Cardinal O’Malley & Boston. Aux. Bishop Fail to Correct Transgender-Advocating Pastor

In case you are wondering what Cardinal O’Malley and Aux. Bishop Robert Reed did in follow-up of learning this bombshell news, Boston Parish Promotes Transgender “Rights” and Men Accessing Women’s Bathrooms. the answer is simple.  Next to nothing.

In that October 24 post, we reported how St. Ignatius in Chestnut Hill, MA had a full-page letter from their transgender parish administrator in the October 21 bulletin pushing opposition to a ballot question that would have restored sanity in the state and repealed an absurd law saying it was OK for men to use women’s restrooms.  More than 500 people signed our petition asking Cardinal O’Malley to fire the pastor and ensure a correction was issued in the bulletin, and to also speak out and tell Massachusetts Catholics to vote No on ballot Question 3.

None of the Massachusetts bishops said a peep about Question 3, freely letting people commit a sin by voting to preserve the evil law, and it was defeated by a huge margin.  And, all the pastor at St Ignatius did under pressure was issue a lame clarification buried several pages into the Nov. 4 bulletin, essentially backing the previous message   Here’s what he said:

Dear Parishioners,
As you know, in the bulletin on October 21 on the bottom of Michael Sennett’s courageous and beautiful letter to the parish, there was a YES on Proposition 3 symbol. That was Michael’s personal, heartfelt plea to you, our parishioners.

Of course, as pastor, my duty is first and foremost to encourage parishioners to inform their own conscience and make decisions for themselves. Fr. James Keenan, S.J., a Boston College moral theologian, recently wrote in an article on “Conscience and Synod on Youth” referring to the teaching of his late mentor, Fr. Klaus Demmer, “the first moral task for the church is to teach loud and clear, early and often, that we each have a conscience…The second task is to remind us that we must form and follow our consciences.1

It is important, therefore, to clarify that my, or any of our parish staff ’s, endorsement of a particular candidate for elected office or our express desire for a vote for or against a given proposition or proposal is not to be taken as a reflection of an official position of the Church or the Archdiocese of Boston.

Let us honestly share with one another our views and feelings, respectfully listening and learning from each other, so that justice and the protection of human dignity from womb to tomb – our Gospel values – will win out in this and every time we exercise our democratic right to vote.

Please remember to vote on Tuesday.

Fr. Joe

This is wrong in so many ways. All transgenders have (or had) gender dysphoria, which is most often caused by psychological issues which are treatable and should be treated. They need help. The pastor’s duty is to be a shepherd of souls, to help the souls under his care to avoid sin and get to heaven, not just to let people make up their own minds however they choose.  Can. 528 §1 says:

“The parish priest has the obligation of ensuring that the word of God is proclaimed  in its entirety to those living in the parish. He is therefore to see to it that the lay  members of Christ’s faithful are instructed in the truths of faith…With the collaboration of the faithful, he is to make every effort to bring the gospel message to those also who have given up religious practice or who do not profess the true faith.”

This pastor, Rev. Joseph Costantino, S.J., Pastor <> is doing the opposite of his duty.  And Cardinal O’Malley, Vicar General Bishop Peter Uglietto, and Aux. Bishop Robert Reed are looking the other way pretending nothing is wrong.  We would invite BCI readers to contact Bishop Uglietto <>, and Bishop Reed at 508-650-3545 or <reed(at)> and let them know what you think of the inaction.  And pray for the pastor and parishioners.

St. John Chrysostum said “The road to hell is paved with the skulls of erring priests, with bishops as their signposts.”  Does anyone believe this to not be the case here in Boston?


16 Responses to Cardinal O’Malley & Boston. Aux. Bishop Fail to Correct Transgender-Advocating Pastor

  1. ebba says:

    Hi Fr. Joseph Constantion, Bishop Reed

    Thought you might like to see the picture of two transgenders reading to very young children.

    This is so evil and I’m praying that God will help us, stop this grave wrong to Jesus’ people.


