Thank Cardinal Burke for his Vatican Service

From the perspective of BCI and many other Catholics, Cardinal Raymond Burke is a hero.  Featured ImageHis courageous stands in defense of the indissolubility of marriage and in preserving Catholic doctrine over the years–in particular, before, during and after the Extraordinary Synod on the Family–have made him a standout bishop.  Lifesite News has a petition to thank Cardinal Burke, which will be hand-delivered to him in Rome.  Please take a moment to sign it.



On Nov. 8, the Vatican announced that Pope Francis had removed Cardinal Raymond Burke, one of the strongest pro-life and pro-family voices in the Catholic Church, from his position as the prefect of the Vatican’s Apostolic Signatura. Cardinal Burke has instead been named patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, a largely ceremonial role.

For the past 6 years, Cardinal Burke has served at the Vatican, after he was called there by Pope Benedict, heading up the highest court of the Catholic Church.

Among Cardinal Burke’s many actions in defense of the truths of life and family has been his courageous stance in support of canon 915, which states that ministers of communion “must” refuse the Eucharist to public and “obstinate” sinners. The cardinal himself has most frequently advocated the use of this canon in the cases of pro-abortion Catholic politicians.

Most recently, he exerted his influence during the Vatican’s Synod on the Family, publicly decrying efforts by some bishops to hijack the synod to push a radical agenda, and steering the Synod towards a more orthodox conclusion.

The transfer of Cardinal Burke from his Vatican post is undoubtedly a loss to the pro-life and pro-family movement, with his role at the Vatican having helped to amplify the cardinal’s prophetic voice.

However, we are confident that the transfer will do little to silence the cardinal, and that we may look forward to years more of close collaboration with and support for the pro-life and pro-family movement.

We offer this petition to give people an opportunity to express their personal thanks to the cardinal. The names and signatures on this petition will be personally hand-delivered to Cardinal Burke in Rome. 

Here is the petition:

To: Cardinal Raymond Burke 

I would like to express my personal gratitude for your faithful service these past years as prefect of the Apostolic Signatura. In particular, I wish to thank you for being a strong and uncompromising voice in defense of the truths of life and the family.

Though I, and countless fellow Catholics and pro-life and pro-family advocates, will miss your voice and presence at the Vatican, I know that a transfer of position will do nothing to dissuade you from courageously proclaiming the truths of the Gospel of Life.

You have inspired me to stand up for the truth in charity despite all costs. I pledge myself to be a voice like yours – a voice of truth in season and out of season.

I offer you my heartfelt prayers and well wishes as you go through this period of transition. May God bless you.

[Your name]

Click here to sign the petition, and do pass this along to friends and family.

8 Responses to Thank Cardinal Burke for his Vatican Service

  1. Marianne Keating says:

    My understanding is that Cardinal Burke has held this position for 6 years (since 2008) which is the longest time or close to the longest time that anyone has held this position. Even though politics may have been at play here as well, this fact should also be noted. I tend to think the liberal media is trying to portray that there is total division in the church and especially between the Pope and Cardinal Burke and the conservative leaning bishops in hopes that the church will change some of its views on issues. Have to be careful to not help promote their cause! Blessings to Cardinal Burke for all his good works promoting truth and standing up for life and families. Keep up the great work you do at BCI as well helping to spread the truth!

    from Sounding Board

    • Concerned Parent says:

      “My understanding is that Cardinal Burke has held this position for 6 years (since 2008) which is the longest time or close to the longest time that anyone has held this position. Even though politics may have been at play here as well, this fact should also be noted.”

      What should also be noted is that the truths expressed so clearly in the book “Remaining in the Truth of Christ – Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church” are at odds with the Kasperian nouvelle theologie currently in vogue with the Pope and others. The Pope himself referred to it as “serene theology”. Against this revolutionary backdrop, the extraordinary demotion of Cardinal Burke to a ceremonial position rather than to a new position commensurate with his experience and abilities speaks for itself, regardless of spin.

