“Black Mass” at Harvard–Take Action to Demand Cancellation

By now, most local Catholics have probably heard about the scandalous satanic “Black Mass” taking place on May 12 at Harvard. The “Black Mass” is a ritual performed as a sacrilegious parody of the Roman Catholic Mass. According to Wikipedia, the main objective of Black Mass was the “profanation of the host…the most common idea is that they were profaned by means of some ritual related to sexual practices.”  That Harvard pretends the Black Mass is “an educational activity” is pure bunk, and their action defending the right of a student group to hold the event is hypocritical.

May 12 Update: Harvard President Drew Faust issues a statement acknowledging the Black Mass is “highly offensive to many in the Church and beyond” and saying the decision by the student club to sponsor it is “abhorrent.”  Still, she will permit it to proceed based on the university’s “commitment to free expression, including expression that may deeply offend us.” 

Who among us believes for a minute Harvard would permit such sacrilege and mockery if it were directed against Muslims, Jews, African Americans, women or homosexuals? In fact, Harvard in recent years has uninvited speakers whose comments were considered offensive–one whose comments were seen as offensive to Muslims and one who merely took an aggressive stance against illegal immigration. We urge all to contact the Harvard President immediately to demand that the Black Mass be cancelled or banned from any Harvard facility. Write to president@harvard.edu (and drew_faust@harvard.edu) and call 617.495.1502 today.

Below is an excellent letter written by Fr. Roger Landry to Harvard President, Drew Faust.  The Boston Archdiocese has also issued a statement.

Letter to Harvard President Drew G. Faust about the Satanic Mass to Take Place on the Campus of Harvard

This letter was emailed to President Drew G. Faust on May 8. 

May 8, 2014

President Drew G. Faust
Harvard University
Office of the President
Massachusetts Hall
Cambridge, MA 02138

Dear President Faust,

I am writing to ask you to use your office to intervene to shut down the terribly ill-advised and totally insensitive Satanic Mass that’s supposed to take place on Monday, May 12 at the Queens Head Pub within Memorial Hall.

To argue, as the Extension School’s Press Release did, that it’s about education or freedom of expression or assembly or religion is silly. We all know that if there were to be a seance to communicate with the soul of Adolf Hitler, Harvard would never countenance it, first because we’re clearly dealing with conjuring evil, and second because it would be terribly injurious to Jewish members of the Harvard community and the wider community.

We also all know that if an “independent student organization” were trying to host an event in which there would be reenacting the burning of a copy of the Koran, it likewise would never be permitted, because Harvard would never associate itself with the desecration of Islam’s sacred text or allow its name or property to be used in something that would obviously outrage the spiritual sensibilities of Muslims.

A ceremony invoking Satan, mocking the Catholic Mass and desecrating what Catholics believe to be the Body of Jesus Christ — or if, implausibly, an unconsecrated host will be used, something that is at least meant to symbolize the Eucharist — should be treated in the same way.

It’s not enough for Harvard to put out a press release saying that Harvard doesn’t “endorse the views or activities of any independent student organization.” Harvard simply would never allow itself or its properties to be associated with events that mock the religious beliefs, desecrate the sacred texts, or insult the spiritual sensitivities of Jews or Muslims. Likewise it wouldn’t allow its reputation or institution to be affiliated in any way with the activities or views of an “independent student organization” that was reenacting the lynchings of African Americans or homophobic attacks or violence against women. Harvard would act decisively in those situations, both out of just concern for its own reputation but also out of moral outrage against such insensitivity that clear thinking, ethical people immediately recognize as evil.

You have a special responsibility over Harvard’s reputation as well as occupy the most prominent position of all to demonstrate what Harvard stands for. Please grasp that Harvard’s present acquiescence to allowing its campus to be the setting for this Satanic Mass and its up-until-now anemic response have already brought the University local, national and international derision. The Founders of Harvard would, I think, be ashamed that a school to which they gave the motto Veritas: Christo et Ecclesiae would allow itself to be used in any way whatsoever as the staging for Satanic worship.

Yesterday I was asked by about two dozen people about what my alma mater was doing in allowing this mockery of Catholicism and this acquiescence in the conjuring of evil. I replied that I can’t fathom how this “dear mother” would have lost its capacity to see clearly and promptly how outrageous this is and that for the first time in my life I’m really embarrassed to be associated with Harvard. I’m sure there are many other alumni who are similarly ashamed.

There’s still time to remedy this situation and clearly communicate that mockery and desecration of the religious rites, objects, and sensitivities of others have no place at Harvard.

By shutting this event down and not just dissociating itself from what was supposed to happen but by forcefully condemning it, you would not only remedy the damage to Harvard’s reputation that has already taken place but set the type of example for educational institutions and the broader culture that Harvard has prided itself in setting for 378 years.

I’m hoping that you will use your office to respond as strongly to this insensitivity as NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently used his office to respond to Donald Sterling’s racist comments.

