Holy Trinity Church in Boston Being Turned into Boutique Condos

April 29, 2015

For those who have not yet heard, Holy Trinity Church, the former home of the German Catholic Community and the Traditional Latin Mass is being redeveloped into boutique condos.  We posted last June that the property was up for sale, and in November we learned it had been sold, however the identity of the developer was not yet publicly available. Oddly, the archdiocese has not announced the sale price, or what will become of the millions of dollars of proceeds. Now the plans are up for approval by the Boston Redevelopment Authority. A picture of the proposed development can be found below.

Here is what has been written about the proposed plans.  In “You Could Soon Live in This 19th Century South End Church” we learn:

Finegold Alexander + Associates, Inc. is hoping to transform the former Holy Trinity German Catholic Church and Rectory – located at 136 Shawmut Ave. in Boston’s South End – into an eight-story structure boasting 33 residential units. (The firm is acting on behalf of owner 136 Shawmut LLC, formed out of New Boston Ventures, according to the Boston Globe.)

According to a report filed by Finegold Alexander principal-in-charge James G. Alexander with the Boston Redevelopment Authority, this particular housing development will keep the church and rectory’s exterior facade while the interior of the building will be completely demolished and rebuilt – assuming, of course, the project is approved by the BRA.

Atop the building, however, will rise a glass and steel structure that, the report notes, is expected to “blend old and new, creating a bold centerpiece for this developing neighborhood.”

Not counting the basement containing 24 parking spaces, some 57,000-square-feet of residential space could be built, more than 69,000-square-feet in total (counting the basement lot).

The BRA a held public hearing to gather community input on the project on Monday, April 27.

Regarding the “eye-popping design,” the Boston Globe reported:

“You could tear it down and start over, which would be a tragedy — you’d lose the details, the social and religious history,” said architect James Alexander, who led the building’s design team at Finegold Alexander + Associates. “But re-using it as it was, with the shape of the roof and the square footage, it just wouldn’t generate the return.”

Alexander and his team, along with New Boston Ventures, fine-tuned the design over several consultations with the Boston Redevelopment Authority. Officials there asked the designers to move the front of the new structure back from the street, so the church’s central tower would remain visually prominent.

As we have said before, BCI thinks the sale and loss of this magnificent church (see pictures here) has been a great tragedy. The conversion to boutique condos would appear to now put the nail in the coffin. Any chances of this great Catholic church ever being a Catholic church and place for Catholic worship again are probably forever gone.

Bishop’s Bad Behavior: Cardinal O’Malley and Bishop Bootkoski

March 26, 2015

In the past week or so, the outright mean, un-Christian-like actions of two bishops, Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston and Bishop Paul Bootkoski of Metuchen have been all over the news.  If you have time, you should write or call both of them and ask them to apologize for their actions that have harmed innocent people.

First, there was Cardinal O’Malley firing a janitor, a pastor, a school principal and a second-grade teacher because the janitor used the same bathroom that an elementary school student used and no one reported the fact that no crime and nothing inappropriate happened to police and church authorities.  Then there is Bishop Bootkoski publicly defaming a teacher for posting comments on her personal Facebook page that defend Church teachings about marriage and homosexuality, then trying to cover-up the fact that his attorneys told the teacher’s family she was being let go from the school because of this.

We will get to Bishop Bootkoski in a separate post.  The situation with Cardinal O’Malley is downright mean.  You can read the full story at The Media Report, and we quote from an excellent Pewsitter editorial for a short version of the story:

According to The Media Report, an injustice has been done to the administration and staff of a working-class Boston area Catholic school.  Apparently there’s been a group firing just because a tenured custodian went to the bathroom before a child walked in afterwards.  This sounds like a brand new low in punishing innocent Catholic employees.

Has anyone noticed that we are living in the totalitarian state they used to warn us about in school and science fiction?

In a way it was inevitable: After years of media hysteria over the issue of sex abuse in the Catholic Church, Church officials have now decided on a policy of “shoot first, ask questions later” when it comes to even the scantest allegations of impropriety.

In January of this year, in an astonishing act of injustice, Boston’sCardinal Seán O’Malley forced the resignations of three individuals from a Catholic school in Revere, despite the fact that no one broke any law or did anything wrong.

If it were not clear already, it should be clear now: “Zero tolerance” has now fully morphed into paranoia and cruelty.

