May 8, 2011

Here at BCI, we do our very best to ensure
that what we post is accurate, but we sometimes make mistakes.  We have recently become aware of several errors in previous posts, so today we would like to correct those errors.

  • In our post, “Around the Archdiocese” of April 9, 2011, we incorrectly wrote that Chancellor Jim McDonough had watched the Opening Day game of the Red Sox at Fenway Park from the WB Mason luxury box.  We subsequently learned that the luxury box was not the WB Mason box.
  • In our post, “Fundraising Fiasco” of March 18, 2011, we wrote that the annual Catholic Appeal had missed their $15 million goal by $2.5 million, raising $12.5 million.  Although we were correct that they raised $12.5 million towards the parish goal listed in that same report of $15 million, this incorrectly neglected to account for other donations to the appeal that were not made through parishes.  With the recent publication of the 2010 annual report and official announcement of the 2010 appeal results two months after the appeal closed, counting those other donations, we now know that the amount of the miss was $2 million.
  • In our post, “Welcome Home” of March 5, 2011, we incorrectly reported that Fr. Thomas Foley attended the 2011 convention of the NOCERCC in New Orleans along with two other priests from Boston. Though Fr. Foley was out of town at the time, he did not attend the convention.
  • In several posts, we have said that the 5-year costs of the Lawson financial management project, ill-suited to the needs of the archdiocese, amounted to about $5.5 million.  In the recently-published 2010 annual report, the total cost of the Lawson system is listed at $4.2 million. We do not know if the $4.2M includes salaries for the in-house staff to maintain the system, hardware/servers, hosting fees and/or maintenance & support expenses over 5 years, but we suspect even with those fees accounted for, we may have been incorrect with the $5.5 million estimate.

BCI apologizes for these errors and for any ill-will or offense that resulted from the errors.

We do our best to verify all information before publishing it and are regularly told that what BCI reports is more accurate, credible, and timely than what the archdiocese says.  Nonetheless, if you ever see anything posted at BCI that you think is incorrect, please let us know as soon as possible so we can promptly issue a correction if needed.

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