More Moral Problems at Boston Parish

Here at BCI you often read about either of two types of corruption in the Boston Archdiocese–governance-related or moral. (We wish there was neither). Today, we feel obliged to expose a situation of moral and spiritual corruption at St. Cecilia Church in Boston.

Many people may be familiar with St. Cecilia for their pastor and “Rainbow Ministry” having planned a scandalous “Gay Pride” Mass back in the summer of 2011. The original Mass to mark Gay Pride month was cancelled after an outcry by faithful Catholics, then rescheduled to several weeks later.  About a year ago, BCI wrote about how St. Cecilia removed a publicly viewable statue of Jesus Christ crucified on the cross during their $18-20M renovation and never replaced it.  Now, we see that the parish just ran a “Lenten Speaker” series where the first topic was, “On Being Liked: LGBT Catholics.” And their “Rainbow Ministry,” which had no public signs of being active for nearly two years, was involved with the talk and now appears publicly active again.

For faithful Christians, Lent is a time of prayer, penance, repentance, almsgiving, and self-denial. As we know, Jesus prayed, fasted, and overcame temptation in the desert, and “By the solemn forty days of Lent the Church unites herself each year to the mystery of Jesus in the desert.” (CCC). Catholic Encyclopedia says, “The purpose of Lent is to provide that purification by weaning men from sin and selfishness through self-denial and prayer, by creating in them the desire to do God’s will and to make His kingdom come by making it come first of all in their hearts.”

Given that, and what you are about to read, we find it difficult to understand how this program is even remotely “Catholic” or how it relates to the purpose of Lent. In one word, the program is BAD.

Here it a link to the bulletin listing for the “Lenten Speaker” series:

The parish’s annual Lenten Speaker Series will begin on Wednesday evening, March 13 at seven o’clock. The theme of this year’s series is “All Who Love, Live in God.” Our first speaker is Fr. George Piggford, CSC. Fr. Piggford was born, raised, and educated in Pennsylvania until he moved to Montreal to pursue his doctorate in English literature and French theory at the University of Montreal. He spent two years teaching at Tufts before entering formation for the Congregation of Holy Cross, which included theological study at the University of Notre Dame and led to his ordination in 2005. In 2004,he joined the English faculty of Stonehill College. His research and teaching interests include modernism and post-modernism, gender, and questions of transcendence in literature. Father Piggford directs the Moreau Honors Program and is involved in the “It Needs to Get Better” movement at Stonehill. His topic on March 13 will be “On Being Liked: LGBT Catholics.” The Saint Cecilia Rainbow Ministry will host a reception after the event.

Problem 1: “modernism”

Problem 2: the speaker

Just Google George Piggford and here is a sample of what you will find.

  • Edited book “Queer Forster“, described as a “radical revision of gay criticism.” 
  • Attended and supported recent talk at Stonehill College co-sponsored by the campus PRIDE group, where the speaker was Vatican-censured nun, Sr. Jeannine Gramick, co-founder of New Ways Ministry. (New Ways Ministry does not support Catholic Church teachings on chastity). As recently reported by the Cardinal Newman Society, Gramick was censured by the Vatican for her heretical ministry and ordered to not speak publicly about homosexuality due to “grave doctrinal errors” in her work.  Yet in this New Ways Ministry report on the February 12 event, Fr. Piggford was quoted as saying, ““I think that Sister Jeannine Gramick’s witness and her ministry is incredibly powerful…I have a great deal of respect for her willingness to live according to her conscience…”.   [Note: Stonehill College is in the Diocese of Fall River].
  • Involved in the “It Needs to Get Better” movement at Stonehill College.
  • Taught course at Tufts “Queer Theory” before becoming a priest. A reader brought this 1999 course listing to our attention in comments:
    “Queer”: strange, odd, perverse, eccentric, bent, spinsterly, deviant.  This course will trace the rise of queer studies from two principal disciplines: feminism and lesbian and gay studies. Read more here, but be forewarned it’s not good.


Across the archdiocese, pastors and parishes have been offering Catholic Lenten programs including weekly Stations of the Cross, a discussion group about the writings of St. Therese of Lisieux, a seminar on “Living the Moral Life Today,” talks on penance, repentance, worshiping God in the Eucharist and Holy Mass and many other programs appropriate for Lent.

Why could St. Cecilia’s not offer something similar in Lent that would call their parishioners to penance, repentance, almsgiving, and self-denial? What is wrong with the pastoral leadership at St. Cecilia in Boston? What is wrong that the Archdiocese allows this to continue?

When the “Gay Pride” Mass flap hit local and national news in 2011, Cardinal O’Malley responded saying, ““[T]he Church exists to announce the Gospel and invite people to conversion, to greater discipline in their lives as they seek to follow Christ’s teachings, which apply to everyone.”  That is the message that needs to be delivered at St. Cecilia.

