Cardinal O’Malley’s Coddling of Homosexual Priests: Part 1

In the wake of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report, Cardinal McCarrick scandal, explosive disclosure by former U.S. Papal Nuncio Archbishop Carlo Vigano about Pope Francis and “gay networks” in the Catholic Church, and the reported sexuaRainbow-Flagl harassment at St. Johns Seminary, it seems appropriate to highlight the evidence of homosexual activity and open promotion of the gay agenda by ordained clergy that’s been allowed and condoned by the Boston Archdiocesan leadership up to Cardinal O’Malley.

The big question here in Boston is why does Cardinal O’Malley coddle priests who promote homosexuality or even come out that they are “gay”? Here are a few examples of the gay clergy network and/or promotion of homosexuality by clergy in open view in Boston:

St. Cecilia Church in Boston, led by pastor, Fr. John Unni

The church has an active “Rainbow Ministry” for LGBT Catholics that participates in the annual Boston Pride festival, brings in speakers who advance the homosexual agenda, and even tried in 2011 to offer a “liturgy to commemorate Boston Pride”, before a public outcry by faithful Catholics prompted the archdiocese to intervene and order the Mass cancelled. (It was turned into a prayer service and a Mass at a later date). What did the archdiocese say about the pastor who was to celebrate the Gay Pride Mass and who allows the active Rainbow Ministry at his church?  “Fr. Unni has the full confidence and support of the Cardinal and the archdiocese” and “is a great pastor.

Two years after the 2011 scandal, the St. Cecilia Parish bulletin announced “PFLAG-Save the Date!”–the executive director of greater Boston PFLAG would be speaking at the 6pm Mass on Nov. 24, 2013.  PFLAG advocates for accepting homosexual activity as a positive good act, and PFLAG rejects and vilifies the work of Courage, the Catholic way of helping people who have fallen into same-sex sexual activity to live in a chaste manner according to Catholic Church teachings. Faithful Catholic, Alice Slattery, wrote to Cardinal O’Malley to ask him to intervene and prevent the scandalous act during Mass.  Alice recounted what happened:

“I received a letter dated Dec. 23, 2013 from the Cardinal’s Office stating that “Cardinal O’Malley recently celebrated the 125th Anniversary Mass at St. Cecilia’s Parish in Boston. The Church was filled to capacity that day and it is evident that all programs and activities offered at the parish are in accord with the teaching and practice of the Roman Catholic Church.”

The Rainbow Ministry is still going strong today, as evidenced by their recent presence at the 2018 Boston Pride Festival. Recent or frequent speakers at the parish include “married” gay BC prof. John McDargh, Stonehill College’s George Piggford and others who advocate for the homosexual lifestyle and homosexual activity.  They have never promoted a speaker to discuss chastity for those with homosexual attractions.

Fr. Austin Fleming, pastor of Holy Family in Concord

A few years ago, a self-described “happy porn-writing sodomite” wrote a tell-all  book entitled, “Since My Last Confession: A Gay Catholic Memoir.” detailing homosexual debauchery taking place within a Franciscan order and with diocesan priests.  The book includes commentary from interviews with diocesan and religious priests who acknowledge they are gay.  A then-60-year-old diocesan priest, nicknamed “Fr. Butterballino” in the book, admits he’d come out to other priests and parishioners and had attended and blessed four “gay unions.”  A simple Google search revealed the diocesan priest was Fr. Fleming.  BCI posted about this and sent information to the archdiocese along with other faithful Catholics. Here are a few passages from the book

“[Father Butterballino] admitted, “I’ve been to four civil weddings of gay people. It scares the s#(t out of me because those are very public situations. After the rite is over, I do some kind of prayer or blessing. If I’m called on it, I can say I was there and I performed a prayer. I didn’t perform a wedding.”

“When the Brown Bag (Cardinal O’Malley) started issuing statements concerning same-sex marriage and adoption, Fr. Butterballino addressed them directly in his parish bulletins. For example, he wrote that to call gay adoptions “gravely immoral” and a form of violence proved only that those issuing such statements had never spend a second with gay adoptive families.”  (This same passage appeared in the November 5, 2005 letter from Fr. Fleming to parishioners at Holy Family, Concord)

“Trapped in inarticulate yearning, he entered the seminary and was ordained.  ‘We were sexually repressed.  When I committed myself to celibacy I might as well have been committing myself to go to the moon.’  Years after ordination, his sexual feelings emerged. Occasionally he was tempted to act out….Yeah, I’m gay.  He came out to a small circle of fellow priests after the sex abuse scandal.”

