Help Wanted: Evangelization Trainer

The Boston Archdiocese is looking for an Evangelization Trainer in the Office of the Episcopal Vicar for the New Evangelization.  A lot is going on around parish pastoral planning and grouping the Boston Archdiocese into multi-parish collaboratives. If this is an important role, we are glad to help promote the position.

That said, first one might question why this role is needed. That is a discussion in and of itself.  Then, if it is indeed important, we wonder why the job descriptions from the Boston Archdiocese so often sound like the archdiocese does not care if they actually hire Catholics for these jobs. And job qualifications like, “Willingness to support the mission of the Catholic Church” make it sound like the diocese is embarrassed to be Catholic and desperate for anyone who would put themselves out and be “willing” to support the mission of the Catholic Church for the sake of a paycheck.

Here is the job description:

The Evangelization Trainer, working closely with the other members of the EVNE team and in collaboration with the other offices involved in the implementation of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan, Disciples in Mission, is responsible for the development and implementation of the training and support necessary in assisting parish collaboratives in becoming centers for the New Evangelization.

Other responsibilities may include involvement in other initiatives associated with supporting parishes in learning about and engaging in the mission of the New Evangelization.
The Evangelization Trainer reports to the Senior Associate to the Episcopal Vicar for the New Evangelization.

• Assist in developing the curriculum for the various stages of training for the pastoral plan.
• Facilitate stages of training.
• Engage pastors, pastoral service teams, pastoral and finance councils, and school boards in consultative service.
• Research and help parishes implement best practices for the New Evangelization that are relevant to their current needs and demographics.
• Other duties as may be assigned.

• Bachelor’s degree in Theology, Religious Studies or a related field. Master’s degree preferred
• Minimum 3-5 years of experience in a diocesan, parish, school, apostolate or similar setting.
• Must have experience and knowledge of the Catholic faith and the Church’s mission for the New Evangelization and a demonstrated ability to lead others to embrace this mission in their own lives.
• Knowledge of Church documents, teachings and writings on evangelization, new evangelization and catechesis.
• Ability to articulate authentic Catholic teaching, advise on pastoral needs and program responses.
• Proficient in Microsoft Office as well as social networking tools.
• Experience working with the public and handling issues/complaints in a diplomatic manner.
• Ability to anticipate needs, establish priorities, maintain confidentiality, demonstrate discretion, project a positive attitude and exercise a high level of professionalism.
• Strong skills in organizing, multi-tasking and following through in a busy, changing environment.
• Excellent relationship-building skills with a focus on service to others.  A high level of energy, creativity and humor.  Ability to establish trust and work collaboratively.
• Ability to communicate effectively through e-mail and/or telephone.
• Must possess strong communication skills (both oral and written).
• Strong interpersonal, leadership and presentation skills.
• Ability and willingness to travel throughout the Archdiocese of Boston.
• Willingness to support the mission of the Catholic Church.

We have said it before and will say it again. This archdiocese already has had experience with people like the current Exec. Director of Benefits (and former Director of HR), a proud ex-Catholic, who introduced yoga classes to the Pastoral Center last year among other concerns BCI has documented in the past. We have Jack Connors, Jr, supposedly supporting Catholic Schools while he works against the Catholic Church by raising money for pro-abortion, anti-Catholic politicians who want to take away our religious freedoms. Why is it not possible for the Boston Archdiocese to explicitly require that the person in this job be a practicing Catholic who believes what the Catholic Church believes and wants to advance the saving ministry of Jesus Christ?

Were we to ask so-called “practicing Catholics ” such as Jack Connors, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen.  John Kerry, and VP Joe Biden, about whether they have “experience and knowledge” of the Catholic faith, they would likely say “yes.”  In public comments, they claim to be “practicing Catholics.” But do they accept and agree with the teachings of the Catholic Church as handed down by the Magisterium of the Church, and actually embrace, accept, and believe them?

