Why Catholics Should Vote for Trump

Sunday Masses across the country found most parishioners not getting any pastoral advice on how to vote with a properly formed conscience. In the Archdiocese of Boston, parishioners heard or saw a letter from the Vicar General on why we should vote “No” on the question of whether to legalize marijuana in the commonwealth, but not a peep about how to even think about the choices for major elective office, including pro-abortion politicians who could damage society for generations by appointing pro-abortion judges to the Supreme Court!  Is that cowardice on the part of bishops like Cardinal O’Malley, or willful negligence?  Either explanation is BAD.

For those who have friends or family members still on the fence about whether they will vote at all, or not sure who to vote for, we are pleased to share this excellent video homily, which we think you should share with every Catholic you know.  It’s called, “Catholics Forbidden to Vote Hillary” but it also answers the important question, “Could or should Catholics Vote for Donald Trump.”  The answer is a resounding, YES!

The video runs about 13 minutes.  In case you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, here are a few excerpts:

In the last debate, this is the first time in any presidential election that there is a major candidate who aggressively insisted they would advocate abortion in most extreme circumstances.  Hillary Clinton advocates and will aggressively pursue abortion of children up to and including the time of birth–as a child is about to be born into this world, that its life can be snuffed out in the birth canal. What a monstrous position!  It is nothing short of diabolical. It is a demonic position.  And for the first time in history, we have someone who would be president arguing and insisting on this practice.

On the other hand in that same debate, in the first time in history of presidential elections in the U.S., we had a candidate who openly and aggressively insisted that he would do what he could to roll back the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion (Roe v Wade) and he would appoint solidly pro-life candidates to the Supreme Court.

What a contrast on this single most important political issue that we face at this time!

So, can someone in good conscience, can a Catholic in good conscience vote for Hillary Clinton?  Absolutely not!  There is not enough money in this world to buy my vote for her, and not enough tortures on the face of the earth to force me to vote for anyone who advocates the positions that Hillary Clinton holds fast to.

Can a Catholic in good conscience vote for Trump, or should a Catholic vote for Trump?

Mr. Alan Keyes, former ambassador and presidential candidate, took the position in a recent local debate that as a Catholic, we should all will the reign of Christ the King on earth.  I agree. In first lesson of this Mass, St. Paul tells us that our citizenship is in heaven, and we await the fullness of His kingdom. We should will — even now in Christ’s absence on earth — that the reign of Christ be found here and now on earth.  Christ’s Church should advance as the one true religion on earth.

That means that ideally our elected and appointed officials should not just tolerate the Catholic Church but do whatever in their power to support the Catholic religion. Of course, under present circumstances and even circumstances of decades past, that ideal hasn’t been possible.  Is it feasible, practical , and possible we can elect candidates who will do precisely that?  The fact is that while we have had a few candidates over the decades, we’re never had that as a President. Even the “Catholic” JFK made clear from the get-go that no one from the Catholic Church would guide his presidential decisions.

Fact is, while we want the will of Christ to the maximum, practically speaking, the reality is is we don’t have candidates who share that vision.

So, may we vote for someone who may not fully share that vision? The answer is YES, certainly!

Does Trump fall within those individuals on the ballot for whom a good Catholic in good conscience could or should cast their vote?  The answer is YES.  Answer is yes.  Can a good Catholic vote for Trump?  Yes.  Should a good Catholic vote for Trump?  Yes.

Given his stated position on protection of unborn and right to life and given the position of his main opponent, Hillary Clinton, who advocates murder of children even as they are being born, YES, Trump is a moral choice.

It is not a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils. Catholic simply may not choose someone who is evil.  In this case, we have the principle of double-effect.  Trump may not be many of your 1st choice candidates, or 2nd or 3rd or 5th or 50th. But we have what we have, and there are only 2 candidates who can feasibly  win this election—Trump and Clinton.

Donald Trump is a moral choice—for what he stands for on the life of the unborn.  On other matters on which people could disagree—personal choices, personal behavior—those are covered in the double effect. We would seek to elect him, cast our vote for him, not because we support or endorse his personal flaws and failing, or even some lesser issues we might not agree with.  In casting a vote for him, the primary effect we seek is a good one: it is for the good he has promised, namely scaling back the murder of children by abortion, and it is to preclude a woman who holds a demonic position regarding unborn children from getting to the  highest office in the U.S.

Mr. Ferrara in that same discussion even went so far as to say it might be a moral imperative to vote for Donald Trump, given the alternative. He cites the comparison going back decades into the last century, when Pope Pius XII insisted, in order to slow the spread of Communism,  that Catholics given the opportunity to vote were morally obliged to vote for candidates who would oppose the spread of Godless communism, even acknowledging those candidates might be flawed and imperfect, but morally acceptable.

