URGENT: Contact MA Legislators to Oppose “Bathroom Bill”

This is urgent.  Renew MA Coalition is calling on all MA residents to contact your legislators today to oppose the “Bathroom Bill” that would make it legal for so-called “transgender” people to use an opposite sex public bathroom.  Here is their notice. Call the number below today and say that men dressed as women should not be able to enter a ladies room. And the privacy and safety of our families, particularly our children, must be respected and protected.  Call 617-722-2000 and ask for your rep. A call script is below.

(And as we would expect, nothing has been said about this by Cardinal O’Malley, the MA Bishops or the do-nothing Mass Catholic Conference)

  Call to Action

Bathroom Bill Vote TOMORROW

Dear fellow conservatives,

Our friends in the legislature tell us that the Bathroom Bill, currently HB 1577, will very likely be voted on TOMORROW.  Beacon Hill shuts down for the rest of the year after Wednesday, so there is an all-out push by LGBTQ activists to get the Bathroom Bill passed. 

This is our LAST CHANCE to push back and demand that legislators respect the privacy and safety of our families, particularly our children

PLEASE, CALL your state representative TODAY! If you know your state representative’s name, call the main switchboard at 617-722-2000. If you do not, click on the link below.

Call Your Representative Today 

   Thank you,


Hello Representative,

As your constituent, I would like to urge you to vote ‘NO’ on House Bill 1577, the Bathroom Bill. HB1577 is a threat to the privacy and safety of women and children.

The bill’s proponents claim it is about equal rights, but Massachusetts already passed a law giving special rights to transgendered people in 2011.  This bill is really about allowing any man or boy to enter a public restroom or locker room for females just by declaring female as their ‘gender expression.’

It is common sense that this is a bad idea and could be exploited by sexual predators or voyeurs.  You should be working to protect the privacy rights of MY family by voting against this bill.

Please vote ‘NO’ on the Bathroom Bill, HB1577. Thank you.”

3 Responses to URGENT: Contact MA Legislators to Oppose “Bathroom Bill”

  1. Ferde Rombola says:

    My representative in the MA Senate is Joan Lovely. I was shocked to find out from a person on her staff that she is a co-sponsor of this odious bill. A member of Jerry Parisella’s staff wants me to believe he doesn’t know the rep’s position on the matter. It’s a rigged game, folks. The homosexual lobby gets what it wants no matter how outrageous the demand. Massachusetts politicians are afraid of them. They are cowards. Their constituency is not the people of the Commonwealth, it’s the homosexuals of the Commonwealth. Deal with it.

  2. D Paul says:

    This article speaks the truth. A boy in a dress is not transgender. There may be allowances for someone who has been on hormone therapy for a period of time. Cardinal O is not part of the problem.

  3. D Paul says:

    correction: Cardinal O “is” part of the problem.

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