Cardinal O’Malley Silent on Pro-Abort Commencement Speaker at Boston College

As Boston College continues with plans to honor the pro-abortion, anti-Catholic Prime Minister of Ireland at their commencement with an honorary degree on May 20, what we are seeing and hearing from Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston, and chairman of the USCCB Committee on Pro-Life Activities is…

Absolutely nothing.  He has been completely silent.  Perhaps he and his staff are unaware of the grave problems with the speaker and scandal of what is to happen. Here are a few details as described in LifeSite News in this article, “PM foisting abortion on Ireland to be honored by Jesuit Boston College.”

BOSTON, May 6, 2013 ( – While Ireland’s Catholic bishops and the pro-life movement are fighting desperately to keep the government from enacting legislation to permit abortion, Boston College, a Catholic institution in Massachusetts, is honoring the head of the same government.  Irish pro-life leaders say they are incredulous at the news. Niamh Uí Bhriain of Ireland’s Life Institute told LifeSiteNews that the Jesuit college should withdraw its invitation.

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts also condemned the college for selecting Republic of Ireland Taoiseach (Prime Minisster) Enda Kenny as its 2013 Commencement Speaker. The university will also confer an honorary Doctor of Laws degree on Kenny during commencement exercises on May 20th.

On April 30th, Kenny’s coalition government introduced legislation with the Orwellian title “The Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill 2013,” which would legalise abortion in Ireland under the guise of preventing the suicide of pregnant women. As there is no gestational age limit to the measure, criticis say it would mean abortion on demand, under threat of suicide, through all nine months of pregnancy.

Catholic hospitals would be forced to comply with the proposed law. The bill has also been criticized for containing no conscience clause protections for physicians, nurses, and other health care workers.

“Ireland has a long and proud record of protecting human life and Mr Kenny is using the European Court to foist abortion on Ireland. This is a shameful and horrendous proposal and that needs to be recognised and highlighted, ” Uí Bhriain said.

The Catholic Church in Ireland has denounced the measure and called upon the Irish people to lobby their elected representatives to oppose it. Cardinal Sean Brady, the Primate of Ireland, said the bill, if approved, would “make the direct and intentional killing of unborn children lawful in Ireland.”

Kenny has threatened to expel pro-life Catholic TDs (members of parliament) from his Fine Gael parliamentary party if they refuse to vote for measure, which is expected to be acted upon in July.

Last year, Kenny’s government published legislation—The Criminal Justice (Withholding of Information on Offences Against Children and Vulnerable Persons) Bill—which would impose criminal penalties, including imprisonment up to five years, on priests who refuse to violate the seal of the confessional in cases of sexual abuse.

Boston College said Kenny represents the “progressive center” and is committed to “social justice.”

The Catholic Action League called Kenny’s selection “an astonishing, appalling, disgraceful and deplorable act of betrayal.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle, an alumnus of Boston College, said: “Even for a university whose Catholic identity is as compromised as that of BC, this decision is shameful and dishonorable. Boston College has gone beyond promoting dissent against Catholic teaching to giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the Church. Every faithful Catholic in this country ought to protest against this odious perfidy.”

Responding to a request for comment, the Archdiocese of Boston noted that Cardinal Sean O’Malley was not scheduled to attend the Commencement due to another commitment.

Is that it?  All the Boston Archdiocese has to say about this is that Cardinal O’Malley had another commitment already?

In 2009, the bishop of Ft. Wayne, Indiana denounced Notre Dame’s plan to honor President Obama at their commencement. Bishops all across the country joined the criticism. Anna Maria College withdrew their invitation to honor Victoria Reggie Kennedy at their commencement last year after objections by their bishop due to Kennedy’s positions on abortion and other moral issues.  Why is Cardinal O’Malley silent?

The USCCB’s statement, “Catholics in Political Life” says, “Our obligation as bishops at this time is to teach clearly.”  It clearly states:

“The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.”