“The exercise of the right to vote is an act of grave responsibility…” Pope Pius XII 1946 AAS 38, 187. When there was a threat to the Church in Italy through the Communist party in 1948, Pope Pius XII said, “That in the present circumstances it is strictly obligatory for whoever has the right, man or woman, to take part in the elections. He who abstains, particularly through indolence or from cowardice, thereby commits a grave sin, a mortal offense.” AAS 40, 119

So can and should a Roman Catholic vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming election? The answer is YES.  Absolutely!  And I intend to cast my vote for him.

*       *      *      *

Two more thoughts from BCI here.  St. John Paul II said, “The promotion of the culture of life should be the highest priority in our societies…If the right to life is not defended decisively as a condition for all other rights of the person, all other references to human rights remain deceitful and illusory.” Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila recently said, “..the direct killing of innocent human life must be opposed at all times by every follower of Jesus Christ. There are no legitimate exceptions to this teaching.”  Then there is the clear threat to religious freedom for all of us with a Clinton presidency.

Pope Pius XI in an encyclical to Mexico in 1937 said: “Thus a Catholic will take care not to pass over his right to vote when the good of the Church or of the country requires it.” Firmissimam constantiam, March 28, 1937, AAS 29, 189.

If you’re a faithful Catholic, you can’t sit this one out. You must vote for the one viable candidate, Trump, who has promised to scale back the evil of abortion and prevent the diabolical destruction promised by Clinton if she gets into office. Feel free to share this anywhere you wish.

30 Responses to Why Catholics Should Vote for Trump

  1. winslow1191 says:

    I’m surprised BCI didn’t mention the religious liberty issue. Clinton and her toady John Podesta have already agreed the Catholic Church must change her doctrines to conform to their plans for our society. She has promised to appoint to the Supreme Court nominees who will support her abortion and homosexual agendas for America. Can there be any doubt that, when and if such people are seated on the Court they will support the rest of her agenda? If Clinton is elected Catholics who dare to speak against any part of the Clinton agenda can expect to be silenced, sued, thrown in prison and/or forced to renounce the Faith. Bet on it!

  2. NED says:

    I think this Bishops response is the appropriate one…

    • We looked at his letter. We will save readers the time to read it and summarize in 3 words; “he said nothing.”

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      • NED says:

        On the contrary, he spoke volumes about our responsibility as Catholics when we vote and in the days that follow. The bottom line here is that neither candidate is authentically pro-life…they both lack respect for life; while Donald Trump may profess to be pro-life for the unborn, he shows little respect for those who are alive. Pro-life encompasses far more than only the unborn. It saddens me that our only choices are between 2 people who both lack a significant piece of their moral compass.

    • winslow1191 says:

      Ned,, this election allows no room for fence sitting. You are right that both candidates lack a clear moral compass. Fr. Rutler said it best: “One candidate is flawed, the other is evil.”

      There is a real choice in this election, Clinton is out of the question. She is an evil woman who will seek to destroy the Church. Bishops and priests who are not happy-talk, nice guy Vatican II clerics are unanimous that the right and only choice for Catholics is Trump. I had to hold my nose when I voted for him this morning, but I had no choice.

      • Margaret ONeill says:

        She is an evil woman who will seek to destroy the Church. These words are so toxic, and so false. How can people of the church use hate to drive out hate. I am looking to my faith to find common ground and understanding, compassion and a way to move forward. This rhetoric drives a bigger wedge. WWJD? Seriously. Did you even hear the words of Mr. Trump? Where are YOUR morals. This bring shame to the name of our faith.

        CATHOLIC: all-embracing.
        synonyms: universal, diverse, diversified, wide, broad, broad-based, eclectic, liberal,

      • Look, Margaret. Objectively and without any disputing facts, Hillary Clinton is a stalwart defender of the cold-blooded butchery of children up to the moment of birth. That objectively is evil and demonic. Period. End of story. She promised a federal subsidy of abortion if elected President. She said Christians must be forced to change their religious views to accommodate abortions. Clinton specifically said, “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed” for the sake of giving “access” to women for “reproductive health care.” If you think Hillary Clinton’s positions regarding abortion and the murder of the unborn are not evil, please find another website to post your comments.

        What would Jesus do or have done? What did he to do the money changers in the temple?He cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the *moneychangers*, and said to them, It is written, “My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.” In Luke 13:27, “But he will reply, ‘I don’t know you or where you come from. Away from me, all you evildoers!’”

  3. D Paul says:

    @NED: Once again, the voice of “disinformation” raises its ugly head on this site. From a pro life standpoint, there is absolutely no choice. You know it and you are just stirring up confusion and “smoke in the attic”.

