we should do about the refugee crisis. What responsibility do we have as Christians? What is your plan?

    • Concerned Parent says:

      The Catholic principle of subsidiarity holds that the refugee problem be dealt with as close as possible to its point of origin. Attempting to solve the problem by moving it to a different location only serves to spread the problem. It is naive to deny this reality. As Christians, our first concern is for the survival of our own families, fellow Christians, and countrymen.

      “Muslim Violence in Europe is out of control. The reports keep pouring in of daily rapes, attacks, and violence for no reason other than for Islam and out of hatred for Christ.”

      Practically speaking, America cannot serve as the bread basket of the world. Annual remittances to Mexico total approximately $25 billion. Unemployment and underemployment is increasing poverty by destroying the American middle class.

      “The unemployment rate is vastly understating weakness in today’s labor market
      Unemployment rate, actual and if missing workers* were looking for work, January 2006–January 2017”

      U.S. Debt Clock:

      Christians in America (or anywhere else) are not called to be the saviors of the world — to solve other nations’ problems without limit (though many naively believe the opposite to be the case). There is only one Savior.

      • JMM says:

        “As Christians, our first concern is for the survival of our own families, fellow Christians, and countrymen.”

        Where in scripture or church documents do you find this teaching?

      • Concerned Parent says:

        “Where in scripture or church documents do you find this teaching?”


        “But if any man have not care of his own, and especially of those of his house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” 1 Tim 5:8


        Subsidiarity | What You Need to Know

        ” The social teaching of the Church is based on the human person as the principle, subject and object of every social organization. Subsidiarity is one of the core principles of this teaching. This principle holds that human affairs are best handled at the lowest possible level, closest to the affected persons…”

  13. Marianne Keating says:

    I have forwarded our great and informative blod on to others. In my discussions with others I mentioned about the exorbitant salaries of many of the high ups in the archdiocese including he superintendent. Could you end me a last blog that shows those salaries and also the name of the wealthy employee who ran fund raisers for ro-abort Obama when he was running for election. I think he was in advertising?

    Prayers for our beloved Catholic church and for those like yourself who make aware of the battle that some refuse to see!

  14. M. Keating says:

    I have forwarded your great and informative blog on to others. In my discussions with others I mentioned about the exorbitant salaries of many of the high ups in the archdiocese including the superintendent. Could you send me a past blog that shows those salaries and also the name of the wealthy employee who ran fund raisers for pro-abort Obama when he was running for election. I think he was in advertising possibly?

    Prayers for our beloved Catholic church and for those like yourself who make others aware of the battle that some refuse to see!

  15. JMM says:

    We should be careful about seeing bad intent in all Muslims. My young daughter’s best friend is a Muslim girl. Beautiful family. In fact the Moroccan families in my neighborhood are among the most decent people in the area, pillars of faith, traditional values, family, and hard work.

    • winslow1191 says:

      JMM, the argument isn’t that all Muslims are violent, but that all Muslims have the potential to become violent. Their religion, which is actually a political movement, requires them to kill us ‘ wherever they find us,’ There are movements all over the country to radicalize the nice people you find them to be.

      “”And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.”

      The Noble Qur’an (

      “Polytheists” is code for Catholics and the instruction is in their book. Learn what they teach and what they believe. Your daughter’s best friend will never tell her she wants to see Sharia Law imposed on all Americans. Why should she? She has you in her corner. When it hits you, you’ll never see it coming.

      • Joseph McHugh says:

        You’re assuming every Muslim takes that seriously, and ignores other advice on the Koran which contradicts that. In short, your view amounts to “every Muslim is dangerous.” A highly dubious point of view.

        Let us never forget that nearly the exact same things said about Muslims today we’re said about Catholics yesterday. Let’s not repeat the same injustices.

  16. winslow1191 says:

    You’re putting words in my mouth, Joseph McHugh. I said ” all Muslims have the potential to become violent.” You know what ‘potential’ means, I’m sure.

    There is no “other advice on the Koran which contradicts that.” (The killing of ‘polytheists.’) Muslims are schooled to kill everyone who does not believe what they believe. If you find a sura in the Quran which counsels kindness and compassion, you can bet it’s not for you and me. It’s for their brother Muslims.

    I’m sure you find it nice to be nice. So did Fr. Hammel, the French priest who had his throat cut by Muslims while at Mass. He was so nice he gave them land next to his church so they could build a mosque. His generosity cost him his life.

    Wake up, Mr. McHugh, before you find there is blood flowing from your neck.

  17. M. Keating says:

    Sorry about incorrect websites listed above. Should have been: the bishops, the catechism and st. thomas aquinas say about immigration

    http: does saint thomas say about immigration?

