Cardinal O’Malley and the Vatican Survey

BCI has been busy working on a special project, thus the pause in our blogging. In the meantime, before we resume and discuss Archdiocese of Boston finances, the new Vicar General and the DIM pastoral plan, we thought you would find this video to be of interest.

58 Responses to Cardinal O’Malley and the Vatican Survey

  1. Cardinal Sean is always available with a PR response to gloss over the rot.

  2. thelittlebrother says:

    ok…”…while ‘the MEDIA’ asks honest questions…”
    he’s kidding…right??!?

    Cardinal Sean’s comment was taken out of context . It was directed to a specific issue…that of ‘the MEDIA’s’ obsession on all things Catholic that do not support the Left’s marxist political agenda.

    btw…is this an anti- Cardinal O’Malley site??
    Just wondering.

    • Michael says:

      Why should it be? … a pro-Cardinal O’Malley site?

      What propaganda.

      If you’ve been on the site, you would know exactly what it is. It is a site where orthodox Catholics get to see the truth about how unorthodox the Archdiocese of Boston is and then they get to decide how little money to give to the Cardinal’s appeal. For me, it would be zero, until the Archdiocese starts showing signs of honesty, integrity, and removal of the corruption.

      … with my hopes high and my expectations low.

      • Barbara Green says:

        I agree with thelittlebrother! And having been on this site many times I realize it is not at all a balanced site but one that consistently takes punches at the church and the Archdiocese, in a cowardly manner, under the cover of anonimity.

        I have heard Cardinal Dolan and Cardinal O’Malley both speak about media obsession with these difficult social issues; the CatholicMilitantTV report took both cardinals’ comments completely ut of context to benefit its report and cast stones at the Church. Both cardinals and most Catholic clergy do care deeply about issues of abortion, homosexual sex and contraception. How could they not? But there are many other issues they care deeply about and put into practice – but where are your reports on the fact that the Church is the number one provider of health care services in the USAA behingd the government, and other similar positive stories? The problem with Catholic Insider and CatholicMilitantTV and their followers is that our clergy will not change or adapt their steadfast stances opposing abortion, homosexual sex, and contraception because it is part of our catholic Magisterium – lessons taught to us directly by Jesus as being the truth, and therefore CANNOT be changed to suit the whims of current day society. Since Jesus could not lie, we as followers must believe He spoke the truth, and therefore uphold His teachings. As a Catholic, this is what Jesus called us to do, but you have a choice to obey or disobey. For this reason, our clergy will continue to be criticized and condemned for their staunch positions. I applaud them and know they will be rewarded in Heaven for such persecution on earth in support of God’s truth despite the consequences.

        Finally, to the statement that the majority of Catholics have apostatized, I disagree, and wager that this was taken out of context as well.

        Barbara Green

      • Barbara Green, Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, it does not make sense to us. You wrote:

        “The problem with Catholic Insider and CatholicMilitantTV and their followers is that our clergy will not change or adapt their steadfast stances opposing abortion, homosexual sex, and contraception because it is part of our catholic Magisterium – lessons taught to us directly by Jesus as being the truth, and therefore CANNOT be changed to suit the whims of current day society.”

        Huh? If you have been following BCI, what in the world makes you believe that it is a problem with us (or for us) if clergy will not change the Catholic Magisterium stances opposing abortion and other moral evils? We of course are supportive of the Catholic Church stances opposing abortion and the other moral evils you mentioned. What you have written simply does not make sense. If what you mean to say is that you support BCI supporting the moral teachings of the Catholic Church, that is far from what you said.

      • bostoncommon says:

        Barbara, could you quote Jesus on his objection to contraception, homosexuality and abortion?

      • Joe Sacerdos says:

        Orthodox Catholics? More like Pharisees.

    • jbq2 says:

      This is what is called “disinformation”. The Russians brought it to a science. You infiltrate your enemies with those who “bring the real truth”.