A 64-year old custodian went to the restroom just outside his office which he’d been using for 17 years.  No boys were in there at the time.  The school apparently has an unfortunate rule against adults and children using the same restroom.  (There was a time when people understood an adult monitoring a school restroom was a good thing.)

If it wasn’t for such rules and the cruel excuses for making them, mothers like the one in this story wouldn’t be frightened into lodging complaints.

Like many urban Catholic schools, Immaculate Conception School in Revere (on the working-class outskirts of Boston) lacks adequate space, so it had been a “common practice for a number of years” in the school for adults to use the student restroom so long as there was not a student already in there.

Well, at some point at the end of last year, a mother called the school to report that her kindergarten-aged son felt “uncomfortable” walking into the restroom and seeing the school’s 64-year-old custodian using a urinal. (The restroom was just steps away opposite the janitor’s office.) [Addendum, 3/18/15: The Revere Advocate reported in late January that the janitor used the bathroom in question “for upwards of 17 years without incident.”]

At no time did anyone ever report or even suggest that anyone had committed any behavior in the least bit sexual or criminal. Never.

In other words, the boy walked into the restroom and saw what anyone would see if he walked into any public men’s restroom – such as at the theater or Boston’s Fenway Park.

Probably in an effort to comply with insanely strict diocesan policy, the school eventually contacted police.  When Cardinal O’Malley was notified, he fired the principal, a parish priest, and a teacher.

The school was at a loss at how to respond to the mother’s phone call, but at some point, someone came up with the idea that the concern should somehow be reported to law enforcement. Big mistake.

Overreacting, Cardinal O’Malley and the Archdiocese of Boston immediately forced the resignations of three employees of the parish and its school: Father George Szal, the popular parish priest; Alison Kelly, the school’s principal; and an unnamed second-grade teacher.

The Cardinal’s reason for forcibly removing the trio was that the group had somehow failed to report the issue to law enforcement and the archdiocese “in a timely manner.” Shockingly, the archdiocese reportedly gave the three “an ultimatum – resign or be fired.”

Yet even after both local police and the local district attorney investigated the case and discovered that nothing even remotely criminal had occurred, Cardinal O’Malley still would not reverse his impetuous decision. The lives of four innocent people (the trio plus the custodian) would remain tarnished.

It doesn’t add up.  Aren’t there enough real scandals in the Boston Church that require action?  Is this an attempt to make some zero-tolerance quota?  Why sacrifice the innocent?

The Media Report says parents are complaining, but the RCAB is putting their heads in the sand and doing nothing:

Parents at Immaculate Conception School are naturally up in arms over the way Cardinal O’Malley and the Archdiocese of Boston have handled this incident, and they created a petition with 927 signatures demanding a meeting with O’Malley to address the matter.

Parent Jeffrey Turco, who has three children in the school, has probably summed up this entire episode the best:

“[Archdiocese of Boston officials are] so panicked about how criminally they handled [the priest sex abuse cases] years ago that now they don’t care who they hurt – whether the kids, the parents or three good people, four if you count the custodian.

The Cardinal and his people ought to stand up and say, ‘Sorry, we’ve made a mistake here in our zeal to protect children.’ However, they’re soarrogant and so stuck in their office complexes in Braintree that I don’t know if they have the fortitude to admit they made a mistake … It’s so un-Christian the way they handled this.”

In typical bureaucratic fashion, over a month later, there has been no response at all from Cardinal O’Malley to the parents’ petition. No letter, no phone call, no email. Nothing.

Cardinal O’Malley fires 4 innocent people at a school for a total non-issue, yet has been publicly silent about a bishop just installed in Chile who covered-up the country’s most notorious pedophile.

Concerned Catholics should contact the following to ask for an apology by Cardinal O’Malley and reinstatement of all 4 innocent people:

Bishop Peter Uglietto: Vicar_general@rcab.org
Cardinal Sean O’Malley: archbishopsean_o’malley@rcab.org

Send Message to Mass. Knights of Columbus: Do Not Dishonor St. Patrick

March 12, 2015

As more and more Catholics are finding out, the Massachusetts Knights of Columbus are going out of their way to march in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Boston for the first time–coincidentally, when it’s the first year a homosexual group is marching in the parade and other faithful Catholics are pulling out. Instructions are found below on how you should act today to voice your outrage.