  18. M. Keating says:

    My goodness…seems I have to put the dashes in between the words in those websites! I obviously am not a usual blogger! Hopefully these work!,-the-catchism-and-st.-thomas-aquinas-say-about-immigration

  19. JMM says:

    Anyone can quote the Quran, or the Bible, out of context.

    But let me put it in the form of a Syllogism (a very Catholic thing to do!)

    1. Some parts of the Quran suggest that Muslims should kill non-believers.
    2. Some Muslims read the Quran seriously.
    3. Thus, all Muslims are potential killers.

    Does anyone see the flaws in the logic here?

    Let’s put it in historical perspective. What would our ancestors have said about Catholics?

    1. The Catholic church preaches against religious freedom.
    2. Some Catholics take this seriously.
    3. Thus, all Catholics in America are a threat to religious freedom and should be banned from the U.S or deported.

    Flawed logic then. Flawed logic now.

    For further insight please re-read today’s Gospel.

    Anyway, I appreciate hearing people’s views. I will keep BCI and all the folks here in my prayers.

    Many blessings and healings.

    • JMM, Once again, your so-called “logic” falls apart in the face of fact.

      A Pew research poll of U.S. Muslims in 2011 found almost 20-percent felt that suicide bombings and other forms of violence against civilian targets were rarely, sometimes or often justified to defend Islam.

      A 2013 Pew Research Center survey of Muslims around the globe finds that most adherents of the world’s second-largest religion are deeply committed to their faith and want its teachings to shape not only their personal lives but also their societies and politics. In all but a handful of the 39 countries surveyed, a majority of Muslims say that Islam is the one true faith leading to eternal life in heaven and that belief in God is necessary to be a moral person. Many also think that their religious leaders should have at least some influence over political matters. And many express a desire for sharia – traditional Islamic law – to be recognized as the official law of their country. The percentage of Muslims who say they want sharia to be “the official law of the land” varies widely around the world, from fewer than one-in-ten in Azerbaijan (8%) to near unanimity in Afghanistan (99%). But solid majorities in most of the countries surveyed across the Middle East and North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia favor the establishment of sharia, including 71% of Muslims in Nigeria, 72% in Indonesia, 74% in Egypt and 89% in the Palestinian territories.

      Since you seem to prefer keeping your opinions blissfully free from any connection to facts, BCI suggests you hold back from further comments here until you learn more about the topics you are commenting on.


      • JMM says:

        It sounds like your “suggestion” is a little more than that, so in deference to the fact that this is your site, I will refrain from any more comments on this topic. I do disavow your uncharitable remarks about me personally. (Such remarks are beneath you and me. It wasn’t my intention to provoke your anger.)

        Let’s pray for each other, our families, our country, and our president. On that, I hope, we can agree on!

      • We appreciate your prayers, and we certainly agree on that. BCI does not feel our comments to you were uncharitable or made in anger–but rather, it seems that you kept voicing opinions not in any way supported by objective fact. It’s like Pope Francis recently saying there is no such thing as Islamist terrorism.


  20. Patricia McCarron says:

    I invite you to read Defeating Jihad, The Winnable War, by Dr. Sebastian Gorka. Sebastian Lukacs Gorka is an American national security advisor, specializing in irregular warfare, counterinsurgency and counterterrorism, currently serving as a Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Dr. Gorka’s book is an easy-to-read compendium of the facts concerning the history of Islam, the analogy of the threat of Radical Islamic Terrorism to the rise of Nazism and The Cold War, and what America must do (and not do!) to defeat the jihad. Excellent reading!!

  21. M. Keating says:

    Sounds like an informative read as I have enjoyed his opinions on various subjects. Will have to check it out!

  22. L.B.S. says:

    Many years ago, the Boston Archdiocese held an anniversary celebration at Bishop Fenwick High School. Some speakers at this assembly tried making the case that the shortage of priests, closing of churches and dwindling of congregations were reminiscent of the Archdiocese’s early days where parishes and priests were far and few in between and Catholics faced discrimination. (How uplifting!)

    The entertainment at this function featured a few non-white ethnic groups doing their traditional dances in front of a handful of white 70 and 80 year old priests seated on stage. In that moment, I thought to myself that the Archdiocese sees the future of the Church as being more ethnic so they are going to be very sensitive to immigrants…legal and illegal. With that demographic you have a more captive audience less likely to challenge (or bail) when the Church hierarchy does something that doesn’t pass the smell test. Today, many of my priests have thick accents and come from foreign lands.

    I wonder if this is why the Cardinal so vigorously speaks on this issue. Would you see him invite those same politicians to discuss abortion or premarital sex?

    Ever since that assembly, part of me has always wondered if the Church is giving up on us white people. We have questioned, we have challenged, we have held vigils at shuttered churches, we have protested pedophile priests and many of us have stopped going to Mass. Perhaps the Church is looking for a more pliable group of parishioners in the immigrant population?

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