Cardinal O’Malley said during his ad limina visit homily in Rome in 2011 that bishops needed to have courage:

In his homily, the cardinal told his fellow bishops that after Jesus’ arrest in the garden of Gethsemane, “Peter flees. He’s trying to follow the Lord at a safe distance, something we all try to do at one time or another. But Peter discovers it’s impossible; you can only follow the Lord up close..”Each of us has gone through a ‘quo vadis’ (Where are you going?) moment or two in our vocation as bishops.  Hopefully, our being together at the tomb of Peter…will renew us in our generosity, courage and faith in following Jesus up close.”

We agree. Pray for Cardinal O’Malley and ask him directly to have courage in this situation and not just flee from the problem. Instead, to avoid scandalizing the faithful, Boston College must be pressured by Cardinal O’Malley and the Vatican to uninvite the Prime Minister of Ireland, and if that fails, Cardinal O’Malley needs to declare the Boston College can no longer call themselves “Catholic.”

To voice your objections, here is what you can do. Call and/or email the following people:

U.S. Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

Cardinal Sean O’Malley

Vicar General Bishop Robert Deeley

His Eminence Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Cardinal Prefect
Congregation For Bishops
011 39 06 6988 4217
011 39 06 6988 4300 FAX
011-39-0669-885303 FAX

Defend the Catholic faith and help Stop the Scandal by contactng these people today.

29 Responses to Cardinal O’Malley Silent on Pro-Abort Commencement Speaker at Boston College

  1. JUSTSAYIN' says:

    I understand well your objection. However, there are different approaches to dealing with such an issue. While you would build a wall, others would seek to build bridges.

    “Pope says evangelists build bridges, not walls”

    While disinviting is an option and certainly there is a basis to so do, this could also be an opportunity to persuade and enlighten. Interesting to note that Card. Sean is silent thus far.

    • Boston Priest says:

      I’m afraid the evidence would suggest rather strongly that “persuading and enlightening” really does not work with these kinds of politicians. Where did that get us with Sen. Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and a host of other “Catholic” politicians over the past 30+ years, or with Obama after the Notre Dame scandal? With all due respect, the viewpoint you expressed is actually among the approaches that has contributed to the problem we have today. The Notre Dame experience proved that commencement is not an opportunity with dialogue with your enemy to enlighten and persuade them. I pray that you and others will see the light on this.

      • JUSTSAYIN' says:

        Boston Priest, at least there is an OPPORTUNITY to “persuade and enlighten” in bridge building. When you erect a wall. it is just you and people of similar minds closed off forever. Not exactly in keeping with evangelization. I take my cue from our Holy Father, Pope Francis – build bridges, not walls.

        That said, not sure that invitation as commencement speaker is the right opportunity for the dialogue.

      • Michael says:

        JustSayinRiiculousComments said: When you erect a wall. it is just you and people of similar minds closed off forever.

        Jesus came to divide. It is fraudulent to say that this is about evangelization. We are not talking about bringing some ignorant person into the light of Catholicism. We are talking about murder. The Cardinal is the head pro-life Bishop. Where is his courage? He has none. He is either afraid to stand up or he is not against the killing of innocent life in the womb. This is not some kind of brilliant tactic on his part. Your comments are ridiculous propaganda.

    • Ferde Rombola says:

      30+ years of appeasement have gotten us exactly nowhere, Just Sayin’. All appeasement has done is embolden the enemies of the Church, since they’re certain there will be no
      punishment, or even chastisement, for their heresies. No offense intended, it’s just an observation, but people like you have their heads in the sand. It’s obvious you have no idea what’s happening in and to our society today.

    • JustPrayin' says:


      Not even you believe this drivel! Perhaps BC should be commended for “moving beyond” the Life issues?

      • JUST WONDERING says:

        “JustPrayin’ says”== I’m JUST WONDERING: Are you “serious” about “movin beyond the life issues?” Do we ever move to a point that we accept “life destruction” as just an issue???
        To me my “prayin” always inclues all life, born and preborn.
        “JUST WONDERING” where some of you are coming from!!!!

      • JustPrayin' says:

        Just Wondering, I apologize for overtaxing you with irony and sarcasm. I put the absurd question RE: the life issues to “JustSayin”……in disbelief at his original posting……..

