Take Action: Stop ISIS and Genocide in Iraq, Help those Persecuted

For many weeks now, we have heard the tragic news of the slaughter of thousands of innocent people in Iraq by ISIS, while the response from the U.S government has been tepid and ineffective. In this post, you will learn exactly what you can do to help stop ISIS and the genocide of Christians in Iraq, and help aide those affected in Iraq. Your action on this is critical!

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel calls ISIS an “imminent threat” to every interest we have. Two American journalists have been beheaded. Reports of brutality and evil are so horrific they are beyond words–innocent children beheaded, men crucified, women being raped, people forced from their homes if they do not renounce their Christian faith and convert to Islam. But despite these evil acts, there is a sense that the outrage of the average citizen and a mass outrage by society is not being voiced or heard as much as it could be and needs to be.

On August 29, Chaldean Catholic Church “AFTER A MONTH OF THEIR DISPLACEMENT,  THE CHRISTIANS IN IRAQ ARE GOING EXTINCT!”leader, Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako authored this letter with an impassioned plea to the international community to speak up and act in defense of Iraqi Christians and other persecuted minorities in the country. He is begging the international community to help:

Patriarch Sako: One Month Since Their Displacement, Iraqi Christians Are ‘Becoming Extinct’

Patriarch Sako says pressure must be put on “decision-makers at home and abroad to ensure a life, free and safe, for them in their own Iraq.

A whole month passed after the plight of Iraqi Christians and Yezidis and other minorities, as if it was meant to be. The curtains have been drawn on the painful events, and 120,000 Christians are uprooted from their historical homeland because the Political Islam does not want them there, and the world is silent, standing still, either because it approves or because it is incapable of acting. This encourages ISIS to move forward with its ferocious war against culture and diversity and threatening the intellectual and social security. The suffering of the displaced Christians and other minorities is mounting: their needs are escalating and their fears of an unknown future of their shocked children, seized towns, and looted houses keep them sleepless! These people were living in their hometowns in prosperity, pride and dignity; in the blink of an eye, they were ousted from their homes, terrified and fleeing on foot in search of a shelter. It is a scene that takes us back to the dark centuries of the past although it has become a horrific reality of our present civilization!

What these peaceful Christians and loyal citizens experienced is a real genocide, a sad ending, and a proof of the privation of the religious, human, moral, and national values. Therefore, it is a shameful stain in history. Everybody should know is a threat for all!   (more)

 ISIS has already declared they will go after western targets next. What can you do?  Plenty. Here is what you can do immediately:

  1. Contact the White House to urge stronger action against ISIS and to protect Iraqi Christians. Specifically, call President Obama’s deputy national security advisor, Ben Rhodes. Phone: 202-456-9301.  (Note, the phone will probably be answered as “Resource Center.” Ask for Ben Rhodes’ office to be passed to his administrator so you can leave a message.  Here is a suggested message, but feel free to modify and make it your own:

“Hi, my name is ____ calling from ___ [state]. I’d like for Mr. Rhodes to pass my feedback to President Obama. I’m calling to urge the President to take the strongest direct military action possible to destroy ISIS in both Iraq and Syria, and to also act to provide the most extensive humanitarian assistance possible to the 120,000 Christians and other minorities forced from their homes and persecuted by ISIS for their religious beliefs.  Can you assist me by giving this message to Mr. Rhodes?”

2. Contact your U.S. Senators and Reps by phone asking them to urge the President to take stronger action.  Use the same message as above, but say you are calling to ask the Senator/Rep to ask the President to take the strongest action possible to destroy ISIS in Iraq and Syria and to help the 120,000 Christians and other minorities forced from their homes and at risk of genocide.  Click here to find the phone number for your Senator or Rep. (just enter your zip code, or click on your state)

3. Make a donation to support humanitarian relief to the Iraqi Christians.  Click here for the website of HelpIraq, which will let you make a donation to the medical emergency relief fund for Christian Iraqis. All donations will go to help the Chistian refugees in Iraq, who desperately need your help.

4. Share this message.  Ask others to take action by forwarding this email to friends, family members and co-workers. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites.  Forward it to your favorite blogger or news outlet and ask them to post it.

5. Email Cardinal Sean O’Malley and ask him to ask the US Catholic Bishops to all run a second collection to support humanitarian relief for the Iraqi Christians. Send to these two emails:  archbishopsean_o’malley@rcab.org and Terrence_Donilon@rcab.org.

6. Pray.  Pray a Rosary today, and start a 54-day Rosary Novena for the intention of the Iraqi Christians and the destruction of ISIS.

It is said that evil triumphs when good men do nothing. We cannot allow the evil of ISIS to continue.  Your actions can make a difference, so do take the time today to let Washington know you feel it is urgent the President take action, share this message with others, and also please do whatever you can to support the persecuted Iraqi Christians and minorities.


10 Responses to Take Action: Stop ISIS and Genocide in Iraq, Help those Persecuted

  1. marysong says:

    Dearest Patriarch, God bless you! I am so sorry! You said ‘perhaps the world is incapable of reacting’. A truth indeed. Our Lady of Fatima said a time will come that ‘without Me you can do nothing’. She has been left out, her Sons request that Russia be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, spurned. So horrendously sad!

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  3. Sheila Flanagan says:

    The following response was sent to me within minutes! Thanks for your efforts, Sheila Flanagan

    Donilon, Terrence 10:48 AM (8 minutes ago)

    to me Hi. The Cardinal has authorized a special collection, to be taken this coming weekend ofSeptember 13-14 in all parishes in the Archdiocese of Boston, to provide humanitarian relief and pastoral support for our affected brothers and sisters in the Middle East.

