Boston pastor praised by Cardinal O’Malley puts Holy Family on par with homosexual couples

The pastor of St. Catherine of Siena parish in Norwood, MA, Msgr. Paul Garrity, published a letter in his bulletin last weekend that puts the Holy Family at parity with families that have two mothers and two fathers.  Incidentally, Cardinal O’Malley had commended this same pastor months earlier for his focus on promoting Catholic education. This is yet another example of the ongoing problem of Cardinal O’Malley and his senior staff coddling pastors who promote homosexuality.

So much is wrong here that we hardly know where to start, but we will focus on these topics:

  • Heresy by the pastor and insult to the Blessed Virgin Mary and Holy Family by his message
  • Other moral shortcomings of his message
  • The pastor’s refusal to respond to complaints made by parishioners that have been escalated to Aux. Bishop Walter Edyvean, and
  • Negligent episcopal leadership by Cardinal O’Malley in this situation

Heresy by the pastor and insult to the Blessed Virgin Mary and Holy Family

The letter from Msgr. Garrity opens by talking about how he felt that early TV shows such as “Leave It To Beaver” and “The Ozzie and Harriet Show depicted family life in an unrealistically idyllic way. Then he talks about how difficult and different family life must have been for Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  Here is where he goes off the rails:

It is very easy to forget that Mary would have been an unwed mother were it not for Joseph. It is also easy to forget that Joseph was not the natural father of Jesus but became his foster father and protector, along with his new bride Mary. And the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus should fill us all with a deep respect and empathy for the poor and unwed mothers of our day. Taken all together, the first family of Christianity reminds us that there is no such thing as normal. Every family is different and this means that we need to broaden our understanding of family life beyond TV sitcoms and applaud the virtues of family living wherever we find them: two parent families, single parent families, blended families, families with two mommies or two daddies and adoptive families.  What is most important is that we continually hold up the family as the instrument that God has chosen to communicate God’s unconditional love to the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society.

To say that we need to applaud the virtues of families with two gay parents is heresy on its own. To say the example of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Joseph and Jesus is reason for us to applaud families with two gay parents is beyond heresy–it is an insult to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Family, it has no basis in Catholic theology, and it is so out there that the Boston Archdiocese needs to take action to put this pastor out to pasture.

As a counter to this heresy, read this excerpt from St. Louis De Montfort’s beautiful “True Devotion to Mary“:

5. Mary is the supreme masterpiece of Almighty God and he has reserved the knowledge and possession of her for himself. She is the glorious Mother of God the Son who chose to humble and conceal her during her lifetime in order to foster her humility. He called her “Woman” as if she were a stranger, although in his heart he esteemed and loved her above all men and angels. Mary is the sealed fountain and the faithful spouse of the Holy Spirit where only he may enter. She is the sanctuary and resting-place of the Blessed Trinity where God dwells in greater and more divine splendour than anywhere else in the universe, not excluding his dwelling above the cherubim and seraphim. No creature, however pure, may enter there without being specially privileged.

6. I declare with the saints: Mary is the earthly paradise of Jesus Christ the new Adam, where he became man by the power of the Holy Spirit, in order to accomplish in her wonders beyond our understanding. She is the vast and divine world of God where unutterable marvels and beauties are to be found. She is the magnificence of the Almighty where he hid his only Son, as in his own bosom, and with him everything that is most excellent and precious. What great and hidden things the all-powerful God has done for this wonderful creature, as she herself had to confess in spite of her great humility, “The Almighty has done great things for me.” The world does not know these things because it is incapable and unworthy of knowing them.

How can anyone try to tell us that the Blessed Virgin Mary and her family serves as a reminder that we need to applaud situations where two men or two women are having sex with each other?  It is scandalous for a pastor to teach this and communicate it anywhere–let alone in a parish bulletin read by families and children.

Other moral shortcomings of his message

Msgr. Garrity fails to communicate anything of what the Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us about homosexuality:

2357  Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity,141 tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.”They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.

2358 The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial.

2359 Homosexual persons are called to chastity.


4. There are absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to God’s plan for marriage and family. Marriage is holy, while homosexual acts go against the natural moral law. Homosexual acts “close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved”.(

Sacred Scripture condemns homosexual acts “as a serious depravity… (cf. Rom 1:24-27; 1 Cor6:10; 1 Tim 1:10). This judgment of Scripture does not of course permit us to conclude that all those who suffer from this anomaly are personally responsible for it, but it does attest to the fact that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered” (5) This same moral judgment is found in many Christian writers of the first centuries and is unanimously accepted by Catholic Tradition.

From the biological and anthropological order

7. Homosexual unions are totally lacking in the biological and anthropological elements of marriage and family which would be the basis, on the level of reason, for granting them legal recognition. Such unions are not able to contribute in a proper way to the procreation and survival of the human race. The possibility of using recently discovered methods of artificial reproduction, beyond involv- ing a grave lack of respect for human dignity,(15) does nothing to alter this inadequacy.

Homosexual unions are also totally lacking in the conjugal dimension, which represents the human and ordered form of sexuality. Sexual relations are human when and insofar as they express and promote the mutual assistance of the sexes in marriage and are open to the transmission of new life.

As experience has shown, the absence of sexual complementarity in these unions creates obstacles in the normal development of children who would be placed in the care of such persons. They would be deprived of the experience of either fatherhood or motherhood. Allowing children to be adopted by persons living in such unions would actually mean doing violence to these children, in the sense that their condition of dependency would be used to place them in an environment that is not conducive to their full human development. This is gravely immoral and in open contradiction to the principle, recognized also in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, that the best interests of the child, as the weaker and more vulnerable party, are to be the paramount consideration in every case.

Back November 23, 2005, Cardinal O’Malley published a Letter from Cardinal Sean O’Malley on Homosexuality, where he said:

In the Gospel when the self-righteous Pharisees bring the adulteress to be stoned, Jesus says let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Then to make sure they got the point Jesus wrote their sins on the ground. The stones fell from their hands and they fled. Jesus said: “Neither do I condemn you”, but He added, “Go and sin no more.”

If we tell people that sex outside of marriage is not a sin, we are deceiving people. If they believe this untruth, a life of virtue becomes all but impossible. Jesus teaches that discipleship implies taking up the cross each day and following Him with love and courage.

It is never easy to deliver a message that calls people to make sacrifices or to do difficult things. Sometimes people want to punish the messenger. For this reason we priests at times find it difficult to articulate the Church’s teaching on sexual morality. It is important to express the moral teachings of the Church with clarity and fidelity.  We must teach the truths of the Gospel in season and out of season. These recent times seem to us like it is “out of season”, but for that very reason it is even more urgent to teach the hard words of the Gospel today.

We know that friends and relatives of homosexual Catholics sometimes feel torn between their allegiance to Christ and their concern for their loved ones. I assure them that these goals are not incompatible. Calling people to embrace the cross of discipleship, to live the commandments and at the same time assuring them that we love them as brothers and sisters can be difficult. Sometimes we are told: “If you do not accept my behavior, you do not love me.” In reality we must communicate the exact opposite: “Because we love you, we cannot accept your behavior.”

In none of his parish bulletins has Msgr. Garrity communicated the above messages. The Vatican says there are absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions similar or even remotely analogous to God’s plan for marriage and family, yet Msgr. Garrity has created his own grounds.

Pastor’s refusal to respond to complaints made by parishioners

Parishioners have been complaining about Msgr. Garrity since shortly after he arrived to replace the previous pastor, the orthodox Msgr. Cornelius McRae.  Garrity unilaterally changed the parish mission statement–to include that all are welcome, regardless of sexual orientation–and he routinely changes words in the Mass to suit his fancy. BCI is told that despite complaints by parishioners, when Bishop Edyvean called him on it, he essentially thumbed his nose and continued on. Bishop Edyvean has spoken to Msgr. Garrity about the complaints and has acknowledged the problems Msgr. Garrity regularly presents.  Msgr. Garrity responded in writing to Bishop Edyvean, and copied all the families who complained, basically telling his Bishop, “Tough Luck” nothing will change.  It is obvious to all involved that nothing will likely change in terms of Msgr’s future at St Catherine’s, in large part because of his tight relationship with Cardinal Sean O’Malley.

Negligent episcopal leadership by Cardinal O’Malley

Little recourse is expected from Cardinal O’Malley in this situation. It is common knowledge that the normal process to replace Msgr. McRae as pastor was bypassed when he left for Rome. Msgr. Garrity had announced he was leaving St. Mary’s in Lynn after 18 years to take a “sabbatical” and help care for his elderly sister. Then Garrity heard the pastor job at St. Catherine’s was open, he lobbied Cardinal O’Malley, and the Cardinal gave it to him, ending the normal process to find a replacement that would have considered other candidates.  This was discussed in comments in this June 2011 BCI blog post, including comments by Msgr. Garrity himself and others familiar with the situation.  Most recently, Cardinal O’Malley commended Msgr. Garrity in May of 2013, saying he did an extraordinary job at St. Mary’s in Lynn, and “is very focused on promoting Catholic education in Norwood.

News of the Norwood situation came to us just days before we learned that Cardinal O’Malley’s office told a faithful Catholic that they feel PFLAG, an organization that advocates for same-sex sexual activity and that spoke at St. Cecilia’s in Boston, is “in accord with the teaching and practice of the Roman Catholic Church.

We need to pray for the conversion of Msgr. Garrity, but meanwhile, until such time as acknowledges his own errors, corrects them, and apologizes, he needs to be removed from his role as pastor  lest he continue to lead souls towards sin and away from salvation.  Forward this message to:

Vicar General Bishop Deeley:
U.S. Papal Nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò:

and ask them to intervene to address this scandalous situation.