  4. Marietta says:

    My Own Private Catholic Litany for the Elections

    Lord God, Creator of the world, our Heavently Father, have mercy on us
    Christ, redeemer of the world, Sovereign King, have mercy on us
    Holy Spirit, holy wisdom and sanctifier of the world, have mercy on us.
    Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us.

    Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us
    Holy Mary, Immaculate Conception, pray for us
    Immaculate Mother patroness of America and of distant isles, pray for us
    St. John Neumann, pray for us
    St. Damien de Vuester, pray for us
    St. Junipero Serra, pray for us
    St. Francesca Cabrini, pray for us
    St. Elizabeth Seton, pray for us
    St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, pray for us
    St. Katherine Drexel, pray for us
    St. Theodora Guerin, pray for us
    St. Marianne Cope, pray for us
    St. Kateri Tekakwitha, pray for us
    All ye holy American blesseds and venerables, pray for us
    Bl. Francis Xavier Seelos, pray for us
    Bl. Miriam Theresa, pray for us

    From Hillary Clinton’s plague of taxpayer-paid abortion up to the ninth month, Lord deliver us

    From Hillary Clinton’s plan to make churches change their pro-life teachings and deep-seated beliefs, Lord deliver us.

    From Hillary Clinton’s campaign’s plan to subvert the Catholic Church from within, Lord deliver us.

    From Hillary Clinton’s plan to import thousands and thousands of Muslim invaders, Lord deliver us

    From Hillary Clinton’s plan for legalized and taxpayer-paid euthanasia, Lord deliver us.

    From Hillary Clinton’s continued selling of government access to foreign powers who don’t like us, Lord deliver us

    From Hillary Clinton’s demonizing of poor people when speaking to her rich donors, and demonizing of rich people when speaking to the poor, Lord deliver us.

    From the effects of Hillary Clinton’s campaign’s participation in demonic rituals, Lord deliver us.

    From Hillary Clinton’s proposed $15-million amnesty tax per household, Lord deliver us.

    From Hillary Clinton’s plan to wage war with Russia, Lord deliver us.

    From Pope Francis’s meddling in American politics, Lord deliver us.

    For the sake of more unborn babies slated to be killed by Hillary’s patronage of the evil Planned Parenthood, Lord hear our prayer

    For the sake of Christians in the Middle East who are being killed and persecuted by jihadist Muslims as a result of botched Hillary Clinton foreign policy, Lord hear our prayer

    For the sake of lawful immigrants unjustly discriminated against in favor of those who break the laws, Lord hear our prayer.

    For the sake of traditional marriage between one man and one woman, Lord hear our prayer.

    For the sake of our Supreme Court that needs to be filled with pro-life, conservative Justices who will defend our Constitution instead of rule from the bench, Lord hear our prayer.

    For the sake of those who’ve lost their jobs due to outsourcing to foreign countries, Lord hear our prayer.

    For the sake of Mr. Trump, a very flawed candidate, but has the more Catholic agenda than that of Mrs. Clinton’s evil policies, Lord hear our prayer.

    Father, may it be according to Your will that Mr. Trump wins. O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

    Lord God of the universe, Father of Our King Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father, have mercy on Your people of the United States of America. Open the eyes of American Catholics on the dangers of voting for Hillary Clinton on this most critical elections. Hear the prayer of Our Blessed Mother and our American saints who in life have worked for mercy and justice. With them, we pray for the healing of our land so that Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Through our Lord, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit forever. Amen.

  5. Marietta says:

    “From Hillary Clinton’s proposed $15-THOUSAND amnesty tax per household, Lord deliver us”

  6. taad says:

    A HUGE wall has already been built by the Democrats It is a wall that separates the born from the unborn! It already is very large and deadly, as it has taken over 55 million babies lives in this country alone. Yet not one bishop or pope has gone to this wall and celebrated a Mass on the behalf of these people. And to quote our Holy Father, this wall was built on fear! It is maintained with fear! And now that same party, run by our fellow Catholics, say they want to increase that wall and make us pay for it! And they also want to build a wall around the US Constitution and our Religious Freedom. And our Bishops are okay with this deadly wall, as they receive money from this political party for their acceptance and non-resistance. One wall is politically correct and the other is not. I reject this duplicity of the USCCB. Dolan and his buddies can stay home in January and not come to the March for Life.I don’t want them around. All they do is talk. No action is ever taken. Talk is cheep bishops! I don’t care to hear how pro-life you are or how pro-life we should be. Name one, just one politician that has had a conversion due to the “mercy” our bishops have shown them, by not using Cannon Law denying them communion? Not one in my life time has converted! The only thing that has changed, is that it is getting worse!

  7. Theresa says:

    Our Lady Of Fatima, Ora Pro Nobis! Pray the Rosary daily and VOTE TRUMP!