  2. ebba says:


    I tried to find Cardinal O’Malley’s personal email, but couldn’t. If you have it would you send it to me.

  3. D Paul says:

    There is nothing wrong with accepting transsexuals as equal members of society. The problem is that most individuals who claim to be transgendered are nothing more than mentally disabled. I would say that only 1% of such individuals claiming the condition are valid.—The key issue with the true transgendered is a hormone imbalance. Just because a male puts on a dress does not make that individual transgendered. In most instances, they are transvestites and become sexually stimulated by their condition. — When homosexuality was removed from the DSM Manual, all common sense went out with it. By the way, the American Psychiatric Association removed the label with a “postcard vote”. According to my Abnormal Psychology professor who was a psychiatrist, this was done with no type of medical study. Qualified scientists looked askance at “postcard” validation. Therefore, the vote was only done by those with an agenda.

  4. Earnie Bay says:

    SSSHHH! Don’t wake the Cardinal!

  5. Matt says:

    Any chance they can be stripped of their tax exempt status over this? I know there have been some changes to the law, but I don’t know the specifics.

    • No. There is no issue with tax-exempt status on issue advocacy. The Catholic Church or any non-profit cannot endorse a specific candidate but they can most definitely advocate for a position on a social or moral issue or one of public safety.


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  7. ralph briggs says:

    As to the above, yes the Church can comment on any issue in the public domain. To the subject at hand, what else is new ?

  8. Chris says:

    Bishop Reed can’t do anything on his own in this matter, it would be handled at a higher level, vicar-general and/or the Cardinal. I respect Reed for the reparation service he held, and for actions he took at Catholic TV to keep some of the worst members of the Lavender Mafia–Austin Fleming for one–off the air and the online forum.

    • Felicity More says:

      Have you even turned the TV on? Have you seen what Fr. Reed does on Catholic TV? This guy and his shows scream lavender mafia. Don’t even get me started with “Going My Way.” In all honestly, I don’t think Reed is the good guy here.

      • Chris says:

        Felicity, I was told Fleming was tossed off the iCatholic blog and off televised Mass after Reed got a number of complaints and some copies of The Concord Pastor blog posts (to the left of Fr. Martin!) Fleming fought back (I heard), was briefly reinstated, then got tossed for good. Thank heavens.

        BTW, Fleming’s parish held a service recently that featured a female parish council member proclaiming the Gospel and delivering the homily. No surprise: One of his leading volunteers/co-conspirators is in the leadership of Future Church, which is pushing a Catholic Women Preach initiative.

      • Felicity More says:

        Despite what Reed did in that situation (which was probably only because he was actually getting complaints…got to keep that Catholic TV funding going!), I still do not trust him. Again, one need only to look at some of the things he does on that channel in order to see what I mean. And why did the reparation service have to be so public?? He just HAD to let everyone know…

      • Felicity and others, BCI would suggest that you try emailing and calling Bishop Reed to ask him exactly how he feels about the pastor and situation at St Ignatius, and what exactly he is doing about it. We would love to hear how he responds.


  9. R. T. Neary says:

    A few decades ago the Patriots won 1 game. Every Sunday, however, they concentrated on and played a good defensive game. Does that remind anyone of a current Boston team?

  10. Barbara says:

    As I recall, wasn’t it Father Bryan Parrish who alone stood up against Homosexualist Father Walter Cuenin? I suggest we encourage him to stand up against the Transgenderist Priest in question.

  11. Chris says:

    Fr. Parrish did not stand up after the archdiocesan spokesman flat-out lied to questions from the media about Fr. Cuenin. This despite his phone interview with blogger Carol McKinley. Just part of the corporation.

    OT: The Vatican seems to be signaling displease at Cardinal O’Malley’s comments on the abuse scandal. Despite his role as the Pope’s point man, he is not part of the leadership meeting that’s coming up in Rome. Wuerl and Cupich seem to be in charge. Prayer is needed!!

    Also OT: A holy and faithful bishop, Morlino of Madison, died. RIP

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