179 Responses to Boston pastor praised by Cardinal O’Malley puts Holy Family on par with homosexual couples

  1. David S. says:

    This is absolutely absurd. What’s next, should we be “applauding the VIRTUE of family living” as it pertains to polygamy?

    Instead of simply lamenting this amongst ourselves on the blog, we call need to take action.

    Could everyone PLEASE make three phone calls today.

    1. Contact Bishop Walter Edyvean’s office at at 508-647-0296. Bishop Edyvean has overall jurisdiction of the West Region Vicariate IV where St. Catherine of Siena resides.

    2. Contact Cardinal O’Malley’s office at (617) 254-0100.

    3. Contact the Vicar General’s office at (617) 254-0100.

  2. jbq2 says:

    You “ain’t seen nothin’ yet”. “Who are you to judge”?

  3. Norwood Catholic says:

    I have watched Msgr steadily undermine and dismantle the orthodoxy that characterized St Catherine’s. When we bring concerns to his attention we are rebuffed. He operates here giving off a sense of arrogance, that he can say and do whatever he wants and no one will hold him accountable I hope and pray that the latest from him and this blog finally changes that.

    • Ferde Rombola says:

      I grew up in Norwood, graduated from NHS and attended St. Catherine’s often. My experience with people like Garrity and O’Malley is, the best way to get them to pay attention to you, is stop sending them money. Continue in the parish if you must, but writing a check every week is allowing Garrity to pull you by the nose. Cut off his money to let him know you’re serious. Watch how fast you get results.

    • Geoffrey Smith says:

      When the parishioners start putting nickels and dimes in the plate instead of dollars, he’ll get the message.

      • Lou says:

        The dollars you withhold will most certainly be replaced with dollars from those that appreciate the message.

      • garak99 says:

        What Msgr Garrity say not controversial I thought all were welcome to the Church. Are you going to put a sign outside saying “Gays not Welcome”

      • Garak99, Are you Catholic? Our previous blog post gives references to many of the Catholic Church’s teachings in this area. This is not about who is welcome in the Catholic Church.You are muddling the issue–apparently intentionally. It is about the the gross theological distortion and blaspheming of the Holy Family (which you seem to not be troubled by) and it is about promoting homosexual activity and homosexual parents as normal and as equivalent to families with heterosexual parents. If you are not Catholic or do not believe what the Catholic Church teaches, we would suggest you find another forum for your comments amongst others who do not believe what the Catholic Church teaches.

      • garak99 says:

        BostonInsider- Yes I am Catholic it’s no different than me being a American when the United States and it’s elected officials do some I dissagree with or I think it hurting the country I write letters, send e-mail, make phone calls attend protest to voice my displeasure. It’s no different than the Cathoilc Church the reason millions are leaving the church and joining different Christian demominations is due primarly to there positions on social issues. No married couple want a male only celebate clergy telling they what they can and can’t do in the bedrooms and when there friends or family or coworkers who may be gay are treated like do-do by both the church and the Republican party they are offended. One last question a Gay or Lesbian friend invites you to there gay wedding do you attend or do you say “My Religion says if I attend I will go to Hell” Let me tell you the God I believe in would not send someone to Hell for doing what’s correct

      • garak99, If you think being a Catholic is just like being an American citizen, then you have a very grave misunderstanding of the Catholic faith, the Catholic Church, sacred scripture, and the magisterium. BCI is not the place for comments from people who have such deep misunderstandings of what it means to be Catholic and are attempting to hijack an enlightened discourse by faithful Catholics. Please take your comments elsewhere.


      • “The dollars you withhold will most certainly be replaced with dollars from those that appreciate the message.”

        What!? Both of them?

      • “Are you going to put a sign outside saying “Gays not Welcome””

        You must make a clear distinction between homosexuals who are chaste and gays who are not. The former will always be welcome in the Church, but the latter, if they persist in sinful unions with other gays, must be denied Communion.

      • Lou says:

        **What!? Both of them?**

        there are only 2? Look at St. Cecilia’s, St. Anthony’s Shrine, Paulist Center….all vibrant healthy churches. (And with big collection baskets!)

      • Lou, Are you Catholic? Do you believe and embrace everything the Catholic Church teaches, including on sexual morality? Read this blog post and the associated references before you respond. A direct yes/no answer is fine, with no other rhetoric and pablum.

        You must be new here–we ask readers to keep their comments relevant to the blog post. This blog post is about the scandalous letter and homily that put the Holy Family at parity with homosexual couples and suggested families with homosexual parents should be seen as equivalent to those with heterosexual parents. Your comments are not relevant to the blog post.

        Just to respond to your comment, the places you cited all have well-established reputations for promoting views and speakers contrary to what the Catholic Church teaches, and for conveniently neglecting to mention what the Catholic Church actually teaches in these areas. Since you appear to embrace PFLAG and those places, it appears you do not support Catholic Church teachings on sexual morality and homosexuality.

        Since you apparently disagree with what the Catholic Church teaches, please take your comments to other venues better suited to your viewpoints.

  4. Concerned Norwood Catholic says:

    It is worth mentioning that Msgr. Garrity also preached exactly the same message from that bulletin during every Mass that weekend, almost word for word, down to the “two mommies or two daddies.” Children heard and were confused and upset by the message. Something must be done about this pastor, for the sake of our children and our precious Catholic faith. I pray this is the last straw and that Cardinal O’Malley finally understands the gravity of the situation.

    • Lynne says:

      Why do faithful Catholics go to that church? People in that parish, knowing that priest, continue to sit in the church’s pews and expect things to be different? When the parish is empty, then the priest will get a clue.

      • Chris says:

        People stay in a parish because their friends are there and their children’s friends are there. Often they don’t realize the extent of the damage being done to them spiritually until something comes to light. And even after tremendous evils are exposed, nothing is done by those in authority to remove the offender and remedy the situation. Nothing happened when BCI exposed “Fr. Butterballino” last March. Instead, Cardinal O’Malley went to his church and praised him as a great liturgist just a few weeks ago. Nothing will happen with Msgr. Garrity no matter how many people call or write.

      • GoldenRudy says:

        Exactly. The American RCC appears to be rotting from within. Does the leadership of the Church really believe in the Catholic Church? One must take pause to ask that question, sadly.

      • James Joyce says:

        Fortunately the church is full as are the coffers of St. Catherine of Siena. Only a small group of these Catholics, albeit vocal, are being unChristian. Those who are unhappy should find another church where they sit around reading the rule book and intolerance is the written over the door instead of the “Love one another.” message of the gospel.

      • James Joyce, Kindly stop twisting Church teachings. Reread the blog post and excerpts from Church documents. What about Jesus’ admonition “Go and sin no more” do you not understand and accept? If you reject what the Catholic Church teaches, as apparently you do, we suggest you find another venue for your comments with others who reject Church teachings. This venue is intended for Catholics.


    • Geoffrey Smith says:

      Cardinal O’Malley is part of the problem, and not the answer.
      He has encouraged Garrity to utter such heterodox views by praising his good qualities and not condemning his bad ones.
      Perhaps the best solution to the problem would be to dismantle the Archdiocese and reduce it to the status of mission territory, removing O’Malley from the College of Cardinals and appointing him as titular bishop of Timbuktu, in charge of the pagan land of Massachusetts.

    • St. Marcellus says:

      If you live in the area or are a parishioner, perhaps an old fashioned ‘sit-in’ is the way to go..and make sure the wonderful media is on hand to ‘report’ on it. And yes, STOP funding these blasphemers, apostates and heretics. Go to a true Catholic Mass; the immemorial Mass of the saints–the Mass of Pope St. Pius V. When will the pew warmers figure out that the post Vatican II church is no longer Catholic?

  5. Lazarus' Table says:

    The situations you describe, though tragic, are not surprising. They are repeated in various forms throughout the archdiocese. Many priests, especially pastors who believe they have the ‘protection’ of canon law, have rejected many of the church’s teachings in favor of their own humanistic system of theology, ethics and morality that centers very much on the Self (“It’s every man for himself,” one priest told me), on their own desires, needs and weaknesses. If homosexual relationships and activities were to become more accepted within the church there would be less need for these priests to be so discreet and secretive about their own relationships. Some are already quite open—living with their significant other, appearing with them at parish events, enjoying Fire Island vacations. The networking of these priests is so widespread they have learned “in numbers there is power”. The priests who signed the petition urging Cardinal Law’s resignation learned that, banded together with the support of the media, they could even bring down a cardinal. Politic enough empathetic priests into authoritative positions in the archdiocese and the level of boldness increases. “What are they going to do; fire all of us?” The lesson has not been lost on other priests and laity. Maybe it has not been lost even on bishops. What bishop wants his priests to present him with a petition…
    A bishop who might have tried to correct these problems would think twice: “What can I do? I need them. What might they do to me?”
    The condition you describe in your post will continue for a long time to come. The archdiocese has more important things to deal with than the teaching of Christ. And everybody knows it. After the financial situation of the archdiocese has been stabilized then we can start talking about Jesus.

    • Jonathan says:

      Unless we start talking about the teaching(s) of Christ, the coffers will run Sahara dry. Do you really consider material, earthly matters to be more important than spiritual ones? Your flesh will rot, but your soul will last forever. Truth [spiritual needs] first, material needs second, or prepare to embrace personal Hell on Earth and your eternal damnation.

      PS. PAIN + SUFFERING + DEATH BEFORE SIN! We are called to be perfect like our Father is in Heaven, so pick up your crosses and follow Christ our Lord to Calvary!