A reasonable person should first ask why this role is necessary at all. Are there not other ways to train people in evangelization? Then one might ask why a layer of bureaucracy is  needed such that it reports to the “Senior Associate to the Episcopal Vicar for the New Evangelization.”  Lastly, it seems to BCI that the job requirements for a role like this should say explicitly that a candidate must be a practicing Catholic in good standing who enthusiastically accepts and embraces authentic Catholic doctrine as entrusted and handed down by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Think of it like a version of a mandatum for key diocesan executives or employees, where the candidate is asked to affirm that they agree with and will not dissent from Church teachings on the Holy Trinity, sin, salvation, celibate male priesthood, non-negotiable moral issues (eg. abortion, homosexual acts, marriage, euthanasia), role of the Pope as head of the Roman Catholic Church, and the Immaculate Conception. Candidates for the job should agree to refrain from representing in actions or words as Catholic teaching anything that is contrary to the Magisterium of the Church, and they should also agree to not give their support (e.g. jobs, hiring, endorsements, donations) to any individuals or organizations that advance positions contrary to the Magisterium of the Church.

Our prayer for Cardinal O’Malley, Vicar General Bishop Deeley, and Bishop Kennedy is that if the position is filled, the final hire be a practicing Catholic who enthusiastically embraces authentic Catholic doctrine as entrusted and handed down by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. The pastoral planning effort will be a difficult one in the years ahead, and it would be a tremendous grace for the whole archdiocese to have faithful Catholics in that office who believe what the Catholic Church believes and want to evangelize the truths of our Catholic faith. Is that too much to ask?

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  1. jbq2 says:

    With the recent episode in St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Palm Sunday regarding Joe Biden and Cardinal T Dolan, there may be lots more shakey evalgelization on the way. Inexplicably the good Cardinal not only admitted to giving “tail gunner Joe” Communion but also inviting him to the rectory to “dialogue” over coffee and doughtnuts.

  2. Boston priest says:

    I think the fundamental problem is that they do not care if employees truly believe what the Catholic Church teaches and believes. The Director of Pastoral Planning had Voice of the Faithful at his parish. An early VOTF supporter and fan of Thomas Groome is speaking at an upcoming diocesan event just promoted in The Pilot. People who do not endorse and embrace Catholic teachings are in leadership roles with the MAM program. The VOTF agenda that looked like it died a few years ago is walking back in via the front door. I am glad BCI is here as a means to at least let those who see this express their concerns. Your suggestion to pray for our leaders is an excellent one.

  3. ACS says:

    Couldn’t agree with BCI more. There is an additional question here. With the named selection of the first 12 collaboratives and most of the pastors, shouldn’t this person already be in place and solid in faithful Catholic teaching? It seems to me that one of the critical parts of “successful” roll out of Disciples in Mission will be proper training. If the trainer is being hired and getting up to speed after the process is already underway, it seems there may be great potential for failure. Add to that someone with only “supports” the mission, and it’s a rocky start at best.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Why can’t they just send those to be trained to TINE for a certificate?

    Is this a done deal — someone already chosen — and is merely being posted?
    Why are the qualifications so general and not at all specific?
    Why can’t the SAEVNE do this?

    While BCI has made a great point about not requiring a devout Catholic, the job description looks like it was written to describe the person they have already chosen. Yes, they will post the position, but notice some of the excruciating detail that would not necessarily apply to the position, and other attributes it would require that are missing. So maybe they just need to move someone from one payroll cost center to another? Or do they need to move someone out of TINE who isn’t qualified to work in a graduate school?

    E.g., why does the position require, ” Experience working with the public and handling issues/complaints in a diplomatic manner,” but does not require, “A track record of bringing people into the Catholic faith, or back into the Catholic faith.” I would prefer a specific qualification for someone who has run a large RCIA program, to someone who can handle “issues” (whatever those are) and “complaints.” This isn’t a customer service desk.

    A last point: If this position reports to the Senior Associate to the Episcopal Vicar for the New Evangelization, what does the Senior Associate do? What’s left to do after the new hire does the job? If the new hire is a “trainer,” does the position go away when every collaborative has been trained? How many people are on the payroll to evangelize” in all these various departments? How much overlap and redundancy is there?

    Why can’t they just set up a certificate program at TINE and send people there???