“Since the incident with the petitions [in support of a MA constitutional amendment that would have banned same-sex marriage], Fr. Butterballino…came out to a member of his parish staff who had learned her son was gay. He had triumphant comings-out to select acquaintances.  He even learned to be open with his parishioners that he was spending his summer vacation in Provincetown, MA, the gay beach mecca.”

Indeed, here is an article where Fr. Fleming talks about his vacation at Herring Cove beach in Provincetown.  Multiple Yelp reviews indicate the beach is “nudity-tolerant” and “gay-accepting.”  “they are at play and not for the straight people to bother… Nudity and cruising and sex in the dunes.”

Why would a chaste priest, even one with an attraction to other men, label himself “gay”?  And why would a chaste priest or one struggling with a same-sex attraction vacation in a gay hotspot and go to a beach known for gay cruising?  And why would Cardinal O’Malley ignore complaints, coddle the priest and do nothing about it?

Msgr. Paul Garrity, currently pastor at Sacred Heart and St. Brigid’s in Lexington

He has been praised by Cardinal O’Malley.  Yet he also put homosexual couples on par with the Holy Family.  At his previous assignment at St. Catherine in Norwood, on the Feast of the Holy Family, Garrity wrote in his parish bulletin:

It is very easy to forget that Mary would have been an unwed mother were it not for Joseph. It is also easy to forget that Joseph was not the natural father of Jesus but became his foster father and protector, along with his new bride Mary…Taken all together, the first family of Christianity reminds us that there is no such thing as normal. Every family is different and this means that we need to broaden our understanding of family life beyond TV sitcoms and applaud the virtues of family living wherever we find them: two parent families, single parent families, blended families, families with two mommies or two daddies and adoptive families.  What is most important is that we continually hold up the family as the instrument that God has chosen to communicate God’s unconditional love to the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society.

What did the archdiocese do in response to complaints about this?  Nothing.  When complaints were lodged with his regional bishop, faithful Catholics were told he had tried to escalate this and get action by Cardinal O’Malley and his concerns were dismissed. In his blog months earlier, Cardinal O’Malley said of Msgr. Garrity, saying he did an extraordinary job at St. Mary’s in Lynn, and “is very focused on promoting Catholic education in Norwood.”

These are just a few examples–we will share more in our next post.  This passage from  a report written between the time when Cardinal Law resigned and Sean O’Malley was appointed archbishop in June of 2003 gives even more perspective:

The sketch of life in the Archdiocese of Boston which follows is based largely on anecdotal evidence and the trustworthy testimony of faithful priests and laymen. While this description is necessarily unscientific, it is offered in good faith in the service of understanding the nature and range of the problems the next Archbishop of Boston must confront.

The Present Situation

Clerical Unchastity

The sexual crimes of the priests accused of molesting minors are but a small token of widespread unchastity among the presbyterate. A significant number of priests, both secular and religious, are engaged in regular sexual behavior (most of it homosexual), either with stable sexual partners or in anonymous encounters with strangers met in bars, parks, or through the Internet. Acceptance of such behavior, excused either with a wink and a nudge on the grounds of human weakness or because of rejection of the Church’s teaching on chastity, encourages further unchastity.

Clerical Homosexuality

Many priests in the Archdiocese, certainly a large minority of the presbyterate and perhaps a slight majority of those between 40 and 60, are homosexual men, and many of those have come to understand themselves by reference to their sexual identity as the gay subculture defines it. The open secret of their homosexuality is closely guarded by the silence of a solid clerical “black wall”, behind which some priests have surrendered completely to the pagan culture of “gay” identity and behavior. Many priests socialize only with other active homosexuals, and in this way loose networks of sexually active priests are formed to protect each other from scrutiny.

The big questions are obvious.  Why does Cardinal O’Malley allow this and coddle priests who encourage or promote homosexual behavior or have “come out” themselves? And how can he claim he is trying to clean-up homosexual activity in St. Johns Seminary when he is allowing it in his presbyterate?  And given that the John Jay report and other studies show the vast majority of the sexual abuse crisis was homosexual activity with teenagers, why isn’t he concerned and talking about the problem of homosexual activity in the clergy? What do you think?

More next post.

24 Responses to Cardinal O’Malley’s Coddling of Homosexual Priests: Part 1

  1. Kathy says:

    Could I have permission to print multiple copies of this and put Beside Cardinal Sean’s speech to the churches left in my church?

  2. jbq2 says:

    Cardinal Sean is one of the C-9 cardinals who are the principal advisers to the pontiff. There is only one explanation. It is tied in with the Third Secret of Fatima and apostasy in the Church.

