What would you like to ask of Cardinal Sean O’Malley?

BCI is coming up shortly on the 3-year anniversary of the start of the blog. To mark that occasion, we are inviting readers to share comments they would like passed along to Cardinal O’Malley and/or Vicar General Bishop Deeley. We did this 2 years ago and had phenomenal responses so we’re going to try again.

We repeat almost exactly what we asked 2 years ago:

Using comments below, please write whatever message you would like to deliver to Cardinal O’Malley–with the constraint that there be no personal attacks and no harsh language unsuitable for a public blog. BCI suggests the focus be on matters that will improve the ability of the Archdiocese to advance her mission.  (The mission of the Pastoral Center is “To continue the saving ministry of Jesus Christ”).  So, it could be a top priority or some top problems you would like for him to address, it could be a compliment, a criticism, a mix of positive and constructive feedback, a violation of the diocesan Code of Conduct, a suggestion, or anything relevant to his pastoral leadership in teaching, sanctifying, and governing the archdiocese.  The goal in the comments is to share feedback or a message that you believe will lead to the archdiocese being better able to continue the saving ministry of Jesus Christ.

Type the comments below by Sunday evening at 12 midnite.  We will aggregate them and email them to the Cardinal and his staff early next week, and we will also plan to re-post the best of them by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Guidelines for comments–please no personal attacks or harsh language.  (e.g. Do not post, “Cardinal O’Malley is word we have to delete). If you have a criticism, please do not make it personal but rather express in the form of behavior/action observed (or not seen happening) and then what you would like to see happen, and why.  If you have noticed your comments moderated or edited in the past, please do BCI a favor and avoid such language.  (You probably know who you are). If you need any ideas to stimulate your thinking, you can look at what readers said in 2011.

What would you like to say to the Cardinal that you think will help improve the ability of the archdiocese to better continue the saving ministry of Jesus Christ

Ideally, post your comments below in comments, anonymously or with your name. You can also send them via email to bostoncatholicinsider@gmail.com  Readers, have at it!


45 Responses to What would you like to ask of Cardinal Sean O’Malley?

  1. jbq2 says:

    Cardinal O’Malley: Are you part of a socialist conspiracy to form a one party government with the Democratic Party and one world religion?

  2. Time for a change says:

    Two questions: (1) How long do you continue to defy the Holy See by refusing to implement the changes in executive compensation that the Holy Father directed you in writing to implement months ago? (2) How do you plan to use the tens of millions of pension dollars that you “voluntarily” took away from the thousands of low paid lay employees who gave most of their lives in service to the Church?

  3. baralty says:

    Why did you sell St. John’s Seminary?

    • Carolyn says:

      …and keep the money in a huge breach of fiduciary duty and illicit conversion of assets, because the seminary is NOT part of Corp Sole.

  4. David S. says:

    I would like to ask Cardinal O’Malley what does he plan to do to restore orthodox Catholic beliefs and practices within the RCAB.

    Most Catholics in the RCAB support abortion, support homosexual marriage, and no longer attend Mass on Sunday and Holy Days. And of even those who do attend weekly Mass, the majority practice artificial birth control.

    The state of religious education is such that most children who attend CCD could not explain the fundamentals of our Catholic faith.

    The liturgy in many of our Churches has lost its former beauty, sanctity, and solemnity, and resembles more of a Protestant service.

    Catholic politicians openly oppose the teachings of the Church concerning abortion and homosexual marriage, and yet cause scandal by receiving the Blessed Sacrament on Sunday. And these same rabidly pro-abortion and pro-homosexual individuals are conferred honors by our Catholic Colleges.

    I want to know whether the Cardinal recognizes that we have a profound crisis in the RCAB, and if so, I would like to know what is the plan to correct it.

  5. John Smith says:


    Do you agree with Pope Francis’ comments about the need of the Church to move from being self-referential to reaching out to the periphery, to care for those found there and to bring them to the Church? If so, how will you bring those ideas to Boston, instill them in your people and effectively lead your people to give them real impact? This is at least as important as work on the new group of advisors to His Holiness. Let it be an example all those who should pursue the same goals!