Here is commentary from the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts:

Last December, in a shocking defeat for Catholic religious freedom rights, a minority on the board of the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council—the organizers of Boston’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade—dispossessed the majority, surrendered to political pressure orchestrated by Mayor Martin Walsh, and agreed to permit a homosexual group to march in the 2015 parade.

In doing so, this minority dishonored themselves, discarded a hard fought, 9 to 0 U. S. Supreme Court decision, and betrayed their Faith, their heritage, and all those persons, living and dead, who struggled for twenty-three years to preserve the Catholic and family character of the parade.

As a result of this betrayal, a parade in honor of a Catholic saint will now become a propaganda vehicle to legitimize sodomy. A parade in honor of Saint Patrick will become a forum for those who express pride in rejecting the religion and morality of Saint Patrick.

Consequently, the faithful Catholics of Immaculate Heart of Mary School publicly withdrew from the parade last Thursday.

Now, incredibly, at a time when real Catholics are leaving the parade, the Massachusetts State Council of the Knights of Columbus—who never marched in the parade before, at least in the last thirty years—have announced that they will march in the 2015 Boston Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

It is almost impossible to believe that this is a coincidence. It would seem that the Knights are giving political cover to the Veterans Council, to Mayor Walsh, or both, by pretending the parade is still a Catholic friendly event. (Interestingly, the State Deputy of the K of C is a resident and small business owner in Dorchester, Mayor Walsh’s hometown.)

The decision of the K of C to march, whatever their motivation, is a disgrace. Please contact the Massachusetts State Council of the Knights of Columbus and tell them how disgusted you are that they would march in a parade that includes homosexual activists, and which will be celebrated in the media as a victory for gay rights. Urge them to cancel their plans to march in this sham parade, which makes a mockery of Saint Patrick!

Contact the State Council today via the following:

Phone: 781-551-0628
Email: State.Office@masskofc.org
State Deputy’s email: russellsteinbach@aol.com
State Deputy Russell Steinbach Home phone: 617-282-7752

For twenty-three years, homosexual militants tried to force their way into the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, while the Massachusetts K of C stood by and did nothing. Now that the militants have succeeded, the Knights, suddenly, want to march. It is really quite appalling!

Mass Resistance has an excellent piece as well here.  They spoke to State Deputy Steinbach and he said, “I want people in Boston to know what we do. We want to raise membership.” When asked if he understood why many Catholics are angry at him, he said, “I don’t know.”  On Wednesday, he sent a second email to members inviting them to come and march in the parade on Sunday – and to be sure and bring their families to this “family friendly” event!

The Catholic Action League responded:

Whatever their motivations or pretentions, the State Council of the K of C is objectively rendering assistance, and providing aid and comfort to Mayor Walsh, the parade organizers, and most of all, the homosexual activist group OUTVETS, by perpetuating the illusion that the parade is still a Catholic friendly and family friendly event.

More treacherously, the K of C is undermining the admirable Catholic witness demonstrated by the faithful Catholics of Immaculate Heart of Mary School, who withdrew rather than march with homosexual militants.

The overt message of OUTVETS is that homosexual relations—including so-called same gender marriage—is not only morally acceptable, but something to be proud of. Their implicit message therefore is that Catholic moral teaching is nothing more than bigotry and prejudice.

The Knights are helping OUTVETS to spread their message by pretending nothing is wrong, and pretending there is nothing morally objectionable to a homosexual group exploiting a parade in honor of a Catholic saint to promote their anti-Christian agenda. Silence implies consent.

In addition to the above contacts, we suggest you also contact:

State K of C Chaplain, Bishop Robert Hennessey: 617-269-4001
Bishop Peter Uglietto: Vicar_general@rcab.org
Cardinal Sean O’Malley: archbishopsean_o’malley@rcab.org

Instead of what the K of C is doing, they should follow the advice of Cardinal O’Malley in his 2006 Pastoral Letter on Homosexuality:

We know that friends and relatives of homosexual Catholics sometimes feel torn between their allegiance to Christ and their concern for their loved ones. I assure them that these goals are not incompatible. Calling people to embrace the cross of discipleship, to live the commandments and at the same time assuring them that we love them as brothers and sisters can be difficult. Sometimes we are told: “If you do not accept my behavior, you do not love me.” In reality we must communicate the exact opposite: “Because we love you, we cannot accept your behavior.”

