Cardinal O’Malley: housing illegals more important than protecting unborn

Cardinal Sean O’Malley appeared with liberal Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick on Friday to voice support for Patrick’s proposal to house illegal immigrants and offer Catholic social service assistance for illegals, while the Cardinal said nothing all week about a heinous law advancing in the Mass legislature to penalize those who try to prevent women from aborting their children. In our opinion, the Cardinal is yet more clearly showing his stripes as being a tool of the liberal Democratic pro-abortion establishment, and a hypocrite when it comes to protection of life.

On June 27,  Cardinal O’Malley came out in support of the Supreme Court decision that unanimously struck down the previous Massachusetts abortion clinic buffer zone law as unconstitutional. Never had Cardinal O’Malley been seen praying in front of an abortion clinic, but still, his statement was welcome and appreciated when he said that pro-life Americans who “peacefully pray for and offer alternatives to pregnant women approaching abortion clinics” have the same constitutional protections as anyone else  “This discriminatory law barred these citizens from gathering on nearby public sidewalks, while exempting ‘clinic escorts’ trained to expedite women into (abortion clinics),” he said. “Clearly this was an attack on pro-life Americans’ freedom of speech, and we welcome the Court’s decision to overturn the law.”

That was June 27.  Then this week, the Mass Legislature introduced legislation that is far worse for pro-lifers than the previous law struck down by the Supreme Court. Details of the legislation are posted here by MassResistance:

  1. Creates a new “buffer zone.” The bill creates a 25-foot buffer zone substantially similar to the one which the US Supreme Court recently struck down.
  2. Has a “Dispersal” clause. The bill allows police to define any two or more people standing near an abortion clinic as a “gathering.” Any law enforcement official may arbitrarily decide that this “gathering” is in some way impeding access, and may order them to “disperse” and to stay outside of the buffer zone for at least eight hours. This can be done with no legal hearing or due process, threatening them withunusually severe penalties of arrest, prosecution, criminal fines, and jail time for not complying. In addition, a court can later impose civil fines, large punitive damages, attorney’s fees and “expert witness fees”. [First time who “impede a person’s access to or departure from a reproductive health care facility with the intent to interfere with that person’s ability to provide, support the provision of or obtain services at the reproductive health care facility” face a fine of $1,000 or six months in jail]
  3. Harsher punishments for one group over another. The bill places unusually high punishments for anyone threatening, intimidating, assaulting, blocking, or otherwise impeding people entering or leaving abortion clinics. But these high punishments do not apply to people entering or leaving the clinics (or anyone else) who are perpetrators of assaults of intimidation against pro-life advocates.

A hearing was held on Wednesday, and the measure quickly passed the Mass Senate. What did Cardinal O’Malley say or do about this publicly? Nothing. On short notice, Mass Citizens for Life had erected billboards and asked people to call legislators and to attend and speak at the hearing. Other organizations including FRC and MassResistance rallied pro-lifers.  What did O’Malley, the Mass Catholic Conference and Massachusetts bishops do? Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip. The last legislative alert sent out by the do-nothing MCC was six months ago. It is truly pathetic.  It is clear that the Cardinal’s rhetoric of June 27 was empty, and Cardinal O’Malley simply does not care about this issue–or whether pro-lifers wanting to help prevent women from taking the lives of their unborn children are fine, arrested or jailed.

Instead, O’Malley cares more about the photo opp and chance to get federal or state funding to have Catholic Charities help with housing illegal immigrants.  He also basically lied at the Friday press conference about the reasons for the illegal immigration border crisis.

Here’s the photo and Boston Herald article. Cardinal O’Malley said the Catholic church has long assisted “immigrants and refugees often fleeing from danger.” “We are willing to enter a collaborative relationship with the government to met this urgent need,” O’Malley said. “We do not have church facilities that are appropriate but we do have social service agencies in the Archdiocese with skilled resources to provide programs of assistance and support within a framework of a larger state and federal program.”

