Protesting BC Commencement Speaker

On Monday, May 20th, a number of organizations will be protesting at the Boston College commencement ceremony.  Students for Life of America (SFLA) and other local and national pro-life organizations will host a prayer vigil and public witness outside the Boston College graduation ceremony to protest Ireland’s 1st pro-abortion Prime Minister giving the commencement address and receiving an honorary degree at the Catholic institution. BCI would invite any local Boston-area readers to attend. Here are more details:

SFLA will gather together to stand up for women, show the value and worth of children in the womb, and voice support for keeping Ireland abortion-free.

Event Details:

When: Monday, May 20th
8am – Prayer Vigil and Public Witness
9am – Press Conference

Where: Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA — Corner of Beacon Street and Reservoir Avenue

“The fact that Boston College is honoring the man who is pushing an abortion bill that will lead to the mass death of preborn Irish children and the harm of countless women and families is unconscionable,” said SFLA President Kristan Hawkins. “Thousands of people from across the globe have taken action on our to voice their outrage over the decision and send messages of support to Cardinal Sean O’Malley, who has been under attack by pro-abortion forces for boycotting the event. It’s shameful that BC’s President, Rev. William Leahy, has not rescinded the invitation to Prime Minister Enda Kenny, despite the outcry from the public and Catholic leaders. If Boston College won’t stand for the preborn at its graduation ceremonies, we will.”PM Kenny and his governing party Fine Gael have gone against their election promises and introduced legislation that would legalize abortion in Ireland under the guise of preventing the suicide of pregnant women. As there is no gestational age limit to the measure, it would mean abortion on demand, by threat of suicide, through all nine months of pregnancy. In addition, Catholic hospitals would be forced to comply with the proposed law as it does not contain conscience clause protections for their health care workers.

The Catholic Church in Ireland has denounced the measure and called upon the Irish people to lobby their elected representatives to oppose it. Cardinal Sean Brady, the Primate of Ireland, said the bill, if approved, would “make the direct and intentional killing of unborn children lawful in Ireland.” In addition, Kenny has threatened to expel pro-life Catholics from his party if they refuse to vote for the measure. is a website sponsored by a coalition of the nation’s leading pro-life organizations.

Here are more details from Boston Operation Rescue on their planned protest:

LOCATION: Beacon Street entrance to Alumni Stadium @ BC.

PARKING: It will be tight! There are meters on Beacon Street near the Alumni Stadium entrance. It is possible, however, that a parking ban may be in effect at the meters. If so, we’ll have to car pool from Cleveland Circle.

Therefore, it is best to arrive early to be able to deal with contingencies.

BY MBTA: Take the Green Line (B train) to the end, which is the Boston College stop. Walk past the front of Saint Ignatius Church, bear left and walk down St. Thomas More Road to Beacon Street (about a half-mile walk).

IF YOU NEED A RIDE from somewhere near BC to our protest site, call my cell at 774-287-0751. We’ll have someone pick you up.


In addition to our pro-life demonstration, Students for Life of America has announced that they are sending a contingent from Virginia. They have a prayer vigil scheduled for 8:00 am and will also do a press conference. Confirmed participants in the press conference:

  • Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life

  • CJ Doyle, Catholic Action League

  • Kate Bryan, Live Action

  • Jack Falvey, Making the Numbers (and a BC alum)

Expected at the press conference are the National Catholic Register, some Irish media, and at least one Boston outlet.


Jesuit administered Boston College will award an honorary Doctor of Laws degree to Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, who will also be the principal speaker at the BC’s 2013 commencement on May 20.

On April 30th, Kenny’s coalition government introduced legislation to legalize abortion in Ireland.

At a time when the Catholic Church and the entire pro-life movement in Ireland are opposing this man, Boston College is honoring him! This is one of the worst acts of betrayal by a Catholic institution in the history of American Catholicism!

Former state representative Martha Walz, the President and CEO of the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, called Kenny an “appropriate commencement speaker.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle stated: “Everything we ever wanted to know about Enda Kenny and his unpersuasive claims that he plans no major changes in Ireland’s abortion laws, has now been explained to us by Marty Walz. As for Boston College, the only thing more threadbare than its Catholic identity is its institutional credibility.
“BC, a school built by and for Catholics, now stands with Planned Parenthood and a pro-abortion government against the Church and the pro-life movement. It is an unconscionable betrayal.”

