MA Primary: Who to Vote For?

Friends and family members have all been discussing the conundrum of who to vote for today if you are a faithful Catholic, political conservative, or both.  Here are quick thoughts from BCI.

First, we assume none of our readers would vote for anyone on the Democratic ticket, so we focus on the Republican candidates.  BCI is voting for Ted Cruz.  Here is why:

Donald Trump strikes BCI as nothing but a con-man.  His Trump University was nothing but a scam, as described here, that swindled people out of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. And in the same way he scammed people with Trump University, he is fooling people into believing he is a conservative. This excellent article from The Federalist, “I’ll take Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump” explains why Trump would be a disaster for conservatives if he is the nominee or elected president.

“If we must have an enemy at the head of government,” Hamilton said in exasperation, “let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible.”

In other words: Better to lose to a true enemy whose policies you can fight and repudiate, rather than to a false friend whose schemes will drag you down with him. This is a painful choice, but it also embraces realism while protecting the possibility of recovery in the future. The need to live to fight another day is why conservatives should adopt a Hamilton Rule if, God forbid, the choice comes down to Hillary and Trump.

Hillary Clinton Is Despicable, But Trump Is Worse

My hands almost could not type those words, because I think Hillary Clinton is one of the worst human beings in American politics. She has few principles that I can discern, other than her firm conviction that she deserves the Oval Office for enabling and then defending her sexually neurotic husband. She lies as easily as the rest of us breathe. She has compromised national security through sheer laziness at best, and corrupt intent at worst. If elected, she will enrich Wall Street and raid the public coffers while preaching hateful doctrines of identity politics to distract America’s poor and working classes.

Morally unmoored, emotionally unstable, a crony capitalist of the worst kind, Trump will be every bit as liberal as Hillary.

But Trump will be worse. Morally unmoored, emotionally unstable, a crony capitalist of the worst kind, Trump will be every bit as liberal as Hillary—perhaps more so, given his statements over the years. He is by reflex and instinct a New York Democrat whose formal party affiliation is negotiable, as is everything about him. He has little commitment to anything but himself and his “deals,” none of which will work in favor of conservatives or their priorities.

His judicial appointments will likely be liberal friends from New York. His Great Wall of Mexico will never be built, and employers will go right on hiring cheap labor and outsourcing jobs, just as Trump does with his made-in-Mexico suits. His China Smoot-Hawley Tariff will never be implemented. His administration, led by a vulgar, aging man-child who is firmly pro-abortion, who jokes about having sex with his daughter, and brags about his wealth, will hurt the poorest and most vulnerable among us—including the unborn.

Trump Will Tar Conservatives Forever

Trump, of course, will dissemble and whine about all these eventual failures. His fans will excuse him, as they do now, but they have short attention spans and will vanish in later midterm elections and future presidential contests. His white nationalist supporters, clinging to him like lice in the fur of an angry chimp, will shake their fists along with him for a time, until they too eventually slink away. By 2020, his core constituency will be a tiny sliver of what’s left of the white working class, pathetically standing at the gates of empty factories they thought Trump would re-open.

Conservatives can recover from four, or even eight, years of Hillary Clinton. We might even flourish.

More to the point, after four years of thrashing around in the Oval Office like the ignorant boor he is, voters will no longer be able distinguish between the words “Trump,” “Republican,” “conservative,” and “buffoon.” He will obliterate Republicans further down the ticket in 2016 and 2020, smear conservatism as nothing more than his own brand of narcissism, and destroy decades of hard work, including Ronald Reagan’s legacy.

Conservatives can recover from four, or even eight, years of Hillary Clinton. We might even flourish: remember, President Obama’s cult of personality—to which Trump’s mindless fan base bears more than a little resemblance—sacrificed more than 900 Democratic seats and a passel of governorships on its altar over the past seven years. President Obama won two elections and the Democratic Party lost hundreds. If Trump’s victory means this kind of “winning,” conservatives should want no part of it.