      • Lazarus' Table says:

        “Do you really consider material, earthly matters to be more important than spiritual ones?” For some Catholics and priests, the answer is Yes. There is a market for a kind of Catholicism that is devoid of any kind of transcendence. Talk about homosexuality and these priests perk up. Talk about Jesus, grace or virtue and their eyes glaze over and they tune you out. They would run their parishes the same whether they were Catholic or Unitarian or Buddhist. It’s just that as Catholics priests get to wear cool vestments, perform lovely rituals, and do stand-up before a captive congregation. It’s even cooler if you‘re a monsignor; you get to dress like Daddy.
        Jesus and His gospel have never been popular or accepted. They go too much against the world’s values. Jesus said you cannot serve two masters, you will love one and hate the other. And these priests sure love the world.

    • St. Marcellus says:

      The financial situation of the archdiocese isn’t meant to ‘stabilize’. If you want to bring the church down, you don’t want stability…far from it. That’s one of the reasons you encourage homosexuals into the seminary. “Read Goodbye Good Men.” Read “AA-1025”. Read “The Rite of Sodomy” (by Randy Engel). Read “The Homosexual Network, Private Lives and Public Policy”.
      For at least the last 75 years, the normal men were out and out driven from the seminaries.

      • Lazarus' Table says:

        Am reading The Rite of Sodomy. It is powerfully explosive but hits the nail on the head as far as the corruption and homosexual network in the church. The ‘opposing camps’ among the clergy, especially in Boston, are not traditional/liberal or rich/poor. Today it’s homosexual clergy vs heterosexual clergy. The homos are winning. There’s more of them. If Catholics knew, if they actually knew what is going on it would be like a volcano exploding. But it would hurt too much to really know. But Catholics must realize: the church and priesthood they once knew is quickly dying. What is taking their place is a religion without God.

      • There is a point of view, to which I subscribe, that the homosexual condition is a diriment impediment to ordination, analogous to femininity. Accordingly, homosexuals cannot become priests, any more than women, and those homosexuals among the clergy are not, in fact, ordained Catholic priests but fraudulent interlopers, masquerading as priests in order to gain access to the young men and boys in our parishes.
        The history of sexual abuse in the Archdiocese of Boston, as elsewhere, is a history of this access being exploited and utilized by these homosexual frauds to satiate their lust, and give vent to their hatred of any semblance of purity among our youth.
        If the Boston archdiocese is, as you say, riddled with these evil men, then for the sake of the Church’s continued existence in America, the diocese will have to be dissolved and the evangelization of Massachusetts must be commenced anew, employing genuine priests who are known to be free of this impediment.

      • St. Marcellus says:

        I don’t remember which Pope it was who publicly wrote/stated that sodomites in the priesthood should be handed over to the civil authorities for execution.
        The problem is that the sodomites (and their spineless allies) were already had the controlling positions and numbers as far back as the 1950s. That’s a main reason Vatican II happened. So we’re stuck with all novus ordo seminaries being cesspools of the new age and any decent, normal man is not given entrance or is expelled as a persona non grata, or leaves in disgust shortly after realizing what a pit he’s gotten into.
        The enemy has taken possession of the buildings & the money. I’m waiting for the Vatican Bank to be dissolved (for the good of the poor of course) and the funds to be sent to the Levant.

  6. Bill Redmond says:

    And now for something completely different.

    Our pastor gave a very nice homily a week ago Sunday. He spoke of the importance of the father being a spiritual leader of the family, and the importance of the mother as heart of the home. My wife and I discussed his homily with the kids on the way home from Mass. They got it.

    • eg1960 says:

      Who is your pastor, then? What’s the name of your parish?

    • Michael says:

      If your point is that there are good priests, I agree. But, if your point is don’t waste time on this frivilous situation in Norwood, I would disagree. This is at the heart of defending our faith.

    • garak99 says:

      And did he speak about single parent homes, or same sex couple families or non Catholic Families ?

      • St. Marcellus says:

        Why should priests speak about such which are NOT the model we are to emulate as Catholics?

  7. 5580 says:

    Politics and clericalism rule the presbyterate in this archdiocese. It’s far more than sad, and it’s not getting any better.

    Thank God for Fr Cannon from Scituate. He is one of the archdiocese’s best as is his brother, Fr Richard Cannon from Saint John’s in Hopkinton. There aren’t to many like them, though.

  8. 5580 says:

    If Bishop Deeley as in charge of this archdiocese, there’s a good chance Msgr. Garrity would be packing. Msgr Deeley cares about the archdiocese.

    One of the most absurd realities of this time, however, is that Cardinal O’Malley is advising the Pope on reforming the Vatican! Saturday Night Live could have a lot of fun with that theme.

    • Lazarus' Table says:

      Your second item troubles me, too, very much. With the seeming overwhelming acceptance of deception as an means of operation in the church, I try very hard to rid myself of the temptations to think all of Pope Francis’ “niceness” is merely a smokescreen to garner popular acceptance of a direction in which the church ought really NOT to be going. God forgive and help me.

      • Capt Crunch says:

        I have the exact same thoughts. God help us.

      • Geoffrey Smith says:

        When the Pope’s enemies actually praise him (Time magazine’s Person of the Year?), you know in your gut that there is something wrong with him. You are not alone, LT. Millions of Catholics are thinking the same thing as you.

      • St. Marcellus says:

        The laity have the DUTY to speak out when the Faith is trampled–no matter who is doing the trampling. Yes, it is a smokescreen–and not a good one at that. When the Church’s enemies are praising the man who calls himself pope, you KNOW we are in very, very deep trouble. However, those who’ve never lost the Faith and who’ve always been ‘over the target’ continue to get the flack. Say for instance, the traditional Catholics who, for the last 60 years, have been marginalized, ostracized and ridiculed by those who occupy the buildings, but who no longer have the Faith or who now, don’t even make a pretense of professing it.

    • Stephen says:

      a good chance Msgr. Garrity would be packing indeed.

  9. tryingtofigureitout says:

    2 sidebars on this ridiculous situation ( i’m sure there are many many more ) ….1) the place looks like it is in the area of 12K a week in collections…. sadly the prevailing thought seems to be that over 10K a week gets a place 1- a free pass on many issues 2- a pass on the new parish configuration plans ( much like st agatha church in milton, another liberal , although i have not heard anything as outrageous as this out of there yet, parish. 2) while looking at the bulletin online and the column in question, i tapped on the bulletin from 12-15-13….this pastor seems to be calling for the canonization of nelson mandela—-the pastor clearly states he ( mandela ) is was not a catholic, and proceeds to offer his opinion that this non catholic status should not be a disqualifier for sainthood mandela…
    and all this heterodoxy is seemingly not a problem but Father Higgins and Mary Immaculate as it is currently operating is a problem…. Lord have mercy on this archdiocese

    • Joe Parishioner says:

      St. Catherine’s collection history has been fairly consistent since shortly Msgr McRae arrived. Msgr Garrity has little to do with the success there. I would gather that one reason he came out of retirement (I mean, sabbatical) was for this specific, financially successful parish. It would be hard to mess this parish up, as hard as he is trying. My hope is that his resignation is accepted and he is reassigned during reconfiguration.

      • tryingtofigureitout says:

        Joe… an honest question… why have the real catholics like yourself stayed? why are they/you contributing? wouldn’t halving the weekly income be noticeable and draw some scrutiny maybe?

  10. EH says:

    Do you think Msgr. Garrity took the Holy Father’s words regarding homosexuals could have influenced his opinions????

    • Yes I do…….and also Bishop of Rome Bergoglio’s recent relativistic statement:

      “I remember the case of a very sad little girl who finally confided to her teacher the reason for her state of mind: ‘my mother’s fidanzata, that is, her “fiancée” (a woman engaged to be married) doesn’t like me.’ The percentage of children studying in schools who have separated parents is very high. The situation in which we live now provides us with new challenges which sometimes are difficult for us to understand. How can we proclaim Christ to these boys and girls? How can we proclaim Christ to a generation that is changing? We must be careful not to administer a vaccine against faith to them.”

      The pastor in Norwood, who I don’t know, is many things but stupid is not one of them, he realizes that our Pope has given a green light to his laissez faire catholycism.

  11. Five-Five-Seven-Seven says:

    I will join in praying for Msgr. Garrity and the people at St. Catherine’s because the Lord’s intervention is the only remedy we can hope for.
    Sure, Cardinal O’Malley can be written to or called, but at this point, do we really expect that he will do anything (no matter what the issue?) He’s not running things, and hasn’t been for quite a few years.
    Bishop Edyvean is a good man, but he’s not going to take a stand. He would be right in doing so, but he would be standing alone.

    I would guess that the reason Msgr. Garrity, and others preach and teach in error is that they can. If seems that if you are a little bit “bully-ish” the folks at Brooks Drive will back down almost every time, if for no other reason than to avoid the conflict. Msgr. Garrity is a strong personality and they’re most likely afraid of him. And on the other hand, Father Higgins, a good and holy priest, tries to be compliant and obedient but gets run over.
    Msgr. Garrity is spiritually lost and morally and pastorally wrong, but I don’t believe this is about right or wrong (though there are matters of faith and morals that are.) It’s about strength. The old saying is true: “The best defense is a good offense.”
    Msgr. Garrity knows that.

    • Michael says:

      “Bishop Edyvean is a good man, but he’s not going to take a stand.”

      Sorry 5577, no such thing. A person is either a “good man” willing to take a stand, or he is not. There is no such thing as a nice, pastoral, peaceful, friendly, fun-loving, guys-guy, “good man” who is unwilling to stand against evil.

      There is the “good man” who has the courage to be good. And then there is “the rest of the men” … all afraid of the boogey man or too lazy to do what it takes to be “good.”

