Take Action: Sign Petition to Pope, Synod Fathers to Defend the Faith

URGENT: Faithful Catholics concerned about the confusing and troubling messages coming out from the Extraordinary Synod on the Family are urged to sign a petition that will send an immediate message to Pope Francis and the Synod Fathers drafting the synod document in Rome. Below is the text of the petition. Click on the “Act Now” button to go directly to the petition page.


I am writing to respectfully ask for a clear statement from the Extraordinary Synod on the Family & the Holy Father that defends Catholic teaching around marriage & family and confirms the Catholic faith & practice regarding marriage. After reading the reports from the synod, I would ask that any statements or communications around the synod clearly address & articulate the following:

  1. No distinction between Catholic doctrine & Catholic discipline. It should be clear that Catholic discipline upholds doctrine, with no implications that Catholic moral practices have been or can be altered.
  2. Supporting and maintaining Jesus Christ’s teaching and Catholic doctrine that marriage is indissoluble; excluding proposals which undermine & contradict that teaching by making it easier to dissolve marriages.
  3. Commenting about sin, discipleship, taking up the cross, confession, conversion, and the path to salvation of souls by rejecting sin.
  4. Confirming the teaching of the Church that a chaste life is part of the good news of Jesus Christ.
  5. Affirming Church teaching that a homosexual inclination is disordered, and that homosexual acts are gravely contrary to chastity & the natural law. The synod should not suggest a homosexual inclination is to be embraced or praised.
  6. Avoiding distortion of the law of gradualness, and instead affirming the definition in ‘Familiaris Consortio’ that presupposes a definitive break from sin.
  7. Publishing summaries of each contributor’s paper & intervention, and making full texts available upon request.

St. Paul said, ‘Do not conform yourself to this world,’ and ‘neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers shall possess the kingdom of God.’ Catholic faithful need the synod to preserve the deposit of faith and maintain absolute fidelity to the received teachings of the Church. I would ask that you do everything possible to publicly defend & protect Catholic teaching around marriage & family life and avoid any comments in documents that suggest or imply Catholic moral teachings or practices have been altered or worked around.In Christ,

Click on this link or the Act Now button, just fill in your name on the form on the right side of the page, then click “Sign the Letter”, confirm your info is correct, and hit “Send emails” on the next page.

Please share this blog post with friends and family members, on Facebook, and to every faithful Catholic blogger and news source you can ASAP.  And please pray a Rosary tonight for the intervention of the Blessed Virgin Mary that the authentic teachings of the church and doctrine are in no way undermined by the synod.



One Response to Take Action: Sign Petition to Pope, Synod Fathers to Defend the Faith

  1. Waiting to sign the petition for Cdl. Burke to ask the Pope to Resign.

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