Our Long-Awaited Goal Was Right There for Us

In the end, a Trump administration will not only avert the first chance at unified Republican government in years, but will finish off the conservative movement itself. Indeed, it is a bitter irony that some of Trump’s blind followers are willing to declare defeat at the moment of impending victory, when a complete GOP takeover of all elected branches could finally overcome the obstruction of divided government. Trump’s voters are willing to “shake up the status quo”—whatever that means—by putting an ignoramus at the head of a party and a movement he’s actually trying to destroy.

So, once Trump is clearly removed from the list, we are left with Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz. By many indications, Marco Rubio has betrayed conservatives. This memo by conservative icon, Phyllis Schlafly describes how, “Rubio traded shamelessly on the affection and trust conservatives had placed in him. His deceptions about his immigration bill rivaled and exceeded Obama’s claims about disastrous Obamacare.”

We are voting our conscience and going with Ted Cruz.  That is what BCI thinks.  What do you think?

26 Responses to MA Primary: Who to Vote For?

  1. D Paul says:

    Trump is the “anti candidate”. He ran as a lark and generated backlash. He even appears surprised. It may be too late to stop him. Rubio doesn’t seem to have it. Cruz appears too angry. Reports today say that the wives of Rubio and Cruz have been talking. Cruz will drop out if he gets a Supreme Court appointment. It looks like it will have to be Rubio who is a whiner.

  2. Warren Goddard says:

    Ted Cruze proclaims his Christian-Zionism which wastes our military in restoring the ancient boundaries of Israel to thus cause the second coming of Christ when they will be taken up in rapture to heaven. NO THANKS.

  3. Miss Sally says:

    Priests in our parish ALWAYS vote Democrat regardless of who it is, and say so quite blatantly.

    This may be because I am from Mass. but I gave up long ago soliciting voter advice from the Catholic Church. Even during my joining the church ten years ago, the priest in charge told me I should vote for Democrats and not “the enemy”.

    And certainly, if anyone needs to be confronted with his hypocrisy, it’s “Pope” Francis. I hope those few softball comments Trump made towards him weren’t his last.

    I have no doubt the wall will not be built between the US and Mexico, like I doubt a lot of other things. Cruz and Rubio are weaklings and are less fit to lead than Clinton or Trump. Conservatives are written off because of the panty-waist candidates they constantly parade before the public and expect to be taken seriously.

    I always thought Mitt was an excellent candidate . Sadly, the alleged “super” Catholics felt his endorsement of gay rights in Bay Windows made him impossible to vote for. Not to mention his Mormonism, which many Catholics are shamelessly bigoted against. Of course, it is irrelevant that he and many other Mormons are superior Christians to many Catholics…so sadly, we had a chance at a very successful businessman who understood capitalism and is, indeed, a devout Christian. But he wasn’t good enough.

    Potentially irreversible damage has been done to the nation by electing the Metrosexual Quizmaster currently occupying the White House, not to mention the Satan’s Little Helpers Mass. is responsible for inflicting on the rest of the nation in Congress. I just can’t take Catholic authority seriously when they engage in these discussions given past history. They will NEVER be pleased. The candidates they envision and put forth are unelectable. Not voting for a candidate who may support SOME of our views means someone who supports NONE of our views gains control. And it’s all paving the way for Sharia.

    • Michael says:

      Oh yeah, and you forgot about Mitt singlehandedly thrusting same sex marriage on the US/world. What a conservative.

  4. Chris Whittle says:

    I casted my protest vote for Rick Santorum today. (He was on the ballot along with all the other dropouts.) He was the only Faithful Catholic in the race and had the best overall plan to save America. Trump this time and Romney in 2012 have spoiled it for Santorum and the rest of the GOP as the White House is concerned. Romney ran for President as a social conservative but did not govern Mass. that way. Conservatives stayed home or did not cast a vote for President in 2012 because Romney really was no different than Obama. Once Trump wins the GOP nomination the same thing will happen, and Clinton won’t have to cheat to win.