      Look at all of the “good (catholic) men” running our schools. All running in fear from the gay agenda and political correctness. Look at all of the “good (catholic) men” running our Federal and State governments. All out looking to befriend everyone and sell our society down the drain, while giving lip service to truth and justice. Look at all of the “good (catholic) men” in academia. All afraid of absolute truth. Look at all of the “good )catholic) men” in corporate America. All cow-towing to the machine … because to not do so might impact their ability to receive an invitation to a dinner party, or to hang out with the guys on another Sunday afternoon to watch a football game, or somehow it might negatively impact their “on-track” career.

      Bishop Edyvean, like Bishop Coleman in Fall River, is not a good man if he is not willing to stand up against an evil agenda – notwithstanding what a great personality he may have or “kind heart.”

      Is Bishop Coleman a “good man?” Let’s ask Fr. Roger Landry who said to me that Bishop Coleman was just not the man to address the falsehoods (and contradictions of Catholic Church teaching) that the “diversity office” at Stonehill College is foisting on their students while claiming to be a Catholic institution.

      Where are the good men willing to stand up? Are there no good Catholic men at Stonehill? Are there no good Stonehill alumni (Fr. Matt Williams???)? Are there no good bishops in Massachusetts? And if a man unwilling to stand up for the truth and against evil can be called good, what do you call a man who has the courage to throw away his career and who passes up the financial benefits of going along to get along?

      • Michael says:

        P.S. I will bet (the first person to accept) $100.00 that both Fr. Roger Landry and Fr. Matt Williams some day down the road become Bishops.

      • Joe Parishioner says:

        Bishop Edyvean has taken a stand. He has addressed Msgr directly, and brought previous issues up to the Cardinal. He was dismissed by Msgr Garrity.

        Essentially, canonically, only the Archbishop has the authority to discipline, appoint/assign/reassign a pastor. He can choose to initiate that conversation directly with the priest, or through an auxiliary bishop. In this case , the Cardinal has not done that.

        Msgr. Garrity knows that Bishop Edyvean has no authority over him unless given it by the Cardinal. So he can continue to do what he wants until the Cardinal addresses the situation. That seems unlikely to happen. But, please don’t blame Bishop Edyvean. He has been responsive, direct, and taken action to the degree that he can. It is up to the Cardinal to correct this problem.

    • St. Marcellus says:

      Heaven forbid he should be standing alone.. like our Lord was scourged, beaten, spat on, and nailed to a cross on His own.

  12. See Christ, Be Christ. says:

    It is interesting to me that the term “bully” comes up in this “discussion” forum, as well as the terms “right and wrong”.

    Indeed this is NOT a question of right or wrong. My reply is a simply a question you may ask yourself “Is this between me and the Monsignor, or is this between Monsignor and God?”.

    I wonder how many of you, before throwing a stone, would lead a Christ-like example and speak with this Monsignor. One on one, in person – listening, discussing and understanding, rather than publically judging in this horrific mob mentality forum. You may say differently, but your questioning demeanor and word choices would certainly be different face to face.

    Regardless of whether you think what Monsignor Garrity said was very wrong, bold, or courageous and full of love, would Jesus have cast out someone he thought had done or said wrong?

    See Christ in others, be Christ for others!
    Your Parish and School Families stand behind you.

    • 509jrb2301 says:

      Please read Mt. chapter 23. I think you’ll find your answer there.

      • Capt Crunch says:

        Or the CCC

        II. Respect for the Dignity of Persons

        Respect for the souls of others: scandal

        2284 Scandal is an attitude or behavior which leads another to do evil. the person who gives scandal becomes his neighbor’s tempter. He damages virtue and integrity; he may even draw his brother into spiritual death. Scandal is a grave offense if by deed or omission another is deliberately led into a grave offense.

        2285 Scandal takes on a particular gravity by reason of the authority of those who cause it or the weakness of those who are scandalized. It prompted our Lord to utter this curse: “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”85 Scandal is grave when given by those who by nature or office are obliged to teach and educate others. Jesus reproaches the scribes and Pharisees on this account: he likens them to wolves in sheep’s clothing.86

        2286 Scandal can be provoked by laws or institutions, by fashion or opinion.

    • Caterina di Giacomo di Benincasa says:

      Many of us have done exactly what you suggest and have not gotten anywhere. As a result many have left the parish and pulled their children from the school. But you already know this.

      Nice try, Monsignor. As a Saint Catherine’s parent I know few parents who would have written the above comment. But the writing style and tone is extremely familiar…

    • Ferde Rombola says:

      Unlike yours, my name is attached to my message. Arrange a meeting for me with the Msgr and I guarantee I will show up and I guarantee he will get an earful from me. My e-mail address is ‘’

    • Capt Crunch says:

      Saying Mary was an unwed mother is incorrect! Please see the following link

      Saying this is an issue between the Msgr in God is also incorrect. There is a difference between public sin and private sin. Yes private sin is between the person and God, this is public sin.

      I’ve seen neither people throwing stones or bullying. In fact quite the contrary, accusing those of us seeking clarification and correction in erroneous teaching and scandalous behavior is bullying.

    • Concerned Parent says:

      “Regardless of whether you think what Monsignor Garrity said was very wrong, bold, or courageous and full of love, would Jesus have cast out someone he thought had done or said wrong?”

      How could drawing a faulty comparison between the Holy Family and those deliberately choosing to live a deviant lifestyle in an effort to further normalize said deviancy in the minds of the target audience EVER be characterized as “bold, courageous and full of love”? This is an act of hypocrisy on the part of the priest rather than of charity.

      From the USCCB website, 2 Timothy 4
      “Solemn Charge:

      I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingly power:
      proclaim the word; be persistent whether it is convenient or inconvenient; convince, reprimand, encourage through all patience and teaching.

      For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine but, following their own desires and insatiable curiosity, will accumulate teachers

      and will stop listening to the truth and will be diverted to myths.

      But you, be self-possessed in all circumstances; put up with hardship; perform the work of an evangelist; fulfill your ministry.”

      Jesus wants us to repent, not stay mired in our sins.

      “No, I say to you: but unless you shall do penance, you shall all likewise perish. “

    • Stephen says:

      It seems the Monsignor may have spoken up for himself.
      “See Christ in others, be Christ for others!”
      So simply substituting God for Christ we get:
      See God in others (got it), Be God for others (?)

      Speaking as a Priest acting in Persona Christi this makes sense.
      Indeed it is what makes the sacraments valid.

      Speaking as simply one of the Faithful it is presumption of the worst kind. Acting as God for others in matters of the State, politics or social issues is heretical. The communists love that stuff. The rule of thumb is: render unto Cesare what is Cesare’s… you know the rest.

      Metaphysics at one time was studied by first year seminarians. The subject actually predates Christianity and focuses on this idea
      of ‘Being’. It has been suggested that killing this subject in seminaries (prior to 1900!) was specifically designed to make priests vulnerable to the many temptations of their position.
      The Heresy is Modernism.

      Could BCI PLEASE use the proper term, rather than toss about
      “heresy” with our defining it? To call somebody a heretic with out actually highlighting the reason is name calling. And I know how much you guys hate that.

      • Stephen,
        Just to clarify, we did not say that the person posting as “My2Cents,” “See Christ, Be Christ” and “Beautiful” is Msgr. Garrity. We simply said that the person posting comments here under those names appears to be the same person and have an affiliation with St. Catherine in Norwood.

        In fact, the last time we know of Msgr. Garrity posting here, he posted under his own name:

        “Please let me introduce myself to you. I am Msgr. Paul V. Garrity. I would be happy to have a face to face conversation with anyone about my 38 years of service as a priest…I would respectfully request that anyone who has a concern about my fidelity to Jesus and all that the Catholic Church teaches come and see me for an adult conversation”.

        (As an aside, people have expressed their concerns about his fidelity to what the Catholic Church teaches in adult in-person conversations and they have been rebuffed).

        As far our reference to heresy, the definition of “heresy” is a belief or opinion that does not agree with the official belief or opinion of a particular religion. We believe our use of the word here was appropriate and it should be self-evident that what the pastor expressed is indeed heresy. Let us not debate that issue, and instead focus on what Msgr. Garrity has said and what should be done about it, which is the main topic of this blog post.

      • Stephen says:

        Caterina di Giacomo di Benincasa imply it.
        The Priest in Question has been quoted.
        Why would anybody want to discuss anything with a person who makes such absurd statements is beyond me. Being an egomaniac is an occupational hazard in the church. Have a great retirement Padre, I’ll pray for your soul. gives a more adult definition of heresy than what you have offered.

        The Modernists reject all dogma. I will not play that game.
        When you step away from dogma you step away from Truth.
        This is exactly why there are many Catholics who will discuss the pro/cons of abortion or sodomy or some other demonic sin with a straight face. The Jesuit have a long history of such intellectual gymnastics in fact it is THEIR tradition, it is not The Chuch’s Tradition.

        What should be done about the intellectual delinquencies of a Priest with 38 years of seniority?

        Don’t listen to a word he say’s, and pray for him elsewhere.
        Further: define unequivocally the exact nature and facts of his transition from church dogma. Put it in writing and put it on the windshields of all the parishioners left who actually go to Mass.
        Do that and you won’t have to worry about letters getting to the Cardinal… He’ll get them by the bag full.

        I’m starting to feel like BCI doesn’t like me.

  13. James Joyce says:

    I guess the Pope who said, “Who am I to judge?” would not find a welcome spot in the pews of St. Catherine of Siena in Norwood. Monsignor Garrity would welcome him but everyone else would be waving their fingers at him.
    When are the crotchety old folks living in the 18th century wake up and find themselves in the 21st century? Most of the rest of the world has realized it is a good idea to stay out of other people’s bedrooms.

