Boston priest promotes petition for LGBTQ banner over White House

This came in to BCI in mid-October and we are just getting to post it.  Fr. Walter Cuenin (call me “Walter”), currently Catholic Chaplain at Brandeis University and formerly pastor at Our Lady Help of Christians in Newton sent the following email to members of the Brandeis Catholic Student Organization promoting an initiative to have the gay “rainbow” flag covering the Oval Office in Washington. But there’s more beyond that.  Read on below, and also see our most recent post about how he is displaying the gay pride flag over the Catholic chapel.

——— Forwarded message ———-
From: Walter Cuenin
Date: Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 9:41 PM
Subject: [cso] PETITION for GLBTQ awareness month
To: cso

One of our students is trying to organize an initiative to have the gay flag or banner to cover the Oval Office in Washington.  He is a fine young man and a senior and a friend to me.I am sending you a link so that if you wanted you could lend your voice via email. They need a lot of people to sign up. Thanks
The message:  For the full month of October, we the people respectfully request that LGBTQ History month be honored publicly by hanging a full sized banner – to cover the entire White House oval office exterior – as a  show of solidarity and support from the Executive branch of our government. Men, women and ungendered Americans across the country are often marginalized from their communities due to their personal identification. A strong message of support- by way of visual symbolism- would make hundreds of thousands of Americans feel represented in our Capitol, and has the potential to save the lives of those who are struggling with their  identities.   email https://  THANKS

(Thankfully, in the end, the petition failed to get enough signatures). Still, Fr. Cuenin has long been a supporter of the GLBT agenda and other agendas other than what the Catholic Church teaches. In 2002 he provided testimony to the Massachusetts Legislature opposing a ban on same-sex marriage. This piece from the Brandeis Hoot gives more background on him. Here are a few excerpts:

It may be rare to encounter a multicolored gay pride flag upon entering a church. But Brandeis’ Catholic chaplain, the Rev. Walter Cuenin, proudly displays the rainbow flag in the Bethlehem Chapel’s foyer. With the word “Peace” written across the middle, the flag symbolizes a proclamation of acceptance and unity for each person who may walk through the Bethlehem Chapel’s doors.

Cuenin bases his decision to exhibit a gay pride flag on a tale about Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. According to Christian tradition, when Mary and Joseph arrived at a Bethlehem inn, Mary was forced to have her baby in an outside stable since there were no rooms left at the inn. Cuenin connects this story to Brandeis’ Bethlehem Chapel by using the multicolored flag to portray that “in this Bethlehem, there’s always room for everyone in the inn.”

Cuenin is currently an ally of Brandeis’ LGBT group, Triskelion. He claims that while the Catholic Church does not support gay marriage, it does welcome gay people to its churches. In fact, when he was a pastor for a larger church nearby, Cuenin had even performed a baptism for the baby of a gay couple.

“The Catholic Church opposes gay marriage, so I cannot directly say I support it, but I have seen from my experience that for many people it creates a much healthier environment … For example, if you were to go to Provincetown in the summer time, where a lot of gay people go, it’s a radically different place today than it was 20 years ago,” Cuenin said. “They are there with children and married, raising kids, so they go home at night. In other words, it has transformed the whole gay scene … it hasn’t led to total debauchery. In some ways, it has pulled people back together,” Cuenin said.

“When I was a pastor of a large church … I would always say I welcome everybody to this church, whether you’re gay or straight, divorced or remarried. Sometimes people in authority can take that the wrong way, but my understanding of being Christian is someone who welcomes everybody.”

No, Fr. Cuenin, your understanding is missing something important. Jesus commanded his disciples to go out into the world and preach the gospel. The mission is to save souls by carrying out the saving ministry of Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 15 (1-4) says: “Now I am reminding you, brothers, of the gospel I preached to you, which you indeed received and in which you also stand. Through it you are also being saved, if you hold fast to the word I preached to you, unless you believed in vain. For I handed on to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scriptures; that he was buried; that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the scriptures.”  You as a priest are to be a shepherd and help save lost souls. You will be held accountable for that before God. It is fine to welcome people, but you need to let them know about sin, discipleship, taking up the cross, confession, conversion, and how the path to salvation of souls comes by rejecting sin.