Cardinal O’Malley, please don’t lie to us. A new intelligence assessment concludes that misperceptions about U.S. immigration policy – and not Central American violence – are fueling the surge of thousands of children illegally crossing the Mexican border. Here are more details:

The 10-page July 7 report was issued by the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC), which according to the Justice Department website is led by the DEA and incorporates Homeland Security. Its focus is on the collection and distribution of tactical intelligence, information which can immediately be acted on by law enforcement.

“Of the 230 migrants interviewed, 219 cited the primary reason for migrating to the United States was the perception of U.S. immigration laws granting free passes or permisos to UAC (unaccompanied children) and adult females OTMs (other than Mexicans) traveling with minors,” the report said.

Cardinal O’Malley took the time to appear with Gov. Deval Patrick to voice support for housing illegals in Massachusetts in the same week where he did not take even a moment to voice opposition to the heinous bill moving swiftly through the Mass Legislature that will penalize pro-lifers for the “crime” of trying to prevent women from aborting their babies. The Boston Pilot had an article about the situation on Friday, but there was no quote or statement from O’Malley.

We hope and pray he changes his mind over the weekend and mobilizes the Catholic bishops, Mass Catholic Conference and laity to contact House Reps and the Governor and try to still stop this evil measure from passing.

42 Responses to Cardinal O’Malley: housing illegals more important than protecting unborn

  1. Susan Goeller says:

    Thank you for letting the rest of us know what is going on. I feel someone is also behind the Cardinal, is this the one world government crowd? I just saw “America: Imagine a world without her.”
    In one scene, Saul Alinski got involved with the church.

  2. D Paul says:

    Megyn Kelly of Fox News detailed the issue with OTMs. Mexican nationals can be exported immediately. OTMNs have to be given due process. The average for this due process is 564 days. Meanwhile, the immigrant is released on bail into the community. This has nothing to do with compassion. It has everything to do with overburdening our immigration system. The Democratic party has been hijacked by the far left. Cardinal Sean is one of the “Super *” advisors to the pope. This is all well orchestrated on his part. There is no doubt of a deal by the Vatican with the radical left in this country. When Archbishop Raymond Burke was removed by the Vatican from his position in St. Louis for his opposition to Catholic pro abortion politicians, you had to be highly suspicious. This was in August of 2008. This ensured the election of an unknown senator from Chicago. I have emails from the St. Louis Chancery to prove the issue. Cardinal Sean is not acting alone. Evaluations of Bryan Hehir should be a case in point.

  3. says:

    if u don’t think that born children r as imp as unborn ones u have a serious problem.

  4. David S. says:

    The natural law that God has engraved on the soul of every human being who has reached the age of reason tells us that abortion is murder and sodomy is depraved. If the illegal aliens who have flooded our borders were God fearing and followed the natural law, they should be welcomed with open arms.

    My concern is that if we allow these 20 million illegal aliens to become American citizens they will promptly enroll in the Democratic party which will result in 20 million more votes in favor of abortion, partial birth abortion, and homosexual marriage.

    • Concerned Parent says:

      “Amnesty Equals Abortion”

      • Boston priest says:

        Great article! Cardinal O’Malley and others are dead wrong with their approach. For the benefit of others, including Cardinal O’Malley, I’m copying a passage from the article here:

        In many states that last year elected a pro-life, pro-family member of the Senate or the House, the vote margins were relatively close, and Hispanics voted two-to-one in favor of the pro-abortion Democrats. Had the voting rolls been padded with recently legalized immigrants — most of them comparatively poor and eligible for the government benefits Democrats love to dole out at the expense of middle-class, working families — how many of these seats would still be in the hands of liberal Democrats who favor abortion on demand for all nine months (if need be, paid for by the taxpayer), gay “marriage,” explicit sex education, and countless other measures that violate the most fundamental premises of the natural law? While individual immigrants might sound like social conservatives in their hearts or their answers to opinion polls, they tend to vote their pocketbooks and their racial solidarity — much as white segregationists in the South (despite their Christian faith) used to do.

