BCI Endorses Sean Bielat for Congress

This being the election season, BCI has decided we will make a few select political endorsements.  Sean Bielat for Congress is one of them.

Sean, 37, is an impressive candidate.  He is Catholic and attends St. Mary of the Assumption in Brookline. This writer has met him and came away from the conversation concluding that he was pro-life and faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church, including on social/moral issues like abortion and marriage.  (That said, on the campaign trail, Bielat largely keeps away from discussing issues like abortion and same-sex marriage). Beyond that, he is a smart, experienced guy with solid values and perspectives on government, vs the lightweight pro-choice candidate with the Kennedy last name he is running against, who, unfortunately, is favored to win.

We are going to give you some of Sean’s bio straight from his website:

Sean Bielat is a businessman, family man and serves in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. He currently runs www.OneClickPolitics.com, an online start-up. Prior to his 2010 campaign against Barney Frank, Sean led a $100 million defense robotics program at iRobot Corporation and was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.

The son of a teacher and a veteran, Sean grew up in a middle class family and worked his way through college and graduate school with the help of the GI Bill, scholarships and student loans. Sean holds an MBA from Wharton and degrees from Harvard University and Georgetown University.

Sean and his wife, Hope, met in graduate school at Harvard and have been married for six years. They live in Norfolk with their toddler son, Theo, and infant daughter, Seraphina.

Sean is a member of the Knights of Columbus and the Council on Emerging National Security Affairs.

Click here to learn more about Sean’s views.

Sean’s Experience

Sean’s career highlights include—
  • Major in the U.S Marine Corps Reserve
  • CEO of www.OneClickPolitics.com
  • Program Manager, iRobot Corporation. Led $100 million, 100 person business line providing life-saving defense robots used to destroy roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Chairman, NATO Industrial Armaments Group. Led an international team studying the potential for use of advanced reconnaissance technology in urban warfare
  • Management Consultant, McKinsey & Company
  • Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps (active duty)

Now, let us compare his background vs his opponent, Joe Kennedy III.  Kennedy, 32, attended Stanford, then served in the Peace Corps from 2004-2006, developing marketing materials for Ecotourism in the Dominican Republic.  (As one person commented to BCI, “What happened to digging wells and teaching kids to read?”). Then it was off to Harvard Law School, where Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren was one of his profs.  He graduated from Harvard Law in 2009.  His only full-time job was as Assistant DA in Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office from 2009 to 2011. He moved to the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office in September 2011, also as an assistant DA, but resigned four months later to run for Congress.  So, he only has about 2 years of work experience.  Meanwhile, at 31-years-old, he was still living with his mother in Cambridge.  To run for the seat vacated by Barney Frank, he apparently felt he should actually live in the district, so he finally moved out from Mommy’s house and got an apartment in Brookline–apparently with his fiance–just a couple of days before he announced he was running for the seat. He has had a W2 for two years of his entire life.  Oh by the way, Kennedy is pro-choice and supports gay marriage.  If he did not have Kennedy as his last name and was just any other lawyer who worked for 2 years in the DA’s office and served in the Peace Corps for 2 years, would he even be on the ballot?

Before any readers come out and say that Sean Bielat is not “perfectly” pro-life or pro-traditional marriage, we will say that BCI has high standards in this area and we have verified his positions well enough that we think he is a solid, strong choice–and a far better all-round choice than Kennedy.  Sean needs all the support he can get to overcome the Kennedy juggernaut. Here is a link to his campaign website. Please support his campaign in whatever way you are able to.

6 Responses to BCI Endorses Sean Bielat for Congress

  1. Marie says:

    My teeth ache from the frustration of knowing where you are coming from!

    • "Just Wondering" says:

      I’m “JUST WONDERING” what u mean Marie. Are u against what BCIis suggesting, or are u sad BCI is not supporting a Kennedy?

      • Marie says:

        Just Wondering,

        Just this: “If he did not have Kennedy as his last name and was just any other lawyer who worked for 2 years in the DA’s office and served in the Peace Corps for 2 years, would he even be on the ballot?”

        Can nepotism survive death? My frustration is that a name can be enabling and grant privilege without experience or proper credentials whether a Kennedy or not, whether political office or not. And, yes, we all have to start somewhere, but………

        Not against what BCI is suggesting; perhaps, surprised that they are quite so outspoken and adamament and endorsing and forthcoming with a very thorough recommendation.

        And, then, one must ask who their other political endorsements might be. With as thorough a bio as was given Bielat, there my be some mind changing occurring.


  2. Objective Observer says:

    For me it’s a question of what a candidate has done with what (s)he has been given. Joe Kennedy has been given much: Wealth; a name that is easily recognized; an elite education, which tends to indicate intelligence. Sean Bielat has been given: an elite education that tends to indicate intelligence.

    What have they done with what they have been given?

    Both men are Catholics, both men are in their 30s, both are well educated, and whoever wins faces starting at the bottom of the seniority totem pole.

    So it really does come down to whom you would hire to fill a position that hasn’t been open in 30 years. This is one application that has to be read without regard to the name at the top of the page — Massachusetts has lost a seat in Congress due to falling population numbers, so the delegation is down one seat. This seat is one of the few in Massachusetts without an incumbent running.

    Whom would you hire if they were named Rausch and Bielat?

  3. ANNE says:

    Both Robert Kennedy III (D), and Sean Bielat (R) have spoken louder than many expect – by choosing the Party banner under which they decided to run.

    The Democratic Platform is the ‘Party of Death’ and supports homo-sexual marriage.
    Go to: http//whatcatholicsreallybelieve.com
    ” What Catholics REALLY Believe SOURCE ” – comparison link to Party Platforms in answer to #13.

    Remember, who each of the Candidates will caucus with if elected, what positions they will support, etc.

    According to Kennedy, “Congress must find a way to cut through its impasse and avoid potentially devastating spending cuts”. Do we want another big spender in Washington ? Do we want to be another Greece?

    At the end of August, the latest period reported by the U.S. Treasury, foreign interests held a total of $5,430,000,000,000 in U.S. government debt. According to the Census Bureau’s latest estimate (which was for June 2012) there were 114,328,000 households in the United States. Therefore, the total U.S. government debt held by foreign interests was about $47,494.93 per household.
    This does not include debt not owed to foreign interests.

    By the way, the CCC clearly states that without Commutatiive Justice – ‘no other form of justice is possible’ – this means governments and people paying their bills. (CCC 2411).

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