    I suggest people tend to their own souls. It is a full time job.

    • My2Cents. says:

      Amen! Although, if you’d come to St. Catherine’s and sit in the pew, you would immediately recognize that these folks are the minority. They sit in the back, shake fingers and only sing when “O Lord I Am Not Worthy” is on tap!

      • My2Cents,
        It has come to our attention that you are the same person who posted previously as “See Christ, Be Christ, and that you apparently have some affiliation with St. Catherine in Norwood. We do not mind if readers post comments anonymously using a screen-name other than their real first/last name, but we do not want readers gaming the system by posting under multiple different names as you have apparently done, trying to convince readers that your views are backed by several different people when it is in fact just you who have those views. Please stop doing this.

    • Moral Theology Student says:

      James Joyce, if you’ve been following Pope Francis, you’ll surely know that almost every week the Vatican has been issuing some clarification or correction regarding something he said. Here are a few headlines:

      Vatican Stresses That Pope Has Not Abolished Sin.

      Vatican Clarifies Pope’s ‘Atheist’ Remarks

      Vatican spokesman on Pope’s interviews: ‘not a magisterial document

      Pope Francis: ‘Marxist Ideology Is Wrong, But I Know Many Marxist Who Are Good People’

      If we are charitable and give Francis the benefit of the doubt, at best he is a man of sloppy language. Some think he is following the trajectory of the late Cardinal Martini. Have you seen this article?

      When we regard a number of Pope Francis’ words and actions, we cannot help but notice him following the trajectory of Cardinal Martini. It is no small matter that in the 2005 Conclave that elected Ratzinger to the papacy, Cardinal Bergolgio was not only the leading contender, but “the votes of Martini’s supporters, along with others, converged at the time precisely on Bergoglio. Eight years later, in March of 2013, it was again the ‘martiniani’ who backed the election of Bergoglio as pope. This time with success”.[12]
      Bergoglio has long been regarded as the “Martini candidate”, who would become the “Martini Pope”. Thus National Catholic Reporter Editor Thomas C. Fox published the celebratory headline, “Cardinal Martini’s Dream: the Church of Francis”.[13]


      In Night Conversations, Cardinal Martini says, “I know there are homosexual couples, people who are highly regarded and public-minded. I have never been asked, and it would never occur to me, to judge them.”[14]
      Similarly, Pope Francis said to reporters on the flight back to Rome from Rio de Janeiro, “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?”[15]
      Any competent Catholic moralist will immediately note that the question is answered backwards. “My” personal judgment on a person’s subjective disposition does not come first in the discussion, but rather the objective morality of the act. Both Bergoglio and Martini give the wrong impression of Catholic moral teaching by starting with the subjective, rather than the objective.
      Neither of our two churchmen begin by stating that homosexual acts are intrinsically evil; that there are no set of circumstances that could ever justify homosexual acts; that the same-sex act is a grave sin against nature, grave sin against God, a mortal sin that sends the soul to hell for eternity if not repented, and is one of the four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.
      Once the objective order is established, then and only then can we move to the subjective. What about the soul who suffers this temptations and tries to overcome it? In such a case, anyone fighting temptation to grave sin has a right to our prayers and our support in helping him to overcome an immoral inclination. The question of homosexuality can be explained without inserting “myself” into to it: “It would never occur to me to judge them”; “who am I to judge?”
      Furthermore, these “who am I to judge?” statements play into the hand of the Church’s enemies who constantly claim that Catholicism is inordinately “judgmental” against homosexuals.
      For Bergoglio, the most charitable observation we can make is that he is a man of sloppy statements, a fact now universally recognized by any clear-thinking person (even non-Catholics see it).
      For Martini, however, it appears that his “it would never occur to me to judge them” is a subtle entry into an attempt to undermine Catholic doctrine against homosexuality.

      I think the Pope should be welcome in the pews anywhere. As for his off-the-cuff public comments, he has proven himself sufficiently sloppy with comments regarding Catholic doctrine that I and many others shudder every time we hear he’s conducted an interview.

      BCI, I apologize for the long length–I felt this needed to be said.

      • James Joyce says:

        Of course the “Vatican” tries to clarify the sloppy speech of the Pope. He is speaking true Christian Love. What does the “Vatican” know about that? What the Pope is (finally) saying undermines the life of luxury and princely entitlement of so many living in Vatican City.
        When the Pope speaks you shouldn’t shudder, you should listen.

      • James Joyce, One more note. This is not a blog where we discuss and debate the validity of Church teachings. There are plenty of those blogs out there. Here at BCI, we accept and embrace Catholic Church teachings, and we discuss and call attention to situations where those teachings are distorted and/or where some fiscal or moral corruption is occurring. Since you seem most interested in advancing positions in conflict with Church teachings on sexual morality, we would ask that you find another venue for your comments.


      • It’s not so much the Pope’s speech that makes us shudder, James Joyce, as much as his dilatory response to blatant contradictions of the Church’s teaching by certain bishops, such as Cardinal Kasper.

    • Not judging says:

      Catholics can be identified by which of the following characteristics?
      (A) Crotchety old folks living in the 18th century
      (B) Finger waivers
      (C) Interested in other’s bedroom activities
      (D) None of the above

      The correct answer: D

    • Stephen says:

      Dear James, (spoken with an Irish brogue)
      If it twere only your finger you were waving about.
      Catholic’s care little about what the rest of the world thinks.
      The creator come to us in the form of Bread!
      Beat that, you Modernist!

    • Smitty58 says:

      Bravo! A voice of reason!

      • St.Longinus says:

        Oh yes, and a voice of Enlightenment! We can never have enough of those kinds. It’s the voice of Truth which must be smothered so that the tyranny of Enlightenment may continue its reign of terror.

  14. Justyn Tyme says:

    The best way to deal with these “Little Monsters” like Garrity and his ilk is to walk away and take your money with you. There are plenty of other worthy Catholic Churches to attend in the Archdiocese. People have as much power over you as you give them! There is a lot of internal clerical politics going on here of which blackmail is involved in one form or another. They have dirt on each other and dirt is a very controlling weapon used a lot in clerical circles. This includes Bishops and Cardinals. We need to continue to pray and act re: the Cleansing of the Clergy e.g. Bishop Accountability- These are the clergy that Pope Francis calls “Little Monsters.” Pray for good and holy priests!

    • Michael says:

      but don’t bring the money to another parish and support the wimps in braintree. Give it to an authentic catholic organization pursuing the truth.

    • Joe22 says:

      How about picketing at the Church and not letting the Pastor spew his lies to our children, just don’t let him say Mass?

      Of Course then go to a church that does speak the truth, and give your money there.

      Note: Brian Hehr #2 in the Archdiocese and the one who is pulling the strings, sold off the hospitals because they were not doing abortions and is very Gay friendly.

      • Concerned Parent says:

        “How about picketing at the Church and not letting the Pastor spew his lies to our children, just don’t let him say Mass?”

        Definately an enormous mistake for any Catholic (and particularly young children) to be exposed to such a fallacious, twisted interpretation of Catholicism. Vote with your feet and with your wallets and leave this misguided shepherd without a flock to corrupt.

  15. Anna says:

    The Holy Family is like unto two friends with benefits, immoral women or men living in a state of mortal sin.

    What a cheap trick to play on hundreds of families and children.

    Pope Francis has described same-sex marriage as the work of the devil, a destructive attack on God’s plan, gay adoption is a form of discrimination against children, a move of the father of Lies who seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God. He’s said At stake is the identity and survival of the family: father, mother and children. At stake are the lives of many children who will be discriminated against in advance, and deprived of their human development given by a father and a mother and willed by God. At stake is the total rejection of God’s law engraved in our hearts.

    Cardinal O’Malley is protecting the priest monsters in this archdiocese and every single one he protects is preaching immorality to homosexuals. We are beyond the point where the situation is open to coincidence. He is protecting them because they are teaching and preaching immorality to homosexuals.

    His motive remains unknown, but these are the facts.

    No responsible parent with children they wish to form with the tools for salvation for the rest of their natural lives should be sitting in the pews because their friends are there.

    That is as irresponsible as taking them to a pedophile pediatrician because you are a creature of habit. In fact, it’s worse.

    Get out.

  16. Uncle Rufus says:

    Msgr. Garrity shows that liberalism is a cancer within the Church, spreading like wildfire and destroying it from within. Satan is laughing with delight.

  17. Stephen says:

    Oh for crying out loud, we are talking about unsanitary deviant sexual practices and people who essentially define themselves by them and we have a priest drawing parallels to the Nativity?

    Less than ten years ago John Paul II called the adoption of children by sodomites a form of child abuse.

    “…the first family of Christianity reminds us that there is no such thing as normal.” ????

    The Modernist have destroyed morality based on Natural Law with what the Harvard free masonic enemies of the Faith have replaced it with is Deviance theory. Now you have unwitting pastors in ‘the church of nice’ suggesting that there is no such thing as normal.

    Dear Saint Joseph normalized a rather extraordinary occurrence, the incarnation.

    • Ferde Rombola says:

      I agree with what you say here, Stephen, with one exception. I’d not use ‘unwitting’ to describe Garrity and his ilk. No one is that stupid. These guys know exactly what they’re doing.

  18. Rb says:

    But the parishioners who disagree with the pastor still put money in the collection basket. STOP GIVING MONEY!!!

  19. […] Wolfe Church of England to Dump “Sin” & “Devil” from Baptism Rite? – Fr. Z Pastor Praised by Crd O’Malley Equates Holy Family w/Gay Couples – BCI The New Modernist Inquisition of the Latin Mass Franciscans – A. Socci Are […]

  20. Rb says:

    If catholics would just stop giving money in collection basket, this priest would be gone. STOP GIVING MONEY to heretics!!!