  8. walter carlson says:

    Yes, I am going to pray the rosary for a Trump victory and for my youngest daughter who has been just laid off. A lot of work for Our Lady but She has the “connections” to do it !!!

  9. Chris Whittle says:

    Why does RCAB take a position (the correct one in this particular case) on a ballot question and never mentions a candidate? Isn’t a ballot question the same as a candidate since they’re political matters, and the IRS via the Johnson Amendment doesn’t allow 501(c)3 churches to discuss things on the ballot?

  10. Comment on
    By Mike White
    Catholic Stand Nov. 8, 2016

    Mike- In this excellent article you have described thousands of democrat-front social justice businesses across America and the USSA. They were once called “Catholic parishes”. Now they are profit-and-loss centers with hirelings, not pastors, and wolves, not bishops.

    The number 60,000,000 jumps out at me from your fine article-60,000,000 Catholics here and also about 60,000,000 Americans killed since Roe by their mamas, many by the eugenics enforcement arm of the Party Of Death, Planned Parenthood, promoted by the studied silence of the hirelings and wolves in Roman collars and waiving croziers; about half of them black and hispanic babies who will never vote, or vote twice, in any election. Will the absolute contra-Jesus mercy of the Mercy Bullies be their get-out-of-hell free card?

    Tomorrow about 3800 more babies who today are safe in their mothers’ wombs will be murdered, with the tacit involvement of all those who today vote for democrats, and the aid and abetting of the traitors to the children, all those “reverends” and “excellencies” , now the sacerdotal Branch Managers and episcopal CEOs of the social justice busine$$es, upon whom hands were laid to serve us and lead us home to Jesus. You know, the ones who have now paid out over $2,000,000,000.00 of our money to cover up their perversions.

    My wife and I echoed your fine article for the last few weeks here in San Antonio, leaving Mass after Mass where not even the “seamless garment” lie was told. Deafening silence on voting, nothing was said because the utter demonic evil of Hillary and the democrats of the Party Of Death is undeniable – and of course to speak of the possibility of Trump being or acting prolife would cost the Party Of Death votes. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

    And in the streets the children screamed
    The lovers cried, and the poets dreamed
    But not a word was spoken
    The church bells all were broken
    And the three men I admire most
    The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost
    They caught the last train for the coast
    The day the music died
    And they were singin’

  11. winslow1191 says:

    It can’t be said better by anyone. Good job!!

  12. Jim Regan (Rhino) says:

    I posted a comment yesterday regarding the Sunday Sermon and wasn’t published. Is there a problem or does BCI take the freedom of speech away on post not following its dictates?

    • winslow1191 says:

      Jim, the fact your comment wasn’t posted could come from many directions. On line communications don’t always work the way we want them to work. I can, however, assure you BCI never shies away from criticism, no matter how harsh. They will always respond to you. If your comment is over the top they may not post it, but they will let you know why. Usually they answer directly and honestly. Accusing BCI of censorship has no foundation.

  13. Joseph Antell says:

    I only wish there was amore aggressive campaign by our Bishops to send this message out earlier and often.

  14. […] such as The Remnant. Another such source is Boston Catholic Insider, which argued in an article, “Why Catholics Should Vote for Trump,” that Hillary had a “monstrous” position on abortion that justified the gruesome procedure […]

  15. […] such as The Remnant. Another such source is Boston Catholic Insider, which argued in an article, “Why Catholics Should Vote for Trump,” that Hillary had a “monstrous” position on abortion that justified the gruesome procedure […]

  16. […] such as The Remnant. Another such source is Boston Catholic Insider, which argued in an article, “Why Catholics Should Vote for Trump,” that Hillary had a “monstrous” position on abortion that justified the gruesome procedure […]

  17. […] as The Remnant. Another such source is Boston Catholic Insider, which argued in an article, “Why Catholics Should Vote for Trump,” that Hillary had a “monstrous” position on abortion that justified the gruesome […]

  18. […] as The Remnant. Another such source is Boston Catholic Insider, which argued in an article, “Why Catholics Should Vote for Trump,” that Hillary had a “monstrous” position on abortion that justified the gruesome […]

  19. […] such as The Remnant. Another such source is Boston Catholic Insider, which argued in an article, “Why Catholics Should Vote for Trump,” that Hillary had a “monstrous” position on abortion that justified the gruesome procedure […]

  20. […] such as The Remnant. Another such source is Boston Catholic Insider, which argued in an article, “Why Catholics Should Vote for Trump,” that Hillary had a “monstrous” position on abortion that justified the gruesome procedure […]

  21. Brian says:

    Hi BCI, What is the best way to contact you? Is your contact form still working?

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