That’s what this situation warrants. That’s what you have the power to do. And that’s what I’m asking and praying that you will do.

(Fr.) Roger Landry, AB 92

Here is the statement by the Boston Archdiocese condemning the event.  A black mass is an obscene mockery by satanic cults of the Mass performed in the Catholic church. The Globe has printed the lame response by Harvard Extension School.

Again, all Catholics should ask Harvard President Faust to not allow this event on Harvard facilities and to not have any association with the university.  Write to president@harvard.edu and call 617.495.1502.




23 Responses to “Black Mass” at Harvard–Take Action to Demand Cancellation

  1. Ann Hesenius says:

    The letter by “92 Harvard alum Fr. Roger Landry is EXCELLENT; may it be widely read and, most importantly, acted upon today. Thanks to him!

  2. Chris says:

    Glad to see BCI back. Amazing how quickly the archdiocese has responded in this particular instance. Praying for a good turnout at St. Paul’s tomorrow night.

  3. David S. says:

    In a few weeks Boston College will have pro-abortion and pro-homosexual marriage supporter John Kerry give the commencement address and get an honorary doctorate. I contacted the Commencement Coordinator and was told that Cardinal O’Malley plans to be in attendance.

    I’m sure John Kerry will be present that day at the Baccalaureate Mass. What about the sacrilege of John Kerry receiving the Blessed Sacrament in front of the Cardinal?

    How can we expect the President of Harvard to take the Archdiocese of Boston seriously? On the one hand we say that a Black Mass is a desecration of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of God Himself, and yet we allow those who promote the murder of the unborn and sodomy to receive that very same Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of God Himself..

    • D Paul says:

      Without a doubt, a good point.

    • Liam says:

      Actually, the Baccalaureate Mass is the day before Commencement Exercises, so it’s highly unlikely that Kerry will be attending that Mass.

    • Richard says:

      As long as Bernard Law is allowed to consecrate bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ, then the Catholic church has absolutely no right to deny communion to anyone.

      • Jack Davenport says:

        Well “Richard,” by your logic the Church should allow Communion to anyone. Why have requirements at all? And BTW, who put you in charge?

  4. Chris Whittle says:

    The Cardinal should authorize a solemn exorcism because this event directly deals with the devil.

  5. "Just Wondering" says:

    Dear President Faust:
    I join my sentiments to the planned “black Mass” as expressed so powerfully to you in the letter of Fr. Roger Landry. Harvard is known for so many other excellent gifts: Your endowments, student aid, community relations to mention a few…. all excellent but unfortunately will now be tainted and a “black mark” on the reputation of Harvard University. The “will of a few ” SHOULD NOT TAINT what Harvard does so well by allowing the “black Mass” to be celebrated. A better “celebration” would be to ban the celebration of the “black mass” and have the Catholic Chaplin celebrate the real and true MASS.
    Rev. Albert J. Sallese
    Regina Cleri
    Boston, MA 02114

  6. Jack Davenport says:

    Forwarding a comment of this “event” from Brother Skip Thompson, MSA:

    “Amazing how far our institutions of higher learning have sunk. Relativism is ruining epistemology and philosophy, i.e., there is no objective reality by which to discern right from wrong. The lack of understanding of the spiritual reality we exist in allows this sort of madness. Our progeny needs the truth, not this junk. Please send your protest message to Harvard.”

    Says it all. Show up tomorrow to protest – I don’t think Harvard will kick this in the can which is fully warranted. But there’s always hope.

  7. Jim F. says:

    Perhaps Boston College should promise NEVER to play Harvard in any athletic contest–Including especially the Beanpot–if Harvard permits this satanic ritual tonight. When reason fails, use athletics.

    • Jack Davenport says:

      BC is just as bad on a whole range of issues. Take a look at this year’s commencement speaker.

  8. David S. says:

    This statement was released this morning by President Faust:


    Faust basically says that she abhors this event, that she actually plans to attend the Eucharistic Holy Hour and Benediction at St. Paul’s Church to “reaffirm” his support of Catholics at Harvard, but intends to allow the event to proceed in the spirit of “free expression”.

    I wonder if President Faust would allow a student group to mock Mohammed in the spirit of free expression.

    Could everyone reading this blog please call President Faust’s office at 617.495.1502?

    • Jack Davenport says:

      Faust is a she, but no matter. As clueless as the rest of the PC crowd and lacking the guts to kick this wretched group off campus.

  9. Tom Syseskey says:

    Harvard Crimson (May 12, 2014, at 7:45 p.m.): Satanic black mass has been postponed indefinitely and will not take place tonight, according to Satanic Temple spokesperson – Deo gratias/Thanks be to God!

  10. Chris says:

    Unfortunately, according to the Harvard Crimson, the black mass went ahead last night at 10 om at the Hong Kong restaurant and lounge, across from Harvard Yard. The restaurant’s owner claims to have been unaware of the event.

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