  6. Alice Slattery says:

    First of all,thank you for having the courage to let the president,faculty and students of Boston College know that you do not agree with the choice of an abortion-supporter to be honored at the recent B.C. graduation ceremony. Now will you please address the issue that Fr. Bryan Hehir refused to address
    in his Apr. 13,2010 debate at Boston College with Dr. Michael F. Greene,director of obstetrics at Mass. General, on “A Matter of Conscience:Religious Exemptions and the Healthcare Debate” at the Boisi Center for Religious and American Public Life? The issue that he refused to address was that of the conscience of doctors who practice obstetrics at Mass. General,Brigham and Women’s and Beth Israel Deaconness hospitals who are now forced to implement the procedures reported in the Globe article:”Shots assist in aborting fetuses:Lethal injections offer legal shield” by Carey Goldberg,Aug. 10,2007.
    In Carey Goldberg’s Boston Globe article, she reports that
    Dr. Greene supports this procedure to avoid having any of the staff being charged with violating the ban on late-term abortions. Goldberg reports:”The injections are generally done in abortions after 18 to 20 weeks gestation. Medical staff inject either the heart drug digoxin or potassium chloride, a potentially poisonous salt also used in state executions.” In the “A Matter of Conscience” debate at B.C., Fr. Bryan Hehir was silent on this major violation of the conscience of the medical staff at these major Boston hospitals.
    Please, Cardinal O’Malley, publicly address the actions of Dr. Michael F. Greene and his supporters in this unconscionable requirement.

  7. Lazarus' Table says:

    Do you love Jesus more than you love Bryan Hehir and Jack Connors?

  8. Sue A. says:

    Thank you Cardinal O’Malley for your prayerful leadership through a very difficult time in the church. I pray for your continued health and work to heal and grow our church.

  9. Joe Murphy says:

    Cardinal Sean,
    I write with respect for the office of the Archbishop of Boston, but struggling to respect you as leader of the Archdiocese of Boston. We need a strong vision for this diocese, strong leadership consistent with Gospel values and the mission of Jesus Christ, and execution against that vision and mission. It doesn’t feel like we have

    You give an engaging homily and you often talk the talk, but I don’t see you walking the walk.

    You say we oppose abortion, but you surround yourself with advisers, the likes of Jack Connors, Jr, who support abortion, you give them awards, you presided over the Ted Kennedy funeral, and you’ve said and done nothing about the scandal of Catholics voting for pro-abortion politicians for years now.

    You were directed by Pope Benedict XVI to not pay diocesan salaries proportionate to that of the curia, and you’ve ignored the directive.

    You said you would do everything you could while you had breath in your body to make sure retired diocesan employees got their pensions. That was two years ago–you’ve done nothing since then.

    You say we oppose “gay marriage” and homosexual activity, but you allow pastors who support those things we oppose to remain pastors (e.g. St. Cecilia Boston, Holy Family Concord).

    You say Catholic schools and Catholic education is important, but you’re allowing the horrible secular, unproven Common Core curriculum into the Catholic schools, so they will be no different than public schools.

    You have a Code of Conduct policy to govern behavior and standards for diocesan and parish employees, but you allow it to be ignored–i.e keeping the likes of Jack Connors around, allowing pastors to preach and teach against church teachings–and you, yourself have violated it when you approved the falsehood the Catholic Schools non-discrimination policy was supposed based upon.

    You criticized pro-life Catholics when they complained about the Ted Kennedy funeral and when they complained about the Caritas deal with Centene and Commonwealth Connector that would have had Caritas profit from abortions, but you’ve never criticized Kennedy, Menino, Kerry and other pro-abortion politicians with the harsh rhetoric you used to criticize faithful Catholics.

    I’m sorry this sounds negative, but I want to let you know that we need a strong leader who will walk the talk. If you don’t want to be here in Boston doing that, could you let Pope Francis know and ask for a new assignment elsewhere?