To ensure the salvation of souls, it seems clear that Cardinal O’Malley and Vicar General Bishop Deeley need to intervene at St. Cecilia and teach the message of repentance from sin and conversion. Pray for Cardinal O’Malley and Bishop Deeley that they have the courage to take action, and forward a copy of this blog post to  Also pray for the protection of marriage, as arguments are made today before the U.S. Supreme Court on  California’s Prop 8. We pray that the court will uphold California’s ban on “gay marriage.”  Here is part of the USCCB prayer in defense of marriage:
God our Father, we give you thanks
for the gift of marriage: the bond of life and love,
and the font of the family.

May your Holy Spirit enlighten our society
to treasure the heroic love of husband and wife,
and guide our leaders to sustain and protect
the singular place of mothers and fathers
in the lives of their children.

Father, we ask that our prayers
be joined to those of the Virgin Mary,
that your Word may transform our service
so as to safeguard the incomparable splendor of marriage.
We ask all these things through Christ our Lord,

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Have a blessed Holy Week.

53 Responses to More Moral Problems at Boston Parish

  1. Warren Memlib says:

    Fr. Piggford is known at Stonehill College as “Fr. Piggy” after the Muppet Miss Piggy.

  2. jbq2 says:

    As Bill Clinton said best, “It all depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is”. There is a strong and growing stronger movement in the American Catholic Church to legitimatize the gay lifestyle. This lifestyle is notoriously promiscuous and it is spreading to other areas of sexuality as well. You can say that it all started in Boston with Geoghan and Shanley and their mentor Medeiros. Actually, Law tried to be a firefighter and unknowingly threw gasoline on the flames.

  3. richard fell says:

    Look no further than our Catholic chaplain here at Brandeis, Fr. Walter Cuenin. A fallen priest if there ever was one.

    Dick Fell

  4. Anonymous Catholic says:

    I just read this. First of all, I’m astonished that after the multi-million dollar refurbishment, the statue of Holy Cross of Our Lord and Savior has been removed and Fr. Unni is allowing this horrific speaker, Fr. Piggford conduct the Lenten lecture series! Why, Why, Why, is this happening????? Is Cardinal O’Malley not told about his event? Why do they not bring Courage ministry into the parish to teach chastity? Does Cardinal O’M not listen to the words of Pope Francis? I am certain that Pope Francis would stop this immediately if he was aware.

    God help us. God has given us this wonderful Pope to guide us in the way, the truth and the life. Besides e-mailing the Vicar General Bishop Deeley, what can we do to clean out this mess at St. Cecilia’s?? It seems that no one is listening. Lent and Holy Week are so important in the Catholic Church – can we use this to make a difference in our Archdiocese?

    • Mary Ann says:

      There is one thing OM and Deeley will listen to……CASH!! Stop paying, start praying and see what they do.

      • Teeber says:

        That would send a message, but only if you could get everyone to participate in the defunding. Also, if you could gather a large group of parishioners, and if you could secure an appointment with Cardinal O’Malley it may be fruitful. It is certainly painful to watch some of the atrocities that are happening in the Church of Christ! May the crucified Lord have MERCY on his people.

  5. Stephen says:

    “His research and teaching interests include modernism and post-modernism.”

    I would like to formally challenge Fr. Piggford to a debate on the subject.

    I am quite serious.

    • Jim says:

      Modernism in literature is not the same entity as Pio Nono’s Modernism heresy. Same word, different meaning.

  6. PAUL says:


    • Betty says:

      Moral people can be understand both sides
      because they have been raised with one set of values throughout their lives, and, then
      meet people they care for that challenge
      pre-existing beliefs. It takes incredible energy and caring to reexamine one’s thoughts.

      • DBP says:

        Betty – I agree that people should constantly reappraise their assumptions, for some of them may be invalid. However, that is substantially different from meeting someone you like and finding out that he or she is homosexually-oriented and demanding that the world redefine itself according to his/her self-understanding. Let me ask you this: if you met someone and found out later that the person was a heroin addict, would you likewise reexamine your long-held belief that heroin was dangerous and disavow your previous understanding that those addicted to the drug should quit? (If you say “yes” then all hope for you is lost!)
        The word “moral” exists in reference to a standard; for those of us who are Christians, that standard is Christ (or Truth). I would be remiss if I didn’t every single day reevaluate my opinions in light of Truth, but I’d be the biggest idiot in the world if I did so in light of mere emotion.

      • Michael says:

        DPB … Betty wouldn’t re-examine her beliefs about heroin addicts because Betty is a propagandist for the “gay” agenda … not heroin addicts.

  7. Chris says:

    As head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop William Leveda wrote:

    “Catholic theology does not recognize the right to dissent, if by that we mean adopting conclusions which are contrary to the clear teachings of the authoritative, infallible magisterium and which are presented to the public in such a way as to constitute equivalently an alternative personal magisterium.”