BCI again commends Cardinal O’Malley for boycotting this event and for his public statement of criticism. We wish BC had rescinded their invitation and urge any local Catholics to join in the public protest on Monday if they are able to.

11 Responses to Protesting BC Commencement Speaker

  1. jbq2 says:

    As a big time supporter of BCI, I would like to state a wee bit of devil’s advocate. The end result is a spirit of Paul Revere on campus. I just don’t see how Father Leahy could have cancelled the invite when he made it in good faith way before the controversy. There are 28 entities in the Jesuit Association of Colleges and Universities. BC is just part of the whole. All 28 are silent. Here in the Midwest, the archdiocese has now turned over the training of priests to a Jesuit contingent. The question has now become one of whether the Jesuits advocate certain types of abortion in league with the feminist movement in the Catholic Church. The writings of Malchi Martin, SJ, would tend to reinforce that view.

  2. Gianna says:

    I understand Cardinal O’Malley won’t be present at the commencement to give the final benediction and blessing to the students and faculty.

    I also understand Martha Walz who is the President of the Massachusetts Planned Parenthood has given her approval to the selection of Enda Kenny as the commencement speaker.

    Perhaps Fr. Leahy could ask Martha Walz to give the final benediction and blessing.

    • JUST WONDERING says:

      Ah, come on Gianna, stop picking on BC. It’s one of the greatest non-Catholic Colleges in America, especially in the Boston Area. If they would revert to their ‘roots’ then they would divorce themselves from Enda Kenny AND maybe they could get Mickey Mouse to come and give one heck of a talk. Probably wouldn’t make sense, but would be funny then Donald Duck could give the final blessing. Boy would the press eat this up…..AND I bet the students would really enjoy it! However, Gianna, you are RIGHT ON TRACK WITH THIS ONE.

      • JUST WONDERING says:

        One moe thing, Gianna. Why does the Jesuit Institue of Boston have a P.O. Box when they could very easily put their street number in the address. As I’ve said before they are located in a great building that has NOT ONE CATHOLIC SYMBOL ON IT. I’ll tell you one more interesting fact, they are located next to a restaurant proudly called “STRIP T’s” (which by the way has really great food) where they are probably learning to ‘STRIP’ away all that is Catholic from the religion classes they teach. I would rather have a ‘STRIP ‘T’S meal than BC’s boloney on rye.

  3. mjm says:

    Where is Clement the XIV when you need him?

    • ChubbyHubby says:

      To: MJM

      Do you really want to know where is? Or, perhaps, where he
      should be?

      I believe a more “fruitful” use of his time would be to implement
      a new work-out (asap) to harden his own “six-pack.”

  4. Mary Sweeney says:

    I do believe that the Pope is speaking about you…
    I would pay attention.

  5. Jesus Christ Is My Judge & He LOVES Children says:

    I hope you are all doing all right. It seems AD of Boston just keeps getting worse w/the honoring of those encouraging abortion and sexual vice.

    Mary Sweeney, I would not be concerned about what a pope says about me if his teaching contradicts the commandments of God.

    • Mary Sweeney says:

      Actually, that could be a problem… In his book “That Man is You”, Fr. Louis Evely describes a scene from a play by Jean Anouilh:

      “The good are densely clustered at the gate of heaven, eager to march in, sure of their reserved seats, keyed up and bursting with impatience.

      All at once, a rumor starts spreading: “It seems He’s going to forgive those others, too!”

      For a minute, everybody’s dumbfounded. They look at one another in disbelief, gasping and sputtering, “After all the trouble I went through!” “If only I’d known this …” “I just cannot get over it!”

      Exasperated, they work themselves into a fury and start cursing God; and at that very instant they’re damned. That was the final judgment.”

  6. Mary Sweeney says:

    To Jesus Christ Is My Judge & He LOVES Children says.

    Wondering if you trust Jesus to be judge for others. You seem to have taken over the position.

  7. Jesus Christ Is My Judge & He LOVES Children says:

    I guess Sts. Moses, John the Baptist, Peter & Paul & all the prophets did too. I guess you don’t believe their warnings to flee from the wrath that is to come. You may follow whomever you wish to follow, but baby murderers, fornicators, adulterers and idolatrous wolves in sheeps clothing will not enter into the kingdom of heaven but will burn eternally in hell.

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