    • Capt Crunch says:

      Rather than calling this an anti-Cardinal O’malley site, I think it’s more appropriate to call this a pro Roman Catholic site.

  3. Ann Hesenius says:

    That’s exactly what I thought…”Barbara Green is making NO sense”….BCI DOES exactly what Barbara seems to want. How has she So misinterpreted what BCI is about…namely, orthodoxy – especially from our clerical leaders!

    • Barbara Green says:

      If yo want orthodoxy then why do you bash our clergy? Jesus vested power in them and gave them a most difficult job to do in His name. They need our support. Do you think you could do a better job than Cardinals O’Malley and Dolan? I know I could not and I feel blessed to have them at the helm. Posting false “reports” such as that given by CatholicMilitat TV only spreads discontent in our Church and not the unity God seeks. Is this the intent of Boston Catholic Insider I wonder?

      • jbq2 says:

        This is a difficult issue. Jesus the Christ had 12 Apostles with “one rotten apple”. Saul (Paul) stepped up to take his place after being knocked off his horse. There are now more than a few rotten apples and they are spoiling the barrel. Our Lady of Fatima stated that the apostasy would extend to the very top. The gay issue is open to argument. Abortion is not. Cardinal Burke was removed as the archbishop of St. Louis and given a small office in the Vatican basement just for being against abortion. You, Barbara Green, have been sent to sow confusion among the ranks of those who are asking valid questions of Cardinal Sean.

      • Michael says:

        gat marriage is not open for argument. Whether or not the behavioral choice is intrinsically evil is also not open to argument.

  4. Cardinal Dolan and Cardinal O’Malley both celebrate the fact that the clergy under them NEVER bring up the life issues in their parishes. Instead they hope to avoid the fire of the cultural elites by laying low on these issues. That is what both of these appeasing cardinals implied in their statements.They are then faced with the fact that the alleged “faithful” subscribe to an inchoate set of beliefs that are one part cultural, “smells and bells” Catholicism and three parts relativism and subjective “spirituality”. This approach and it’s results will not be rewarded in heaven and this contentless “faith” does not lead to persecution it is an accomodation to secularism.

    • Barbara Green says:

      Cardinal O’Malley and Dolan are not celebrating as you say. What they are both saying is that the Catholic clergy (including themselves) are NOT the ones obsessed with the issues of abortion, homosexual sex and contraception, it is the Media that is obsessed and keeps focusing only on those issues because they are most controversial and will sell more of their wares to the public. They are not saying these issues are not important, because they are, but they are issues among many others with which the Church must deal. They are not saying they do not want to address it, because they do address them, but they are responding to assertions that the CHURCH is obsessed with these issues when it is not. That is the context within which the cardinals remarks reported by CatholicMilitatTV were made were made but they took it out of context for the benefit of their story.

      • The ChurchMilitant video makes clear that both Cardinals are talking about how the media has characterized the situation. The point is that Cardinal O’Malley does not lament that priests are preaching infrequently on these topics or do anything to make preaching on these topics more important. That you missed that point and made no sense in your criticism of BCI makes us suggest that you kindly take your comments to another venue.


      • When both Cardinals approach the agenda driven media and proclaim that the life issues are never addressed by clergy they express implicit satisfaction with that dereliction. Your attempt to portray this dereliction as moral activism is Orwellian.

        I can only conclude that your agenda benefits from an impotent Catholic hierarchy and clergy.

      • Stephen says:

        Take your seamless garment claptrap somewhere else. The backlash has arrived. Take your diabolical triple negative demonic quasi-intellectual gymnastics and leave. You say nothing, you mean nothing, you are nothing. The real church is in the process of sloughing you off like an old scab.

      • Barbara says:

        Seems like I made Satan angry…

      • jbq2 says:

        In regard to Stephen: Isn’t that your purpose? The devil is in the details. It’s called “disinformation”. You are clever but not as clever as you think.