        More importantly, if President Obama’s amnesty is granted, it is easy to predict how this will affect the next election — which is, of course, the reason Obama is pushing his amnesty now: He is desperate to recruit new liberal voters for the 2012 and subsequent elections, to reverse the pro-life gains of the 2010 elections and guarantee a pro-abortion, pro-gay-marriage majority for the foreseeable future. There is ample historical precedent for this: Whenever the Southern, pro-slavery forces gained the upper hand in antebellum America, their focus was always foremost on their single issue: admitting new slave states to the Union, to lock in proslavery votes and keep the peculiar institution legal. Civil war erupted in Kansas and several other states, whose residents (on both sides of the issue) knew the stakes: demography is destiny. The safest way to gain solid votes is to import them — as the Democrats now hope to import millions of safe, pro-abortion votes by admitting them to the Union, via amnesty.

        If we were to grant amnesty — the full rights of citizenship, including the right to vote, collect government benefits, and use affirmative action at the expense of (for instance) impoverished white male war veterans — to the estimated 10-12 million illegal immigrants in America, we would be adding at the very least 6.3-8 million liberal, pro-abortion voters. No, these recent illegals need not, by the laws of physics, vote for liberal, pro-abortion Democrats. But that is how they will vote, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Anyone who claims to value unborn life, who favors padding the voter rolls with those who will vote to leave the unborn unprotected, is also either lying or simply and doggedly refusing to consider the consequences of his actions. A school bus driver who downs a fifth of Jim Beam before climbing behind the wheel might not have intended manslaughter against his tiny passengers — but when he crashes them into a wall, that is how the prosecutor will charge him.

        I do not wish to imply that those who know how amnestied illegals are almost certain to vote and who still favor amnesty are not, in cold fact, pro-life. I would never leave such a statement to mere implication. I wish to say it outright: Those who favor amnesty for illegal immigrants are not, in cold fact, pro-life. That goes for politicians and voters, bishops and priests, men, women, and children, red and yellow, black and white. Such people may be pro-life in theory, as thousands of antebellum Southerners claimed to be inward abolitionists. But those who lobbied for admitting new slave states to the Union knew that their actions spoke louder than words. No one who really believes that abortion is a life-and-death issue will allow any secondary considerations (economic “justice,” “diversity,” or misguided compassion for lawbreakers) to trump the legal murder of a million Americans each year. This amnesty — proposed by a president who, as a senator, fought almost singlehandedly to keep partial-birth abortion legal — will make such legalized murder permanent. End of story.

        I have already made extensive and un-rebutted arguments against the groundless claim that we somehow owe a “path to citizenship” to people whose very presence in our country is a crime. Instead of rehashing them here, let me direct the reader to this piece, this one, this one, this one, and this one. Those Catholics who cry for “justice” for immigrants should be careful what they wish for: The starkly just outcome for illegal immigrants who violated just and democratically enacted laws to enter our country is clear — immediate deportation. That would be mere justice.

        Now, I myself don’t favor this. I favor mercy for illegal immigrants, as I crave God’s mercy myself. But I insist, as does the Christian tradition, that mercy not violate justice. Justice for America’s unborn — and also for its working poor, and its hard-pressed middle class — forbids granting citizenship to amnestied illegals, as the Abortion Party wants.

        Instead of rewarding lawbreaking with the precious gift of American citizenship — and rewarding with millions of votes the party that fought to keep America from protecting its own borders — there are two steps we could take that would secure the rights owed Americans (born and unborn) in simple justice, while extending to illegal aliens a generous measure of mercy:

        1) Fully secure America’s borders, completing the border fence with Mexico so that it covers the whole expanse between the countries, and walls off the “impassable” deserts in which hundreds of migrants die every year. Implement E-Verify, an effective, existing (but currently voluntary) system that keeps employers honest about hiring legal workers, and quickly track down and deport those visitors who (like the 9/11 hijackers) illegally overstay their visas.
        2) Once this is done, offer illegal immigrants who haven’t committed other serious crimes (including identity theft) the right to reside here permanently and to work, but never to vote. Their children who are born here will have full rights, of course, but adults who chose to flout our laws should never have the right to help make those laws.