Beyond that, it is heresy and scandalous to equate the birth of Jesus Christ by the Blessed Virgin Mary in Bethlehem with welcoming gay people committing grave sins. That Cardinal O’Malley and the Boston Archdiocese allows Cuenin to continue leading souls astray like this is also scandalous. What does it say about Cardinal O’Malley?

It is obvious that Fr. Cuenin should not be in any position of teaching or public ministry. We ask readers to send a message to the Director of the Boston Archdiocese’s Campus Ministry, Fr. Richard Clancy <> and the Archdiocese of Boston Vicar General, Bishop Peter Uglietto <>. Forward this blog post and ask them to take action to remove Cuenin from a position of public ministry. Please let us know what kind of response you get.

21 Responses to Boston priest promotes petition for LGBTQ banner over White House

  1. Jim Regan says:

    Jesus said love one another as I have loved you. Has BCI a problem with that?

    • Jim Regan, BCI has no problem whatsoever with that. But loving others also means telling them difficult things. Jesus told the adulterous woman to go and sin no more. Why did Jesus Christ sacrifice himself on the cross? To save us from our sins.

      Homosexual activity is the second of four sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance:

      *Catechism of the Catholic Church :*1867 The catechetical tradition also recalls that there are “sins that cry to heaven”: the blood of Abel, the sin of the Sodomites, the cry of the people oppressed in Egypt, the cry of the foreigner, the widow, and the orphan, injustice to the wage earner.

      BCI can assure you that Fr. Cuenin has never publicly preached that homosexual activity is gravely sinful and immoral. If you truly love someone, would you just let them sin and risk sending their soul to hell by saying nothing except, “All are Welcome”? Or would you tell them because you love them, you cannot accept their behavior?

      Also, see this blog post including Cardinal O’Malley’s comments on homosexuality from 2005:

      On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 3:36 PM, Boston Catholic Insider wrote:


    • The captain says:

      What exactly do you think Jesus meant by that Jim?

    • Mary Reilly says:

      How did Jesus love the apostles and the people he was addressing? He loved them so much he gave his life for them on the cross so their sins would be forgiven. Today, to be forgiven and absolved of our sin, we have to repent of our sin and resolve to no longer sin. I am familiar with the heretical preaching of Fr Cuenin and can promise you he never talks about sin. If you truly love someone, then why wouldn’t you tell them their sinful immoral and disordered behavior is unacceptable and threatens to condemn their soul to hell?

  2. schmenz says:

    I think it would be quite fitting to have the Flag of Buggery flying over the White House, since Washington and the oligarchs have been instrumental in suffocating the world with these perversions for years.

    And if God did finally have enough and make to strike at us I cannot think of a more perfect target for a direct hit from Him.

    • Ferde Rombola says:

      schmenz, you beat me to it. I would like nothing more than to have the homosexual banner flying over the White House. Obama, who is chattel to the homosexual lobby, has made the homosexual agenda a national priority and every American should be made aware of it.

      • Michael says:

        ferde ,,, it’s a national priority for romney as well … not trying to take away from your comment as much as clarify it,

  3. A.D. says:

    This is another strange example of a “priest” focused more on the intimate sexual activities of others when his primary goal is to share the Gospel. Really, shouldn’t the saving of souls, heterosexual and homosexual alike, be the core of his mission as opposed to shining a spotlight on the sexual behaviors of other people? To me, that’s what is skeevy here…

  4. Ferde Rombola says:

    A.D., what makes you think his focus is on other people’s sexual activities?

  5. jbq2 says:

    I support the goals and aims of BCI. However, the pope has been very nebulous on this subject to say the least.

  6. Anna says:

    Something deeply disturbing about this email.