  5. jbq2 says:

    As “Flo” would say in her ad for the insurance company, “pretty good” with just the right inflection. I have never heard it called apostasy before. Isn’t that what OL of Fatima warned about? It is said that JPII labeled it such. Could this be “the great apostasy”?

  6. Barbara Green says:

    I wrote my comment in response to BCI giving credence to the CatholicmilitantTV piece. it is filled with untruths and it should not be propagted without balancing commentary.

    • The passage we excerpted from your comment still makes no sense to us, even with your clarification.


    • Bill says:

      The CatholicMilitantTV piece seems to say that not being obsessed is the same as not caring enough. This error, and the conclusions being drawn as a result of the error, do make the piece unbalanced. The Church cares, but is not obsessed. After reading Cardinal O’Malley’s words, I believe that he cares but is not obsessed. In other words, he position is balanced.

      • Michael says:

        Cardinal O’Malley cares … about gay marriage? He ushered it in while standing next to the man who brought it full force to Massachusetts and thus America, Mitt Romney — while acting like they were trying to “defend marriage.” O’Malley cares so much about abortion that he doesn’t allow 40 Days for Life in the Archdiocese.

        I’d hate to see how he acts if he didn’t care.

      • Bill says:

        What do you mean? I see no restricton for 40 Days for Life in the Archdiocese:

      • Stephen says:

        For heaven sake people. Is obsession a new sin now?
        Was Joseph obsessed when he fled Herod with the infant Jesus and the BVM? Is the Cardinal obsessed with his brown bathrobe? Obsession is a secular psychological term and The Church now has to consider it, when acting prudently? Thanks for nothing Frank. Can you say ‘diabolical disorientation’?

  7. Mary says:

    I have to disagree with Michael Muggeridge. Clergy under Cardinal O’Malley do bring up gay rights/gay marriage. I remember Fr. Austin Fleming rant from the pulpit during Mass. He said gays and lesbians were his “best parishioners.” More than once! He was pretty open about it. I left that parish. But not much has changed. Just recently they put a plaque up in the church to honor donors. It’s got a husband & husband family on it!

    • Barbara Green says:

      It is unfortunate you left your parish for this reason. You failed to see that Fr. Austin Fleming lovingly embraces the person and his dignity as a child of God, but he is a good priest and certainly does not the homosexual behavior. Pope Francis has called us to do just this for the past year – not to judge the person, but to love. And Jesus has called us to do this for the past 2000 years: love the person, not the act.

    • Hi Mary, Cardinal O’Malley makes it clear that his clergy never bring up these issues in order to proclaim Catholic teaching. There are quite a few Archdiocesan clergy who are active opponents of authentic Catholic teaching in these areas and thay are not restrained or corrected by the Archdiocese.

  8. Not only is Fr. Austin Fleming promoting same-sex sexual activity and pretending that the activity is the “person” and anyone who doesn’t support the activity is acting against God’s will, but Fr. John Unni, pastor of St. Cecilia Church,Boston, is doing the same thing. One has only to look at the bulletins published and distributed at St. Cecilia parish( for Nov. 10,2013,p.4,Nov.13,2013,p.4,and Nov.24,p.4, to see that Fr. Unni planned to have Pam Garramone, the executive director of Greater Boston PFLAG speak at the six o’clock liturgy, namely the Mass, on Nov 24,2013. Each of the bulletins state that “PFLAG offers help for lesbian, gay,bisexual, and transgendered youth as well as their families and communities around the topic of sexual orientation and gender identity.” “Pam conducts educational programs annually in middle and high schools statewide”, as well as “diversity training programs for community, corporate and religious organizations.”
    Further, on 11/17/13, the St. Cecilia Parish Rainbow Ministry published the following bulletin: “Pam Garramone,executive director of PFLAG, a GLBT parent advocacy group,will be speaking at the 6 P.M. Mass on November 24,2013. This will be Pam’s second time speaking at St. Cecilia’s and she has a very important message for all of us to hear.” Fr. Unni intended to have Pam Garramone speak at Mass. I do not know if Fr. Unni’s intention to have Pam Garramone speak at Mass happened as he planned since i was not present. Perhaps some one who attended the 6 O’clock Mass at St. Cecilia’s Church can give more information.
    The question to ask is : Why did Cardinal O’Malley allow this ?
    He was informed about this plan on Fr. Unni’s part.