  21. BH says:

    I’d like to suggest that people also write to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith:

    Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller
    Prefect, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Piazza del S. Uffizio 11 00193 Rome, Vatican City

  22. Ez says:

    “between about 1985 and 1995, Catholic Charities of Boston, which accepted state funds in support of its adoption services program, placed 13 children with gay couples out of 720 adoptions. Catholic Charities President Rev. J. Bryan Hehir explained the practice: “If we could design the system ourselves, we would not participate in adoptions to gay couples, but we can’t. We have to balance various goods.”[22] In December 2005, the lay-dominated board of Catholic Charities of Boston voted unanimously to continue gay adoptions. On March 10, 2006, after unsuccessfully seeking help from Governor Mitt Romney in obtaining an exemption from the state’s anti-discrimination statute, O’Malley and leaders of Catholic Charities announced that the agency would terminate its adoption work effective June 30, rather than continue to place children under the guardianship of homosexuals. Hehir said “This is a difficult and sad day for Catholic Charities. We have been doing adoptions for more than 100 years.”” (Wikipaedia excerpt)

    It’s hard to understand this fact in relation to this blog post.

  23. Beautiful says:

    This comment has been moderated by BCI, as “Beautiful” appears to be posting under multiple screen-names, including “See Christ, Be Christ and “My2Cents.” Kindly cut it out.

  24. What would have been EZ’z reaction when,in meetings of the Companions program, an “outreach” program initiated by representatives of Catholic Charities under the leadership of Dr. Doolin,his friend Charles Connors who was the leader of Boston PFLAG, Fr. John J. White, who was the associate of Fr. Paul Shanley in their “gay” bed and breakfast resort(s) in Palm Springs,CA, Fr. Lewandowski and Fr. Walter Cuenin,both supporters of PFLAG and New Ways Ministries, Vivian Soper and Pat Dunne who were Licensed Social Workers for Catholic Charities , who were encouraging Catholic parents to support the efforts of PFLAG and the New Ways Ministries? These meetings took place in the early 1990’s just before the Boston Globe started reporting about the scandalous behavior of Fr. Paul Shanley who had previously been honored for his Catholic outreach to those who engaged in same-sex sexual acts. After the efforts of many people to get Bishop. Murphy, then Moderator of the Boston Archdiocese, to look into what was happening, the Companions program was stopped. Would EZ have tried to bring this Companion program to the attention of the leaders of the Boston Archdiocese? Would EZ have looked for accountability of the financial expenditures of Catholic Charities regarding the support of the Companions program? The history of Catholic Charities regarding this issue can be found in the archives of letters from Catholic parishioners which should have been stored during Bishop Murphy’s tenure.

  25. Correction: The date of the initiation of the Companions program was 1999, not “early 1990’s” as I mistakenly printed above.

  26. A Novel Idea says:

    It is sad reading about the goings on in Boston. At least in the public eye the Church was once considered a moral beacon. Today even the most fervent Catholic is not surprised at the moral decay chewing away at the church’s foundation.
    Works of fiction –“The DaVinci Code”, “Angels and Demons”– were largely considered just that– works of fiction but in many ways they are simply fictional stories that describe a sad truth about the hypocrisy within the church, and people are recognizing it because they, like you, have been personally witnessing it. The terrible sex abuse scandal, or rather how the church responded to those whio were abused, definitively revealed what the church is really made of. When it was forced to choose between stopping the abusers and aiding the abused, or preserving the public image of the church and its financial security, which did they choose? Who did they choose to throw under the bus?
    Many Catholics sincerely look to the Church as a source of faith and grace. Others see the church as just a provider of lovely rituals commemorating important life events, with no further significance that the ritual itself. It’s all they want, or expect, from the church. Plenty of religion, little faith. They are happy to supprt the church in the same way they might support their local theatre: as long as they get a good show it does not matter what kind of life the “actors” lead. They will ensure that “the show go on”, and the church will get enough money to keep their theatres open. The only thing that elicits a response from the church is publicity, headlines, a further expose of the real faces behind the masks. Letters to the editor accomplish far more than letters to the cardinal.
    Some in the media are enjoying watching the church implode on itself. The pity is, it need never have happened. If only they practiced what they preached.

    • Jonathan says:

      Brilliant! I am going to save this golden prose for future purposes, citing credit where due of course!

      “The pity is, it need never have happened. If only they practiced what they preached.”

      Well written. +1

      • A Novel Idea says:

        It was difficult to write, Jonathan. I am probably the last person to ever believe that the things written about on this blog could be true. The church, though human, is better than that. I thought. I was mistaken. There are probably some who will read the notes on this blog and think we are all just crazy malcontents looking to make trouble for the church. In a way that is understandable. Who would have imagined the things described on this page could actually happen? But sooner or later they will discover, as I sadly discovered, that the church has no greater enemies than the corrupt clergy of all ranks who have forgotten Christ (if they still believe in the first place), who have forgotten they will one day have to give an account of their stewardship. Pray for these poor men. If you know a good priest who is trying very hard to be faithful, take care of him. Chances are very good he is being used and abused by the institution to which he has given his life.

      • St. Marcellus says:

        Found this about Garrity at another blog. It’s from March 2012

  27. Lou J Apa says:

    OUTRAGEOUS…RePent brother….AND the Bishop of Boston MUST respond to validate The True Faith and to support CHRIST JESUS, himself!!!…..lja/JMJ

  28. Capt Crunch says:

    • garak99 says:

      It’s so refreshing to see someone in the Catholic Church making common sense remarks about social issues we need more like Msgr. Garrity. Not muchdifferent than Pope Francis comments on Gays being welcome to the church.. Church Militant TV The Catholic Church you believe in went out 50 years ago along with The Tea Party version on America

      • The good old, anti-intellectual “appeal to the century stopper argument” i.e. “our secularist elites are celebrating these outrages, let’s join in and get with the times.” If St. Paul, St. Peter et al. were also moral and spiritual cowards, they would have proclaimed ” pagan rituals, adultery, sodomy, public cruelty of Roman and ancient society, slavery, exposing infants,etc. is the popular thing with the elites, let’s get with the times folks! Our Lord didn’t call for conversion and opposition to the World!”

      • Jonathan says:

        Your comparison of any nation, let alone the US, to the Church is laughable if it were not so insulting. America is an evil [baby-killing] state, but the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is founded and guided by the Divine Incarnate, our Lord physically present as the Eucharist appearing as though bread and wine, yet not bread and wine, for the delivering of all repentant souls from damnation.

        PS. ADVISEMENT: Seek forgiveness on the grounds of the offended [our Lord] if you are genuinely sorry, not on the turf of personal ego. Go to Confession frequently and receive the Eucharist in the resulting state of sanctifying grace, or prepare to embrace eternal damnation.

  29. Joe K says:

    Sick, sick, sick and he a teacher of the faith? Cardinal O’Malley it in your court. Forgive the sinner not the sin!!

    • GoldenRudy says:

      O’Malley is in concert. Remember O’Malley’s backing off on the decision of a parich school in Randolph not to enroll a child in that was int he care of a lesbian couple? He made the school enroll the child. Therefore, sending a signal that the situation was “normal”.

      • Stephen says:

        The school was in Hingham, and O’Malley was out of town. Hehir did it and I believe was on the radio discussing it before O’Malley was even back in town.

      • Ferde Rombola says:

        Actually the machinations started when O’Malley said the Archdiocese would look at the example of the Archdiocese of Denver, which had at that time dealt with a similar problem. THE NEXT DAY!!! Hehir told the Globe, no, we won’t go outside to take an example from anyone. We’ll do it our own way. And he did. O’Malley didn’t say a WORD in opposition. He slunk back into his corner seat and let Hehir proceed. BCI will correct me if I’m wrong.

  30. GoldenRudy says:

    Does not Jesus’s warning about those that scandalize the young (Matthew 18-6) not apply to this priest? Bad enough this Garrity wrote this trash, but to repeat it from the pulpit where little children woudl hear it? Very troubling, indeed. I also note that on the parish web-site the “Service Schedule” is linked. When a Cathoic Church refers to the Mass as a “service”, that to me is a true warning sign.

  31. tryingtofigureitout says:

    i wonder what father garrity would say to father lombardi about this?

    • Geoffrey Smith says:

      Probably what all DIY theologians say when they get the bit between their teeth. “I am God and what I say, goes”.
      Garrity reminds me of Hans Küng, another priest who thinks he knows better than the Magisterium of the Church.

    • St. Marcellus says:

      You don’t really believe the media is manipulating the comments, or mistranslating them? First of all, IF that truly were happening, the Vatican would put a stop to it immediately OR they’d put a stop to Bergoglio’s constant running of his mouth. Instead, the Vatican blames the media for Bergoglio’s all-too-apparent apostasy. Mr. Garrity would likely say that he’s in full agreement with Mr. Lombardi. (At this point, I won’t refer to either of them as “Father” since they were both ordained after 1968 and their behavior clearly indicates they most definitely didn’t receive Holy Orders.)

  32. garak99 says:

    It’s so refreshing to see someone in the Catholic Church making common sense remarks about social issues we need more like Msgr. Garrity. Not mush different than Pope Francis comments on Gays being welcome to the church.

    • tryingtofigureitout says:

      sir you want to pay closer attention ..try looking at the post just above yours

    • Boston priest says:

      Are you familiar with the scriptural reading from John 8 about the adulterous woman?

      Jesus did not condemn the adulterous woman, but he did tell her, “Go, (and) from now on do not sin any more.”