  2. jbq2 says:

    In philosophical terms, you have to look at the forest and not just the trees. Recently, Cardinal T Dolan met Joe Biden for “tea and crumpets” in the St. Patrick rectory on Palm Sunday. This was just after giving Uncle Joe Communion. It would appear that “fix is in”. It all points to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops of which Dolan is the head. There has been some accomodation made with the administration. There is a quid pro quo of some sort. I have evidence from the Chancery in St. Louis that now Cardinal Burke was run out of town through a deal made with the Democratic Party just before the 2008 election for his support for denying Communion to pro abortion Catholic politicians which is read as Democratic. It is all about socialism and the destruction of the capitalist Republican Party which is Protestant. No problem there. Rally behind a pro life Democrat. This is a sordid affair and BostonCatholicInsider seems to be the only one with a whistle in its mouth. Malachi Brendan Martin already wrote down the blueprint.

  3. Gail says:

    Thanks so much for all the work you at Boston Catholic Insider put in to tell the faithful what’s really going on. I just sent my emails of concern to the parties you listed.

  4. Jim R. says:

    We have a Jesuit Pope…maybe he should have some input as BC is a Jesuit entity…

  5. Catholic Teacher Man says:

    Just now on– Cardinal Sean O’Malley to boycott Boston College commencement to protest Irish PM Kenny’s support of abortion legislation (

    Glad to see him finally take a stand!

    • JUSTSAYIN' says:

      Wow, and consider BC’s justification in this article:

      BC spokesman Jack Dunn defended the choice, saying the school selected Kenny to celebrate its heritage and relationship with Ireland.

      “Boston college invited Prime Minister Kenny a year ago to speak at our commencement in light of our long-standing connection with Ireland and our desire to recognize and celebrate our heritage,” he said Thursday by in a phone interview. “Our invitation is independent of the proposed bill that will be debated in the Irish parliament this summer.”

      I bet he is sorry he said that.

  6. JUSTSAYIN' says:

    Micheal says: “Your comments are ridiculous propaganda.”

    The “ridiculous propaganda” comes straight from our Pope’s mouth:

    Ferde Rombola says: “[P]eople like you have their heads in the sand. It’s obvious you have no idea what’s happening in and to our society today.”

    I have no idea how you conclude this from my quote from our beloved Pope.

    Note, I am not saying I think the invitation was a good idea at all. I think there are wonderful people who do inspiring things and would have been a much better choice. I agree with you folks on that.

    • Michael says:

      No JustSayinMorePropaganda … You continue to say ridiculous things. The propaganda is in equating a solid shameless stance against the killing of innocent life with a soft, welcoming evangelization approach to bring people of other faiths to Catholicism. I’m in favor of changing people’s hearts and minds on their religious positions. But evangelizing people of other faiths is far different than establishing a non-negotiable position on abortion. There is no room for a soft approach on Abortion and the pope had nothing to say about that. JustSayinMorePropaganda is just sayin that to confuse. JustSayinMorePropaganda ought to be intellectually honest in your debating techniques.

  7. Mack says:

    I’m glad that O’Malley is finally taking a stand.
    And Just Sayin’, remember what Jesus did to the traders in the temple. He didn’t dialogue with them but just drove them out. Sometimes that indeed is the appropriate response, just as Jesus did in that case.

  8. Newman1890 says:

    Guess he’s made his intentions clear.


    Sent from my iPhone

  9. DBP says:

    Considering how things generally work around 66 Brooks Drive, here’s what probably happened:

    (1) LifeSite News digs up the story and calls the RCAB for comment;
    (2) Donilon takes the call after he gets back from lunch and, in an attempt to “do no harm” (to BC or His Nibs), issues his typical generic no-comment statement (“…due to another committment…”);
    (3) BCI becomes aware of the lack of leadership because they actually read Catholic news services and, incredulous that the head of the USCCB’s Committee on Pro-Life Activities is shrugging off this slap in the face, fires off a blog posting;
    (4) BCI’s readers fire off a few hundred emails and phone calls to Brooks Drive;
    (5) Tommy Boy gets new talking points.