    • Concerned Parent says:

      Excellent points, Joe.
      Regarding Common Core, I’ve heard that it is going to be implemented, but have not been able to find confirmation of this.

      If the Archdiocese of Boston is adopting Common Core, parents should be made aware, so that they can make informed decisions regarding future educational plans. Some parents will undoubtably conclude that the cost of parochial school tuition for a curriculum that is essentially the same as that of the public school system is not a worthwhile expense.

  10. Jmm says:

    Your Eminence,

    May God bless you profoundly in your pastoral work. I am concerned about the ignorance of young Catholics in regard to the faith. It seems like many young Catholics here in Boston are not taught the core beliefs of the church, even why Christ had to die on the cross!

    It would be wonderful if young Catholics could be instructed theologically better. And I would mention especially that they should know that the Eucharist is the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Christ, that Mary (especially via. the Rosary) can lead us to Christ, and that Confession is necessary for the soul.

  11. Objective Observer says:

    From Pope Francis this week in re the selection of bishops:
    “That they are capable of ‘keeping an eye on’ the flock that will be entrusted to them, that is, of caring for everything that keeps it united; of being ‘vigilant’ over it; of being attentive to dangers that threaten it; but above all that they are capable of ‘keeping an eye over’ the flock; of keeping watch; of tending hope, that there is sun and light in their hearts; of sustaining with love and patience the plans that God has for his people.”

    +O’Malley, when was the last time you heard confessions in a parish? When was the last time you drove yourself somewhere? When was the last time you sat vigil at the bedside of someone who was near death? When was the last time you anointed someone you didn’t know?

    Spend a week with the FPOs, literally walking in their shoes (and habit). No fear: No one will recognize you — the FPOs don’t spend a lot of time with the people you know. Where will you find the time? Get up earlier, and stay off the internet.

    You’re not alone in the need to embrace the faithful, literally. The Boston auxiliaries, generally, could not be accused of the qualities articulated by the Holy Father. (Serious health concerns should point to retirement, so these points are addressed to those who are well enough to travel to Rome, Florida, the Italian hills, etc.) They tend to insulate themselves from the messy edges of humanity. Instead of tending hope and instilling sun and light in the hearts of the faithful, they prefer that their interaction comprise carefully scripted liturgies (confirmations, e.g.), nice trips, and meetings with a tight circle of their associates. Tell them to stay off the internet and away from the television. Generally, the auxiliaries official interactions tend to be marked by a focus on cuisine and beverage. How about simpler living and a rigorous emphasis on work with parishioners? How about all auxiliaries, every month, inviting Catholics who have stopped going to Mass to simply come to evening prayer, followed by a simple coffee hour? How about hearing confessions every week in a different parish?

    Please don’t say auxiliary bishops don’t have time to do these things. Combine Confirmations so that no fewer than 40 kids are confirmed at once. That should free up a lot of time. Avoid surfing the internet and the put down the cable remote. And push away from the table — and the wine glass. Simply, live like the faithful do, so that the faith can live.

    • Boston Pastor says:

      Objective Observer, you’ve expressed the situation very well. Cardinal Sean, many clergy feel we are rudderless here in Boston. You’re the captain of the ship we need to have grab the rudder – the shepherd of the flock and the pastor of the pastors!

      I maintain my obedience to you and serve at your direction. But, many of us wish you would spend less time traveling everywhere except Boston, and more time making sure the faithful here are faith-filled. How can the sheep follow a shepherd who is not present to guide the flock? As well, we wish you would focus more on trying to reinvigorate the clergy. The Office for Clergy Personnel isn’t functioning well–current clergy staff are great guys, but really seem like they’re in way over their heads. Support services for priests who need them have not been the same since Jim Flavin left the diocese. I worry that the Clergy Funds will never be adequately replenished.

      As suggested by “OO, pastors in my region get little from our auxiliary except for his service at confirmations. I know he wants to get out of Boston, as does at least one other. Another is approaching retirement age. Can we get the present or future auxiliary bishops to do SOMETHING?

