Cardinal O’Malley to Boycott BC Commencement due to Pro-Abort Speaker!

The Boston Archdiocese announced yesterday that Cardinal O’Malley will boycott the BC Commencement which is to honor a pro-abortion politicians, the Prime Minister of Ireland, Enda Kenny. This is a very good news and we commend Cardinal O’Malley for this action:

Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley, the archbishop of the Boston Archdiocese, said today he would not attend Boston College’s commencement because the scheduled speaker, Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, supports controversial abortion-rights legislation in his country.

In a statement released this afternoon, O’Malley said the Catholic Bishops of the United States have urged Catholic institutions not to honor government officials whose views on the issue are inconsistent with the teachings of the Catholic church.

The Irish legislation would permit abortions if there is a real and substantial threat to the mother’s life, including from suicide.

“Since the university has not withdrawn the invitation and because the Taoiseach [prime minister] has not seen fit to decline, I shall not attend the graduation,’’ O’Malley said in a statement. “It is my ardent hope that Boston College will work to redress the confusion, disappointment and harm caused by not adhering to the Bishops’ directives.’’

He added, “although I shall not be present to impart the final benediction, I assure the graduates that they are in my prayers on this important day in their lives, and I pray that their studies will prepare them to be heralds of the Church’s Social Gospel and ‘men and women for others,’ especially for the most vulnerable in our midst.’’

By tradition, the Boston archbishop delivers the final benediction at BC’s commencement each spring. The college is scheduled to award Kenny an honorary Doctor of Laws degree at the ceremony, which will be held May 20 at Alumni Stadium.

In his statement, O’Malley said the church considers abortion “a crime against humanity’’ and he noted that Kenny has been “aggressively promoting abortion legislation’’ despite opposition from church leaders in Ireland.

O’Malley said he is sure the invitation to the prime minister “was made in good faith, long before it came to the attention of the leadership of Boston College that Mr. Kenny is aggressively promoting abortion legislation.”

Boston College responded by saying they will miss O’Malley at the ceremony, but the college leadership will not rescind the invitation to Kenny.

“We respect Cardinal O’Malley and regret that he will not be in attendance,” BC spokesman Jack Dunn said in a statement. “However, we look forward to our commencement and to Prime Minister Kenny’s remarks.’’

Dunn said BC invited the leader of Ireland to their commencement “in light of the historically close relationship Boston College has enjoyed with Ireland.’’

The BC spokesman also said that the school’s views on abortion rights remain firm. “As a Catholic institution, Boston College supports the Church’s commitment to the life of the unborn,’’ he said.

Dunn referred to a statement on the legislation the prime minister made earlier this month. In that statement, Kenny said the legislation retains the “general ban’’ on abortion in Ireland, but also clarifies when doctors can “intervene where a woman’s life is at risk.’’

O’Malley’s decision aligns him with the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, which condemned the BC invitation Tuesday.

“We’re delighted,” C. J. Doyle, executive director of the group, said today. “We commend the cardinal for his forthright and unambiguous statement.”

Irish bishops have spoken out against the legislation, calling it “a dramatic and morally unacceptable change to Irish law.”

“It is a tragic moment for Irish society when we regard the deliberate destruction of a completely innocent person as an acceptable response to the threat of the preventable death of another person,” they said in a statement earlier this month.

The Irish government’s efforts in support of the legislation have gained momentum since the October 2012 death of an Indian woman in Galway after she was denied an emergency abortion while she was having a miscarriage. In April, an Irish jury found that poor medical care led to the death.

The biggest question for BCI is how can BC possibly still justify calling themselves “Catholic” and in opposition to abortion, while still honoring this figure.  It is clear that Cardinal O’Malley has been working behind the scenes with BC to address this scandal and BC has not budged. We commend him for his efforts.  Keep up the pressure and email the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano at asking him to intervene.

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    The “biggest question is” when was the last time that BC is/was CATHOLIC???

  2. Bill Redmond says:

    I have to say it is good to see BCI giving credit to Cardinal O’Malley when credit is due. Especially on a day when this is part of the Sunday gospel: “Holy Father, I pray not only for them,
    but also for those who will believe in me through their word,
    so that they may all be one …”

    • David S. says:

      Bill, I agree 100% with your statement.

      I commend Cardinal O’Malley for his statement and actions in this matter, and I am thankful to BCI for this post.

    • Bill Redmond, We gladly give credit to Cardinal O’Malley when he does the right thing and when credit is due him. If that happened all the time, then there would be no reason for BCI to even exist.

  3. Chris says:

    I posted an email address for the New England Provincial of the Jesuit order in the previous blog post, but I’ll do it again here. Think about sharing your thoughts with him, BCI readers:

    Very Rev. Myles Sheehan
    New England Province of Jesuits
    P.O. Box 9199
    Watertown, MA 02471-9199
    617-607-2800 |

    And then there is THE BIG GUY who might be interested in our local Jesuit goings-on:

    His Holiness, Pope Francis
    Apostolic Palace
    00120 Vatican City

    • Chris says:

      Forgot to add the address for the Superior of the Jesuit order in Rome. The Father General can be reached at: Fr. Adolfo Nicolas, SJ. Via del Quirinale, 29, 00184 Rome ITALY

      The Jesuits have their own Jesuit Curia in Rome.