  5. Way outside says:

    Ok, we know that the final will be Trump vs Hillary. Looks like you just endorsed Hillary. Shame on BCI

  6. Too Late says:

    To Way outside, Amen to that! We know Hillary loves to kill the unborn, at least Trump says he’s Pro-Life, let’s hold him to it instead of badgering the man

  7. D Botsolis says:

    BCI, I couldn’t have said any of this better myself. Kudos to you for explaining this so eloquently; just wish you published this article before election day when you could have swayed some voters. Trump is a con man, with a very jaded past and present, and I’m just so surprised to see so many Catholics who are willing to ‘try their luck’ and vote for this guy just because he says this and that and ignore his not so distant past. It is a fact that he cannot beat Hillary, so the point of this article is to warn everyone if Cruz doesn’t get the nomination SHE will.

  8. Sheila Flanagan says:

    Start praying every hour for the rest of TODAY:

    Novena to the Infant Jesus of Prague in Urgent Need
    (To be said for nine days or nine consecutive hours TODAY)

    O Jesus, Who said, “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you,” through the intercession of Mary, Your most holy Mother, I knock, I seek, I ask that my prayer be answered. (that voters discern and elect candidates who will do God’s Will, for both local and national office)

    O Jesus, Who said, “All that you ask of the Father in My Name He will grant you,” through the intercession of Mary, Your most holy Mother, I humbly and urgently ask Your Father in Your Name that my prayer be granted. (that voters discern and elect candidates who will do God’s Will, for both local and national office)

    O Jesus, Who said, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My word shall not pass,” through the intercession of Mary, Your most holy Mother, I feel confident that my prayer will be granted (that voters discern and elect candidates who will do God’s Will, for both local and national office).


    In 1637, in the Carmelite Church in Prague, Czech Republic, as a Fr. Cyril prayed before the Infant, he was filled with wonder, contemplating the loving God Who became a child for His people. Suddenly, the statue spoke to the stunned Carmelite:

    Have mercy on Me and I will have mercy on you.
    Give Me hands and I will give you peace.
    The more you honor Me, the more I will bless you.

  9. says:

    Good reason to unsubscribe from your publication. Bye.

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  10. Rosemary Shillue says:

    Santorum- “If Bruce Jenner says he’s a woman; he’s a woman.”

  11. Marianne Keating says:

    Totally agree Cruz is the only real candidate but not sure I can vote for Hillary in the end as much as I can’t stand Trump. Will have to wait and see what happens and keep on praying until then…. On Mar 1, 2016 12:47 PM, “Boston Catholic Insider” wrote:

    > bostoncatholicinsider posted: “Friends and family members have all been > discussing the conundrum of who to vote for today if you are a faithful > Catholic, political conservative, or both. Here are quick thoughts from > BCI. First, we assume none of our readers would vote for anyone on t” >

  12. BCI is right on point here. I ave so many friends who are very moral and religious but support the baby killers. Cognitive dissonance in the extreme.

  13. Boston Pastor says:

    I voted for Trump.

  14. Tom Sheehan says:

    Isn’t Cruz pro-death penalty? I guess fealty to Curch doctrine only apples on some issues.

  15. John Breithaupt says:

    It may be that few readers of BCI will vote for either Clinton or Sanders, but many Catholics, including me, will do so — in good conscience.

    While we oppose abortion, we do not believe that making it illegal would be effective — any more than prohibition was an effective response to the tragedy of alcoholism. To be effective, laws must reflect the agreed upon morality of the communities for which they are made. This means that we have work to do a) to make abortion unacceptable in the eyes of more people, and b) to provide more support for women with unwanted pregnancies to seek alternatives to abortion. We do not believe that politicians who do not vote the pro-life line are “baby killers”. The American people are the baby killers. We will kill the snake of abortion by stepping on its head — i.e., converting the hearts of the people — not on its tail — i.e., voting against this or that politician.

