Baby Jesus in Cage at Boston’s St. Susanna Parish Migrant-Themed Nativity

An alert reader alerted BCI to this just reported by ChurchMilitant.

St. Susanna’s parish in Dedham has an immigration-themed nativity scene with the child Jesus in a cage. The parish is run by Fr. Steve Josoma, a priest with a notorious dissident, gay-friendly reputation, as BCI recently described in this post, Cardinal O’Malley’s Coddling of Homosexual Priests.

Migrant-Themed Nativity Featured at Pro-Gay Parish

You can view ChurchMilitant’s video here.  As reported by Church Militant, “the parish has erected a nativity scene in front of the church laden with pro-immigration imagery. Baby Jesus is held inside a cage, and the Magi are separated from the Holy Family by a plastic safety barrier. The cage is a reference to the social media firestorm that took place this summer when images surfaced in the media purporting to show migrant children separated from their parents and detained in cages.

The plastic barrier, meanwhile, is a reference to President Trump’s plan, in the works now, to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to deter illegal immigration. Next to the plastic barrier inside the crèche is a sign that states “Deportation.” Above the nativity scene is a banner asking the question, “Peace on earth?”

Saint Susanna’s pastor, Fr. Stephen Josoma, told Boston’s CBS affiliate WBZ News 4, “We try to take a picture of the world as it is, and to put it together with a Christmas message.”  Josoma also commented on immigration issues, saying, “If Jesus was about taking care of one another, then this is not the way to take care of one another.”

One concerned Catholic from the area wrote a letter to Fr. Josoma against the politicized use of a nativity scene. The letter argues that “using the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity to make political points is unbecoming and borders on sacrilege.”

“It does nothing to further the mission of the Church to save souls,” he continues, “and it belittles the Incarnation.”

The author of the letter goes on to write:

Advent is a penitential season of joyful expectations. Yet, St. Susanna’s nativity scene advoids Advent entirely to make political points. The Baby Jesus is not supposed to appear until Christmas, and certainly not in a cage. And, Father, if there were ever an Advent when the Church should be squarely focused on penitence, it is this Advent of 2018. In recent days, American dioceses have declared bankruptcy and chanceries have been raided by the police because ecclesial authorities have utterly failed to address the continuing evil of certain pederast priests, bishops and cardinals.

A copy of this letter was also sent to Cardinal Sean O’Malley.

As you can see in the BCI post linked above and as reported by ChurchMilitant, during Cardinal Law’s tenure, parishioners at St. Brendan’s in Dorchester had complained that Josoma was in an active gay relationship with Fr. Ron Coyne, another priest assigned to the parish. Their complaints reached the Holy See, and Josoma was sidelined for several years — until Cardinal O’Malley reinstated him to active ministry.

And in 2013, St. Susanna’s had plans to host Fr. Helmut Schuller, a well-known theological dissident from Austria as part of a U.S. tour by Fr. Schuller backed by  dissident groups like Call to Action, New Ways Ministry and the Women’s Ordination Conference. Cardinal O’Malley barred the event due to Fr. Schuller’s defiance of Catholic teachings.

BCI believes St. Susanna falls under the jurisdiction of Bishop Reed. Try dropping a line to Bishop Reed at 508-650-3545 or <reed(at)> as well Vicar General Bishop Uglietto <>, and  to ask them to address this scandal.

5 Responses to Baby Jesus in Cage at Boston’s St. Susanna Parish Migrant-Themed Nativity

  1. adad says:

    Not for anything, but the Baby Jesus is not supposed to be in the creche at all until Christmas Day. I had actually driven by St. S’s a few weeks ago (before this was out front) and I thought it was closed. It’s not the most neatly kept parish and for most of our parishes, His placement is a solemn ceremony, not an opportunity for the priest to engage in politicking

  2. D Paul says:

    You have to understand that the “parish concept” itself is outdated. Malachi Martin wrote of plans to replace it with a regional interpretation to address “wealth disparity”. Here in St. Louis, it is already happening under the guise of parish reform and the belief in “redistribution of wealth”. This would be the basis of the policy of Cardinal Sean himself who is a member of the C-9 group of advisory cardinals to the pontiff himself. Basically, “you ‘ain’t’ seen nothing yet”.

  3. ralph briggs says:

    We must understand that the Holy Family was not illegal. They made their journey because of a government edict. They did “render to Caesar–“

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