        If pro-business lobbyists or pro-abortion liberals reject this rational compromise, it tells us that they were never really serious about protecting the human rights and dignity of immigrants. All they wanted was cheap labor and cheap votes, and we in America value both those things too highly to treat them like trash.

    • Susan Goeller says:

      Then what do we say to the immigrants who have spent thousands of dollars to come LEGALLY? Just kick them in the teeth and say what fools you are. Where did Jesus say that people can break a law out of convience? Did he say that every cent would be paid to the last?

  5. ANNE says:

    Cardinal O’Malley has stated publically that he believes those who do not support ILLEGAL immigration are racist (and probably passed this falsehood on to the Pope).

    Orderly LEGAL immigration – yes.
    ILLEGAL immigration – no.
    It has nothing to do with color.

    ILLEGAL immigrants are not refugees. Refugees are those being persecuted by their own government due to religious or political beliefs or because of war, and are granted asylum when they prove their case.

    Cardinal O’Malley also needs to read the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition” #2241 which requires immigrants to “OBEY the Law” (this does not exclude immigration laws), and to “assist in civic burdens (not create them)

    • Susan Goeller says:

      Thank You Ann, wow needed someone to say that. You begin to wonder if was just me thinking the same thing. You just put more behind it.

  6. ANNE says:

    I believe it is all about money – Government Grants in the millions provided to the big bureaucracies of the USCCB / CCHD / “Catholic Charities”.
    And then they support legislation to encourage more illegals.
    Federal Grants that require money to be used for ILLEGAL immigrants.

    The Church needs to let the Federal Government handle their own messes – which clearly has the wherewithal.
    And get back to Saving Souls – without compromise.
    Jesus never worked for or with any government.
    Mt 6:21 clearly states: “For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also.

    • Susan Goeller says:

      We should demand that Pelosi, Reid (who is moving to a gated community) Obama, Schumer and the bishops and cardinals to
      house the illegals in their own homes, Pelosi has a winery, tents
      would fit nicely there. Some of the Rectories would also work.

      • Mike Malone says:

        Susan, I don’t know why she feels the need to move into another gated community. She already lives in one, the name of is “Congress”. We the people, at this time, are on the outside looking in.

        Just look at the perks our ‘representatives’ have voted for themselves!

  7. BILL K. says:

    “Obama, Catholics, and Illegals 07-15”

    Do Bishops understand this ?
    Do they want the Party of Death to take over completely?

    • Susan Goeller says:

      You can not accomplish good when you are in bed with the devil.
      Evil will always destroy you in the end. Anyone who Catholic and
      has voted democrat has a hand in this.

  8. Chris Whittle says:

    I think it’s time for a Traditionalist Catholic President in the White House, who will actually understands that the USCCB is a counterfeit church. Too bad I’m not running for office this year; I might have to in the future when I really don’t want to pursue a political career.

  9. Tupelo77 says:

    Follow—–the—–money! ANNE said it all.

  10. O’Malley its an aging hippie, spirit of Vatican II democrat.
    Just like Dolan and virtually every other bishop (including the one in Rome).

    Typical fruits of Vatican II and the novus ordo church of the 1970s.

    • Susan Goeller says:

      My husband says, your right on the money. A priest (conservative priest) said my generation will have to die out before things turn around

  11. Maggie says:

    The ‘bleeding hearts’ also get paid per illegal helped; isn’t that right? No money to save a life or a soul.

  12. Patricia Doherty says:

    Please get your facts correct before you slander: over 300,000 illegals have come over the border since April and only 56,000 are minors. Minors, by the way, are self identified . The border patrol has gone on record with their faces covered, for fear of retaliation, to tell us that people are asked their ages and they say whatever they want. The border guys have said that the young adult males tell them they are 16 or 17 because they know that allows them to stay. The border patrols have said, time and time again, that they know they are lying just looking at them.
    I heard a report this morning that said the M-13 is being housed at a separate facility in southern Texas and that they have access to cell phones calling their contacts back in central America and in the states. Also, CBS or one of the big three has a story on the medical disaster in these facilities. The report said Thursday that they are completely overwhelmed. And if you want further evidence pull up the video of the very liberal mayor of Lynn telling the world that they have 600 NEW illegals since the spring and they are near collapse in their school system, health system, etc.
    Btw, another report said that the young girls are being raped and that the kids were given birth control ahead of time to prevent pregnancies. It is a disaster alright, but one planned by the administration and now the Governor has co-opted the Cardinal. Sad to see the Cardinal on the podium with a man who believe in abortion until the day the baby is born.