    This priest has been obsessed with homosexuals his entire vocation. Given the scandals of the past, isn’t it wildly inappropriate for an old priest to undertake an intimate friendship with a 29 year old homosexual man. I am seriously thinking of calling law enforcement authorities.

    Schmenz is absolutely right. The flag is a symbol of homosexual sex.

  7. […] our last post, we reported on how Boston priest, Fr. Walter Cuenin, promoted a petition to have the gay […]

  8. This is the same priest that on radio a while back denied the doctrine of transubstantiation. He said also this doctrine was NEVER a tenet of the Church. A sick evil man and enemy of the church. Do nothing O’Malley will do nothing about this man. He is a good friend of the Pope. But, “who am I to judge”. (Better I than Him at the end of his time on earth)

  9. Boston priest says:

    I believe Fr. Cuenin said a priest was not needed for transubstantiation at a Voice of the Faithful meeting in 2005. See below for links:

    Charles O. Coudert April 17, 2007 at 9:04 pm #
    I have only heard Father Cuenin speak once, and that was at a Natick Parish Voice meeting held in the Natick public library in March 2005. The most memorable thing he said there was that priests were not needed for transubstantiation. He pointed out that priests were not available in the early Church, and he left the impression that he considers them to be similarly unnecessary for the Church today.

    Charles O. Coudert October 6, 2005 at 10:27 pm #
    Last March I attended a meeting of Natick Parish Voice, described as a Voice of the Faithful affiliate. There was a panel of six speakers, including Rev. Walter Cuenin. Among other things, Cuenin said that priests were not needed for transubstantiation as, after all, in the early Church priests were not available. No one challenged this assertion.

  10. In order to lead souls to eternal happiness according to the plan of God for His created human beings, it is essential that the Pope,cardinals,bishops and priests teach about the essentials of chaste living according to one’s state in life. Just as Pope Paul VI had the courage to do this, it is essential to our faith that Pope Francis acts in this courageous manner. Hopefully Cardinal O’Malley,Fr. Walter Cuenin, Fr. John Unni and those, who are acting so cowardly out of fear, will come to trust the Holy Spirit and cooperate in teaching about the essentials of chaste living. The cowardly behavior of those who lack the courage to speak the truth
    in the Boston archdiocese is a scandal that must be addressed.
    Just before the priest scandal was reported in the Boston Globe, Fr. Cuenin ,with the approval of the New Ways Ministry and PFLAG, and the help of Catholic Charities funds, tried to develop the Companions program as an outreach to those engaging in same-sex sexual behavior. One of the first priests that was asked to join them was Fr. John J. White. He had recently returned from Palm Springs,CA, where he owned a bed and breakfast facility together with Fr. Paul Shanley. The Boston Archdiocese was sending them funds thinking they were both suffering from medical needs, unaware of their engaging in the promotion of same-sex sex at their bed and breakfast facility. Fr. John J. White even owned a second bed and breakfast facility on his own. This was all reported in the Globe since Fr. White would have been called to the Court to testify at Fr. Shanley’s trial but Fr. White took off for Tailand to avoid having to testify at Fr. Shanley’s trial.
    The question is: Did Fr. Cuenin and those developing the Companions program know about what Fr. White and Fr. Shanley were really doing in California? Fortunately the Companions program was finally stopped—or was it?
    By the way, those involved in the development of the Companions program hated the mere mention of Courage/EnCourage. They truly lacked the courage needed to bring the message of chaste living to the parishioners of the Boston Archdiocese. Let us pray that this deceptive practice will change.

  11. Will says:

    Many Wolves within The City of God…

    CCC 675…

  12. JUSTYN TYME says:

    Wake Up People! Expecting O’Malley, Cuenin, Unni et al with their personal agendas to change is like a Blind Man, in a dark room, looking for a Black Cat that is not there. Jesus said “some things can only be cast out by Prayer and Fasting.” Perhaps more Prayer, Fasting and less Rhetoric/Opinions might have the desired result for them: Radical Conversion. Pray for the Conversion of the Clergy!!

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