      My real concern, Cardinal Sean, is that people follow the lead, tone and direction set by the leader. If you fail to engage with the faithful and remain detached from the diocese, then the auxiliary bishops will be unengaged with the faithful and detached, and then many pastors and parochial vicars will do the same. Your legacy in Boston will be having presided over a precipitious decline in Catholicism in Boston. If we’re to have a “new evangelization” we need a leader to lead it? There’s still time for that leader to be you!

      God bless!

  12. Gail says:

    I totally concur with the comments from David S. above.

  13. ltc2 says:

    Dear Cardinal O’Malley, I am so upset and heart broken that you want Father Joseph McDermott to leave in August. Someone has not taken a close look at Immaculate Conception church in Stoughton. It will be very difficult for me to go back. It has been my parish for 17 years. Louise Taylor Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2013 22:45:29 +0000 To: louisa711@msn.com

  14. Mary Reilly says:

    I’m going to repeat what others said two years ago since nothing much has changed:

    Clean house of people in top executive roles who don’t embrace the Catholic faith: Donilon and the Rasky crew, Fr. Bryan Hehir, Gustavson, Grassa O’Neill and her staff, Jim Driscoll. Appoint faithful Catholics to the Finance council and get rid of people like Jack Connors!

    How can a diocese be faithful to Church teachings and evangelize the truths of Catholicism to those fallen away when the Cardinal surrounds himself with senior advisers in key leadership roles who are associated with the liberal Democratic establishment that HATES the Catholic Church and what we stand for?!

    • Joseph Pace says:

      Many people stopped giving to the Cardinal’s Appeal because of O’Neil’s outrageous salary. In addition to her six figure salary, she receives a state pension.

  15. Luke 18:8 says:

    In today’s Gospel (extraordinary form), we heard from Matthew 5:20-24, “Except your Justice abound more than that of the Scribes and Pharisees, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven…” It immediately brought to mind officials at 66 Brooks Drive. Many at 66 Brooks Drive persecute priests in our archdiocese who have been accused of abuse. Archdiocesan officials effectively presume guilt. For all practical purposes, punishment precedes investigation.

    In the Boston archdiocese there is no clear understanding of what makes an allegation credible; every priest is only one accusation away from being thrown under the bus. The Dallas Charter calls for a preliminary investigation during which an accused priest is presumed innocent and his reputation should be protected. Before a priest is removed from ministry, “sufficient evidence” must be sent to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Yet in this archdiocese, on receipt of an allegation a priest is presumed guilty and summarily suspended without even the opportunity to hear and speak to the charges. This is in violation of Canon 50 which states: “…Before issuing a singular decree, an authority is to seek out the necessary information and proofs and, insofar as possible, to hear those whose rights can be injured.”

    Canon 220 states: “No one is permitted to harm illegitimately the good reputation which a person possesses…” Yet in this archdiocese when an allegation is received, before any investigation is made, the allegation is made public, both orally at Masses and in diocesan publications. This causes irreparable injury to a priest’s good reputation. Businesses would be sued for defamation for publicizing that an employee was merely accused of assault. The same is true of schools, unions, professional associations and sports leagues.

    St. Ambrose taught, “No evil is ever solved by harming another.” In this year of Faith, more than marketing campaigns, the laity need honorable leaders to guide them.

  16. Catholic Rita from Revere says:

    Your Eminence,
    I appreciate your preaching and your desire to evangelize. I’d like to suggest to you that to grow the Church we need to return to the traditions and beautiful liturgies, prayers, and spiritual practices of our one true holy Catholic Church.

    Let’s have all parishes or parish collaboratives have at least hour of Eucharistic Adoration available every week–when working people can attend–on a Saturday morning or a weekday evening. Can you ask all parishes to recite the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel at the end of Mass? How about an Angelus at noontime on Sundays? Can we tone down the modern music like “Gather Us In”, “Here I Am Lord,” “All Are Welcome,” “Table of Plenty” and the songs that are all about US and how we’re gathered together at the table as community, and restore the sacred music that focus us on GOD?