The parade is Sunday and there is still time to pressure the K of C to pull out. We ask readers from any part of the country to take a few minutes on Friday to contact the above people.

Boston Archdiocese Asking for Your Input Toward 2015 Synod

February 28, 2015

For readers wanting to give input toward the 2015 Synod on the Family, the Boston Archdiocese is asking for our input.

In view of the mountain of evidence that the synod is under the control of people at the highest levels of the Catholic Church who want to change Church practices around the indissolubility of marriage while pretending to not change doctrine, many readers may think they should just throw up their hands in frustration and not bother responding to the input survey. BCI suggests you still take the time to complete the survey and do either of two things with it: a) Give it to your local parish pastor, or b) Send it to Judicial Vicar Fr Mark O’Connell at synod2015@rcab.org.

Below is a message from Catholic Citizenship about the opportunity to give your input. It points folks to the synod questionnaire, which you can download here.

 Archdiocese Inquires with Laity before 2015 Ordinary Synod

Dear friends,

Cardinal O’Malley has asked pastors to send a questionnaire to parishioners for the upcoming Synod on the Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and contemporary world this October.  Pope Francis will convene an Ordinary Synod with Cardinals and Bishops around the world to discuss how the Church can better articulate Catholic teaching about the family.

The questionnaire is composed of 15 sections and 46 questions which highlight the anthropological, social, cultural and ecclesiastical understanding of the family.  This document is designed to help facilitate discussion about the Church’s teaching and how it may be effectively taught.

It’s important that the church hear from individuals who support its traditional teachings, as those who wish to alter them will surely make their voices heard.

Furthermore, the Boston Archdiocese has developed a mini-site which contains short videos on the following topics: evangelizing the family, how to better reach young people, encouraging cohabitating couples to marry, ministering to divorced Catholics, and pastoral care for those with homosexual tendencies.

Please visit the website to download a copy of the questionnaire and view instruction material at: www.synod2015.org

Thank you.

Editorial comment from BCI.  We wanted a few of the videos by Fr. Mark O’Connell. We found them mostly disappointing. They talk about how to have a cordial “dialogue” with those committing grave mortal sin (e.g. cohabitating outside of marriage, self-identify as homosexuals), but he avoids mentioning the grave state of sin in which those people place themselves and the consequences of that for their own salvation.  When and where does that get mentioned?

Once again, BCI suggests you take the time to complete the survey and either give it to your local parish pastor or send it to Judicial Vicar Fr Mark O’Connell at synod2015@rcab.org.

Boston Church politicizing New Year’s vigil with secular agenda

January 2, 2015

With Christianity being wiped out in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East and so many truly important things to pray for in the New Year consistent with our Catholic faith and what the Catholic Church teaches us to pray for, we regret to inform you that a church in the Archdiocese of Boston under Cardinal Sean O’Malley is holding a prayer vigil this Saturday with 7 hours of prayer “to express our desire to be free of prejudice and fear of difference,” including fear of difference with respect to sexuality, race and gender.

The flyer below from last weekend’s parish bulletin at St. Marys in Foxboro can be found below. The pastor is Fr. Steven Madden, known for constantly citing the New England Patriots in his homilies. It appears that he and the organizers are confusing what is appropriate for Catholics to pray for.  The flyer says there will be Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from 4-11pm on January 3, with individual hours for prayer, including for “Those hated because of sexuality.”  Yup.  They are not praying that those who suffer from homosexual attractions or engage in homosexual activity experience conversion to God’s plan and a life of holiness.  Their other prayer intentions include to be free of prejudice for refuFoxboro Vigilgees, immigrants, and those oppressed by race.

A parishioner commented to BCI in disbelief about how their local parish was subtly yet blatantly endorsing secular societal view points and using the Blessed Sacrament for “their propaganda…Am I supposed to support this?”

We would advise parishioners to pray elsewhere, and we would express the concerns a little differently. The Catechism of the Council of Trent says the following about what we should pray for:

What We Should Pray For

Under the head of each Petition we shall point out in its proper place, what is, and what is not a proper object of prayer. Hence it will suffice here to remind the faithful in a general way that they ought to ask of God such things as are just and good, lest, praying for what is not suitable, they may be repelled in these words: You know not what you ask. Whatever it is lawful to desire, it is lawful to pray for, as is proved by the Lord’s ample promise: You shall ask whatever you will, and it shall be done unto you, words in which He promises to grant all things.