    It seems Fr. Piggford runs his own personal magisterium. So do certain infamous diocesan priests who are gay activists. Nothing has been done about them in Boston. Nothing will be done about Fr. Piggford. It’s necessary to escalate.

    Write to Rome…

    Write personal letters to Pope Francis.

    Write the nuncio — again!

    Look at this list of officials at the various congregations and write them.

    Send this story to other Catholic journalists and bloggers.

    Kick up a fuss.

  8. Michael says:

    “In 2004,he joined the English faculty of Stonehill College. His research and teaching interests include modernism and post-modernism, gender, and questions of transcendence in literature. Father Piggford directs the Moreau Honors Program and is involved in the “It Needs to Get Better” movement at Stonehill.”

    You know what needs to get better at Stonehill … its defending the truth against the gay propaganda. Stonehill officially authorizes the claim that Stonehill is not a “safe” environment for people of a certain inclination. What a lie. Stonehill has created a diversity office that actively promotes homosexuality to the easily duped Stonehill students — who are innocently, and stupidly, simply trying “to serve Christ” without a clue of what that truly means.

    Obviously, Stonehill College has some questions to answer. But is there anyone courageous enough to pose the necessary questions to Stonehill?

    The problem is that no one today will stand up for what is right. No one will boldly ask the tough questions in order to prevent themselves from being ostracized or being bullied into the corner of intolerance. No one.

    We call people “good priests” but all we mean by that is that they are cool, can preach up a storm, and they seem like they are going places. Even the most solid Catholic priests that exist in Massachusetts today are just too afraid to “come out” against the fascist “gay” agenda.

    Two of the allegedly most solid, “conservative” priests in Massachusetts are Fr. Roger Landry (Fall River DIocese – where Stonehill is located) and Fr. Matt Williams (Office of the New Evangelization, Archdiocese of Boston). Surely, these two priests are not afraid to do the right thing. Surely they both have courage. Indeed, Fr. Landry is a former spiritual director of En-Courage the program for ex-gays. How could they not stand up for the Church? Aren’t they the priests who preach up a storm about Latvian Martyrs or standing up for Christ against worldly ways. Surely two of our best priests here in Massachusetts would have the courage necessary to fight against this evil propaganda? Right?


    Both of these “good” priests have been personally told about the diversity/LGBTQ Office and propaganda machine at Stonehill College. Neither of them has done anything about it. Let me repeat. Neither one of them has done anything about it.

    Fr. Roger Landry (twin brother of Scott Landry, who rakes in an astounding $250,000/year “working” for the Archdiocese of Boston) was specifically asked to address Stonehill’s heretical behavior with Bishop Coleman. His response was that Bishop Coleman is not the man for the job. Truth is, Roger Landry is not the man for the job either.

    Fr. Matt (Superfun Rockband manager of LIFT) Williams, a former Stonehill grad, was asked to meet with another alum of Stonehill to discuss a plan for disassembling the propaganda machine at Stonehill. Fr. Matt Williams in cowardly fashion, declined to meet nor assist.

    Had either of these two done what was necessary (over a year ago), this talk at St. Cecilia’s might not be given the chance to further poison the Churchgoers at St. Cecilia’s with Mr. Piggford’s propaganda.

    I challenge Fr. Landry and Fr. Williams to muster the courage required by the circumstances and report back to BCI what actions they have taken. Every action matters Fr. Landry and Fr. Williams, including your inaction here.

    • David Vanvickle says:

      I know both of the Preists you are criticizing. One of them only professionally and one of them personally. You must be nuts. That is the only reason I can imagine someone criticizing either one of them. They are both completely committed to the mission of the Church. If you see what is going on in the Church right now and you think it’s a good idea to criticize two of the most faithful priests I’ve ever met then your priorities are totally out of whack. I’m trying hard to be charitable but in this case I can’t pull punches. Also the salary information you so rudely threw out there is wrong. If anyone is has the correct motives for working for the Church it’s Scott Landry. I’m gonna pray for you. Mostly my prayer will be that you realize what your saying is so incredibly off base their must be something wrong in your heart or understanding. Oh and I’m not afraid to sign my name because I stand behind what I’m saying.

      Dave Van Vickle

      • David,

        The Bible’s teaching and the Catholic Church’s teaching on human sexuality is clear: the only kind of sexual intimacy permitted is between one man and one woman within marriage. Heterosexual fornication and adultery, and homosexual activity are sins against God. Chastity is the virtue to be practiced by unmarried people and those with homosexual attractions. Do we agree on that? Come back and show us one documented example of that being taught and propagated at St. Cecilia in Boston in the past 3 years and also propagated by Fr. Piggford. Also, why it is OK for a Catholic priest to attend and publicly praise a talk given by a nun censored by the Vatican for failure to uphold the doctrine of the church on this topic. We stand by our post.

        ps. Compensation for diocesan lay executives is not relevant to this post.We ask readers to keep their comments relevant to the post they are commenting on.