    The changes in the Catholic Church in the ’70s, ’80s, 90’s and past 10 years have coincided with fewer and fewer people attending Mass. Has anyone considered that maybe it’s the modernism of the past several decades that has turned people away from the Church? Can we go back to the tried-and-true teachings and beautiful liturgies of the church that showed the world what it really meant to be Catholic? Since the modern liturgies and contemporary music have accompanied a decline in Mass attendance, why not go back to what actually worked?

    One more thing–the loud rock concert at the Cathedral called, “Christ in the City” is bordering on scandalous. Even your seminarians don’t want to attend! Who says young people are not attracted to the beauty of sacred music?

    Thank you.

  17. Stephen says:

    Sean, all I’ve ever asked of my clergy is that they obey Rome’s orders as they would the word of God. We are here to help the fallen, because inside every protestant and pagan there is a Catholic trying to get out. It’s a hardball world, Sean. We’ve gotta keep our heads until this Vatican 2 craze blows over.

    • JUST WONDERING says:

      “JUST WONDERING” Stephen why you cannot address him correctly and politely as Cardinal Sedan????

      • JUST WONDERING says:

        Sorry: Cardinal Sean.

      • Stephen says:

        This was hypothetical question from a blog.
        Since he came to town he clearly prefers the informal
        brown blanket wear and a finely cropped metro-beard.
        When I see him, I’ll ask if he minds if I call him Sean ,OK?

        For the record I have never referred to him as any
        model of automobile.

  18. Michael says:

    Cardinal O’Malley …
    In 2004, months before Mitt Romney illegally instituted same-sex “marriage” in Massachusetts (by illegally issuing “marriage” certificates to same-sex couples, without any legal authority), Judge Bork (standing next to you, Cardinal O’Malley, at the podium at the Red Mass luncheon) prophetically warned that if we lose Massachusetts to same-sex “marriage,” then we will lose the country. Now with several other state legislatures now having passed same-sex “marriage” laws and on the evening before the US Supreme Court “strikes” (as if a court has any actual legal authority to “strike” a law passed by the legislature) DOMA, do you think that Judge Bork was right? And don’t you think that you should have listened to the Catholic lawyers who told you that your affiliation with Mitt Romney was misplaced and that you ought to be screaming aloud the fraud that the GOP was pulling over America? In other words, do you have a conscience and is it sufficiently formed to grasp that same-sex “marriage” could have been stopped by you, but you failed to do so (as in, you are the person responsible for the current state of affairs regarding the bastardization of marriage)?

  19. Anonymous Catholic says:

    In my humble opinion there are 2 scandalous persons surrounding Cardinal Sean and I don’t understand why he can remove them from their positions.

    The first is Jack Connors, who funds the Mary Horrigan Connors Women’s Health Clinic at B&W hospital. He also hosted fundraisers for Pres. Obama’s reelection campaign. Oh really, isn’t that nice!! So, he’s for the abortion of innocent babies, while serving on the finance committee and the Catholic School Board. Mary Grassa-O’Neil, a hand picked surrogate is in favor of Common Core, which would give money to the schools from Bill and Melinda Gates to adhere to their English and Math curriculum. However, it is widely known that what the government wants to do is to get each child’s medical and family background during grades K – 12. That is so invasive and WRONG.

    Please address these issues and above all, get rid of these individuals. Many practicing Catholics will not donate to the yearly collect for the Cardinal’s programs for this reason alone.

    • Concerned Parent says:

      Speaking of donations, what assurance do we have that the IFRM’s “moderate” tax will not be continually increased to compensate for the bloated central ministry’s future budget overruns?

      According to an article in the Pilot (“IFRM Pilot Parishes See Increased Offertory”, 6/18/10) the Archdiocese recommended a fundraising consulting firm, the Cuneen Company, to individual parishes to help put the squeeze on the people in the pews. In the article, John Cuneen, president of the fundraising firm says, “If people don’t care about their parish and love their Church, no amount of mailings and careful packaging will work”. It’s hard to imagine that manipulating the religious sensibilities of good people in hard times to line the pockets of fundraisers and overpaid lay bureaucrats is what the Lord intended for His Church.