    • Susan Goeller says:

      Yes about the abortion, Deval’s buddy in the white house vetoed a bill that would have given medical aide to a baby if they survived an abortion.

    • bostoncommon says:

      Mim is right. All you sanctimonious people are pro-birth, not pro-life. Please post how many children you have adopted/cared for/support after harassing a mother out of her right to an abortion.

  13. Roberto says:

    These are children we are talking about. Get back in touch with your own humanity, not to mention your faith.

    • Susan Goeller says:

      Render to Caesar what is Caears render to God what is God’s.
      Sorry, but God comes first, he has rules. Catholic’s are not suppose to be cafeteria style.

      Cardinal O’Malley also needs to read the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition” #2241 which requires immigrants to “OBEY the Law” (this does not exclude immigration laws), and to “assist in civic burdens (not create them)

    • Mike Malone says:

      Roberto, I just wanted to say that the Cardinal can have his opinion, in this case he is speaking his opinion not the official teaching of the Catholic Church. Also if he really believes that housing illegals is more important that protecting the unborn then he stands apart of the CC. Abortion is one of the 5 non-negotiable issues…murder is murder.

      Finally, this problem is the creation of Obama with his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy initiated in 2012. The problem is that once this policy was initiated the surge of children coming into the country soared. It isn’t an issue of taking care of children already here but there is noting in place to stop the flow of incoming children. This is an action that Obama refuses to take meaning that the US will have an unrestricted flow of children coming into the country indefinitely. Then these children are spirited to various states without their agreement for holding and processing.

      Overall this is disgusting.

  14. Tom Peasley says:

    Of course the “Children” crisis has nothing to do with ‘Refuges’ or compassion, or getting New Democrat Voters, or turning Red to Blue, etc. It is simply BHO attempting to lock down Americas new White Middle class “Minority” status after it’s being decimated by 54 years of Abortion! And all with Americas general approval! Replacing the White middle class MAJORITY is the official but covert policy of the democrats for 54 years…now you know why the Church condemned Contraception!

    • Sheila Flanagan says:

      Cannot help but see Satan’s hand in all this. The illegal immigrants represent future and immediate customers of the eugenic abortion industry in the United States, and of course a justification for US tax dollars to support “reproductive rights”: despite supposed religious freedom, forcing Catholics to pay for abortion as well as contraception. Pray to the Blessed Mother to save our souls!

  15. Patricia Doherty says:

    We are not talking about children. Again, get your facts straight. So stop with the ad hominem attacks. When you want to talk about the real facts I will be happy to address your concerns. Isn’t it funny that the Democratic Mayors and Governors are telling the President no? And how can you look the other way when the females going through Mexico are being raped and killed. The ranchers on the border, who btw, are mostly Hispanic, have found hundreds of dead bodies on their property in the last year. If the President does not put the National Guard on the border to stop this and if we do not send them home to their families (albeit after being treated to clean clothes, hot showers, and food) the country will continue to be inundated. We can not handle this. Never mind the coming epidemic of diseases that we wiped out decades ago. But then again, maybe you are all for that.

  16. SickToMyStomach says:

    I agree with Anne – it is the money. Bishop Lori has just been taken to task by a Baltimore politician because Baltimore Catholic Charities is applying for a federal government grant to take care of 50 illegals. That’s what ‘catholic’ charity comes down to – if gov’t gives the money Catholics (or Baptists etc.) provide ‘charity’.

