Cardinal O’Malley blasts new Mass. buffer zone Law he failed to oppose

Cardinal Sean O’Malley continued his failure to publicly walk the talk on abortion by issuing a statement on his blog opposing the recent enactment of a new buffer zone law in Massachusetts–yet he did nothing in advance of the law’s passage to even try to oppose it.

We see here in the news that Cardinal O’Malley posted a statement on his blog after the evil new buffer zone law passed:  Here is the statement on his blog:

In spite of a unanimous decision of the United States Supreme Court declaring unconstitutional the Massachusetts law enforcing a 35 foot “buffer zone” around abortion clinics, the Massachusetts legislature acted with unseemly haste to establish what amounts to a new buffer zone of 25 feet.

After both branches of the legislature sent the bill to the Governor who signed it into law, the effect again is to make it very difficult for citizens seeking to offer alternatives to women contemplating an abortion.

The civil law must balance the rights and duties of all individuals and we must be vigilant to ensure the safety of all people, regardless of their position on this most serious issue.

I recognize the struggle for all involved, but I believe preventing any reasonable possibility for dialogue is a misguided use of civil law. The Supreme Court seldom is unanimous in our day; the fact that it was on this question gives me hope that the judiciary will once again correct what I regard as an unjust limitation on free speech in Massachusetts about a fundamental moral and human issue.

Yet, while the measure was working its way through the legislature, O’Malley said not a word, as we noted previously in this post. The Mass Catholic Conference finally issued an email appeal for faithful Catholics to contact legislators the day before the final vote and The Pilot had an article about the issue, but there was never a statement by O’Malley or the Massachusetts Catholic Bishops on the issue. He did of course, take the time to appear in May at the Boston College commencement that honored pro-abortion anti-Catholic “Catholic” Secretary John Kerry, in opposition to USCCB guidelines that ban such honors, and he also took the time recently to appear with Gov. Deval Patrick and other pro-abortion politicians to serve as a human prop in support of housing illegal immigrants. 

It may have been an uphill battle to defeat this measure.  Still, evil triumphs when good men do nothing. The Cardinal did nothing. Then he opines after the fact that he hopes the judiciary will once again correct the bad law–what, 7 years later and at a cost of hundreds of babies aborted and millions of dollars in legal costs to pro-lifers?  Thanks very much for the empty words and inaction, Cardinal Sean. Will you ever be done appearing with all of the politicians who hate the Catholic Church and the non-negotiable moral principles we stand for and instead be available to stand up for those non-negotiable principles before they are further eroded?

27 Responses to Cardinal O’Malley blasts new Mass. buffer zone Law he failed to oppose

  1. Fr. Arnold Colletti says:

    Look into the envelope insert in the Pilot this week—support for Israel

  2. Warren Memlib says:

    “A day late and a dollar short.”

  3. Plain Patti says:

    According to insiders at P.C. Braintree, the Cardinal didn’t come out against this bill before passage because he didn’t want to make this a CATHOLIC ISSUE. As my kids would say LOL!!!

    In addition, a relevant quote I came across today by Edward Banfeld in which he concluded in his book “The Moral Basis of a Backward Society” “….trustworthiness – the -ability to trust and be trusted – is a key ingredient for a prosperous community.” How does the Church in Boston expect to grow and prosper amid this continuing duplicity?

  4. Luke 18:8 says:

    Unfortunately, Cardinal O’Malley is like most Bishops. Every time you go to Mass and put money in the collection basket you are part of the problem.

    • "just wondering" says:

      LUKE….please don’t stop going to Mass….we need you

    • Chris Whittle says:

      The archdiocese held it’s annual collection for CRS (“Catholic Reproductive Services”) on Sunday. I never give to second collections; I only give to the parish and that’s it.

      • Michael says:

        Do not give to any parish in the Archdiocese of Boston. We need to put that hard earned money to work for good not for evil. Please give only to truly authentic Catholic institutions who are not afraid to make it a Catholic issue.

      • Luke 18:8 says:

        A percentage of all money collected in the first collection goes to Braintree.

  5. The Cardinal supports the Democratic baby killers all the time. When do you ever hear an anti abortion message on his TV channel or in a homily by one of his priests? When?
    He, like his friend Pope Francis, give aid to the enemies of Christ. What the heck is the matter with them?

