SinNod Spreads Scandal

Those running the moral disaster called the Extraordinary Synod on the Family in Rome have succeeded in publicly undermining key moral doctrines of the Catholic faith and scandalizing faithful Catholics around the world. Voices far more articulate than BCI’s have said it well in the last two days. If there are any BCI readers who still think what is going on with the synod is all just hunky-dory, we wanted to be sure you have not missed something.  There is so much wrong with the interim synod report that time does not permit us to go into all of the details. Look at these headlines alone from Pewsitter:

  • CDF’s Cardinal Muller: “An undignified and shameful report” … more
  • Cd. Muller, Burke push back in press: abrupt about-face on Church teaching is ‘not what we are saying at all.’ … more
  • Pro-Family Catholics reject Synod mid-way report, calling it ‘a betrayal’…more
  • The Counterfeit Synod…more
  • Abp. Gądecki: Synod document departs from the teaching of John Paul II and succumbs to anti-marriage ideology … more
  • Cardinal Burke: Synod’s mid-term report “lacks a solid foundation in the Sacred Scriptures and the Magisterium” … more
  • The English version of the Synod document is quite frankly a disgracemore
  • SSPX on Interim Report: Striking resemblance to scandalous Kasper statements… more
  • ‘Bugnini for Gayness’ Abp. Bruno Forte, making up and inserting his own material in Synod reports … more
  • Synod Day 8 – A Bizarre Document and Process … more
  • Polish Bishops: This document departs from the teaching of John Paul II, highlights the lack of a clear vision … more

The problems with the report and synod are almost too many to list:

  • Secrecy: Names of individuals presenting at the synod along with exactly what they presented are being kept secret. This is inconsistent with decades of precedent from past synods.
  • Distortion of views presented: What is released publicly each day is not reflective of what was actually said in the synod or the relative frequency various views were presented or agreed upon by more than one presenter.
  • Distortion of teaching on homosexuality: The passage in the interim report that talks about how we should “value” homosexual orientation (rather than just value the person) was written by one person and was not reflective of the anything discussed in the synod, yet it was released to the press and public before the Synod fathers saw it. The document challenges the Christian community to welcome homosexuals, “valuing their sexual orientation, ” yet it says nothing about sin and immorality of their acts, nor does it specify how or why we are supposed to value an orientation that is intrinsically disordered.”
  • Distortion of concept of gradualism: The concept of gradualism as communicated in the interim report is completely distorted. The correct definition presupposes a definitive break from sin and a gradual advance in holiness, not a gradual break from sin or having one think they might break from sin while still living in sin
  • Omission of commentary about sin and salvation: The document says nothing about sin, discipleship, taking up the cross, confession, conversion, the path to salvation of souls–indeed nothing about the purpose of the Catholic Church.
  • Distorted focus in document: The interim report has little to say about support for men and women in a sacramental marriage (one brief paragraph), and yet devotes three paragraphs to “Welcoming homosexuals”,  and ten paragraphs to “Caring for wounded families.

There is even more wrong, but time does not permit us to write a longer list. Breitbart News reports of an interview with Cardinal Burke:

 Cardinal Burke had said that the synod’s overemphasis on “settled issues” (such as Church teaching on homosexuality, holy communion for divorced and remarried persons, etc.) was robbing time from more important topics that the synod fathers should be addressing, especially regarding how to help young people prepare for a lasting marriage.

Monday’s document reveals that Burke was correct in his assessment of where attention was being focused. Burke had said that “far greater attention” should be given to “the ways in which the Church can assist the faithful to know and to live the truth about marriage.” This was especially necessary, he said, because of the “decades of vacuous or inadequate catechesis of children and youth,” which left young people “with a completely inadequate or even false understanding of the vocation to marriage.”

This video captures the situation well.

Every Catholic should be up at arms over the synod process and interim report made public to the world. We are working on a way for you to voice your opinion to the powers that be, but in the meantime, we suggest everyone pray a Rosary for Holy Mother Church and for the conversion of the Cardinals and other senior Vatican officials who are clearly on a path to abandon Catholic Church doctrine and teachings.

ps. Also, if you see any friends, priests or religious anything positive about the synod on Facebook or via email, share this blog post with them or share any of the links above and ask them how they could possibly be enthusiastic about the synod.

14 Responses to SinNod Spreads Scandal

  1. John P says:

    Thank you so very, very much for your work…..I’ve forwarded this treasure trove of links, information & perspective to several loyal/devout Catholics…..At this point……All I feel I can do is pray….

    • Michael says:

      Completely agree … great work. Your team must be exhausted keeping on top of all of the nonsense.

  2. Ferde Rombola says:

    Given the outrage expressed by actual Catholic bishops at this info release (NOT an interim report), I doubt very much Forte will dare to poke his head up over the crowd again. He and Wuerl and the others have been stopped in their tracks, at least for the time being.

    The most striking event to come out of this debacle, as reported on Fr. Z’s blog, is the statement, a challenge actually, from Cardinal Burke that it’s time the Pope got off his duff and issued a statement regarding the sanctity of settled doctrine on communion for the divorced and remarried and homosexuality, especially so called homosexual ‘marriage.’ That’s what I’ll look for in the coming days.

  3. the captain says:

    I wouldn’t expect a statement from Pope Francis, Ferde. The Pope is orchestrating this mess:

    Recall that Pope Francis urged Catholics to “make a mess” during World Youthday. In fact, Pope Francis is being true to his word….

  4. Ginny K. Allen says:

    Did the video get pulled?

  5. Ginny K. Allen says:

    Now I see it…lost it when I forwarded to friends

  6. There is Hope says:

    Thank you for your post. I have been told that this “Report” is propaganda 101 – dishearten your opposition by making them feel alone and hopeless in the face of their inevitable loss. Thank God for Cardinals Burke, Muller and all those Church Fathers willing to proclaim, as did St. Pope John Paul II, “You are not who ‘they’ say your are. Let me remind you of who you are.”

  7. Sad to say that even EWTN is soft pedaling the report and not coming down on the pope who has so confused His flock.
    I wish someone could somehow get a message to the Holy Father and tell him what is going on in His Church. I understand he surrounds himself with many secular liberals and that would not do much good I am afraid..
    What a mess.Who would have thought?

  8. aidan licari says:

    Finally!! I am beginning to be able to “breathe” in the Catholic Church; not too long ago Anthony Padovano penned a great article entitle “Can one breathe in the Catholic Church today”…allelulia!!

    • the captain says:

      I think it’s a little early to be posting the “Mission Accomplished” banner.

      The One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church has outlasted and defeated some pretty serious opponents in it’s long history. I expect the current nonsense going on will be nothing more than a footnote in the coming years, just like all the other heresies. The Gates of Hell will not prevail.

      Just sayin’

    • Beware breathing in the “smoke of Satan”…

  9. Ferde Rombola says:

    From Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick on Fr. Z’s blog:

    “Cardinals O’Malley, Dolan, and Wuerl have never SAID they are pro-sodomy, but all three are associated with “Dignity Masses.” Cardinal O’Malley has never SAID he is pro-abortion. He just presided over the quasi-canonization of Ted Kennedy, and slobbered on the shoes of Obama and all the other pro-aborts in attendance.”

    Thought you’d like to know.

  10. Chris says:

    Checked out the “Concord Pastor” blog the other day. Austin Fleming did happy dance post on the pro-gay synod… “Ministry based on lived experience” of Concordians… But also saw a post with a “WTF!” conversation with God. “Edgy.”

    Part of the problem in this archdiocese…

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