    Unfortunately, the state ain’t handin’ out money to stop abortion so the bishops aren’t interested. However, Dolan did ASK Cuomo to give him some money (not to make abortion illegal but to provide alternatives):

    “My brother bishops and I would like very much to work closely with you to reduce New York’s scandalous abortion rate and to provide an environment for all women and girls in which they are not made to feel as though their only alternative is to abort”

    And they have no shame — livin’ in their million dollar mansions and collecting their million dollar salaries like Killer Keehan – while they trash the U.S. and kill their patients and the souls they are supposed to care for.

  17. […] Go here to read the rest.  The Republican party is sometimes accused of paying lip service to the pro-life cause.  For some Republicans that is true, although the avalanche of pro-life legislation emanating from the states since the Republicans took over many state legislatures in 2010 argues otherwise.  For some Catholic clerics in this country, it is obvious that the same criticism could be voiced of them.  Oh, they will mouth the right words, usually, but taking active measures to oppose abortion, not  a chance.   For these clerics, they are leftists first, and Catholics second.  Cardinal O’Malley started his tenure as Cardinal back in 2007 by noting that the Democrat party is a pro-abortion party and that the support for it of many Catholics was scandalous.    If only the Cardinal’s actions matched those words. […]

    • Sheila Flanagan says:

      We need to pray that the Holy Spirit move O’Malley to have the backbone that the Catholics who are on the sidewalks praying in front of abortion clinics have, AND to have the grace to do what he can in the Archdiocese of Boston, given the demographics of the Catholic population and the crooked political scene that come with it!

  18. ubipetrusest says:

    Unfortunately, there seems to be no end to the hypocrisy of Boston’s Cardinal in a habit, while the Cardinal in red in NYC is no better, as others have already noted.

  19. […] buffer zone legislation that passed the Mass Senate last week. (We wrote about this measure in our last blog post–the new law, if passed, will establish a new buffer zone and penalize pro-lifers with fines […]

  20. Carol says:

    Deval Patrick was on the Planned Parenthood Board of Directors in the early 1990’s: . The bill well represents the abortion lobby, but not the people.

  21. "just wondering" says:

    Wondering from what account will the Cardinal find the money???
    I bet there will be a second collection and, in a senco, force people to makes decision. As I said, I’m…….

  22. Sonny's Mom says:

    How far does Cardinal O’Malley’s compassion reach?
    Cardinal Sean was supposed to be an improvement over Cardinal Law, whose administrative cover-ups led to endangerment of children and young men over a period of many years.
    Cardinal Sean’s policy of “welcoming” illegal immigrant “children” may prove to be even more dangerous than his predecessor’s cover-up policies.
    It is well known that the majority of Central Americans flooding the US southern border crossings are not actually little children, but teenagers, young adults, and even middle-aged men and women presenting themselves as “children” to unsuspecting (or complacent) civil authorities. Males far outnumber females, and many of these teenage boys and young men are MS-13 gang members.
    But MS-13 is more than a criminal gang– it is known as a terror organization in its own right that crosses the boundaries of South and Central American countries, and already exists in cities and states within the US.
    And MS-13 is active on the southern border– both acting as coyotes (human smugglers) and recruiters for the gang.
    There is simply no way Cardinal O’Malley could have worked among and advocated for illegal immigrants for the better part of his service as a Franciscan priest, and NOT be aware of what the name “MS-13” means. Or its full name, Mara Salvatrucha– and how violent and destructive its members are.
    For example: in order to be initiated into MS-13, the aspiring member must commit a murder.
    Perhaps that’s what was happening in the following case:
    “Homeless MD man murdered by 6 illegal MS-13 gang members”

    • Sheila Flanagan says:

      In defense of Cardinal O’Malley, it is the fault of Homeland Security (or lack thereof) for allowing MS-13 gang members into the country and probably part of the Whitehouse’s political agenda…. Public Safety officials are clearly NOT doing their jobs. The Church cannot discriminate between these profoundly lost souls wandering illegally into our country. Gang member or not, they all need spiritual direction. Jesus Christ would not walk away from them.

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