      Perhaps you’re unaware that homosexual activity is one of the 4 sins that cry out to God for vengeance. “Because the outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is great and their sin is very grave, I will go down to see whether they have done altogether according to the outcry which has come to me.” (Gn 18:20-21)

      People who have an attraction to others of same sex are of course welcome in the Catholic Church–but they’re asked to live a chaste life and to not commit the sin of engaging in homosexual activity. That’s what Msgr. Garrity and you are missing. I will pray for your conversion and that God may grace you with knowledge of the truth.

      • garak99 says:

        People do not choose to be be gay but your saying because your gay you should lead a life without Love or a companion because it’s a sin ?

      • Ferde Rombola says:

        99, surely you cannot be that stupid. Obtuse is a better word for you. First, I’d like to have my language back. ‘Gay’ is an adjective, not a noun, and it certainly doesn’t mean ‘homosexual.’ Will you please say ‘homosexual’ when you mean ‘homosexual’ and ‘gay’ when you mean ‘gay?’ Thanks.

        Second, it’s still up for grabs whether people choose to be homosexual, but engaging in the practice of homosexuality, i.e., involving oneself in a deviate sexual activity is a clear personal choice, so let’s get off the ‘it’s not my fault’ canard, shall we?

        A life without defiant sex is not a life without love. It’s a life without serious sin, far more preferable to anyone who has a concern about where he will spend eternity.

      • Ferde Rombola says:

        And BTW, 99, ‘your’ is a personal pronoun. It refers to possession of a thing or a personal attribute; what you’re trying to say is, ‘but you are saying…’ In that case you need a contraction for ‘you are.’ That would be ‘you’re.’ Back to second grade for you, buddy. Given the level of your discourse here, you could definitely benefit from the trip.

  33. Daniel Gray says:

    How can Msgr. Paul Garrity compare the Blessed Virgin Mary with so called ‘unwed’ mothers? Her spouse was the Holy Spirit.

    Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    On the other hand, the ‘unwed’ mothers referred to conceived by one of the following methods:

    Fornication, adultery, incest, rape, or IVF implantation, or putting it
    bluntly as a result of sinful human acts.

    What an absolute insult to all spiritual sensibility.

    As if this wasn’t bad enough Msgr. Paul Garrity also likens the Holy Family to a ‘family’ where sodomy is practiced. How is it possible we have priests that promote such evil.

    ‘Woe to those who call evil good’

    • Geoffrey Smith says:

      “How is it possible we have priests that promote such evil.”

      The question inevitably arises: Is Garrity himself a covert gay masquerading as a priest? Is he using his position in the Church to promote the gay agenda?
      Can any of his parishioners tell us if this is the case?
      Remember, there is no smoke without fire, and it certainly looks to me as if Garrity is a wolf in a sheep’s fleece. Please excuse the mixed metaphor but it is very apropos, don’t you think?

      • Geoffrey Smith says:

        A further point. The obvious reluctance of Cardinal O’Malley to discipline Mgsr Garrity, and the apparent immunity from the strictures of canon law enjoyed by this priest, does give me pause for thought: is Garrity blackmailing O’Malley by some means or other? I mean, what other way could he persuade the Cardinal to leave him alone to do his own thing, regardless of the teaching of the Church? If a priest is so lacking in concern for the spiritual well-being of his parishioners, it’s odds on that he is lacking in some other respect also, and the history of the Boston archdiocese is, I think, indicative of what that deficiency probably is.

      • Concerned Parent says:

        “I mean, what other way could he persuade the Cardinal to leave him alone to do his own thing, regardless of the teaching of the Church? ”

        Perhaps the Cardinal agrees with him.

      • “Perhaps the Cardinal agrees with him.”

        Yes, there is that possibility. The College of Cardinals should be abolished, in my opinion. We have no further use for it in these days of the Internet and video-conferencing.
        Too many of their Eminences seem to be teaching false doctrine. It’s not only O’Malley’s inertia or sympathy for Garrity’s views, but also the absurd notion of the German cardinal, Kasper, and his idea of allowing Communion to be given to Catholics who have divorced and “remarried” without first obtaining an annulment of their ‘marriage’.

      • Michael says:

        I’m sorry Smith, you used a term the Archdiocese of Boston doesn’t understand. Dr. Mary grassy kneel … never heard of the term “gay agenda.” Could you please define words that members of the Archdiocese are gonna have trouble with. Otherwise they won’t be able to follow your logic.

      • I would have thought that the expression is clear enough, Michael.
        What began in the 1980s as a miniscule group of militant homosexuals, determined to impose their life-style on society, has metastasized, like a cancer, into a world-wide conspiracy which has been given the umbrella term of ‘the gay agenda’.

  34. garak99 says:

    “Is he using his position in the Church to promote the gay agenda?”
    The Gay Agenda does not exist except in the minds of the Tea Party, The Bible Belt, Homophobics and the Weakminded” Asking for equal rights in society is not a agenda is equality”

    • Yes, this cleric is promoting the homosexual agenda. The “gay” agenda has existed for over 50 years and went into accelerated mode with the so called “Stonewall Riot” in the 60s. The “tea party” is concerned with size of government, fiscal and constitutional issues. There is no tea party position re: “gays” except in the fevered imagination of ideologues.

      • Capt Crunch says:


        If you going to quote H.L Mencken (a racist) at LEAST give him credit.

        In every unbeliever’s heart there is an uneasy feeling that, after all, he may awake after death and find himself immortal. This is his punishment for his unbelief. This is the agnostic’s Hell.

        — H.L. Mencken

    • Geoffrey Smith says:

      “The Gay Agenda does not exist…”

      Yeah, right. Like the Soviets protesting that they had no designs on free Europe, c. 1945-1991.
      You must think we are all gullible mugs, garak99.

      The gays do not have ‘equal rights’ because they do not have the physical attributes to contract a marriage. If they just don’t have the necessary apparatus to conceive children, no point in allowing them to marry.

      • garak99 says:

        Who is talking about having children ? There is adoption a child can be raised in a loving home with two gay or lesbian parents. The as you call it “The so called Stonewall Riots” was going to happen NYC Police were harrising gay people standing outside a bar” Actually we can end this debate with one simple thing to live by and remember —


      • “There is adoption a child can be raised in a loving home with two gay or lesbian parents.”

        Whether such a ‘home’ is loving or not is irrelevant.
        It is based on a grossly immoral relationship, and therefore such an adoption is not morally permissible.

    • Ferde Rombola says:

      99: “The Gay Agenda does not exist except in the minds of, etc.”

      That’s a lie and you know it. The homosexual agenda has been on the books, which means in written form, for at least three decades and is evident everywhere in the world VERBATUM as it was first revealed.

      Homosexuals are entitled to the same rights given to all citizens. They are not entitled to rights which don’t exist (the ‘right’ to marry) or rights they make up for themselves (the hate speech fallacy), about which they are the primary practitioners.

    • Baron Kaza says:

      Another all tolerant liberal, tolerant of only his own opinion…

  35. Revoltron1 says:

    Please don’t waste your time or energy responding to garak99, or others like him. He is a Wormtongue not worth engaging. His goal is simply to dishearten and deceive. There are more important issues to be dealt with, and our energy will be better used if channeled into serious, prayerful, and determined discussion; not weakened by useless bantering back and forth with an agent of the devil. God bless you all, and may He guide our thoughts, words, and actions in the dark days ahead.

    • Obviously garak99 is not a Catholic and therefore his opinions expressed on this blog are worthless. He has no useful contribution to make to our debates.

  36. garak99 says:

    Ps There is no Devil

  37. Marie says:

    Our dear friend, James Demers (God rest his soul) was persecuted by liberal Canadian bishops
    after he wrote about the damage done by bishops throughout North America in his two books,
    “The Last Roman Catholic” and
    “Children of Winter, How the classroom is murdering the innocence of your child.”

    To Cardinal O’Malley & other bishops who turn a blind eye to the damage done by pastors like Msgr. Garrity – James Demers’ quote fits them perfectly:

    “To the Bishops of North America who betrayed Christ,
    His sacraments, His holy Church, His Commandments,
    who denied Him His Divinity
    and His mission as Messiah
    in their wholesale betrayal of Catholic catechetics,
    one can only stand back and give them room to exhaust the
    torment their betrayal has ensured for them.
    They alas have been warned that at the moment of their deaths, they will be the subject of a lightening-swift swap,
    their pectoral cross for a millstone.
    Their plummet to the depths will not occur in silence.
    They will be engulfed in the cries of a Niagara of lost souls cataracting into the abyss.” author James W. Demers

    • Cardinal O’Malley needs to be reminded of the words attributed to St John Chrysostom, Patriarch of Constantinople: “The very floor of Hell will be paved with the skulls of bishops”.

      • Ferde Rombola says:

        The bad Cardinal probably thinks he’ll be like the workers who were hired at 5 o’clock. He’ll mumble a hasty act of contrition just before the lights go out and sneak in the back door. Good luck with that.

  38. a catholic female says:

    I am not here to condemn , but to save. Please stop this priest from teaching our precious children the wrong thing!

  39. Write a letter of protest about this matter, have it translated into Spanish, and send it to Pope Francis at Vatican City.
    Make several copies of your letter and send a copy every week to VC until you receive a satisfactory reply.

  40. PS Have your friends and relatives do the same thing and flood the Vatican with your unceasing protest. Trust me, the VC big-shots will be only too glad to help you, if only to get you all of their backs!

  41. Lou says:

    **PFLAG, an organization that advocates for same-sex sexual activity**

    PFLAG is a support group for friends and (mostly family) of gay people. They advocate on THEIR behalf. They do not advocate same-sex activity.

    • Capt Crunch says:

      Right from the PFLAG website found here

      “PFLAG is committed to advancing equality and societal acceptance of LGBT people through its threefold mission of support, education and advocacy.”

