What Does the Mass Catholic Conference Accomplish?

The Mass Catholic Conference, public policy arm of the Massachusetts Catholic bishops, sent nothing to constituents all year about public policy issues they could impact until BCI prodded them in early December, and just sent out their “2013 Year in Review” a few days ago.  MCC reports into Fr. Bryan Hehir. Isues of moral consequence to society as a whole and to faithful Catholics in Massachusetts have been largely muted this year. Further more, it seems to BCI and others that MCC can only talk about activity, and has nothing to share about results.  See their “Year in Review” below and several emails sent to them that they have failed to respond to.


Mass Catholic Conference


2013 Year in Review

2013 was a very busy year for the MCC.  In the past twelve months, the MCC met with close to 100 legislators face to face to talk about the issues important to the Church in  Massachusetts.  In October, Cardinal Seán met with 40 legislators  (scroll down) who represent territory within the Archdiocese of Boston to discuss the roll of the Church in the Commonwealth and the important work of Catholic Charities, our Catholic schools, local parishes, and the MCC.  Previously, Bishop McDonnell had met with legislators from the Springfield delegation in April and Bishop McManus had met with legislators from the Worcester delegation in January.  These meetings are an important part of our legislative outreach.

Over the summer, the Bishops felt the need to weigh in on comprehensive immigration reform, and released a statement expressing their support for such a measure.

Recently, the MCC submitted testimony against legislation that would legalize physician assisted suicide in the Commonwealth.  The hearing was cut short due to that day’s snowstorm.  There was a lot of passionate testimony on both sides of the issue.  The MCC will continue to monitor the legislation throughout 2014.   The MCC also testified in favor of in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants on December 11th.

Throughout 2013, the MCC actively testified in support or in opposition to almost 50 pieces of legislation, including, but not limited to: expanding the baby safe haven law, legislation changing  parental notification and consent in the public schools, a proposed partial-birth abortion ban, privacy and safety in public accommodations, expanded access to homelessness aid for homeless youth, legislation limiting the overuse of psychoactive medication on the elderly, and much more.

Looking forward to 2014 

The Legislative leadership has made public many of their priorities for the second year of their legislative session, including likely action on the state’s minimum wage and gun control laws.  There are many more legislative priorities on the Legislative Agenda of the MCC and 2014 promises to be just as busy as 2013.

As always, feel free to reach out to the MCC and we would be happy to assist you.  Happy New Year to you and your family – “May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance.” (Jude 1:2).

Please pass along this message to friends and encourage them to sign up for MCC’s email alerts!


Jim, Peter, and Kathy

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BCI comments: Why should someone sign up for MCC’s email alerts when they never alert you to anything?  And why should someone reach out to MCC, since they never respond when you reach out to them?

From an MCC email recipient to MCC:

From: XXX
Date: Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 2:30 PM
Subject: Your email
To: staff@macatholic.org, jdriscoll@macatholic.org, pmcnulty@macatholic.org, kmagno@macatholic.org
Cc: bostoncatholicinsider@gmail.com

Dear MCC,
So your organization met with “…close to 100 legislators face to face to talk about the issues important to the Church.”  So how’s that working out for you?  Were you able to convince a single pro-abortion or pro-homosexual marriage “Catholic” politician in Massachusetts to support the teachings of the Church?  If not, were you at least able to convince the Cardinal to enforce Canon 915 and tell these pro-abortion and pro-homosexual marriage “Catholic” politicians that they are not to approach the Blessed Sacrament unless they repent of their support of murder and sodomy?

Well you folks were successful in one thing at least…  And that’s your outreach to the politicians regarding immigration reform.  That will really help matters.  I can guarantee you that 5 minutes after this country makes these 10 million illegal Mexicans US citizens these people will immediately register for the Democrat party who will then enjoy 10 million more votes for abortion and sodomy.

I am sorry, but from what I see here in the back pew your organization seems completely useless.


From BCI to MCC:

From: <bostoncatholicinsider@gmail.com>
To: staff, jdriscoll, pmcnulty, kmagno

Mr Driscoll and staff,

Several questions for you:

What have your RESULTS been?  What legislation did you impact?  Whose views did you change?

Why were there so pathetically few email communications with Catholics this year?  The last one came out hours after BCI complained about your silence on physician assisted suicide and before that you had only one email back in March? Exactly what are you guys doing there?

Why are you pushing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants when such rates are not even available for legal taxpaying U.S. citizens of other states? Why did you push in-state tuition for illegal immigrants in the same email as opposition to physician assisted suicide? Do you consider them equal imperatives?
We look forward to your response.

Boston Catholic Insider

No response.  

Did we mention that MCC reports into Fr. Bryan Hehir? Their only email sent to constituents all year prior to a prod by BCI earlier this month was promoting a Mass Family Institute bus trip to Washington, DC in late March, so people could serve as human props for a marriage march.  For 2013, the largely ineffective MCC  deserves a grade of “F” as far as BCI is concerned. Until they replace the executive director (not likely) or move this from under Fr. Bryan Hehir to someone else who cares about Catholic morals in the public square, the status quo will remain.

