Cardinal O’Malley Supports Launch of Heretical Pub, Crux

In the wake of Cardinal Sean O’Malley recently joining in the Boston College commencement that honored pro-abortion, pro-gay Sec. of State, John Kerry,  on Thursday evening, he continued his endorsement of people and groups that oppose the Catholic Church and her teachings by opening the launch event for the new heretical Boston Globe “Catholic” pub, Crux.

Crux came right out the gate letting everyone know they are publishing content about the Catholic Church that is often going to disagree with Catholic Church teachings.  Just one example is them hiring Margery Eagen as “spirituality columnist”–she has criticized and opposed Church teachings for years, called for the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI in 2010 and in the past week at Crux has already ridiculed a comment made by Cardinal Gerhard Müller, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and attacked the “bizarre crackdown” on the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), which is being investigated by the Vatican. Another example is a Crux advice columnist who just told a “Cafeteria Catholic” who disagrees with Church teachings to hang in there waiting for Church leaders to change Catholic doctrine:

 “There are women who, in good conscience, have taken priestly ordination vows and consider themselves Catholic…My unordained advice, therefore, is this:  Hold onto your Catholicism – as well as your conscience – and perhaps your leaders will follow you there.”

Thankfully, a reader responded:

“If a Catholic found no wrong in thievery, but wanted to remain Catholic, the answer isn’t to see if the leaders of the church will follow his example and embrace stealing. Instead, the thieving Catholic must pray while seeking forgiveness that he can accept the Church’s position that stealing is forbidden. (True, he may fail many times and struggle along the way, but too it may take years for someone to break free from society’s teachings about birth control or gay marriage and embrace Catholic truths.)

Quite simply, Crux is BAD.  And this is the essence of the problem with Crux and the problem with Cardinal O’Malley endorsing the pub. Catholic Church teachings are intended to lead people to holiness and urge them repent from their sins so they can save their souls, avoid the fires of hell and get to heaven. By Crux airing “all the voices in the conversation” with paid staff that has a history of touting the opposite of what the Catholic Church teaches on nearly every moral teaching, they lead souls away from salvation. And by supporting and endorsing Crux, Cardinal O’Malley is once again shirking his responsibility as bishop to teach the teachings of the Church and he is helping lead souls to hell by giving credibility to this publication.  It is shameful and scandalous.

Why would the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston endorse this publication and open their kickoff event?  The only explanation BCI can come up with revolves around PR: that by doing so, he ensures John Allen and the Globe continue to give him favorable coverage. If there is another reason why the Cardinal Archbishop would willfully lead the souls of his flock away from salvation, we hope someone in the archdiocese lets us know.

The Tenth Crusade has several great pieces that cover the launch event on Thursday night and lead up to it.  Our favorite line about Margery Eagen–who openly disagrees with the Catholic Church on abortion, birth control, homosexuality, hell and more, and who suggested in June that the Pope should try smoking pot–is this one: Margery Eagen sitting in a pew, “doesn’t make her a Catholic, anymore than sitting in her garage makes her a car.”

In our next post, we will cover everything wrong and questionable about things said at the event itself on Thursday evening. For now, we pause. At Mass this morning, BCI will be praying that Cardinal O’Malley find the backbone, courage and strength to focus his time and energies on teaching what the Catholic Church actually teaches.

26 Responses to Cardinal O’Malley Supports Launch of Heretical Pub, Crux

  1. Caterine says:

    Stay close to Jesus and His Blessed Mother and we will survive and triumph! We are assaulted from without and within the church.
    Thank God for Jesus . Thank God for all the Saints to Guide us.
    Dolan and O’Malley will pay for their sins . They are false shepherds and we will not follow them. We know who our shepherd is and we know his voice. Amen! I pray for those who do not.

  2. D Paul says:

    There may be another explanation that the faithful conservative just does not want to hear. The new pope made it plain that he did not want bishops “focusing” on abortion and gay marriage. Cardinal Dolan of New York took this to heart and has endorsed the inclusion of gays in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The “parade” is a euphemism for the Church. Dolan will be the grand marshal in the Spring. The Church because of the track record of Francis will endorse and bless gay relationships. Because the Parade refused to allow a “pro life” contingent, William Donohue of the Catholic League refused to march. Dolan evidently refused to get involved. Using the same euphemism, it is plain that the pope believes that abortion is a catastrophic event forced on poor women. Therefore, there is no sin. Comments of Sept 10 by Theodore McCarrick, Cardinal Emeritus of DC, while speaking at a radical Muslim event portends that the Church will accept Islam as a co religionist in some type of world church. O’Malley is one of the pope’s eight “special” advisors. He knows what he is doing. The “throwing out” while many “threw up” of the traditional Mass portends the rejection of the Sacrifice of the Mass and replaces it with a Mass of the Resurrection.

  3. Kathy says:

    Appalling, that’s the only word I can think of to describe what these Shepherds are doing, appalling.
    Thank God we have Jesus in The Blessed Sacrament and The Rosary of His Blessed Mother to fight the good fight!

