Boston Globe Calls for Independent Investigation of St. Johns Seminary Sex Scandal

It’s rare that BCI finds ourselves in agreement with the Boston Globe, but here’s once where we do mostly agree: their editorial in today paper, Probe of St. Johns Seminary needs independence.

The editorial is excellent–it says the the allegations of “immoral unprofessional misconduct by faculty and students” and a “toxic culture” of bullying and threats need to be properly examined, but the group brought together by Cardinal O’Malley has conflicts of interest: it’s stacked with St. Johns Seminary board members, including Sr. Janet Eisner and Assumption College president Francesco Cesareo, and the other members of the group also have conflicts of interest.  Have you heard this same concern voiced elsewhere recently?  Check out BCI’s post of last Monday, September 3, “Is Cardinal O’Malley Whitewashing the Gay Scandal Investigation of St. Johns Seminary?” We raised the same concerns a week before the Globe’s editorial came out, plus more.  Alert readers who compare the two will notice some striking similarities. What a coincidence!

What the Globe carefully avoided saying was the word “homosexual,” and they also avoided mentioning the conflicts Sr. Eisner and Francesco Cesareo have over their colleges sponsoring groups that affirm homosexual activity is just fine and dandy.

Sr. Eisner’s quote in the article is lame. she said rather than there being a potential conflict in her board affiliation, it provides “insight into the seminary.”  Well, if she had insight into the seminary, then why did she miss knowing about a gay sex scandal there under her watchful eyes?  With Cardinal O’Malley’s blessing, she insists she’s fully committed to uncovering the truth in a timely manner, and if anything criminal in nature is found, they stop the investigation and give it to “the authorities.”

But what if you find out a bunch of seminarians have been admitted who have deeply rooted homosexual tendencies and they’re engaging in homosexual activity with each other or hitting on straight seminarians who want nothing to do with their immoral, unhealthy and gross behavior? And what if that behavior is the same behavior you’re sponsoring clubs on your campus to promote and encourage? Then what happens?

Attorney General Maura Healey, weighed in saying there needs to be a thorough investigation without conflicts of interest.  And Jack Connors, never one to miss a chance to get his name in print, said he’s “all in favor of opening windows, doors, and records. Investigate away.”

Here’s the spin the archdiocese put out internally over the weekend to let priests and staff know their take on the pending editorial.

The Boston Globe is preparing an editorial opposing the appointments of the panel that is conducting an inquiry into St. John’s Seminary. Cardinal Seán took the proactive step of announcing the inquiry when he learned of the social media posts by the two former seminarians. The Cardinal has appointed Sr. Janet Eisner, President of Emmanuel College, to chair the panel inquiry, which she has agreed. He has also appointed the Most Rev. Mark O’Connell, Auxiliary Bishop of Boston, Dr. Francesco C. Cesareo, President of Assumption College and President of the USCCB National Review Board and Ms. Kimberly Jones, CEO of Athena Legal Strategies Group to conduct the inquiry.

These individuals, who have agreed to serve, are people with impeccable reputations and distinguished in their fields and expertise.

This past Friday, Sr. Janet spoke with the journalist writing the editorial for the Globe regarding the inquiry. You may recall Sr. Janet was co-chair of the Meade-Eisner Committee that reviewed several reconfiguration decisions by the Cardinal, with recommendations.

BCI thinks the spin is poppy-cock and it’s time for a re-do on the investigation team. What reputation and experience do either of the college presidents have upholding Catholic teachings about the sin of homosexuality that cries out to Heaven for Vengeance? All of the people either work for the Archdiocese or are on RCAB boards. How “independent” is that?

Besides, we hear the fix is already in.  The rector and vice-rector will be out (for obvious reasons), as could be a professor of systematic theology (for sacrificial lamb reasons).

And we heard the team wants to use politically correct wording and phrasing, just like the Cardinal’s commentary, and avoid calling it what it is–a problem of admitting seminarians with deeply rooted homosexual tendencies and knowingly allowing them to engage in homosexual activity, and allowing the kind of culture described in this post.

We hope and pray the archdiocese heeds the advice of the Boston Globe, gets rid of everyone with conflicts of interest (namely, everyone), and starts over with at least a few people who are on-the-record supporting the Catholic Church’s teachings about homosexuality.


5 Responses to Boston Globe Calls for Independent Investigation of St. Johns Seminary Sex Scandal

  1. jbq2 says:

    Really bad situation, the inmates are running the asylum. What will come out is the “true agenda of Vatican II” from the very beginning. It appears that this is all about a “gay elite” taking over the Church structure. Randy Engel wrote that the deviousness of lesbians in the Church makes the gay agenda look like child’s play.

  2. catquilt says:

    I wonder if there are similar issues at the other seminary, Pope John XXIII National Seminary, in Weston?

  3. Chris Whittle says:

    Q. Why doesn’t “Hold It” Healey, being an anti-Catholic bigot (a lesbian), enpanel a grand jury to investigate the 4 Mass. Catholic dioceses just like other states are following PA’s lead?

    A. She is in cahoots with the Cardinal in trashing President Trump by blocking deportations of CC beneficiaries.

  4. Truth Teller says:

    This assembled group is a farce and will have no credibility. I spoke to two faculty members and they were laughing about the “investigation.” The faculty feel they have already effectively circled the wagons and will once again avoid accountability and real change. They figure one or two sacrificial lambs at the worst and a bunch of recommendations that will be ignored is the word I hear.

    That is absurd and an insult. We need solid people from the pews involved. We need people who are angry and fed up. All these academic people are not going to drill into the real issues there: clericalism, silence, homosexuality, sick mental control games. We do not need a report. We need ACTION. We need it quickly.

    How are you going to get honest testimony if there is no whistle blower protection?

    Are there going to be any former seminarians on the commission or at least called to testify? There are dozens of men who are aching to address the homosexual issues they experienced in the seminary.

    There are sick, controlling homosexual priests on the faculty who are grooming seminarians and who serve as divisive members of the community as they select their “pets” and promote their careers.

    This committee as constituted will not even say or write the word “homosexual.” That is the biggest problem and has been for decades: Homosexuality; Homosexual Culture; Homosexual Behavior.

    What is needed is a THOROUGH HOUSECLEANING from the vocation office, to academic faculty, to spiritual direction department, to field education….clean house!

  5. Boston Chaplain says:

    BCI, please devote a post to the nonsense that has been going on in the Cardinal’s Office for the past 10 years. Lots of fishy things going on there. Kickham has brought disgrace upon the Catholic Church by his incompetence and corruption. Even so, everybody knows the Chancery Staff and especially the Cardinal’s Office has been infiltrated by wolves.

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