  20. Anna says:

    Hiring heretics to educate a generation of Boston Catholics is mass spiritual homicide and nobody but you is accountable for the dead.

    The dishonesty of blaming others for carrying out your own agenda is duly noted.

  21. tony says:

    as a alumnus of BC, it drags heavy on my heart that the university will not sign on to ex corde ecclesia–please use your office to influence their board and president to “return to the fold”

  22. Angry Parish Council Member says:

    Cardinal O’Malley,
    Why did you send Msgr. Garrity to St Catherine in Norwood? We had a wonderful orthodox pastor in Msgr McRae. We were sent the opposite when he left to go to Rome. Why are we saddled with a pastor who thumbs his nose at Catholic truths and is steadily running what was a great parish and school into the ground?

  23. Justyn Tyme says:

    I would like to address the issue of the Daughters of St. Paul and what the Archdiocese of Boston with you as Corporate Sole did to them regarding their retirement fund benefits for their Lay Employees. They had no other choice but to take you to Court when you or your underlings acting in your name refused to address the issue with them after numerous requests to do so. It was always about the lay employees NOT the Sisters. Sr. Timothy and her Council were courageous women in their decision to take the legal route. Everyone knows what really happened when you initiated contact with their Superior General in Rome: She visited here, removed the leadership, appointed some else and made the Sisters settle the law suit out of Court for much less then what Gospel Justice and Charity demands. Your behavior was unchristian, disrespectful to both the Sisters and their Lay Employees and their families who will now have to go without and live on very low fixed income to pay for the “Sins of the Fathers.” What would Jesus Do? What would St. Francis do?

    • Amo Alighieri says:

      The cardinal’s behavior comprised staring at his notebook. The people to whom he abdicated his canonical and civil duties behaved deplorably. Where would Dante send Cardinal Sean? I would love to see the ring described in Dante’s magnificent imagery. What happens in the Inferno to the Prince of the Church who stares at a notebook, relieved to enable the Evil One to work in his place?

  24. Justyn Tyme says:

    Why haven’t we heard anything officially from your regarding the disbanding of the Little Brothers of St. Francis in Roxbury? Were they Surpressed or did they voluntarily disband? We know that Br. James Curran is at Don Orione Home and the only vowed member left. Also why hasn’t more information been shared publically regarding the Brotherhood of Hope who are currently renting with the option to buy the 2 Houses in Roxbury currently owned by the Little Brothers of St. Francis Inc? Why the lack of openness and transparency? God Bless the Little Brothers! They did much good for the poor, homeless and abandoned and will be sadly missed by all!

  25. St Johns seminarian says:

    Cardinal Sean,

    I appreciate your support for vocations to the priesthood! As you no doubt know, as a result of the sale of much SJS property to Boston College a few years ago, we are now running out of living space here as we have grown since then. Praise God!

    Can you share with us the plan for the archdiocese to repay the $40 million owed to the seminary from the sale of the seminary property to BC? It seems that the archdiocese is already running a deficit, so how will the archdiocese pay back the $40 million that’s coming due?

  26. Catholic parent says:

    Dr. Mary Grassa O’Neill, superintendent of schools making $350,000 a year. What DOES she actually do? Is hers one of the salaries targeted for reduction? When and by how much? Why do we need to pay her $350,000 a year along with a bunch of regional superintendents? What are the mission and goals for the Catholic schools? What aspects of them are truly Catholic any more, besides the names of the schools? They’re becoming more and more like public schools, so why pay all this money to send my kids to Catholic schools any more? The only one that’s really Catholic is Montrose School, and that’s outside of the archdiocesan control. Is the goal for Grassa O’Neill to shut down all of the parish-based schools and turn everything into a diocesan “academy” under control of her and Jack Connors? Why won’t she meet with parents to discuss the horrible Common Core curriculum?

    No one knows what exactly she does. Can you explain what she actually DOES to earn her $350,000 a year salary?

    • Michael says:

      Oh I think I can help you. She screens resumes for new principles She only got two for Holy Family in Rockland which were so pathetic that they had to resort to hiring a current teacher as the “new” principle.