    • Malia - Lily of France says:

      The White Horse of Apostasy has been in our midst for quite some time. This is the build-up. Thankfully, the Mother of God warned us about the apostates in the clerics, religious orders and the laity. This is precisely why the 3rd Message of Fatima has not been revealed because it exposes the very seed of corruption coming from these wolves in sheep’s clothing. Remain in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith in totality with authenticity of her Doctrines, Dogmas and Traditions. Those who are crying wolf to “change” are the very same people who persists in their own recklessness and errors.

  4. emmett coyne says:

    I think Cardinal “Yawn” as some have affectionately called him is very much in line with where BCI is. At the launch of Crux, he disappointed most RCs that change wouldn’t be coming from the forthcoming synod. He asserted that practice must follow theology and dogma.
    I disagree with him here. Theology and dogma must follow practice. Jesus was the great violator here when he allowed work on the Sabbath which was forbidden in Jewish theology, dogma, and attacked in Matt. 15:9 “They teach as dogma mere human precepts.” Jesus offers a theology of liberation not conformity to absolutes of dogma. F.or Jesus, the person is absolute. All theology and dogma must serve the person. It is not to force subjection of the person to its formulations which are open always to interpretation. How about “Thou shalt not kill.” Look how the RCC has broadly interpreted that dogma throughout the centuries. That’s just a starter. Rest assured, BCI, Cardinal Law’s successor is v. much in line. Beating up on him is not in your best interest.
    The conflict since Jesus’ time is between “Orthopraxsis” and “Orthodoxsis.” Jesus was guilt of “stirring up the people” because he was acting out of the former.

    • Thank you for your comment, but we respectfully disagree and must point out an error in your thinking.

      By saying, “theology and dogma must follow practice,” you suggest that you feel our beliefs can change from one year to the next or from Monday to Tuesday. Where do you get the mistaken notion that doctrine can follow practice? There is nothing in sacred scripture or in any Church teachings that even remotely supports that notion. St Paul said to the Romans, “do not confirm yourself to this age.” You are simply wrong.

      We saw where Cardinal O’Malley said he did not believe doctrine will change.Of course, doctrine cannot change. But what does a “pastoral solution” to homosexuality or communion for remarried divorced Catholics mean? At best, it would be some sort of workaround to doctrine.

      • Ferde Rombola says:

        Exactly right. They will fudge the language, allow sinners to receive the Sacrament and expect we will not notice. it can’t get any worse than this!!

      • emmett coyne says:

        I, too, respectfully disagree w. your response, interpretation.
        Don’t put words in my mouth. I didn’t say beliefs can change from Monday to Tuesday. Hard held beliefs such as usury changed for the RCC, giving Capitalism support. For starters.
        You don’t address Jesus’ dissent from Jewish dogma, theology on “orthopraxis” v. “orthodoxsis”.
        You can quote St. Paul but I quote Jesus about reading “the signs of the times”. Faith is dynamic, not static. The People of God have had the Spirit poured out upon the whole community, not just a few, celibate (?) males. The discernment of the ENTIRE community is necessary in reading the “signs of the times.”
        I’m shocked at your attacking C. Sean. He is w. you. Why would you seek to alienate him?

      • We criticized Cardinal O’Malley for endorsing the heretical pub, Crux. Why would any Catholic pastor or shepherd want to lead one of their flock to such a publication? The role of bishop is to teach (the true authentic teachings of the Roman Catholic Church sanctify, and govern. Which of those three roles is served by his endorsing and helping promote a secular media outlet that is leading people away from the teachings of the Catholic Church?

        Beyond that, he has not yet even endorsed the new Echoes site recently launched by his own diocesan pub, The Pilot.


      • emmett coyne says:

        You resist responding to Jesus’ rejection the theology & dogma of the Jewish religion of his time. Glossing over this to attend to your fixed, frozen position resists moving forward. Isn’t Jesus the litmus test, not latter day tests?

      • We do not “resist responding” to your question. We did not have the time to try and explain the answer to you and still do not. We suggest you read the first response to this:

        Or read this:

        Now we will ask again the question that you resist answering. Why would any Catholic priest, let alone the archbishop of Boston, lead his flock to a pub that is leading people away from the true beliefs of the Catholic faith, at the risk of their souls being condemned to hell?


  5. Ferde Rombola says:

    Everything you have said here is heresy. “Theology must follow practice” means the Church should be dragged around by the culture, and every time the culture changes, the Church should change. By your edict, Jesus is NOT the same yesterday, today and forever. By your and the Pope’s and Sean’s logic, the Holy Spirit has NOT guided the Church to all truth. Following that, I guess the Sacred Scriptures are not so sacred any more.

    If you have the audacity to call yourself a Catholic, do us a favor, reform yourself and be an honest man for a change. Renounce Catholicism and become some brand of a Protestant. You’re a Protestant already. Take the next step.