    All monies collected will be distributed by the USCCB to Catholic Relief Services and other Catholic agencies working in partnership with the local church to meet the most urgent humanitarian needs facing the people in Iraq, Gaza, Syria and surrounding countries where refugees have fled. These organizations have well-established partnerships with the Catholic Church in the region which allows them to respond quickly and efficiently to victims in some of the hardest to reach areas. Funds will be used to support Church programs to aid persecuted Christians and to respond to rebuilding needs of Catholic dioceses in the impacted areas.



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  4. S W says:

    BCI has ‘jumped the shark’.
    Off the blog, folks have suggested that current editors at BCI play the game as critics of the enemies within the church, when in fact the blog is an agi/prop tool to keep these enemies updated on movements within the Church Militant.

    Write a letter to the Obama via his national security adviser?
    Are you on crack?
    The Obama administration does not answer calls from Heads of State!
    We are at a historically significant crossroads in history, the destruction of The Church by heretics within and an emerging global government. If we do see a global governing body who do you think will be trusted to manage the global out reach to the poor? The Pentagon? The U.N.? It will likely be the worlds largest philanthropic agency with offices in every community, the Church of Rome who will morph quickly and officially into the Church of Man. There are countless demons ready to pounce on this, many powerful ones hang their hats in Boston.
    Keep The Faith, happy 9-1-1. Pray for the salvation of Souls.

    • D Paul says:

      @S W: You have a point. However, BCI has always been in the forefront of pointing out enemies and heretics within the Church structure. They just can’t call them “enemies and heretics” because of their emergence at the top of the “food chain”. Your “crack” comment makes your efforts appear less than professional. There is no doubt that the liberal establishment in the Catholic Church has designated BCI as a threat. They have proliferated this site with “bogus” responders to bully and marginalize their efforts. In the words of Julius Caesar, “et tu Brute'”.

      • S W says:

        I’m not a professional, for I am; less than.
        BCI suggested people should write letters to Obama. That was either a patronizing joke or represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the situation at hand. The USCCB is a mutual admiration society with exactly zero ecclesial authority within the Church of Rome it has been funneling money to pro-abortion groups for several years and continues to do so. This is fact. The so-called liberal establishment are heretics, The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church will label them as such eventually. BCI could make declarative statements to that reality anytime it wishes. BCI is a threat because the demons don’t like to be seen in the light of Truth and the Holy Spirit.

      • S W, Thank you for your comments. We are pleased that you see us as a threat in some way to the liberal establishment. But we are confused over where you take issue with this blog post and with BCI.

        BCI called out the need for louder public outrage over the genocide of Christians in Iraq. We suggested people call their elected officials in a Washington to urge the President to do more. We suggested people donate to a group providing direct help to Iraqi Christians. These suggestions are not ones we came up with out of thin air–they came from well placed people who have been working on this issue (on our side and on behalf of those persecuted by ISIS) with the UN and federal government, including with Obama’s national security staff. If you would like to know more, send us an email. What about our suggestions in this area do you take issue with?

        We suggested people call the office of the President via a national security aide. We also suggested people ask Cardinal O’Malley to push for a collection to provide assistance to the Iraqi Christians. What specifically do you take issue with there?

        We have on other occasions called out the liberal nature of the USCCB, ineffectiveness of many U.S. bishops including our own in Boston, and issues with the liberal political establishment when the impact the Catholic Church. Once again, it is not clear where you disagree with BCI.

        Even more important than where you take issue with BCI, what would you do differently to help the plight of the Iraqi Christians forced from their homes and persecuted by ISIS?

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  5. Liam says:

    The President can, within budgetary constraints, offer humanitarian aid to displaced persons (Christian and otherwise) in the region.

    The President has no constitutional basis for pro-active military activity in Syria, and the basis for dealing with ISIL in Iraq is questionable.

    It does us no good to complain about an executive branch being out of control on the domestic front when we cheerlead it being out of control offshore. The two are intertwined.

    If Congress want to declare war, it has the constitutional authority to do so. They can debate it. They can vote. Nothing is stopping them. But they shirk their duty, and connive at avoiding accountability, to cheer at the beginning and then snipe in media res.

    ISIL baited the hook of political hysteria well, and the people who got us into this mess in earlier years are opportunistically exploiting this.

    We have erstwhile allies in the region, whom we support with beaucoup $$$ for years on end who, if ISIL really represents an existential threat to *them*, should be taking the lead on the military front. The fact that they are working both sides of this equation, as Pakistan long has in Afghanistan, should be a red flag that we are, again, being snookered into the wrong response.

  6. s.w. says:

    Here it is BCI:
    Lets think like Catholics shall we?
    Give me a name of a person who has been killed by these Mohammedans, so I can pray for their soul. Show me a picture of a destroyed church and a crushed tabernacle, so I can pray for mercy for the sacrilege. How about a direct quote from the local clergy who have witnessed girls dragged away by their hair, to prompt prayer for the virtue of fortitude.

    The phone number for the white house?

    Has Catholic culture so distanced itself from The Cross that all we see is a rainbow dear Cardinal?
    The only way to emerge from the diabolical disorientation caused by a heretical Modernist dominated church is to begin with the metaphysical reality of – being Catholic – as the true Saints and Church Militant have since Christ founded his church.
    BCI will have to live with its #6 after thought, not I.

    Jack O’Malley has Catholic swag.

  7. Sheila Flanagan says:

    Is this already going on in RCAB?

    Would be nice for faithful Catholics to know so we can try to get out of here and/or stop funding our parishes.

    Thanks for your response. Sincerely, Sheila Flanagan Needham, MA

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