  3. Chris says:

    How could Cardinal O’Malley turn such a blind eye to the public acting-OUT of these priests! How could O’Malley let Fr. Austin Fleming, who wrote about his vacation on a gay beach IN THE LOCAL NEWSPAPER be allowed to stay in a parish and be in contact with impressionable teens!! Why was Fr. Unni Roman Catholic pastor allowed to bring in disreputable speakers and participate in the *&^@! 2018 Pride Parade!!!

    This should get national attention since Cardinal O’Malley is the Pope’s point man on abuse here in the US.

    • Sick of it All says:

      I brought this to Cardinal O’Malley’s attention, too. When I later expressed my frustration over it to a member of his staff, the individual confidentially told me, nothing was likely being done because Fr. Fleming was Archbishop O’Malley’s friend.

      To me, this meant if and when a priest friend of Cardinal O’Malley’s lures a family member into taking care of his sexual needs, he’s not going to do anything about the abuse of power and spiritual malpractice.

      I couldn’t understand how Pope Francis picked Cardinal O’Malley to be on a sexual abuse panel, in light of all the gay priests Cardinal O’Malley has given a leash to sexually seduce at will.

      As time went on and I watched the pope load his curia with bishops with far worse reputations on gay stuff than Cardinal O’Malley, it became impossible to believe it was coincidence.

  4. Mary Breen says:

    A little light reading for you about my least favorite cardinal

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. R.T. Neary says:

    Uncover it all and let it flow – as sickening as it is. We are the Church and still own the mops.

  6. Terrence McDonough says:

    What about Bishop John McCormick who is now I d the retired Bishop of Nashua New Hampshire have you ever checked out his association with Paul Shanley on the streets of Boston and his association with young man both in Boston and at his residence in Nashua New Hampshire I think this is worth checking out

  7. Patricia Doherty says:

    We all know the answer: if you are going to lie down with dogs…………………

  8. ebba says:

    I recognize so many names in your report that I have known are not good for our church. Your posts along with Church Militant, really tell the truth.

    I will only go to Mass where I know the priest to be authentic, such as all the new priests now assigned to St. Agnes and St. Camillus in Arlington.

    This mustn’t go unchallenged by caring Roman Catholics. Please give us some suggestions on how to rid our local church and the seminary from such evil.

    Thank you

  9. Brianne says:

    BCI, we are told that Rev. Robert Kickham covered up for Cardinal McCarrick in the Letter Fiasco. For this reason, Rev. Kickham should be suspended from ministry. Please call for that!

  10. Marie says:

    The Cardinal should audit the books of Holy Family parish. Fr. Fleming spent **thousands and thousands of dollars** over his years in Concord paying retired priests to say his daily Masses while he was at his computer trying to kickstart his blogging career.

    For years an elderly volunteer had to find retired priests to say Mass 4-5 days a week. Fr. Fleming and his large staff didn’t deal with these substitutes: the volunteer would submit her bills to the office and they’d pay them (but at a third less than the going rate). One retired priest said morning Masses at Holy Family for more than four years and never even met the pastor. These retirees would arrive early in the morning and couldn’t even get a cup of coffee in the rectory. Lots of priests in surrounding parishes knew and were pissed off. The elderly volunteer finally died and I guess the parish finally started doing its own work.

  11. ralph briggs says:

    I am going on a live cable show in Lynn this very day and use this in out discussion of this horrible thing being done to the Church. Thank you for this. The Church is the only true Church and will always be here and bring millions to the Kingdom. Pray for the Church and all of us.

  12. Sick of it All says:

    Cardinal O’Malley has prepared a worthless statement to be read at Masses this weekend.

    I would recommend all to chant “Vigano! Vigano! Vigano!” as its being read.

  13. Bill says:

    Our Blessed Mother under the title of OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS (an approved apparition) predicted everything that would happen in our culture and the church from the 1950s onward. (And, sorry to say, it will get worse before it gets better.) I personally believe that the house cleaning has begun and like Pope Benedict said when asked by a reporter about the sex scandal, “get rid of the filth”. When I feel discouraged about what’s going on I need to keep my focus on Our Ladys promise that, “In the end MY Immaculate Heart will triumph”.

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  16. Dan says:

    Where is part 2 of this?

  17. […] was just too much to share in our Part 1 post about open promotion of the gay agenda by priests in Boston and how Cardinal O’Malley …, so we now bring you part 2.  There will also be a Part 3 coming […]

  18. […] was just too much to share in our Part 1 post about open promotion of the gay agenda by priests in Boston and how Cardinal O’Malley …, so we now bring you part 2.  There will also be a Part 3 coming […]

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