      I hope that helps.

  27. Justyn Tyme says:

    How much did the late Rev. Msgr. Albert W. Low, former Superintendent of Schools so many years ago make? It certainly wasn’t $350,000.00. Those were the days when all of the schools of the Archdiocese had the same curriculum e.g.books and based on that curriculum there were Diocesan Exams( prepared annually by a group of Sisters from different Congregations) per grade per school for everyone. Common Core Curriculum it was not, thank God. We learned more about the Faith not from the curriculum but from the believing Sisters who lovingly mediated it to us by their lives of Faith, Dedication and Service. Thanks Sisters e.g. SCN, CSJ, SND.

  28. Faithful Catholic in Boston says:

    Your Eminence,
    Would you consider implementing some form of “mandatum” for all key diocesan employees and advisers, including Catholic school teachers? This would ask all employees to pledge that they accept and believe the teachings of the Catholic church, and are in full communion with the Catholic Church.

    If you would not put such a “mandatum” in place as a requirement of your own key employees responsible for teaching, hiring, pastoral ministry, worship, and pastoral leadership, why not? Why do you believe it’s not important for Catholic leaders to actually believe what the Catholic Church believes and teaches?

  29. A Boston priest says:

    Cardinal Sean, The Office for Professional Conduct tends to treat accused priests like they are convicted criminals rather than as innocent until proven guilty. Can’t you get a lawyer with pastoral skills to run that office instead of a former prosecutor?

  30. DBP says:

    Why is the pastor of St. Susanna in Dedham still the pastor of St. Susanna in Dedham? The parish was essentially defunct ten years ago, and now (thanks to said pastor’s ‘leadership,’) is rotting on the vine. Does he remain because of the pilgrimages he leads to P-Town and Fire Island?

  31. RCAB Insider says:

    BCI, if it isn’t too late, I’d like to ask a question about cronyism.

    Cardinal Sean,
    Are you aware of the damage done to the Archdiocese of Boston and the people of God from the culture of cronyism that has become systemic?

    Parishes across the archdiocese pay more for any construction or HVAC project because they have to use an archdiocesan-approved contractor (who “knew someone” in order to get approved), rather than a more qualified contractor at a better price who is not approved by the archdiocese.

    Catholic cemeteries that used to be managed by people who knew the Catholic cemetery business are now managed by crony contractors who “knew someone” but know nothing about cemeteries.

    Excellent Catholic school principals have been ousted in favor of less qualified people now brought in who know little about the Catholic faith but “knew someone” in the Catholic schools office.

    Looking to buy an unused church property? Looking for a job? Looking for a contract? Looking for a plum pastoral assignment? Those with the best shot at these won’t ever be the most qualified any more–you just need to “know someone!”

    Do you realize you’ve allowed a culture to pervade where qualification and merit are secondary considerations in most decisions? It’s cronyism and connections that matter–even if the result costs the Catholic Church more money and delivers a poorer result. Good people will keep leaving, and you and the parishes will keep paying extra money to bring in yet more mediocrity. Is cronyism, higher costs and mediocrity what you want as part of your vision for the diocese?

    • Time for a change says:

      RCAB insider: Good points. Too bad that the folks who brought about this culture will make sure that the fully disconnected Archbishop of Boston never knows about this of anything else that the control group is doing. Not that he would know what to do with the information. ITS WAY PAST TIME FOR A CHANGE!

  32. bitsnbytes says:

    Eminence, there are a lot of priests who need direction on how to say the Mass: too many of them have returned to bad habits after the rollout of the Roman Missal 3rd edition.

    They need to practice reading the Mass Ordinary from the Missal for a while until they get it right. They need to stop treating the Holy Mass as an opportunity to perform stand-up comedy for an audience in the pews.

    They need to focus their attention and their prayers on God in the liturgy, and they need you to set a bold example. When you offer your regular Sunday Mass I invite you to rediscover the practice of celebrating the rite ad orientem, and standing in solidarity with the faithful.

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