  9. correction: the bulletins at St. Cecilia website are Nov. 10, Nov.17 and Nov. 24, 2013. I mistakenly printed Nov. 13. Sorry!

    • jbq2 says:

      The Catholic Church in America has an agenda. Cardinal O’Malley has been designated as “the pope of the Americas” by “Irish”. He replaces Cardinal T Dolan as the one with the mojo. He is on the 8 member cardinals “board of directors” in the Vatican. Since the pope has stated “who am I to judge” in regard to gay priests, you do the math. It is well known that the church has been heavily infiltrated with gay priests. What is not known from scientific research is whether being gay is an aberration. The American Psychiatric Association decided that it wasn’t through a post card vote. Reputable psychiatrists did not respond to a post card survey and the issue was settled by removing homosexuality as a mental disease. What is known is that puberty and the teen period is known as a time of great confusion and identity search. That is why you want to keep such as Ms. Garramone away from teen agers. It was obvious that there was something sinister going on with Cardinal Sean when he dared to pay Ms. O’Neill 350K to run the Catholic schools. This was in addition to her 50K pension with the Boston Public Schools. This issue has now reached the highest levels of the Vatican up to and including the pope. “Vortex” asks some very pertinent questions.

  10. tonymangini says:

    watch michael voris daily

  11. David S says:

    After being away for some time, I return to find this blog remains a comical farce. What was once a force for good has become inconsequential. I long for the good old days.

    • jbq2 says:

      As Jack Nicholson said in “A Few Good Men”, the truth, you can’t handle the truth. Very often, when someone is uncomfortable with the truth of a situation, they laugh.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for telling us you came back … but no one really cares about your propaganda. So if you do leave again, no need to return. You have no credibility so your comment did not have its intended effect.

    • David S. says:

      Hmmm… I’ve been commenting on this blog for almost two years using “David S” and nobody else has been using that name so I’m not quite sure who you are.

      David S.

  12. jbq2 says:

    I couldn’t comment on one of your other comments. Nice comment with lots of common sense. Either we hang together or we all hang separately.

  13. Objective Observer says:

    David S,

    This is the first time I have looked at this blog in a long time. The utter lack of civil discourse by many of the commenters has rendered what once was valuable now discredited. Where BCI was articulate, sometimes humorous and always grounded in verifiable fact, now flamethrowers reduce any attempt at conversation to ashes.

    Rants abound in our culture; we don’t need them in a discussion of our faith. This used to be a place where constructve discussion actually brought about change for the better.

    There are many problems in this archdiocese, not least the ordinary’s profound abdication of responsibility. This blog used to illustrate the poor treatment of priests by their bishop, financial misappropriation by the central administration, etc., and make smart suggestions to help the cause.


    • jbq2 says:

      Basically, you don’t know what you are talking about. As Our Lady of Fatima predicted, apostasy has reached the highest levels of the church. This website has pointed out, to their credit, of the fact of the archdiocese paying Ms. O’Neill over 350K with a previous 50K pension from the Boston Public Schools to head the education department. This should have raised as many questions as Los Angeles, where the previous archbishop paid out 240 mill for a new cathedral and paid out 640K in a sex abuse payout. The laity is tired of paying for the mistakes of those at the highest levels.

    • David S says:

      You invested much more time than I in explaining why this site is a failure now. Others chime in with similar comments and the response is on the level of a second grader.

      I said it before and I will say it again, I long for the good old days.