  6. ubipetrusest says:

    John Allen left the heretical “National Catholic Reporter,”which was condemned at its founding by its local bishop, and again declared “not a Catholic publication” by the current bishop. He went to the “Boston Globe,” where his heretical views can now have a greater impact in the secular media.

    O’Malley has made his own selling-out clear with this egregious act, just as his counterpart in New York, Dolan, has done so by allowing a militant homosexual group to march in the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade and endorsing this travesty by serving as Grand Marshal.

    Both prelates are huge supporters of Dorothy Day, who is also a model for the creators/writers of “Crux.” Day printed her own newspaper as the “Catholic Worker,” despite repeated objections from Church authorities about her use of “Catholic.” After her refusal to change the name, she continued to insist that she would do so if asked by her bishop. (More information is available at the blog “Dorothy Day Another Way.”)

  7. Chris Whittle says:

    The Millionth reasons why both these Cardinals should be removed.

  8. […] our last post, we shared why we thought it was scandalous and gravely wrong for Cardinal O’Malley to appear […]

  9. A.D. says:

    Sadly what we see repeatedly is not the redirection of sinners, but the endorsement of their sin. This is evident in the homilies and behaviors of priests like Father John Unni and, sadly, our Cardinal when he comes out as a proponent of “schemes” such as this one. If the ultimate goal of priests like Father Unni and Cardinal Sean is to charm practicing homosexuals into the Church, then pull the ol’ bait-and-switch by scolding them about their lifestyle once they’re in the pews, it’s not something obvious to the rest of us…in fact, it seems just the opposite. What I see is a sancification of a sinful lifestyle, rather than encouragement to pursue the light and leave darkness behind. I, too, am a sinner. Indeed, I want and need confirmation of my personhood — but I want strengthening by my priests to battle my sinfulness. As enablers, they only make us sinners less capable of winning our daily battles. I also find it very unsettling that sexual practices by any members of the community are constantly on the minds of these priests. That’s perhaps a discussion for another time, but I do find that this constant drumbeat by certain members of the clergy about embracing homosexual practices implies that their thinking is overly focused on the lewd activities of others. If my local policeman, teacher, or librarian brought these topics up as regularly as Father Unni and Cardinal Sean, I think we’d be looking for answers from their superiors about whether they were fit to be around our children.

    • Malia - Lily of France says:

      Jesus’ commission to Mary Magdalene was “Go and Sin no more!” He had mercy and then He corrected. Did she persisted in her ways? No! She amended her life and followed Christ. Did Christ shy away from speaking the truth? No. This is the example of Truth in Charity. Correction and clarity go hand in hand. God Bless the Faithful! Deo Gratias and Christus Vincit. Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis!

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    Vatican ll Rot!

  11. Ray D says:

    There should be no confusion or surprise at O’Malley’s support. The real question is, why aren’t there massive demonstrations against the heretics in the Church? The answer is: they are us!

    Prayer is not the answer if you think that God is going to come down in a flash and force someone to change their views. Passivity is not the answer to prayers. You want to see a change? Go out and stand alone if you have to, like John the Baptist. Take a stand!

    • Malia - Lily of France says:

      I agree. The faithful need to speak up and out. St. Catherine of Siena tells us that the world is Rot due to silence. Every daughter / son of the Faith must speak out against these so-called bishops/cardinals/priests/religious orders who have chosen the way of the world. They have pacified Sin and watered down Truth in the comfort of their own skin(s). Stand United; Stand Together; Stand and Love the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith in Totality with all Her Doctrines, Dogmas, Traditions and History. If Christ carried his Cross all the way to Calvary, and the Apostles and Martyrs went to their deaths defending and speaking the Truth without flinching, accommodating, compromising or tolerating half-truths, then who are we to sit idly by and allow the defilement of our Faith by these forked tongue creatures. Truth in Charity is still Truth before Charity. I will not mince words. PREPARE FOR BATTLE! Deo Gratias and Christus Vincit.

  12. Cathy says:

    My husband and I are no longer comfortable in the Catholic Church. We will take a stand by joining the Traditional Roman Catholics.
    The Catholic Church will follow the Protestant churches which are empty and dead. “By your fruits you will know them”

    • Judy says:

      Dear Cathy,
      My family has also left the Church of Nice for an FSSP parish, and we are so incredibly happy there. It is sad to see the collapse being facilitated by the USCCB. We feel like we have found the life raft but are watching fellow Catholics be carried away on the tide of heresy and indifference.

      • Malia - Lily of France says:

        Cathy and Judy, I applaud your actions and responses. We support everything traditional and authentic within our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith. We are promoting traditional Latin Masses in Southern California, including SSPX. Deo Gratias and Christus Vincit. Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis. Also, we will never exit the One and True Faith founded upon the Rock of Cephas regardless of these wolves in sheep’s clothing. The Mother of God will always expose their errors and their seed of corruption.

  13. Tony says:

    The editor of the globe Brian Mcgrory assures Me that CRUX will be Straight down the Middle– somethings We’ll like and somethings We won’t like.

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