  10. David S. says:

    I am extremely grateful that the Cardinal took this action. And I noticed that the Washington Post picked up this story as well:

    It’s just too bad that it took hundreds of phone calls and emails to the Cardinal and Vicar General before this boycott was announced.

    I did shake my head in disbelief, though, at the statement: “I am sure that the invitation was made in good faith, long before it came to the attention of the leadership of Boston College that Mr. Kenny is aggressively promoting abortion legislation.”

    The fact is Fr. Leahy, S.J. has attempted to justify the Boston College’s selection of Mr. Kenny due to their “…long-standing connection with Ireland and our desire to recognize and celebrate our heritage.” If the Boston College administration has such strong connections with Ireland, I highly doubt they were unaware of Mr. Kenny’s love affair with the murder of the unborn.

  11. Jina says:

    Please check this out:

    So let me get this straight…

    The Irish Bishops had a problem with PM Kenny getting an honorary doctorate at Boston College, and yet these same Bishops will not refuse PM Kenny Holy Communion.

    I just don’t get it.

  12. Alice Slattery says:

    Let us be grateful that Cardinal O’Malley finally has had the courage to tell Boston College dissidents that they are going down the wrong path. Now if he would just tell them to change from the path of supporting the propaganda of P.F.L.A.G/GLAD etc. and publicly support Courage/EnCourage which is the way designated by the Catholic Church to help those in the same-sex sex attraction culture to live lives in accordance with God’s plan for human sexuality, then Cardinal O’Malley would be truly carrying out his responsibilities as our Shepherd.

    • David S. says:

      Agreed. I was on campus in March and stopped by the bookstore with my kids. Right outside of McElroy Commons they were giving away free copies of the homosexual newspaper “Bay Windows.” I looked inside and there were explicit ads for homosexual phone sex.

      I contacted Fr. Leahy’s office and when I explained why I called I was put through to their Public Relations Department. The guy I spoke to assured me that this newspaper should not be on campus, and that he would see that it is no longer distributed.

      At that point I alerted a Boston College student I know who is active in pro-life who said he would periodically check McElroy Commons. A few weeks later he emailed me to tell me they were distributing the newspaper again. But the next part is great… He also told me that he took a copy of the newspaper to Fr. Leahy and showed him one of the pictures in the newspaper of a half dressed man “mounted” on another man. Fr. Leahy assured him that he would put a stop to this.

      I am not holding my breath but I did notice that Fr. Leahy put a stop to the free condom distribution service at Boston College.

  13. Chris says:

    I have another name for you all to write to: The Provincial for the New England Province of Jesuits. He is Fr. Myles Sheehan. The address is:
    New England Province of Jesuits
    P.O. Box 9199
    Watertown, MA 02471-9199
    617-607-2800 |

    Since he hasn’t done anything visible to rein in the excesses of the theology department of BC (all Jesuits under his authority) I very much doubt he’ll do anything on the BC invitation. Nevertheless, it’s another avenue to try.

    • Anni says:

      Be advised that Fr. Sheehan is one of the regular weekend guest celebrants at Holy Family Parish (Concord) and that he was a guest speaker in the Faith Formation program this spring. Birds of a feather???


      • Chris says:

        @Anni, The speaker series on Vatican II held by Fr. Fleming was a festival of dissidents, most of them from BC and many of them Jesuits. That’s another mess Cardinal Sean has ignored.

  14. AnInquiringMind says:

    So with the update that Cardinal O’Malley will not be attending BC’s commencement, a new question arises: Who will award the ecclesiastical degrees?

    BC’s School of Theology and Ministry awards a Licentiate of Sacred Theology and a Doctorate of Sacred Theology (STL, STD)– degrees which are awarded in the the name of the Holy See and which bear canonical effect. In my experience, traditionally the archbishop of the place proclaims this “by virtue of my authority…”. Since Cardinal O’Malley will not be there, will the President of the University do it? But, then, that raises the question of whether the President of the University has the competency to award degrees in the name of the Holy See. What if the president were a non-Catholic layperson– wouldn’t it be silly to have, say, a Calvinist awarding ecclesiastical degrees in the name of the Holy See? I’m not a canon lawyer, but this smells fishy.

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