Pray for John Vennari

This is republished from a Feb 22 post by Michael Matt at The Remnant. John has dedicated himself to defending the authentic, traditional teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  He is near death and needs all of our prayers.

John VennariA few moments ago I spoke via telephone with a Catholic gentleman, a beloved husband, a father and dear friend. His name is John Vennari, and he was told earlier today by his doctors that he is now in the “active stages of dying.”
John asked me to do him a favor and help him notify his many, many friends all around the world that he may not live to see his birthday on Friday. He wishes everyone to know that he’s not in pain. He wishes us all to know that, as he put it, “either we believe in Divine Providence or we don’t. I believe in it, and I know that God has known for all eternity that I would be here in this hospital today, ready to die.”
John also believes in miracles, as do I. And so anything is possible with God. But John said nothing about miracles just now. I think he wants us all to know that he’s ready, that he loves God, and that his faith is so much stronger than his body just now. He wants our prayers.

After all this man has done for us, for the Church, for the Catholic cause, I don’t think I need to beg for prayers for John Vennari. All I need to do is tell you that this beautiful soul wants us to pray for him, and I know that tens of thousands of grateful Catholics will do it.

His last words to me just now were to plead that , no matter what happens, we not give up the fight for Catholic restoration. “Please, keep it going. You must keep it going.” What does it say about the caliber of this warrior for Christ that, from what his doctors are now calling his deathbed, John Vennari’s concerns are still for the Traditional Catholic cause he defended all his life.

Thank you, John, for everything. God is with you, Mary is at your side and, all over the world, thousands of your brothers and sisters in Christ are with you right now, every step of the way, united with you in prayer. You are not alone, and your unshakable faith shines like a beacon for us all. Pray for us, John. And I know you know these are the most difficult words I’ve ever written.

God bless you, and Mary keep.

St. Philomena and Our Lady of Fatima—please pray for our brother John.

9 Responses to Pray for John Vennari

  1. D Paul says:

    Well done, good and faithful servant. That is the only prayer that I would say for this guy. Now as for prayers that others may be influenced by his goodness and dedication, that one is good to go.

  2. keu rig says:

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  3. keu rig says:

    My prayers are with John and his family.  I would like to share something confidential with you. How do I do it? Thank you.

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  4. Frances Holmes says:

    We appreciate all of the wonderful work that John Venarri has done for the Church that he loves. He will find his reward in Heaven.

  5. Concerned Parent says:

    Thanks for posting. Praying for John and for his family.

  6. Fr. B. says:

    Sending prayers for John today


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    • francis says:

      Holy Toledo..Lets start a wave across the USA of groups of us offering 30 consecutive Holy Masses, the Soul releasing variety “GREGORIAN MASSES” to be Celebrated for John in his Honor, and all past Souls who defended the Faith. The very Holy Mass John spent his Life Protecting can now be the source Elevating him to the highest levels of Heavenly reward.

  7. says:

    I’ll say the Divine Mercy prayers for John right now, as it is most effective at the time of a person’s passing.

    May God and His Blessed Mother welcome him home with all the angels and saints.

    Thank you for sharing this information with us.

    God bless you too,


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