    • Catholic businessman says:

      BCI, thanks for this valuable post. I agree with Carolyn. It does sound from the job description like the fix is in for someone already.

      This isn’t the customer service desk at Target or Stop and Shop. But maybe they know there are so many angry parishioners, pastors, and parish employees out there and more to come that they wanted to be specific about having skill in handling complaints from angry people.

      In the business world where I work, you’d have one manager or director with up to 8 direct reports. Does this all roll up into Bishop Kennedy? It looks like he has a two-person office right now:

      It’s Bishop Kennedy and the “Senior Associate.” It’s silly to have an “Evangelization Trainer” who reports into the “Senior Associate” who reports into Bishop Kennedy. I too wonder what the “Senior Associate” does.

    • Michael says:

      I will bet money they are going to move one of Mary Grass Oneil’s lackies into that position. You know … one who has bored several audiences with his powerpoint skills.

  5. David S. says:

    So what you are saying is if someone was baptized Catholic and now describes themselves as “personally opposed” to abortion and homosexual marriage but has a history of supporting pro-abortion and pro-homosexual marriage politicians, they would meet the moral qualifications of the Archdiocese of Boston to work as an Evangelization Trainer.

  6. An “Evangelization Trainer”? You got to be kidding me. Whose evangelization? Catholicism or “Dolanism”? I thought it was the responsibility of every priest to preach the Gospel and preach the Truth in every Sunday sermon from the pulpit. Why are they going to pay someone who doesn’t know right from wrong when priests are supposed to be doing this at the parish level?

    • Sue A. says:

      Cardinal Dolan is the Archbishop of New York and should be afforded the respect that he is due. Are you saying that Cardinal Dolan is not a good priest, that he does not know right from wrong? Who are you to sit in judgement of him?

    • If we could please focus on the topic of this blog post, we would appreciate it. This is about the situation and this role in Boston.

  7. Ferde Rombola says:

    If the bishops don’t start with evangalizing themselves they can forget about trying to evangelize a lapsed laity who are lapsed precisely because of the bishops refusal to teach orthodox Catholic doctrine and insist the laity follow it. Dolan was handed a God-sent opportunity to show some leadership and some spine and he opted out. Evangelize Dolan then come back and talk to me. Get Dolan, Wuerl and the rest to start identifying the clergy and theologians who have excommunicated themselves from Holy Mother Church, and declare them excommunicated and we can talk. Right now it’s a joke.

  8. Anna Lynskey says:

    May I suggest a few more qualifications?

    Degree from Steubenville, Christendom or Ave Maria
    Under 60,
    “Vibrant” and “the spirit” are not in vocabulary
    Visits hairdresser regularly
    Eats red meat
    Updated wardrobe since Vatican II
    Doesn’t own polyester or orthopedic shoes
    Knows where the iron is and how to use it

    • Michael says:

      forgot one … has a license to carry

    • Stephen says:

      How about a 68 year old retired fisherman, with a preference for the Latin Mass. Not afraid of strong language and has a sense of humor. Wears only clothes that friends give him, is sober as a judge and is as reverent as St. John of the Cross.

      • Stephen says:

        reply to self –
        Help Wanted: Evangelization Trainer – is it a joke?

        “And Jesus said to them: Come after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.”
        Mark 1:17 Dewey Reims

        The RCAB is a complete and utter parody.

        Thank you Lord for your Mercy.

  9. jay says:

    Is it too much to ask? Yes, if you want those particular requirements to be included in a qualifying candidate.
    Whoever is writing the copy for an Evangelical Trainer is just another “feelgood” practitioner who does not have the courage of upholding the totality of Magisterium teaching. Moral courage anyone?
    Compromise, trivialize, accommodate and obviate. Such are the positions taken by too many of our rank and file leadership.
    Pope Francis, save us from the wimps among our clergy!

  10. Michael says:

    I’m confused … I thought we heard (last post from a supporter of his that) Fr. Matt Williams is an outstanding Catholic priest. What … he doesn’t know how to create PowerPoint slides? Where is the Catholic Church headed if this is true?