      • David Vanvickle says:

        BCI, I totally agree with Church teaching on homosexuality. I am deeply disturbed by what is happening with that Church. My comment was in reference to “Mikes” attack on two excellent Priests and not your article.

      • David Vanvickle says:

        Sorry he is listed as “Michael”

      • David,
        We did not initially realize you were directing your comment specifically to Michael. Since Michael posted the original message, we will need to defer to him to respond.

        His comment says that two priests–Fr. Roger Landry (Fall River) and Fr. Matt Williams (Boston)–were “told about the diversity/LGBTQ Office and propaganda machine at Stonehill College. Neither of them has done anything about it.” If you know both priests in some context, could you drop them a line and ask them to comment or respond to the complaint by Michael?

      • Jack Goulet says:

        I just want to echo what Dave said. here. I believe Fr. Landry is an extremely hard-working, dedicated, and, indeed, holy priest. Whatever was Michael’s experience, I think Father has earned the benefit of doubt for sure. I would say that his character is unassailable and, if you look at the body of his writings and sermons, you will plenty of courage in his commitment to Truth. I think Michael’s zeal may have got the better of him on this one.

      • Michael says:

        You must be nuts … Thanks. I have a question? Did you before calling me nuts ask either of them the truth of my content? Or did you just in an uncharitable manner attack me? I would suggest you ask them both and then add a retraction of your statement that I am nuts. And if they are willing to discuaa the matter in person, then you set up a meeting with both of them and I will be there.

      • Michael says:

        Jack … no benefit of doubt necesaary. Just ask them both and then ask them why they did nothing. Then apologize for jumping to conclusions. No one, including these two priests, earn the right to disregard one’s moral obligations.

      • Michael says:

        Please specifically identify what I am “saying [that] is so incredibly off base?”

      • Michael says:

        Both of these “good” priests have been personally told about the diversity/LGBTQ Office and propaganda machine at Stonehill College. Neither of them has done anything about it. Is that incredibly off base? Or do you just like to claim things to be true without any factual information? Is someone’s reputation good enough for you? Will one’s reputation get them into heaven?

        Thank you for your prayers. I need them, But please don’t falsely accuse me of something you have no basis for other, than someone else’s reputation? By saying what you have said, you have unintentionally admitted that even you agree, that if true, these actions of these two priests would be immoral. So the only response you can come up with is that their reputation would indicate that they would not act in this way. But what if it were true neither did anything? What if they did nothing? What if your assumption based on their reputation is inaccurate. Then their reputation is meaningless and you have falsely disparaged me. Not very charitable on your part.

      • Michael says:

        You said you “stand behind what you are saying.”

        You said to me … “You must be nuts.” Could you please stand behind that statement. I asked you several days ago if you had specifically asked either or both of these priests the facts. Have you? Is that why you are no longer standing behind what you said?

        I assume you are the same Dave VanVickle, director of advancement for Holy Family Communications (a New York corporation) that owns the radio station which employs Scott Landry. Are you Scott Landry’s boss? or a colleague? Are you personally invested in my comments regarding Scott Landry and his brother Fr. Roger Landry?

        Your corporate slogan is “Proclaiming the fullness of the truth with clarity and charity.”

        How is calling me nuts charitable? How is slandering me without having asked Fr. Landry the truth charitable?

        Do you stand behind your words? Or is that just a cool slogan you use like the corporate slogan that you just eviscerated in your previous comments about me?

        Again I repeat: Did you before calling me nuts ask either of them the truth of my content? Or did you just in an uncharitable manner attack me? Again, I would suggest you ask them both and then add a retraction of your statement that I am nuts. And if they are willing to discuss the matter in person, then you can set up a meeting with both of them and I will be there.

        Again, by saying what you have said, you have unintentionally admitted that even you agree, that if true, these actions of these two priests would be immoral. So the only response you can come up with is that their reputation would indicate that they would not act in this way. But what if it were true neither did anything? What if they did nothing? What if your assumption based on their reputation is inaccurate. Then their reputation is meaningless and you have falsely disparaged me. Not very charitable on your part.

      • Objective Observer says:

        Michael has made a good point. The two priests, especially being affiliated in some way with the school, should be on record illustrating what they believe is the correct course of action for a Catholic college, and in particular Stonehill. While Father Landry has a track record of acknowledging that people with same sex attraction can benefit from spiritual direction toward chastity, has he pressed Stonehill to go down that path? If yes, is he afraid to state that publicly? If no, why not?