  2. AnOffensetoGod says:

    Thanking a cardinal for standing up for marriage? What a joke! Burke is concerned that the church MUST get the teaching on marriage right, but the only reason marriage is in question is because the Church doesn’t have the MOST important sacrament correct — COMMUNION w/God or the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass–at 23:35 in the video Burke himself makes the point about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ being the heart of the Church and the Council of Trent. But what was the Council of Trent teaching on the mass?
    At around 31:00 he states, using words of Pope Benedict as reference, that the synod is “a further call to return to the teachings of the 2nd Vatican Council in continuity w/constant teaching of Catholic Church”; “the spirt (of the council) leads to a position that is not Catholic”. Hasn’t the spirit of the council ALREADY led to a WORSHIP that is NOT Catholic—if the Mass is the central act of the Church how can anything else be corrected if that is wrong? Also, how does one return to ‘teachings of the 2nd Vatican Council in continuity w/constant teachings’ when Benedict himself stated that VCII did create a new constitution for the Church and it was in fact a kind of counter-syllabus AGAINST Pius IX’s syllabus of errors?
    Burke makes several heretical statements himself:
    (1) At around 33:00: he chastises the Synod for stating that there are “elements of good in mortal sin” but he goes on to state that a person who commits a mortal sin or is living in a state of habitual mortal sin has good in himself ‘to the degree he hasn’t given himself completely to the devil which most people have not’. (This contrasts pre-VCII teaching that a person who has committed ONE mortal sin will go to hell if not completely repentant and forgiven of that sin (preserve me from an unprovided death). Also that one does completely belong to the devil unless one has renounced Satan and all his pomps—i.e. no partial belonging to God like no partial pregnancy.)
    (2) At 34:19 he states ‘the acts are repellant, the acts are repulsive, they’re, they’re wrong.’ But does not mention to Whom they are repulsive, repellant wrong, i.e. to GOD.
    (3) At 36:20: “You can read the presentation of—with regard to the orthodox—of Archbishop Hilarion at the Synod which I must say was (sign smile) a bit problematic. (general laughter) Thanks be to God the presence of the Eastern Churches was strongly felt at the synod and certainly the Catholic—the Eastern Catholic churches—were certainly not promoting any kind of watering down of the Church’s teaching on marriage—notwithstanding the PRACTICE of our orthodox brethren.” Hilarion said: DECR chairman made a special mention of the Eastern Christian tradition of married clergy and the Orthodox Church’s practice of oikonomia with regard to church divorce and second marriage. His Eminence expressed the idea that this age-old practice could become a valuable experience in settling pastoral problems of the family. How does one “thank God” for people who are practicing and recommend we practice what Burke wrote a book stating is contrary to Church teaching—or is he thanking God they didn’t recommend homosexuality?
    RIGHT NOW, Governor Cuomo receives “communion” w/his concubine! Personally feel we are once again being played. Know for a fact that Mueller and Pell have also expressed heretical views.

  3. Bill K. says:

    For the facts, use the Synod Documents posted on the Vatican web site which include both:
    the Oct 13, 2014 interim report ” “Relatio post Disceptationem”
    the final report of Oct 18, 2014 “Relatio Synodi”
    which includes paragraphs # 52, 53, 55 at the request of Pope Francis which did not get the required 2/3 vote.

    Pope Francis has stated “Relatio Synodi” is presented to the Episcopal Conferences as guidelines for next year.

    For anyone to state that Cardinal Burke is a heretic, is a heretic himself. Burke adheres to the Faith completely.

    Thank you Boston Catholic Insider – for your post regarding the Petition – thanking Cardinal Burke for his service.

  4. Bill K. says:

    Everyone should get a copy of the 2014 book published by Ignatius Press: “REMAINING in the TRUTH of CHRIST, Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church”.
    Give a copy to your Diocese Bishop for Christmas.
    – – – – – – –
    “Thou shall not commit Adultery” – GOD’s Commandment
    Ex 20:14 ; Deut 5:18.
    “Thou shall not covet thy Neighbor’s wife” – GOD’s Commandment Ex 20:17 ; Deut 5.20.
    Teachings of JESUS about divorce and remarriage –
    Mk 10:6-12; Mt 5:32.
    Teaching of JESUS about adultery, mercy, and required repentance – “Go and SIN NO MORE” Jn 8:11
    About homosexual acts:
    Gen 19:1-29; Rom 1:24-27; 1 Cor 6:10; 1 Tim 1:10; Jude 1:7

    St Paul – 1 Cor 11:27-30 about condemnation for receiving Holy Communion unworthily.

    CCC: ” 81 Sacred Scripture is the speech of God
    as it is put down in writing under the breath of the Holy Spirit.
    And [Holy] Tradition transmits in its ENTIRETY the Word of God which has been entrusted to the apostles by Christ the Lord and the Holy Spirit.
    It transmits it to the successors of the apostles so that, enlightened by the Spirit of truth, they may faithfully preserve, expound and spread it abroad by their preaching. “

    This is TRUTH, not personal opinions.

  5. A True Catholic says:


    Why didn’t he save Holy Trinity Church???

    He so CONSERVATIVE… Get with the program.

    Pope Francis is in charge!!!! The Pope needs to clean house even more at the Roman Curia.


    • The captain says:

      Whether or not the pope is in charge is debatable based on the media reports. Traditional and progressive cardinals and bishops publically assail each other in the media. Underlings call out the decisions of their leader. That, to me, shows signs of an incapable leader. Pope Francis looks more like a bungling moron akin to mr Magoon rather than the Vicar of Christ.

      If the church were a public company the board would have pope Francis’ head as well as his advisors for the public battles, disintegrating attendance and low moral. Cardinal Sean being among them.

      If the church is to be restored you are correct that the Curia, bishops and cardinals need to be dismissed. However not the ones you seem to think. Many prelates need to be replaced with bishops and cardinals that actually believe the Catholic faith not the ones that pretend and wish to change the church dogma based on public opinion.

      Have you read the Bible A True Catholic? You and your ilk lose in the end, get your pot shots in now, it’s the only time you have…

  6. bill says:

    Wuerl and the homosexual lobby and his cohorts have a stranglehold on the Vatican. Read Randy Engel’s Rite of Sodomy- vol.3. Especially the parts about Wuerl. I smell more than a rat- a demon. Also, questions about Ganswein, Benedict XVI, Paul VI, Pius XII. Et al. Multiple cardinals and bishops – a legacy of this moral rot.

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