    I guess the new evangelization is the concept of having non-Catholics lay people (meaning not Fr. Matt) tell lazy, apathetic Catholic lay people how to “evangelize.” What is Fr. Matt going to do? Oh I forgot … he must be on tour.

    Nemo dat quod non habet, literally meaning “no one gives what he doesn’t have.”

  11. Joe Murphy says:

    I’m going to forward a copy of this to Aux. Bishop Kennedy. His email is

  12. Alice Slattery says:

    If Vivian Soper could meet the goals set for her to be given the job of leading the Office of Pastoral Support and Outreach, then any kind of deception can be possible in the Boston Archdiocese. All that needed to be done when the decision to hire Vivian Soper was made was to look at the letters and records in the archives that would have been left by Bishop William Murphy before he transferred to his new assignment in Rockville,N.Y.. From the reports and letters in the archives it is easy to see that Vivian Soper in her capacity as a Social Worker for Catholic Charities, was a leader in developing the Companions Program Outreach to men and women who engaged in same-sex sex organization leaders with Fr. Earley, pastor of St. Thomas of Villanova parish. She welcomed Fr. John J. White, the companion of Fr. Paul Shanley and co-owner with Fr. Shanley of the gay bed and breakfast motel in Palm Springs California, Jean Proria who worked with Fr. White to get Catholics to join the New Ways Ministry developed by Sister Grammick and Fr. Nugent before they were ordered by the Vatican to stop their dissident teachings, Fr. Lewandowski, pastor of St. Camillas Church in Fitchburg who ran a PFLAG organization at Fitchburg State College, Charles Connors, president of Boston PFLAG, Paul Merullo who worked in Fr. Earley’s parish in Wilmington, who had to serve 2 years in jail for molesting a youth, Fr. Walter Cuenin, former pastor of Our Lady Help of Christians parish,Newton, who received a special honor for his support of PFLAG at a PFLAG Parade and Festival event, to name a few of the people Vivian welcomed into the leadership for the development of the Companions program before John Hass put a stop to it. The records and letters would have been left in the archives by Bishop Murphy. Before hiring Vivian for her present job as head of the Office of Pastoral Support and Outreach, parishioners in the Boston Archdiocese had a right to have had those who chose Vivian Soper investigate her activities in this program which was advertised in the bulletins of St. Thomas of Villanova and in the bulletins of Our Lady Help of Christians in the 1990s as the Boston Archdiocesan outreach organization for supporting those who engaged in same-sex sex behavior and their friends and families. If it wasn’t for the fact that John Hass stopped the program, it would still be operating under the support and funding of Catholic Charities. There are many leaders in the Boston Archdiocese who are well aware of this outrageous attempt to get Catholics to support PFLAG and the New Ways Ministry and ,in fact, there are still priests who support this effort in a very deceitful manner and who have prevented the good news of the Courage organization from being known in the Boston Archdiocese. Ask Vivian what she has had to say about Courage and you will unearth what she truly is trying to do!

    • Chris says:

      BCI — Alice’s information sounds like it should be part of a follow-up to your post a while back on the gay network of priests/officials in the archdiocese.

  13. Lazarus' Table says:

    In the Lost Gospels: When Jesus commissioned the apostles to “Go, teach all nations”, they went out and hired someone else to do it.

    • Michael says:

      Absolutely … then Jesus took out his moneybag and paid an obscenely high salary to each of them. Finally, Jesus asked a compensation committee to confirm that those ridiculously high salaries were within reasonable limits (although a bit on the high end). Lazarus, you are onto something.

      I think from now on BCI needs to look at things from the perspective of “what would Jesus do?” Jesus was a carpenter by day and in the evenings he was the manager for a Super Fun Christian Rock band — His most effective method for the new evangelization.

      BCI … before you start lobbing criticisms at the poor bastards trying to take over the Church … I mean … trying to evangelize, you might want to think of WWJD !!!

  14. James Joyce says:

    Jesus welcomed both saints and sinners, sinners especially.

    The tone of many replies is: (I am) Holier than Thou–and don’t you forget it!!
    Under Jesus’ tent everyone is worthy, whether you like it or not.