        David, you seem to tread into a bog when you state, “If anyone is [sic] has the correct motives for working for the Church it’s Scott [sic] Landry.” You may know him, and you may share a business enterprise with him (as Michael has pointed out), but his track record would indicate that among his motives for working for the Church, significant personal monetary gain ranks high. As a matter of fact, if “the Church” had paid him $75,000 per year instead of $275,000 per year, my guess is he would be long gone. His compensation is particularly egregious when his management of Catholic Media has resulted in continuing financial losses.

        So, no, Michael isn’t “nuts,” nor can one agree with your statement to Michael, “…what your [sic] saying is so incredibly off base their must be something wrong in your heart or understanding.” Michael made a good point, and not a rash one. Your comment tends to indicate a lack of knowledge and understanding of the facts.

        And a tip of the cap to Michael for taking the high road in his reply to you.

  9. Boston Priest says:

    BCI, thank you for your heroic efforts to expose the moral and fiscal corruption in Boston and this scandalous situation!

    I believe Fr. Unni is also on the Archdiocesan Presbyteral Council, meaning, he advises the Cardinal and Vicar General and represents his vicariate on all archdiocesan decisions brought to the council. His pattern of flawed judgement and failure to teach the truths of the faith at St. Cecilia’s suggests he should not be representing clergy and parishes in his region.

    The “It Needs to Get Better” effort at Stonehill College that Fr. Piggford is involved with pressured the administration of the college to add “sexual orientation” to their non-discrimination policy. They succeeded, and the policy was changed last fall.

    Their policy now says:

    Therefore, Stonehill College prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, gender, disability, age, marital status, religion, color, sexual orientation, or national origin in admission to, access to, treatment in or employment in its programs and activities, except where such conditions may constitute bona fide qualifications for the programs or activities in question.

    Nothing in this statement shall require Stonehill College to act in a manner contrary to the beliefs and teachings of the Catholic Church.”

    The problem now is that very little in Stonehill College’s actions a CONSISTENT with the teachings of the Catholic Church on homosexuality. Bishop Coleman in Fall River needs to demand that they stop calling themselves Catholic. Alas, I believe he is close to retirement and seems unwilling to rock the boat.

  10. CB says:

    The Stonehill Col. priest isn’t the only “offender” who hails from the Fall River diocese…Has Fr. Roger Landry, or Bishop Coleman looked into the actions of the Centerville priest (s), Fr. Dermot Rodgers? There is lots on ‘Google’ about his activities, including his regular trips to San Diego to minister to the GLBT crowd; he sent a letter to Pres.Obama on 1/28/13 asking for support of ‘gay’ marriage

    [Note from BCI: we believe there may be two priests with the exact name and they could be getting confused. See subsequent comments]

    • CB says:

      BCI & Chris;
      Google “Rev Mark Hession” and link on to “Our Lady of Victory Youth Ministry”, 230 S. Main St. Centerville, MA. It shows Rev. Mark Hession, Pastor; and Rev. Dermot Rodgers, Parochial Vicar….this is dated Dec. 17, 2012.

      • CB,
        That website appears to have an out-of-date datestamp. As best as we now can determine, the Rev. Dermot Rodgers who was in Fall River and was at one time at Our Lady of Victory in Centerville is no longer a Roman Catholic priest and is now Bishop Dermot Rodgers in California, a “priest” with the American Catholic Church. If you Google his name, you’ll find a series of announcements in The Anchor and other papers giving his various assignments in the Diocese of Fall River:
        –Appointed Parochial Vicar, Santo Christo Parish, Fall River: July 1997 (while Sean O’Malley was Bishop of Fall River)

        –Moved from parochial vicar at St. Michael Church, Fall River, to similar duties at Our Lady of Victory Church in Centerville: June 2001
        –Appointed Pastor, St. Michael, Fall River from having been Parochial Vicar at the same parish: Sept. 2003

        –Resigned as Pastor, St. Michael, Fall River for health reasons: Feb. 2004

        He apparently left the Roman Catholic Church after that.

        In January of 2007, he sold his home and moved to southern California. In October 2007, he was incardinated into the American Catholic Church Diocese of California. See:!search/profile/person?personId=1449198961&targetid=profile
        In May of 2010, writing from California, he said, “I embrace the right to call myself a proud gay man” and discussed how he had previously served in parishes in Fall River:

        If you look at the Diocese of Fall River website, you will see “Fr. Dermot Rodgers” is not serving at any parish in the diocese. He’s gone from the Roman Catholic Church as best as we can tell.