    We do not believe that gay marriage is a threat to traditional marriage between men and women. We do not believe that making gay marriage either legal or illegal will have any effect on the actual behavior of gay people — they will live together as couples, regardless of whether they are married in the eyes of the law.

    We do know that all Republican candidates are enthusiastic supporters of the death penalty, of torture as a means of obtaining intelligence, of repealing the Affordable Care Act — which would have the immediate effect of depriving millions of Americans of medical care — of continuing to deny the reality of man made climate change, which Popes John Paul II, Benedict, and Francis called upon us to take responsibility for, of punitive measures against immigrants who come to our country fleeing poverty and violence in their own countries, of the private prison industry, which lobbies for long sentences for common crimes, and of a foreign policy that favors unilateral military action over diplomacy and concerted action with our allies.

    Ted Cruz is especially egregious in his callousness toward children of illegal immigrants, even to the extent of opposing the policy of amnesty toward children of illegal immigrants approved by Reagan in 1986. He wants to end the threat of ISIS by “carpet bombing” Syria — knowing that such as act would result in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians. He is opposed to a higher minimum wage (higher meaning $10 an hour!). He wants to abolish the IRS and replace it with a “flat tax” — even though most analysts who have looked at the proposal have agreed that under a flat tax, the federal government could be maintained even in minimal form only by placing a crushing burden of taxation on all but the very rich.

    No, many of us Catholics will be voting for the Democratic nominee — in good conscience, which does not mean we are convinced that we are right, but that we have made an acceptable choice for a Catholic voter.

  16. Alice Slattery says:

    It appears that John B. believes that we must be silent and see nothing wrong with two men or two women engaging in same-sex sex acts and are being indoctrinated in the belief that it is the same as marriage between a man and a woman. I suspect that he also sees nothing wrong with the Transgenderism indoctrination being imposed on even the youngest of school children in Mass. public schools. I expect that he would object to anyone who believes in the teaching of the Catholic Church that these behaviors are acts of sin. How then can he “tolerate” those of us who believe that the reason Jesus came to suffer and die for us is to atone for the sin of Adam when Adam and Eve were deceived by the brightest Fallen Angel into believing that if they disobeyed God’s will they themselves would “be like gods who know what is good and what is bad.” (Genesis ch. 3:v.5) and Jesus came to atone for our sins resulting from this original sin? Does John believe that there was no need for Jesus to come to suffer and die for our sins since he thinks there is nothing wrong with those who engage in these acts? Does he protest anyone who believes they have the right to say the behaviors of those who choose to engage in same-sex sex acts are committing sin? He certainly knows that there is tremendous pressure on us to be silenced. Would he judge us to be made to never speak about the reason why Jesus suffered and died for our sins? Must we be silent while the foundation of family life is being attacked and members of families are being deceived,especially our children in the public schools? Does he see nothing tragic about that?

    • John Breithaupt says:

      Alice, What I believe about same-sex marriage is what I stated: I do not see it as a threat to conventional marriage between men and women, and I do believe that gay couples will continue to live together as couples, regardless of whether or not the law regards them as married. That is all I said as to my beliefs about same-sex marriage. My statements of belief concern matters of fact. Of course, I may be wrong on these questions of fact. Legalized same-sex marriage may be undermining the institution of conventional marriage, although I have seen no evidence that this is so. At any rate, my statements do not challenge the Church’s teaching on same-sex marriage, nor do they in any way touch upon our shared belief, that God became man and was crucified in order to reconcile us to himself, in spite of our sins.

  17. Alice Slattery says:

    John, are you concerned about the way that our children in the public schools in Mass. are being indoctrinated in the beliefs of the “progressive” education? This is very instrumental in tearing apart the family life of many,many families. The expectation of living chaste lives has been eradicated from the public schools, as witnessed in Framingham where the school committee wants to see condoms easily available in the nurse’s office in the Middle Schools and the thinking behind transgenderism is being taught to all students.
    When the town of Lexington went to court to prevent parents from having anything to say about these matters, Judge Mark Wolf determined that the parents had no right to know when the teachers would be indoctrinating their children and if they didn’t like it, they could home school or send their children to private schools. I believe Judge Wolf’s decision still stands and applies to our public schools. This is what I mean by saying that our fundamental belief in marriage and our belief that we are born as male or female is being threatened by those who want to silence our voices.