      • lou says:

        “PFLAG is committed to advancing equality and societal acceptance of LGBT people ”

        Glad you found it! That could be a church mission statment.

        Where does it say anything about sexual activity?

      • Capt Crunch says:


        This is what the CCC teaches

        2359 Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection.

        Is this what PFLAG advocates? It doesn’t appear so.

        I only care to discuss this issue as it applies to the original post and as it effects the Catholic Church.

    • St. Marcellus says:

      So what exactly do they advocate? Chastity?
      Who is zooming who?
      The VERY big money sponsoring this group is all one needs to know that corporatist fascist money wants the anti-family, anti-Christ agenda to succeed. Corporatist fascist money doesn’t advocate for normal families. It furthers the corporatist fascist one-world

  42. St. Marcellus says:

    Just the first few words of St. Louis de Montfort about the Blessed Mother has reduced me to tears.
    They may have the buildings; WE have THE FAITH


    This man has been jailed by the British police for doing in public what we can do on this blog: verbally protesting against the legalisation of sodomy. It’s an indication of what the homosexual lobby will do to gag anyone who expresses disagreement with their agenda. Please pray for him, folks, and for all those who suffer like him for proclaiming the gospel of Our Lord.

  44. Anna says:

    I am going to post a series of links that demonstrate PFLAGs proactive and pornographic sexual demoralization

  45. Anna says:

    Be sure to check out the bisexuality pamphlet given out to teenagers.

    Were these disgusting sexually disordered materials given to Catholic children at the 6 pm Mass?

  46. Anna says:

    He Garrity and Fr Unni and numerous other priests find the content of pflag’s materials to be so harmonious to the mission statement of “the church”, fr Unni had them “speak” during the Sacred Liturgy, and then make themselves available to children after the Mass.

    The dangers to children in this situation call for Fr Unni’s immediate removal .

    • “Create a society in which all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons may enjoy, in every aspect of their lives, full civil and legal equality and may participate fully in all the rights, privileges and obligations of full citizenship in this country.” (Taken from their website and the section “Our strategic goals”)

      IN EVERY ASPECT OF THEIR LIVES. This is proof positive that PFLAG is actively campaigning for the legalization of SSM, or, to give it its real acronym, IB. In short, no Catholic can support this crowd in any shape or form. If Mgsr Garrity does so, he has got to go – right now.

      • PFLAG has been advocated for in a different parish, at St Cecilia in Boston. BCI would prefer that we keep the focus for this post on St Catherine in Norwood.

        Sent from my iPhone


  47. St. Marcellus says:

    Check out PFLAG’s corporate sponsors:

  48. Anna says:

    If my child were exposed to the sexual predators and perverted agenda, heads would roll.

    • St. Marcellus says:

      Well, I hope they aren’t watching any television or any movies because they’re already “exposed” to the predators agenda.
      For a secular view on the agenda go to cutting through the matrix dot com

  49. St. Marcellus says:

    PFLAG’s Board of Directors headed up by Rabbi David M. Horowitz
    National President, Akron, OH

    • Liam says:

      So, Pope Francis is an anti-pope?

      Last I heard, Catholics running around declaring popes to be anti-popes was at least as serious as what is complained of Fr Garrity here. Just sayin’.

      • It would certainly be nice to see Pope Francis acting like a pope.
        More than anything else, it would restore our confidence in him as a genuine successor of St Peter. Whether he likes it or not, he is called upon to make judgements of people’s characters when he considers appointing them to high office in the Church.
        In the case of Burke’s demotion and the appointment of Wuerl in his place, the Pope’s judgement has been spectacularly catastrophic. As I have already stated elsewhere, we have a weak and vacillating pope on our hands, but unfortunately a validly-elected one, and definitely not an anti-pope.

      • Liam says:

        Mr Smith,

        How is it catastrophic?

        Also, how gravely sinful is it to accuse a sitting pope of being an anti-pope (not that you did this, but it’s relevant now given the prior comment)?

      • Cardinal Wuerl is a [edited by BCI]. The clergy is no profession for homosexuals, chaste or promiscuous, for the obvious reason.
        Hence, his appointment was a catastrophe, as indeed his ‘ordination’ to the priesthood.
        If someone accuses a sitting pope of being an anti-pope, it’s reasonable to suppose that they believe their accusation to be morally justified. They are therefore acting in good faith and are not guilty of any sin.

      • Liam says:

        A conveniently self-serving (for the one holding such opinion) rationalization of schism, which incurs excommunication latae sententiae.

        I’ve certainly heard people breezily accuse Cdl W of being X, Y or Z, but without any evidence of active practice. Detraction or calumny?

        Lots of confessional matter.

      • I was not aware that active homosexuals were in the habit of publishing their frolicking on YouTube. Hence, no evidence of active practice. Just ask around in Pittsburgh, Liam. I’m sure you will find plenty of folks who know what I am talking about.

      • Ferde Rombola says:

        Liam, put ‘Cardinal Wuerl and homosexuality’ into your search engine and read the many links you find. Your eyeballs will boil.

        As far as the Pope is concerned, when he said (about homosexuals) “Who am I to judge?” it might have been helpful if someone had told him he’s Christ’s vicar in earth. There are thousands of Catholics all over the world who take care of the poor every day, all over the world. The Pope’s job is to take care of the Church.

      • St. Marcellus says:

        “just as serious”??? YOU can’t be serious. Any Catholic “running around” stating (mind you) the obvious, doesn’t have the platform Mr. Bergoglio has….’just sayin’ ‘…
        Let us FINALLY end the false obedience nonsense; shall we?

      • Liam says:


        I see discussions about Wuerl’s handling of abuse cases, and his sucking up to rich donors, discussions that at least purport to assert facts. But I see nothing more than tissues of innuendo about his private life, nothing that constitutes unconfessable matter to spread.

        Consequentialism in the name of good ends is still consequentialism.

  50. Lazarus' Table says:

    Check out the story in today’s Globe with the headline: “O’Malley preaches unity of purpose, if not doctrine, at church in Sudbury”
    It seems with Garrity, Fleming, Cuenin and the Lavender Mob, O’Malley is not interested in unity of doctrine either. What is the purpose he/they are united in?

    • St. Marcellus says:

      Purpose: one world religion (naturally to be preceded by destruction of the papacy). The plan simply cannot and will not tolerate the Kingship of Christ or His vicar on earth.
      It seems Mr. Bergoglio was specifically chosen to carry out this portion of the long-range agenda.
      Once the papacy is a moot point, we are (at least visibly) just another protestant-come-as-you-are and get under the tent religion.
      What some people are only finding out now, “thanks” to Mr. Bergoglio is that the visible catholic church has been just another protestant religion for quite some time. No amount of lipstick is going to remove the stink, regardless of the mental gymnastics one is capable of performing. This pig won’t fly.

    • At least one of them – Nichols of Westminster – is notorious for his promotion of “gay” Masses in his archdiocese. Following pressure from Benedict XVI to end them, Nichols passed the buck to the Jesuits, who now hold the Masses at their church in Farm St, London. Needless to say, I no longer give the Jesuits any donations or financial support, and I would earnestly ask my fellow-Catholics to stop donating to the Society of Jesus until this order cleanses its Augean stables and gets rid of all the filth.

      • St. Marcellus says:

        Agreed. And I’ll do you one better. Stop giving support, financial or otherwise to any Novus Ordo church, monastery, convent, charity or any organization which is in any way connected to the Novus Ordo church. Over these many decades, the Novus Ordo has shown its true colors, innumerable times. It is anti-Christ and anti-Catholic and doesn’t deserve any thinking Catholic’s support.
        As William Wallace shouts at the end of the movie “Braveheart”: “FREEDOM” from the tyranny of the modernists, the masons, the heretics and the sodomites who currently run the ‘culture’ and the church. Renew all things in Christ and His one True Church – which is no longer found in Rome.

  51. USA – from Puritans to Impure-itans

    Any connection between beautiful New England and predicted disasters?
    Take same-sex marriage. I would have guessed that a “sin” city (San Francisco? Las Vegas?) would have been the first to legalize it.
    Oddly it’s been America’s birthplace that’s wanted to be the first place to end America and its values! It’s been a Nor’easter of Perversion (helping to fulfill Luke 17’s “days of Lot”) that began in (you guessed it) Boston in 2004!
    New England has gone from the Mayflower Compact to the Gay Power Impact, from Providence to decadence, from Bible thumpers to God dumpers, from university to diversity to perversity, and from the land of the Great Awakening to God’s Future Shakening that’ll make the Boston bombings look like Walden Pond ripples by comparison!
    The same Nor’easter has been spreading south and as far west as Washington State where, after swelling up with pride, Mt. Rainier may wish to celebrate shame-sex marriage by having a blast that Seaddlepated folks can share in lava-land!
    The same Luke 17 prediction is tied to the Book of Revelation which speaks of the cities that God will flatten because of same-sexism – including American cities – a scenario I’ll have to accept since I can’t create my own universe and decree rules for it.
    I’ve just been analyzing the world’s terminal “religion” that has its “god,” its accessories, its “rites,” and even a flag. It’s an obsession that the infected converts are willing to live for, fight for – and even die for!
    Some claim that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality. Well, when gays have birthdays they don’t say what they don’t want but say positively what they do want.
    Likewise Jesus didn’t get negative and mention every sexual variation that He knew mankind would invent, but stated positively that marriage involves only a man and a woman!
    Want more facts? Google “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up,” “Government-Approved Illegals,” “FOR GAYS ONLY: Jesus predicted,” “Filthy Still Club (Rev. 22:11),” and “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up.”

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