  11. Al D says:

    We know a lot of Catholic high schoolers who want Stonehill as their first college choice because of their faith, and also because they and their families deem it a “safe” college. When I read this, it really upset me — in a nutshell, Stonehill is extending an invitation to predatory Catholic “authorities” (who are actually disinformation artists) whose sole purpose is the negative influence of students against the teachings of our Faith. The core teachings of the Church are portrayed as wrong, thus leading to further questioning of Faith by these young people. Likewise, there is no “debate” offered here by the school, or if there is, I suspect it would be sabotaged by individuals supplied either by these “offenders” or even by the school who seem to be part of the “destroy from within” agenda. Hitler and the Nazis’ indoctrination scheme RELIED on misguiding young people to further their evil ends. If censuring is not enough to put a stop to the outrageous behaviors of these offenders, I pray that Pope Francis implements measures that strip them of their ministries. If they must take their “show on the road”, they should NOT be doing so as representatives of the Catholic Church.

  12. Chris says:

    If this is the same Dermot Rodgers, he’s no longer in the Catholic Church. Instead, he’s a bishop in a splinter group:

    At least he’s not working from within to undermine the Faith.

    • Chris and CB,
      As of our initial response late in the evening of 3/26, it appeared that these were two different priests with the same name. As a result of Chris’s subsequent messages, we believe our initial response was incorrect.

      Fr. Dermot Rodgers, was a Franciscan Catholic priest listed at Our Lady of Victory, Centerville (in the Fall River diocese)
      We also know that Fr. Dermot Rodgers was transferred from parochial vicar at Santo Christo Church, Fall River, to similar duties at St. Michael Church, Fall River Dec. of 1998.
      A 2004 Anchor article says he resigned for health reasons.

      This Google profile of now-Bishop Dermot Rodgers shows him at one time as a Capuchin Franciscan, Diocese of Fall River

      Bishop Dermot Rodgers, was ordained a Roman Catholic priest but broke away and is now in California with the “Communion of Independent Catholic Churches” (whatever that means).
      He was ordained a Catholic priest by then-Bishop Wuerl in Pittsburgh in 1991. Father Dermot served in several parishes of the Capuchin Province of St. Augustine and overseas in Puerto Rico and Honduras. In May 2012, Father Dermot Rodgers was consecrated a bishop by Thomas E. Abel and became Presiding Bishop of the Communion of Independent Catholic Churches. Besides serving the Church as Ordinary for the Diocese of San Diego, Bishop Dermot ministers as chaplain to the Front Porch Communities of Fredericka Manor in Chula Vista, CA and Wesley Palms, San Diego, CA. Bishop Dermot Rodgers, from this breakaway group, is ministering to the GLBT crowd and sent a letter to Pres. Obama asking for support of “gay” marriage.

      • Chris says:

        Hi BCI,
        The Our Lady’s information that you cite from the page is from 2002-2003 (click the “About Us” tab on the left). If you go to the Diocese of Fall River home page there is a different priest at Our Lady’s in Centerville.

      • Chris, Thanks for the correction. You are right. We will update our prior response. It appears Fr. Dermot Rodgers was a Franciscan Roman Catholic priest originally ordained in Pittsburgh and assigned to Fall River for a period of time. He then resigned from his role as pastor of a Fall River parish for “health reason” in 2004, and based on what we have found, it appears that he subsequently joined the breakaway group. We do not have time to dig further today, so if someone has time to research this further or call the Diocese of Fall River, please feel free to update us on what you find.

  13. Anna Lynskey says:

    Warren, Fr. Piggford is not referred to as piggy because of Ms. Piggy. He is referred to as ‘piggy’ by students disgusted with his activities pimping homosexual sex among the student body. Under his influence, the place has become the Sodom and Gommorah of Catholic Campuses.

    Here are some citations from numerous members of the English Department:

    Areas of expertise: Restoration and eighteenth century literature; Dramatic literature; Film theory and criticism; Television drama; Queer studies

    Areas of expertise: Novel and narrative theory; Gender, race, and reform;

    Areas of expertise: British fiction and the novel; The formation of national identity; Victorian attitudes towards aesthetics, religion, and race

    Areas of expertise: Nineteenth and 20th century American literature; Popular culture and film; Jewish studies; Queer theory;

    They have an entire program devoted to brainwashing homosexual and lesbians students to hook up and have queer sex.

    Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field that straddles the social sciences and humanities in order to examine how and why gender matters in our lives and in our world.

    Informed by feminist and queer theoretical perspectives

    Here’s a facebook of students whom piggy and the other queers have demoralized and brainwashed:

    Maybe we should start suing bishops for doing this to our relatives and loved ones.

    After the scandals of the last decade, why would a bishop let psychosexually sick priests and teachers do this to young men and women on a Catholic Campus?

    By the way, I don’t mean to sound ignorant – but what’s the driving animus behind the people who refer to themselves as queer? There’s definitely a difference. They are vulgar, crude – the one night stand crowd, drugs, alcohol, meet in the barroom and hook up to have sex with people whom they don’t bother to even ask their name.

    Am I the last one to know?