    • DBP says:

      No, He didn’t “welcome” sinners – He CALLED them. He called them to conversion. He called them to follow Him to salvation, through sacrifice. Christ accepted sinners as part of His Church because none of us is worthy, and all of us need His grace.
      I feel badly for those who, like you, have drunk the Kool Aid of the seventies and consequently believe that Jesus was (is?) just a non-judgmental pal to everyone – except, apparently, to those who believe He actually stood for something.

    • breathnach says:

      The author of Ulysses (that James Joyce) loved the Easter liturgy and he would stand in the nave of the Church during the entire Solemn High Mass (enjoying the music). Out of respect he would not enter the inner sanctum of the Church, because he did not believe. Today the enemies of the Church stand within her and scream at the Faithful that they must accept relativism and reject the Gospel. The artist James Joyce had integrity something sorely lacking in our current crop of catholycs.

      • breathnach says:

        Excuse me Joyce stood in the atrium or narthex of the Church, not the nave. My bad.

  15. Stephen says:

    Your name sake left The Faith in his adolescence.
    He would surely deeply understand and likely reject the Latin phrase
    “non sum dignus” = I am not worthy. Its a shame more who reject Catholic teaching do not take Joyce’s courageous lead, rather than try to re-form the Bride of Christ.
    Basic Catholic theology and an understanding of the nature of God
    and the principle of Grace could clarify some things for ya.

    Tone is often in the ears of the beholder.

  16. Sonny's Mom says:

    Okaaaaay…. so the Archdiocese has been closing parishes and grouping the surviving parishes into “collaboratives” because of ongoing financial problems. But not so strapped for cash that they can’t create another high-salaried job?

  17. Sue says:

    Would you go to a dentist that wasn’t qualified as a dentist? I wouldn’t. They might have the intention to repair people’s teeth, but unless they complete years of training, they are not equipped to do so.

    Being faith-filled does not make you a excellent evangelizer. I know many well-intentioned parishioners, regular Mass attenders (either form), active in their parish, living the faith who do not have the proficiency to engage in effective communication, which is key to effective evangelization. Necessary skills and personal strengths are needed to successfully connect with those who need to be engaged. I re-read the job skills and this is the type of people that should be hired.

    • breathnach says:

      Sue, would you hire St. Paul, as evangelizer? Or would he have to be credentialed by the Effective Evangelizers Training Institute?

      • Sue A. says:

        I would take the post-converstion St. Paul without hesitation as he was well educated, articulate and a leader. This is my point, he had the leadership and communication skills and he was well educated and spoke with authority. Most people do not have the skills of St. Paul and should be trained so they can be effective.

  18. Carolyn says:


    Totally agree with your assessment that a person needs to be an evangelizer to fill this job. Great mathematicians do not necessarily make great Math teachers… one must know the subject matter and be able to convey it to others.

    Why not send out a team from the Theological Institute for the New Evangelization (TINE) that the seminary has developed? TINE is supposed to be teaching its Masters’ Degree students all about evangelization. The head of the New Evangelization Office, Bishop Kennedy, founded TINE when he was rector of the seminary.

    So why hire someone new at RCAB? Why not pay the seminary to send trainers out to parishes?

    • Michael says:

      Answer #1: because seminarians don’t vote democrat.
      Answer #2: because seminarians don’t take their meager wages and fill some politician’s coffers.
      Answer #3: because seminarians might in fact be effective
      Answer $4: because seminarians don’t just do as they are told …

    • Sue A. says:

      In my experience, many seminariens lack the life experience and sometimes the maturity that comes with age. Parents who have raised a brood of children might be better suited than a 24 year old working on his Masters in Divinity.

  19. Lazarus' Table says:

    Back in the 1970’s, the Canadian bishops hired a Canadian stage actor to conduct a workshop teaching priests how to effectively read/proclaim the Gospel reading at Mass. Later, the actor commented that it was amusing that he, an unbeliever, would be teaching believers how to communicate the Gospel. He said he prepared for his worskhop by reading the lives of the saints to see how they LIVED what they believed.
    Hmmmm… what a novel idea. Evangelizing by example.

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