  18. John Breithaupt says:

    Alice, I know nothing about what is being taught in the schools. I wasn’t addressing that. As for our being born male and female, I do believe that some of us are born gay — I don’t think it’s a choice. I think of Charlie, who was in my classes in junior high school and high school. This was in the 1960s in rural Ohio, a place still untouched by the turbulence of those times. Charlie, unlike the rest of us guys, always came to school neatly groomed. He spoke with a slight lisp, and developed a close friendship (much envied by the rest of us) with the prettiest girl in our class. They got together to have tea and talk about girl things. I thought at the time that Charlie was just eccentric — now I know that he was gay. There way no openly “gay life style” in those times for Charlie to be emulating. His life style was a product of who he was. And what I learned from and about Charlie has been confirmed by all that I have read, and the numerous gay men and women with whom I have worked.

  19. Alice Slattery says:

    John, if you honestly wanted to learn about persons who have engaged in same-sex sex but desire to get out from under that behavior and live chaste lives according to God’s plan for human sexual relationships, then look into Courage/EnCourage. This organization has Vatican approval. Fr. Paul Scalia ,who is a chaplain for Courage, has many excellent articles that are well worth reading. May God bless you!

  20. John Breithaupt says:

    Alice, I don’t understand why God would make a certain number of people in every generation gay, and then require them not to express the nature that he gave them. At any rate, life long abstinence from sexual behavior is an austere discipline for the very few — as the cases of sexual misconduct by the clergy make tragically clear. Programs such as Courage/EnCourage, while motivated by the best of intentions, are bound to fail. But I have enjoyed our exchange of views, and accept your blessings with gratitude — and may God bless you!

    • God “made” some people male and some female: some white, some black, some Hispanic, some Asian, some I Dian; some tall, some short. People do not declare any of those indigenous traits. Last we checked, identifying oneself as “gay” us something self-declared. Someone might have an attraction to someone of the same sex, but that does not mean they have to act on it, and many people with such attractions do not act on them and do not self-identify as “gay”. Please stop making up justifications for your personal opinions. This blog and this post are not the place got that.


      • John Breithaupt says:

        Why do so many people feel anguish and guilt when they first discover that they are attracted to people of the same sex? It’s hardly a choice.

        People do not choose to be gay; God makes them that way.

        Why should God give people desires that can be fulfilled within a monogamous relationship characterized by faithfulness, love, and mutual respect — and then demand that those desires not be fulfilled? Why would God make people in a certain way only to require that they deny their God-given natures all their lives?

  21. Warren Goddard says:

    John: Abortion can be made unacceptable by our bishops forcefully teaching Catholic defined doctrine that the souls of aborted babies go to hell (Catatae Domino). By voting for Clinton or Sanders you will become a material cooperator in abortion should either get

    • John Breithaupt says:

      Warren, I agree that we need to change public opinion about abortion. That is where the battle will be won or lost. But until public opinion declares itself against abortion more clearly, it won’t make much difference who gets elected. Without a more decisive stance against abortion by public opinion, laws are not going to be passed against it, at least nationally; and if such laws were passed, they would not be generally enforceable. People who could afford to go elsewhere to have abortions would do this; people who could not afford to go elsewhere would in many cases yield to the pressure or temptation to have illegal abortions. In many cases, these would be homemade jobs. The good news is that the abortion rate in this country has been declining — certainly not enough, but some. We need to reach out to women who feel that they have to have abortions, and show them that this is not so — that there are loving alternatives, without shame or condemnation. This approach will not be easy or lead to a quick or decisive victory over abortion. But it’s already working, some. We can make it work a whole lot more, with hard work and prayer.

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