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  15. 98Convert says:

    A priest who will speak the truth “In Season and Out Of Season”(which is the name of his live talk program on 950 AM, aired at 11:30 AM daily)is Fr. Tom DiLorenzo,of Holy Rosary Parish in Winthrop. Very refreshing to hear a priest that will not hesitate to call out anyone who is misleading Catholics and Christians.

    • Michael says:

      I’m sorry … you are correct. Fr. DiLorenzo will speak the truth. But sometimes they silence him (Cardinal O’Malley/the Archdiocese) – like when he was calling Senator Sal DiMasi on the carpet (pre-indictment/conviction).

      • Anna Lynskey says:

        You know, I’ve been thinking about Sal DiMasi. It didn’t work out too well for him, did it. The pain, suffering, cruelty he and his family is experiencing is a confirmation of what we can all take to the bank. What goes around, comes around.

        Woe to the man who hands Christ over to be crucified.

  16. Rich says:

    BCI: I never thought I’d say this, but I’m getting a little weary reading your blog and the constant negativity and what I see as harassment of homosexuals. Ever since I started going to church almost 60 years ago, I’ve been taught that God made each of us in his image and likeness (remember that?). He made us black and white, male and female, and he must have made us “gay” and “straight”. I don’t believe we choose our sexuality; I know I didn’t. I’ve also been taught (and I bet you were too), that Jesus loves all of us just the way we are. So, He must love homosexuals too. That said, we should too.

    Like you (I hope, I hope), I’ll be spending the next three nights and four days celebrating the Triduum and Easter Sunday and during all those liturgies, I’ll be praying for everyone I know. That includes my gay friends.

    I wish all who read these words a blessed and Holy Easter. And remember, Jesus died for all of us.

    • Michael says:

      enough with the propaganda machine. Give it a rest and say a few prayers that you obtain wisdom.
      he must have made us “gay” and “straight” … really? Then if so He also must have made us “murderers” and “non-murderers”
      He also must have made us “alcoholics” and “non-alcoholics”
      He also must have made us “wife-beaters” and “non-wife-beaters”
      He also must have made us “perverts” and “non-perverts”He also must have made us “transgender” and “non-transgender”
      He also must have made us “nose-pickers” and “non-nose-pickers”
      He also must have made us “psychopaths” and “non-psychopaths”
      He also must have made us “liars” and “truthtellers”
      Which one are you? A liar or a truthteller?

      Shall I go on or do you now see how ridiculous and transparent your propaganda is?

    • Rich,
      BCI does not see where the blog has been engaging in “harassment of homosexuals.” We have been blogging the truth for some time now about moral corruption and corruption in fiscal and governance matters. Many readers seem to prefer our posts about fiscal/governance corruption, but both types of corruption are going on and we feel it appropriate to cover both. If there is something you believe to be factually incorrect in this post, you have not identified anything.

      There are multiple reasons to take issue with your comment and apparent flaws in how you are thinking about this, but other readers have addressed some of them so we will not repeat what they said. On the issue of Jesus loving us all as we are, of course that is true. But you are missing half of the story–that those who have homosexual attractions are called to chastity and to “sin no more.”

      Have you read Cardinal O’Malley’s Letter on Homosexuality, written in November 2005? Click on this link:
      Here is an excerpt:

      Each and every member of the Church is called to holiness regardless of their sexual orientation. Each person is a mystery, an irreplaceable treasure, precious in God’s eye.

      We do not want Catholics who have a homosexual orientation to feel unwelcomed in the Catholic Church. We remind them that they are bound to us by their baptism and are called to live a life of holiness. Many homosexual persons in our Church lead holy lives and make an outstanding contribution to the life of the Church…

      the Church must minister to all people by challenging them to obey God’s commands, the roadmap for a meaningful human life that allows us to draw near to God and to one another.

      In the Gospel when the self-righteous Pharisees bring the adulteress to be stoned, Jesus says let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Then to make sure they got the point Jesus wrote their sins on the ground. The stones fell from their hands and they fled. Jesus said: “Neither do I condemn you”, but He added, “Go and sin no more.”

      If we tell people that sex outside of marriage is not a sin, we are deceiving people. If they believe this untruth, a life of virtue becomes all but impossible. Jesus teaches that discipleship implies taking up the cross each day and following Him with love and courage.

      It is never easy to deliver a message that calls people to make sacrifices or to do difficult things. Sometimes people want to punish the messenger. For this reason we priests at times find it difficult to articulate the Church’s teaching on sexual morality. We must never deliver the message in a self-righteous way, but rather with compassion and humility. It is important to express the moral teachings of the Church with clarity and fidelity. The Church must be Church. We must teach the truths of the Gospel in season and out of season. These recent times seem to us like it is “out of season”, but for that very reason it is even more urgent to teach the hard words of the Gospel today.