  6. Jack Davenport says:

    Folks, it’s getting a bit shrill here. We all know that the Cardinal can do no right on this site, but let’s welcome his recent comments (which were widely reported) and wait for the inevitable court challenge. The fire and brimstone approach doesn’t work in loony, secular Massachusetts.

    • Michael says:

      Forget fire and brimstone. So your plan is to wait several years for judges to save us. What a ridiculous strategy. How about Cardinal O’Malley walking down to PP and crossing the 25 foot line. Then calling a press conference and saying that he will not personally allow the Massachusetts legislature to deny us our first amendment freedoms? Religious and secular. When’s the last time Cardinal O’Malley almost got arrested for ignoring an unjust law? If he did, he would have hundreds if not thousands of Catholics right behind him. That would be true leadership. Blog comments are NOT courageous, nor laudable. His recent comments are not welcome because they create cowardliness in the people whom he is to be developing courage.

      • Jack Davenport says:

        You should practice what you preach. Remember that thing about people who live in glass houses?

  7. Jack Davenport says:

    What’s ridiculous is telling us to forget fire and brimstone and then conclude by telling us that the right strategy is for the Cardinal to get arrested. This will, I gather, magically motivate the otherwise complacent Catholic base in secular Massachusetts (where “pro choice” adherents outnumber pro-life people, 5 to 1).

    You beat this lunacy in the courts and in the public square – there is room for both. Did you even notice how fast the glacially moving crowd at the State House turned this “legislation” around? Make all the noise you want. I’m glad to have Cardinal Sean speaking up (even if it is late and he needs to do more of it).

    • Michael says:

      “pro choice” adherents outnumber pro-life people, 5 to 1) — COMPLETE NONSENSE.

      Pro-life people have no leader. He is busy hangin’ with “pro-choice” adherents.

      The courts are your answer to stopping the buffer zone unconstitutional restriction on your God-given right to speak to another person? Your propaganda is obvious. Shillin for O’Malley. How much does that pay these days? Let me guess, you are one of those overpaid “essential” braintree employees, like Mary Three Grassa Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand O’Neill. Has her service to the church ended yet? Or is she still serving the church but just in a lesser capacity.

      • Jack Davenport says:

        “Mike,” a good course in anger management would seem in order. As the saying goes, if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. BTW, did you read the poll in the Globe 5 days ago on liberalism? Those favoring abortion? 70%. Those favoring a ban on abortion in all circumstances? 6%. Facts are tough, aren’t they?

      • Michael says:

        Well obviously, if it is in the Globe, then it must be the truth.

        I’m not angry at you, I just think that taking such large amounts of money from the Archdiocese (no matter how essential you think you are) is stealing. Please return the money and go to confession.

      • BCI would ask that the cross-talk between the two readers end. Our comment policy is that we ask readers to comment on the main topic of the blog post–namely, Cardinal O’Malley criticizing the new buffer zone law after the fact, while failing to do anything to oppose it before it passed. If you do not have something more to say about the main topic of the blog post, it is fine to hold your comments until you feel you have something to say about a future blog post.


      • Jack Davenport says:

        I see. The site moderator throws bombs at the Archdiocese regularly but objects to cross-talk between two readers. What’s next a virtual 35-foot line around the site?

      • Jack, Thanks for your response. Since the beginning of this blog more than 4 years ago, we have had two guidelines regarding comments. 1) Keep the comments relevant to the topic of our post and 2) Avoid personal attacks (both on other people who comment on the blog and on individuals). When two readers go at it with each other via comments, it invariably descends into personal attacks and crossfire that is not directly relevant to the topic of the blog post. We do not believe either of these guidelines is unreasonable, and we are sorry if you find them onorous.

        On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 10:23 AM, Boston Catholic Insider wrote:


  8. The Cardinal is a moral eunuch. He has no problem grandstanding on the Mexican border and supporting policies which have lead to our current border crisis. However, he would never face arrest at an abortion mill. During the Caritas sale negotiations he supported Catholic hospitals out sourcing abortion services in a manner that would have made Pontius Pilate blush. His latest travesty is no surprise.

  9. Jasper says:

    Cardinal O’Malley will just throw out these statements to try to keep us appeased. I don’t think he cares about abortion.

  10. Chris says:

    The approach reminds me very much of the Obama administration: Wait until something bad happens, then denounce it, then… move on. Didn’t the president call it “leading from behind?” Perhaps the Donilon influence is at work.

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