Have a very happy and healthy New Year.


22 Responses to What Does the Mass Catholic Conference Accomplish?

  1. Gail says:

    A long-time legislator told me a couple of years ago that the Church’s lobbying presence on the Hill is invisible.

  2. John materazzo says:

    While your critique and criticisms are right on, the phrasing of your questions to MCC do not lend themselves to a response.
    If you rephrased gently, while asking the same things, it may, repeat may, generate something from them unless Fr. Hehir has shut you off completely which may very well be.


    • Michael says:

      yes speak nicely when you are speaking to your captors. They don’t like when you show any kind of disrespect. Great advice Jay/John

    • John, Thank you for your positive feedback that our criticism is on the mark. Many people have tried the kinder and gentler approach in writing to them and have gotten no response as well. Furthermore, how can one be “gentle” in asking someone why there is little or no evidence that they are doing their job, which is to help protect the Catholic faith?

      But give it a try yourself and write to them. Let us know what you hear back. Perhaps you will be more successful than others.


  3. Michael says:

    I really enjoyed the photo op that Cardinal Sean had with Mayor Menino in passing some Catholic building off to the City for low income housing. Didn’t catch the details, but I’m guessing Cardinal Sean failed to mention any concerns he has (if any) over Menino’s stance on abortion and same-sex “marriage”; just wouldn’t be polite during a photo op session. Especially since Menino is leaving office … what good could it do now? Standing up for the truth and defending the innocent certainly only ought to be done at approved times. Menino doesn’t enjoy that conversation anyway. I know, becuase I had it with him one day in faniuel hall. His response wasn’t all that Catholic.

  4. Gianna says:

    How can you expect the MCC to have any credibility with MA Catholic pols given the relationship the RCAB has with Jack Connors. Check out:


  5. jerry mc says:

    How about free tuition to any parish school/”Academy” for undocumented aliens. Has this been suggested?

    Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2013 21:26:22 +0000 To: rather10@msn.com

    • Michael says:

      plus a pay raise for those poor slobs – the deputy superintendant’s of schools. They are so underpaid. free tuition … higher wages … and lower donations … works just like the US economy … Happy New Year!

  6. Stephen says:


    Could BCI remind the readers about a former head of our local Catholic Charities who allowed and facilitated the adoption of of children by sodomite couples here in Massachusetts several years ago?

    The connection being: The conscious strategy to Infiltrate dominate control and eviscerate the public face of the true Catholic faith locally as seen with the flaccid MCC and internationally by covert/free masonic enemies of the Faith.

    I would also point out that when an entity
    “can only talk about activity, and has nothing to share about results” it is either due to poor mission focus, or a hidden ulterior one.

  7. The announcement in the Saint Cecilia Parish bulletin of Nov.17,2013,p.4 states: “PFLAG-Save the Date!” that “On Sunday,November 24, Pam Garramone, the executive director of Greater Boston PFLAG, will be with us at the six o’clock liturgy.” and that “PFLAG works to create environments of understanding so that all people can live with dignity and respect through support,education and advocacy.” and “Pam conducts educational programs annually in middle and high schools statewide”. Anyone who knows what PFLAG teaches knows that PFLAG definitely advocates for accepting same-sex sexual activity as a positive good act and considers the work of Courage, the Catholic way of helping people who have fallen into the entrapment of same-sex sexual activity who choose to return to living in a chaste manner according to the teachings of the Catholic Church, is held by PFLAG to be rejected and vilified since Courage does not advocate for same-sex sexual activity as is required by the leaders of PFLAG.
    Since this message of advocating for same-sex sexual activity was the subject of Pam Garramore’s talk during the 6 o’clock Mass ,it appeared to me to be a scandalous event, therefore i wrote and asked Cardinal O’Malley if he would prevent such a scandalous act.
    I received a letter dated Dec. 23,2013 from the Cardinal’s Office stating that “Cardinal O’Malley recently celebrated the 125th Anniversary Mass at St. Cecilia’s Parish in Boston. The Church was filled to capacity that day and it is evident that all programs and activities offered at the parish are in accord with the teaching and practice of the Roman Catholic Church.”
    Perhaps Cardinal O’Malley doesn’t know what PFLAG members teach and are teaching our children who are in the public schools in Mass. That’s the only reason i can think of that he would give his approval to the activities including having Pam Garramore advocating for approval of same-sex sexual activity during a Mass at St. Cecilia’s Church. Respect for each and every person does not mean that we must approve of same-sex sexual acts that a person(s) chooses to engage in. Persons are endowed by the Creator with free will. It is an insult to teach that they were created by God to engage in same-sex sexual acts. I would have thought that Cardinal O’Malley would be encouraging parishioners to look into the way of Courage and to see that our children learn about this way of chaste living rather than to be encouraging them to learn the way of PFLAG which advocates for same-sex sexual activity. Perhaps Cardinal O’Malley will explain why he approves of Pam Garramone’s talk during Mass at St. Cecilia’s.