  4. David S. says:

    Here’s an interesting article published today in Irish Central:—irish-government-said-to-be-furious-over-statement-condemning-irish-prime-minister-enda-kenny-207103111.html

    The article claims there was a “deal” whereby Cardinal O’Malley would be out of town on the day of the Boston College commencement “…but with a plausible reason not directly related to Kenny for not attending. That way he would have signaled his disapproval but not become embroiled in the controversy [over Enda Kenny].” The article laments that Cardinal O’Malley “reneged” on the deal with his recent public statement explaining why he is not attending the commencement.

    Personally I think notion of our Cardinal making such a deal is offensive as well as wishful thinking on the part of the article’s author.

    But what this article does point to is a more general problem. And that is the fact that EVERYONE is confused by the leaders of the Catholic Church in the US. The pro-lifers and those loyal to the Pope and Magisterium are confused, and those who support abortion are confused.

    And why are both groups confused?

    Because the rhetoric of our Bishops is not consistent with their behavior. On one hand both the pro-life and the pro-abortion communities read very powerful statements issued by various Bishops as well as the USCCB in favor of the unborn. And yet these same Bishops turn around and invite Obama to the Al Smith dinner, allow Joe Biden and other pro-abortion politicians to receive the Blessed Sacrament, officiate at funerals for pro-abortion politicians, etc.

    At the risk of making light of a very serious issue, there is simply no way to split this baby. Either abortion is murder and an abomination in the eyes of God, or it is not. If abortion is indeed murder, then the Bishops in the US need to comport themselves, in terms of what they say and what they do, accordingly.

  5. jbq2 says:

    In this case, “the glass is half full”.

  6. Earnie Bay says:

    Watertown? Where in Watertown is there a Jesuit institution? Or does the Provincal live in a condo?

    • Liam says:

      The province moved its offices to Watertown from the South End in the mid-Naughties, in something of a real estate boondogle because it happened to occur as the real estate bubble burst; only last month was the former Immaculate Conception Church in the South End finallly sold to a developer.

    • JUST WONDERING says:

      There is a BUILDING, but you would never know it belongs to and is headquarters for the Jesuits. There is not a single sign on it. Just one large, long building (a rather new one at that) but no name or religious symbol on it.

  7. tonymangini says:

    no one has written more letters to the adm/of bc than the undersigned —  as a alumnus, i am deeply hurt by the schools’ liberal attitude especially for their refusal to sign  ex corde eccles ia

  8. Having Your Cake & Eating It Too says:

    BCI posts a blog that O’Malley is doing nothing so then he isn’t attending – whoa! what action! Meanwhile Boston College is passing out free birth control donated by Planned Parenthood probably paid for by the students’ parents taxes who are sending their kids to Boston College to get a Catholic Education.

    What is Sean O’malley congratulating these students for? Staying in a “catholic” college that proseltyzes for Satan? Attending a graduation ceremony where a baby murderer pusher & legalizer is the keynote speaker? Congratulations to their parents also! Congratulations to all who march to hell like sheep applauding the pro-abort at the graudation and applauding Cardinal Sean for “staying away” in protest while our society drowns in the blood of innocent babies, and “Catholic” men and women are taught to fornicate and abort their way to hell at “Catholic” colleges.

    • Michael says:

      And if it truly is wrong for BC to act in this way, then Cardinal O’Malley just led the way of sainthood … don’t show up and when the Globe comes to photograph you have a very (and I mean very) stern look on your face. Yes, the essence of Sainthood …

  9. Justyn Tyme says:

    Cardinal Sean O’Verwhelmed! He can invite the President of the US and his “Catholic Politicans ?? ” who are Pro-Abortion to pray with him at the Cathedral but not attend a BC Graduation because the Prime Minister is Pro Abortion. Inconsistency and Instability. He
    is just so overwhelmed(depressed/anxious) by everything and its so obvious to those who have eyes to see. Pray for him!

    • Michael says:

      Yes, he decides that because BCI exposed the issue, he had to do something about it immediately. But like all eople who play games with the truth, he forgot to tie up all of the loose ends. Obama’s invites, Menino’s invites, and Ted K’s funeral, just to name a few.

  10. DBP says:

    Wildly mixing metaphors here, I want my shepherd to beard the lion in his den. Boycotting one commencement (while wishing blessings upon those there present and allowing theological degrees to be granted) doesn’t solve the problem. Witness BC’s discomfiture: “We will miss him.”
    The shepherd should valiantly confront the heretics, and using the bully pulpit the heretics grant him is even more appropriate. Does anybody remember Mother Teresa speaking about abortion in front of the Clinton’s at the National Prayer Breakfast?
    A shepherd with masculine fortitude would have accepted the invitation and used the occasion to firmly (but politely) rebuke the allegedly-Catholic prime minister for his proposals, rebuke the administration at BC for inviting him, and give the graduates and visitors a first-class dissertation on the preeminence of the right to life.
    Of course, that would require a shepherd….