      • David S,
        BCI appreciates that you “long for the good old days” and regrets that you feel the “good old days” of BCI are gone, but we do not recall you ever once commenting or writing to us until now on anything and we do not know what it is you “long for” so the basis for your nostalgia is not apparent. BCI has reported on a range of topics–abdication of episcopal leadership by Cardinal O’Malley; failure of the Cardinal to teach the truths of the Catholic Faith, sanctify and govern; cronyism in hiring and “sham searches” for key positions; excessive compensation; financial wrongdoing; parish closings; deception; moral corruption; lawsuits; and more. Since we cannot recall you ever making a single comment of agreement or disagreement with BCI in nearly the past 4 years, can you describe what exactly the “good old days” of BCI means to you? Furthermore, since in what you allude to as the “good old days”, BCI blogged about many instances of moral corruption and failure of the Cardinal to teach and uphold the moral teachings of the Catholic Church, what exactly is your grip with BCI in posting this video?

    • Barbara says:

      Objective Observer, I could not agree more.

  14. Sorry to see you spiral downward... says:

    I agree that the Boston Catholic Insider has become a bantering that is not helpful for a spirit of goodness, truth or charity. I am cancelling my connection. Too bad. I’ll pray for you. Seems to me you are getting narrow-minded, self-righteous and condescending. Doesn’t sound like what our Lord teaches us… doesn’t sound like the Holy Spirit.

    • jbq2 says:

      Sorry to see you go. I feel that you are way beyond out of line. Ye shall seek the truth and the truth shall set you free.

    • Concerned Parent says:

      BCI, please disregard these negative comments. You provide a great service and platform where the many controversial and disturbing things that are taking place in the archdiocese are exposed and discussed. There appears to be a concerted effort to discredit this site, and I wonder if those behind it are possibly the very people whose actions have been called into question here. Keep up up the good work.

      • Michael says:

        Concerned parent … I agree. Who else would care? Cardinal Sean’s supporters/thugs don’t understand how transparent their motives are.

  15. Chris says:

    BCI, May I suggest you turn on comment moderation whenever too many comments are aimed at others making comments? Then at your leisure you could allow only those comments that stick to the point. Having a delay would probably mean those who rush to attack another person would have time to reconsider… I wouldn’t mind waiting a while to see my comments posted.

  16. Capt Crunch says:

    I’ve noticed in the last few BCI articles there is an increased number of people posting that BCI has gone downhill and these folks are leaving. Why don’t they just leave? Instead they come here to talk about leaving. Hmmmmm, why is that?

    I’ve also noticed a lot of nasty comments about folks being anonymous. I, for one, will continue to remain anonymous. Just because people put a real sounding name in an open dialogue box doesn’t guarantee it’s their real name…

    Personally, I’d be happy to sit down with Cardinal O’Malley to tell him my thoughts face to face but I’m sure he couldn’t be bothered. When Cardinal O’Malley has an open forum for members of the archdiocese of Boston at the Braintree headquarters I’ll be there with a Capt Crunch name tag.

    Anyway, BCI, keep up the good work!!

    • David S. (Lynnfield) says:

      Don’t be so sure there are an increased number of people posting that BCI has gone downhill. Since there is no login or email verification, the same people may very well be posting under numerous names.

    • Michael says:

      I always liked Capt Crunch. Please let me know when that meeting is because I know from personal experience, you (a nobody in the Church) can’t get a meeting with the Cardinal, no matter how important the topic.

      So let me know when the open forum is in Braintree and I will be looking for the Captn Crunch name tag.

      • Capt Crunch aka Collateral Damage says:

        Yes, while it’s clear we are all “nobodys” in this diocese the continuing email efforts to alternative Catholic media outlets such as CMTV, Rorate Caeli, Free Republic et al, in addition to BCI seem to be raising the Cardinal’s profile, just as he wishes.

        Just look at how Cardinal O’Malley’s profile has been raised by his recent repeated appearances on CMTV to name one.

        Please continue to help in these efforts, in addition to BCI.

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