Spiritual Goods

In the first place, then, the standard which should regulate all our wishes is that we desire above all else God, the supreme Good. After God we should most desire those things which unite us most closely to Him; while those which would separate us from Him, or occasion that separation, should have no share whatever in our affections.

Goods Of The Mind

It is also lawful to pray for the goods and adornments of the mind, such as a knowledge of the arts and sciences, provided our prayers are accompanied with this condition, that they serve to promote the glory of God and our own salvation.

The only thing which can be absolutely and unconditionally the object of our wishes, our desires and our prayers, is, as we have already observed, the glory of God, and, next to it, whatever can serve to unite us to that supreme Good, such as faith and the fear and love of God, of which we shall treat at length when we come to explain the Petitions.

The Prayer Of Petition Should Be Offered For All

We are to pray for all mankind, without exception of enemies, nation or religion; for every man, be he enemy, stranger or infidel, is our neighbour, whom God commands us to love, and for whom, therefore, we should discharge a duty of love, which is prayer. To the discharge of this duty the Apostle exhort: when he says: I desire that prayer be made for all men. In such prayers we should first ask for those things that concern spiritual interests, and next for what pertains to temporal welfare.

Those For Whom We Should Especially Offer Our Petitions: Pastors, Rulers Of Our Country, The Just, Enemies And Those Outside The Church (those that persecute us), The Dead, Sinners

In short, we should most desire those things which unite us most closely to God. Praying for those marginalized by society is fine.  But if the parish and pastor cannot or will not pray for intentions such as spiritual goods, goods of the mind, the conversion of sinners, for Catholics and Christians persecuted because of their faith, the protection of life from the moment of conception to natural death, or the intentions referenced above from the Catechism, then there seems to a fundamental misunderstanding of the Catholic faith at this church.  Pray for the conversion of heart of the pastor, Fr. Steven Madden.  Forward this blog post to him at st.mary@foxboro.comcastbiz.net.

Thank Cardinal Burke for his Vatican Service

November 11, 2014

From the perspective of BCI and many other Catholics, Cardinal Raymond Burke is a hero.  Featured ImageHis courageous stands in defense of the indissolubility of marriage and in preserving Catholic doctrine over the years–in particular, before, during and after the Extraordinary Synod on the Family–have made him a standout bishop.  Lifesite News has a petition to thank Cardinal Burke, which will be hand-delivered to him in Rome.  Please take a moment to sign it.



On Nov. 8, the Vatican announced that Pope Francis had removed Cardinal Raymond Burke, one of the strongest pro-life and pro-family voices in the Catholic Church, from his position as the prefect of the Vatican’s Apostolic Signatura. Cardinal Burke has instead been named patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, a largely ceremonial role.

For the past 6 years, Cardinal Burke has served at the Vatican, after he was called there by Pope Benedict, heading up the highest court of the Catholic Church.

Among Cardinal Burke’s many actions in defense of the truths of life and family has been his courageous stance in support of canon 915, which states that ministers of communion “must” refuse the Eucharist to public and “obstinate” sinners. The cardinal himself has most frequently advocated the use of this canon in the cases of pro-abortion Catholic politicians.

Most recently, he exerted his influence during the Vatican’s Synod on the Family, publicly decrying efforts by some bishops to hijack the synod to push a radical agenda, and steering the Synod towards a more orthodox conclusion.

The transfer of Cardinal Burke from his Vatican post is undoubtedly a loss to the pro-life and pro-family movement, with his role at the Vatican having helped to amplify the cardinal’s prophetic voice.

However, we are confident that the transfer will do little to silence the cardinal, and that we may look forward to years more of close collaboration with and support for the pro-life and pro-family movement.

We offer this petition to give people an opportunity to express their personal thanks to the cardinal. The names and signatures on this petition will be personally hand-delivered to Cardinal Burke in Rome. 

Here is the petition:

To: Cardinal Raymond Burke 

I would like to express my personal gratitude for your faithful service these past years as prefect of the Apostolic Signatura. In particular, I wish to thank you for being a strong and uncompromising voice in defense of the truths of life and the family.

Though I, and countless fellow Catholics and pro-life and pro-family advocates, will miss your voice and presence at the Vatican, I know that a transfer of position will do nothing to dissuade you from courageously proclaiming the truths of the Gospel of Life.