    • Michael says:

      It would require a belief system in line with Catholic Curch teaching. It would require a man with a true understanding of courage. It would require a man with a true understanding of Christian charity. It would require a man who has made similar courageous and principled decisions in the past. It would … ultimately require a man other than Cardinal O’Malley. O’Malley knows how to sound like a bishop, but he doesn’t really know how to fulfill the role very well.

    • Chris says:

      Cardinals wear red supposedly because of their willingness to shed their blood to defend the faith. They are in direct line of succession to the Apostles. I’ve been wondering… which of the apostles do you think would first have a spokesman say that “he has another engagement” and then issue a scolding press release?… If we’re talking Ireland, how would St. Patrick handle this defiance at “Barely Catholic” college? (He’d probably start by driving the snakes out.)

      • Michael says:

        Fr. Leahy … a snake … hmmm … yes … When the saints come marching in … (not out Cardinal)

  11. Having Your Cake & Eating It Too says:

    OMalley is the American Cardinal the supposedly prolife “bishop of Rome” chose to advise him concerning church issues. No wonder Ireland is legalizing abortion and gay marriage – the Catholic Church is behind this agenda all the way – from Cushing making deals with planned parenthood right up to the present w/O’Malley cutting deals.

    “Irish columnist says Cardinal O’Malley broke a deal on Kenny commencement speech”

  12. tyringtofigurethisout says:

    and who is Neil O dowd….???? does he have an agenda??? what is his agenda???? we don’t know….the only thing we do know is that one can either assume he is credible or assume he is not or assume that whatever he says probably needs to be verified….BCI.. u shouldn’t allow posts like this from this guy having your cake….he’s accusing the catholic church ( note he doesn’t say american catholic church.. he says ” catholic church… therefore one has to assume that he is asserting this is coming from rome…. ) of pushing gay marriage and abortion…..that’s not in any way a reasonable assertion… and objectively, one that would be asserted only by an unstable individual… it defies all logic ….if one wants to take a critical look at individual bishop’s relative commitment to defending any particular issue that is fair game….i believe the cardinal is a committed man on the life issues in a good way….i also believe he needs to be more , much more tougher in the public square with public figures no question about it… but he did the right thing here… i just get aggravated when people quote and assume some guy with access to a newspaper column is automatically credible because it fits that guy’s agenda….it ‘s ridiculous that ” cakes ” comment is allowed on this board….i don’t know exactly what his agenda is ( cake’s ) but i highly suspect it is not for the betterment of our church….take it down.. it runs contrary to the mission of the blog

  13. Having Your Cake & Eating It Too says:

    It’s easy trying – take the blinders off: Who was 1st presidential candidate for abortion McGovern’s VP – wasn’t it Catholic Sarge Shriver? Who coined the term “Bork Someone” wasn’t it Catholic Ted Kennedy & Joe BIden? Who sponsored the FACE act making it a felony to block the entrance to an abortion clinic – wasn’t it Catholic Ted Kennedy? Who tried to block Clarence Thomas because he was anti-abortion – wasn’t it CatholicsTed Kennedy & Joe Biden? Wasn’t pro partial birth abortion Panetta greeted by Pope Benedict just before Pope resigned? Isn’t Panetta a professor at Jesuit University? Who represented U.S. at new pope’s installation mass – wasn’t it pro abort & obamacare catholics Pelosi & Biden? Isn’t it Mario Cuomo pushing to murder more babies in New York? And what does the Catholic church say about him –

    “Dolan spokesman Joseph Zwilling later said the cardinal did not mean to suggest that Cuomo would not be a Catholic in good standing if he went forward with the bill.”

    Read more:

    That’s CATHOLICS PUSHING abortion. Many people who gave up membership in the democrat party, belong to the same church that these same pro-aborts do.

    And since it is a Catholic College (and a Jesuit college mind you) honoring pro-abort Enda Kenny (the same way they do Cuomo, Kennedy etc.) how do you say it isn’t the Catholic Church pushing to legalize abortion?

  14. tyringtofigurethisout says:

    you really need to be put in a rubber room if you are saying that all those phony as the day is long politicians you cite and the awful institution of boston college are the catholic church….your post did not say ” catholics pushing the agenda” in fact it said ” the Catholic Church is behind this agenda all the way “…that is a pretty big distinction to anyone with any common sense

  15. Having Your Cake & Eating It Too says:

    “tiringtofigure” – I’m tired too – Boston College like Cardinal Cushing is in league w/Planned Parenthood – to contracept and abort babies:

    Marty Walz, the President and CEO of the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, called the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny an “appropriate commencement speaker.” Walz went on to say that “It is disappointing that a measure to provide health care to a woman whose life is in danger would draw protest in Massachusetts.”

    The pope can order Cardinal O’Brien to an undisclosed location (to prevent him from being arrested in the necrophiliac Papal Knight Jimmy Savile child sex abuse scandal (?)) but he can’t order Boston College, Cardinal O’Malley or Cardinal Dolan to stop calling baby murderers Catholic.

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