      We know that friends and relatives of homosexual Catholics sometimes feel torn between their allegiance to Christ and their concern for their loved ones. I assure them that these goals are not incompatible. As Catholics we profess a firm belief in the dignity of each person and in the eternal destiny to which God calls us. Calling people to embrace the cross of discipleship, to live the commandments and at the same time assuring them that we love them as brothers and sisters can be difficult. Sometimes we are told: “If you do not accept my behavior, you do not love me.” In reality we must communicate the exact opposite: “Because we love you, we cannot accept your behavior.”

      God made us to be happy forever. That true and lasting happiness is accessible only by a path of conversion.

      Furthermore the Catechism of the Catholic Church says:

      “These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.”

      2359 Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection.”

      Objectively, what the Church teaches on sexual morality for homosexuals – namely, chastity – is not being taught at St. Cecilia to the Rainbow Ministry. No message is being delivered to the Rainbow Ministry that the members should “go and sin no more.” Nor are they being told, “Because we love you, we cannot accept your behavior.” That is fact. If those who engage in homosexual activity are not being told that the Catholic Church calls them to chastity and they are not urged to practice the virtue of chastity, the consequence is that the salvation of souls is at risk. Is that what you want and are advocating?

      If you agree with Church teachings and want to see as many immortal souls saved as possible, why would you object to this BCI post?

      • Betty says:

        BCI–Most have not read Cardinal Sean’s
        statement. Please mail it to them.
        Many people think the church is trying to be mean.

        Thank you

    • Tanya says:

      homosexuality is a sin.

  17. Anna Lynskey says:

    Rich, of all days to blaspheme Christ’s teachings, you choose this blessed and holy week? God made us in his likeness but you are under the delusion that the original sin that stains our souls, produces the concupiscience that manifests itself in temptations to sin is some kind of a ratification of the sinful use of human sexuality in the likeness of Christ.

    You can believe in the Easter Bunny if you so desire, but the fact of the matter is, homosexuality is not immutable, is not written into gentic code and is therefore not from God or of God – anymore than the heterosexual who has an adulterous affair with the wife of another man or people who masturbate. Those are disordered choices humans make, a misuse of the gift of human sexuality that is reserved for a man and woman who bind themselves, fuse their souls in marriage.

    Jesus loved Judas, though he was a thief and an acessory to the murder of God Himself.

    Whether we spend time with and love people afficted with attractions to sexual sin is immaterial to the Baptismal duty to expose the corruption, misfeasance, malfeasance and spiritual abuse of priests and bishops.

  18. Anna Lynskey says:

    Not to mention the duty to remind their victims that if they die in those sins, the devil gets to claim them as his for all eternity and will be carried away in front of Christ, whose heart will break and ache because of that eternal separation.

  19. Chris says:

    Today’s Spirit Daily has a link to this article. While not the most impressive or rigorous Catholic blog, it is widely read. A sort of Catholic “Drudge.” Therefore, a good thing.

  20. Henry Dee says:
    I have A gay son who”maried” his lover in Massachusetts.I attended this immoral union only because I didn’t want to allienate myself from my son whom I love dearly.That homosexuality is sinful is attested to by scripture and reason.I pray each day that me son converts both spiritually and psychologically

  21. As an addendum to my pevious post,gays have been prodding medical science to “PROVE” that homosexuality is both innate and genetic all to no avail to give them legitimcy.All investigations by scientists have proven fruitless but they keep trying.Gays refuse to accept that their condition is disordered and unnatural.

  22. Stephen says:

    I think what they do is unsanitary, vulgar and clearly disordered.
    Ironically, the use birth control is just as disordered and unnatural.

    When sex became recreational rather than pleasurable and procreative by the wide use of birth control the higher moral ground on sexual matters was lost. (1968?) Moral relativism (part of modernism) began to dominate lay Catholic thought in the U.S. The manta “do not judge” created a morally aloof backbone-less laity. For decades Priests who attempted to buck this trend were isolated and considered cold and uncaring, and popular -anything goes- Priests like Unni and that other pig exploited the false compassion found in moral relativism.

    As Modernists they can not resist innovation and are committed to the destruction of true tradition. See architecture and art they reject or embrace for examples. Like the true heretics they are, their continued existence within the church will lead to continued destruction. Benedict XVI’s support of the Latin Mass was a bold counter-modernist move on several counts- it requires a traditional alter, the nature of the rubrics leave little room for obvious innovation, distribution of communion helps to ensure reverence for the Eucharist etc.

    Pope Francis’s focus seems to be the tradition of helping the poor. It is my hope that similar to Benedict he will able to counter the modernist slide. His bold and public charity will counter the liberation theology modernist politic.

    The gay life style is a sad death style. Pray for them. Those who support them are unwitting heretical modernists.

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