URGENT: Call Mass Statehouse to object to bad legislation this morning

Two very dangerous bills are pending in the Mass Legislature, and it’s important for all Catholics to call the statehouse this morning to keep these two dangerous bills, H – 3793 and H – 1998, from getting passed in committee. Naturally, the “do-nothing” Mass Catholic Conference under the leadership of James Driscoll, has said nothing about the urgency of Catholics doing something.  Mass Citizens for Life has put out an urgent request for calls to the statehouse by 11am this morning.  The doctor-prescribed suicide bill is much worse than the one that was recently up for a public ballot. Please take one minute and make a call this morning. Here is the message from MCFL:

​Everyone at the State House is talking about the pro-life calls.  Planned Parenthood and NARAL have sent out alert after alert but they just don’t have the supporters to make the calls.  Compassion and Choices, the death lobby group, has spent big bucks on radio ads trying to get people to call.  We don’t have the media or the money but we do have the dedicated people like you!

H – 3793 would teach children how to get secret abortions.  Call committee chair Representative Brian Dempsey at 617-722-2990 to say that H-3793 should not be reported out of committee.

H-1998 is the doctor-prescribed suicide bill.  It is dangerous and poor public policy.  Call the House Chair of the committee, Representative Jeffrey Sanchez at 617-722-2130 to say that H-1998 should not be reported out of committee.

Your calls have kept these two dangerous bills, H – 3793 and H – 1998, in committee since before Christmas!  If we can hold them off through Wednesday, they will be dead for this session.

Both calls should be made by 11am on Tuesday morning.  If you cannot call during business hours, it is fine to leave a message.  Check here for more information on H-3793 or here for more information on H – 1998.

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  1. saintpio1 says:

    The ONLY answer to all the evil in the world today is PRAYER
    No phone calls, petitions -whatever, will not stop the devil. We need PRAYERS. Please ask everyone to PRAY.
    ONLY GOD can stop the onslaught of the devil. ! !!!!!

  2. Anni says:

    H-1998 has been sent to the study committee, which kills it for this session. It will turn up again in January, but it is dead for now. Prayer and fasting “work”, but God did give us fingers to dial and thumbs to text our representatives!

    Remember the lady who sat on her rooftop in a flood and refused to be rescued by everyone who came around because “I am praying that God will provide”. When she drowned and met St. Peter, she told him she was dismayed that God had not “provided”. St. Peter told her that God HAD provided two boats and a helicopter, but she had turned them down.

    As Dag Hammarskjöld wrote, “In our age, the road to holiness necessarily passes through the world of action.”


  3. Joe says:

    BCI, great to see you’re back! I called the state house right after seeing your post. The phones were ringing off the hooks. I left messages at both offices and the woman who took my message at one office said they were getting A LOT of calls. MCFL just sent out an email saying that the doctor-prescribed suicide bill, H – 1998 has been sent to study committee, “essentially killing it for this session.” Woo-hoo!!

    Still waiting for my email alert from Mass Catholic Conference…

  4. I called yesterday when H-1998 was still pending. Good to hear H-1998 has been sent to study committee! The fact that physician-assisted death by a lethal prescription was voted down in 2012 by all citizens who voted, should have been acknowledged by our representatives. What do they hope to gain by refusing to accept this fact? Are they so lusting for the power to take the lives of human beings under the lack of concern for how many people will be voiceless and deceived into going along with taking the lethal prescription, that they will keep pushing their deadly agenda over and over again? Why are powerful representatives so determined to get this legislation passed?

  5. jbq2 says:

    The London Telegraph noted through a conservative radio station in the Midwest today that aborted fetuses at a London Hospital were used to generate heat for the complex. There were some 15,000 aborted babies which were used in a bio waste system.

    • Stephen says:

      Come on people, lets not be obsessed.

      • Stephen says:

        Welcome to Modernism.
        One man’s baby is another man’s heat source.
        Besides, who am I to judge?
        Are we to have a cold hospital?

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