You have inspired me to stand up for the truth in charity despite all costs. I pledge myself to be a voice like yours – a voice of truth in season and out of season.

I offer you my heartfelt prayers and well wishes as you go through this period of transition. May God bless you.

[Your name]

Click here to sign the petition, and do pass this along to friends and family.

Boston priest puts GLBTQ rainbow flag on Catholic chapel

October 30, 2014

In our last post, we reported on how Boston priest, Fr. Walter Cuenin, promoted a petition to have the gay “rainbow” flag cover the Oval Office in Washington, but we learned hours later that we missed some even more scandalous things this priest has done.

For the month of October, Fr. Cuenin has had what he describes as “an enormous gay pride flag” displayed outside the chapel to “recognize both Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer History Month. A photo is below.


Here is what Fr. Cuenin had to say about this in an interview with the Brandeis student newspaper, The Justice:

In an interview with the Justice, Rev. Walter Cuenin, the University’s Catholic chaplain and coordinator of the Interfaith Chaplaincy, explained the chapel’s display and its significance in detail. He described the flag right beside the chapel as an “enormous gay pride flag.” He also mentioned that a pink cloth covers the altar and added that there are also pink candles in the chapel. Cuenin said that he wanted students to be aware of issues regarding discrimination pertaining to the LGBTQ community and breast cancer awareness and research.

Cuenin acknowledged that a priest hanging an LGBTQ pride flag outside of the chapel might be a bit of a surprise, stating that many believe “a priest would never do that,” given the Catholic Church’s stance that homosexuality is morally wrong. He said he feels deeply that there needs to be more focus on how people act outside of the Church as opposed to good deeds and social activism being confined to the Church.

As we all know the gay rainbow flag is a symbol of “gay pride”  and LGBT social movements.  This is commonly associated with gay pride parades and gay pride weeks, where the following is typically on display:

  • Sado-masochism
  • Profanity and vulgarity, much of it in an angry tone
  • Homosexual sex; condoms and anal lubricant given out almost everywhere
  • Horrible “gay” diseases and psychological problems
  • The problem of “gay” domestic violence
  • Hatred of traditional religion, particularly Catholicism
  • Perversions such as cross-dressing and transsexual body mutilation
  • An obsession with children and teenagers

This is what Fr. Cuenin promoted outside the church in October.  One article reports that when one enters the church, inside the foyer year-round he also proudly displays a multicolored gay pride flag, while this article says he has the rainbow flag inside the chapel. The article continues, “Father Cuenin is also a official LGBT ally on campus, through his work with Trisk (Brandeis’ GLBTQA student group). He also continuously makes himself available and accessible to struggling students in his role as a confidential resource.  This article says, “Father Cuenin has always displayed a rainbow peace flag inside the chapel, as a statement that the chapel is friendly to people of all sexualities. That will continue to be the case when the pride flag outside is taken down at the end of the month. Cuenin also commented that he takes his role as a confidential resource on campus very seriously, and hopes that more students will feel welcome to talk with him as a result of these displays.”

There are so many things wrong with what is going on there, it is tough to express in words. How can a Catholic priest be allowed to promote “gay pride” and gravely sinful, immoral behavior and remain in active ministry?  Imagine a 17 or 18-year-old child away from home for the first time who might be confused about their sexual identity going to talk to Fr. Cuenin for a Catholic perspective–and instead of hearing about how Christ calls them to chastity and holiness, they see the gay pride flag there with a Catholic priest advocating for the gay lifestyle and the sinful, disordered, medically unsafe behaviors that are a part of it.  (The matter of the pink cloth on the altar for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and using the altar to advance his own ideology and agenda is an entirely different issue).

This crap from Fr. Cuenin has been going on for at least 12-15 years, if not longer. His public testimony to the Mass Legislature in 2002 opposing a ban on “gay marriage” should have gotten him permanently removed from ministry then.  Write to the following people and ask for his immediate removal.

Dir. of Campus Minisry, Fr. Richard Clancy: frclancy@mit.edu
Vicar General, Bishop Peter Uglietto: vicar_general@rcab.org
Terry Donilon, Secretary for Communications: tdonilon@rcab.org.
Cardinal Sean O’Malley: archbishopsean_o’malley@rcab.org
U.S. Papal Nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano: nuntiususa@nuntiususa.org




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