    • Capt Crunch says:


      Our Catholic Faith teaches the traditional enumeration of the corporal works of mercy are as follows:

      To feed the hungry;
      To give drink to the thirsty;
      To clothe the naked;
      To harbour the harbourless;
      To visit the sick;
      To ransom the captive;
      To bury the dead.

      The spiritual works of mercy are:

      To instruct the ignorant;
      To counsel the doubtful;
      To admonish sinners;
      To bear wrongs patiently;
      To forgive offences willingly;
      To comfort the afflicted;
      To pray for the living and the dead.

      The corporal works of mercy have been handled very well by the RCAB. We know this because there will always be a camera and new blog entry in Cardinal Sean’s blog.

      The spiritual works of mercy have been hijacked and replaced with tolerance by a group of people with a very specific non-Catholic agenda. Unfortunately this group of people appear to be in control of the RCAB.

    • Lazarus' Table says:

      Alice, the philosophy of PFLAG is so greatly accepted — and practiced– by so many Boston priests that our “Super Cardinal” could not renounce same-sex activity without alienating the priests he needs to manage his parishes, the sources of income for the RCAB, Inc. If there is anything the RCAB wants to avoid it’s headlines. If that means turning a blind eye to perversion and corruption, so be it. If anyone is scandalized by it, that is just acceptable collateral damage. Look to the church for the sacraments, valid regardless of the worthiness of the minister. For an example of Christian living, or if you need to experience in the flesh the living Christ and His love and grace (and not some merely human I’m OK-You’re OK pablum), look elsewhere.

      • Thanks for all of the comments here. We are now going just a bit off the main topic of this particular post. Stay tuned for our next post in a few hours, and you will find that more relevant to the concern raised by Alice.

    • cm says:

      Alice, I am terribly sorry you received this disturbing letter. I would like to know who signed it.

      PFLAG promotes graphic pornographic literature and practices to lure even very young children into the hands of sexual predators who the perform these acts upon them.

      Did the letter intend to convey to you that the Cardinal sees these activities as consistent with teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church because the Church was full when he went there?

      If Fr. Unni adds passing out bags of marijuana and munchies to the pimping of immoral sex going on in that parish, the archdiocese will have to build an annex to St. Cecilia’s.

  8. Capt Crunch says:

    Why waste time on MCC when the Catholic Action League does what MCC should be doing?

    • David S. says:

      I never thought of it like that but you are absolutely right. The Massachusetts Catholic Action League under C.J. Doyle is in fact doing what the MCC should be doing. Great point!

      • Capt Crunch,
        Good question. MCC is the official voice of the Catholic Bishops in MA. If they confuse or obfuscate the teachings of the Catholic Church, there are consequences. Also, they are the ones who have a database of faithful Catholics interested in public policy issues who will get up and help carry the message to legislators on an individual voting district basis. Thus, here at BCI, we believe that MCC needs to be kept accountable for doing their job.

  9. Justyn Tyme says:

    Looks like Pope Francis GETS IT! Vocations not Careers! He is now taking a 2nd look at the CARDINALATE! Fewer Cardinals e.g. no one past 80 and new Cardinals in places one would never expect and to persons one would never imagine . Thank God! Hopefully new men who genuinely” smell like the sheep.” Church Careerists Beware! Some wise advice: Your lips are for kissing babies and if want a Red Hat they are always on sale at KMART or TARGET. Bring Coupons! Conversion of the Clergy!!!!

  10. Michael says:

    Wishful thinking Justin. If there is a cleaning house actually happening it will be more like re-districting. Conservative cardinals beware.

  11. […] The pastor of St. Catherine of Siena parish in Norwood, MA, Msgr. Paul Garrity, published a letter in his bulletin last weekend that puts the Holy Family at parity with families that have two mothers and two fathers.  Incidentally, Cardinal O’Malley had commended this same pastor months earlier for his focus on promoting Catholic education. This is yet another example of the ongoing problem of Cardinal O’Malley and his senior staff coddling pastors who promote homosexuality. […]

  12. June Hoffman says:

    this msg. paul g., pam garramore & cardinal o’malley are totally living in darkness & leading others there, they will believe there is a hell when they get there if they don’t change their evil ways.

  13. […] The pastor of St. Catherine of Siena parish in Norwood, MA, Msgr. Paul Garrity, published a letter in his bulletin last weekend that puts the Holy Family at parity with families that have two mothers and two fathers.  Incidentally, Cardinal O’Malley had commended this same pastor months earlier for his focus on promoting Catholic education. This is yet another example of the ongoing problem of Cardinal O’Malley and his senior staff coddling pastors who promote homosexuality. […]

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