Boston Archdiocese Giving Award in Honor of Obama Fundraiser

For those who missed it, the Boston Archdiocese just announced they will be giving out an award on Oct 9 named in honor of Archdiocesan Finance Council member and Obama fundraiser, Jack Connors, Jr, who also financially supports pro-abortion causes. There are several aspects of this award and honor that Boston Catholics should be concerned about. Read on.

Here is the archdiocesan announcement:

October 5, 2012 -Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy’s 2012 Eileen And Jack Connors’ Founders Award

RECIPIENTS:          John and Cyndy Fish / Suffolk Construction

AWARD:                   Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy’s (PJPIICA) –Dorchester and Mattapan –
Boston’s largest elementary school (private or public)
2012 Eileen and Jack Connors’ Founders Award

DESCRIPTION:       The Eileen and Jack Connors Founders Award is a prestigious honor that is to be periodically presented by the Trustees of Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy to recognize outstanding and exemplary service to the school, those who have made very special personal or professional commitments to the Academy, and/or who exemplify/personify the Catholic values we teach.

The person the award is named to honor is Jack Connors, Jr.  While he sits on the Archdiocesan Finance Council and raises money for Catholic schools, he is also out publicly raising millions of dollars for Obama, when Obama policies clearly threaten our religious liberties, kill the unborn and are in opposition to moral law along with Catholic Church values and teachings.  We have written about this multiple times, most recently in this post, Boston Catholics call on archdiocese to end relationship with Obama-backing multi-millionaire. You can also see in this Lifesite News article where the Connors-funded Connors Center for Women’s Health’s Family Planning Fellowship, led by abortionist and Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts (PPLM) head researcher Alisa Goldberg, partners with Planned Parenthood to offer  a nationally-recognized two-year program to “improve access to, and the quality of, pregnancy termination services through research and training.”

The person being honored this year is Suffolk Construction CEO, John Fish. He is listed here as #1 on this 2012 list of Most Powerful People in Boston, just ahead of Jack Connors.  This September 2008 Boston Business Journal article describes his philanthropy and role as a leader of the Archdiocese of Boston’s 2010 Initiative to improve Catholic schools. Coincidentally, besides his work for Catholic schools along with Connors, he has been making a lot of financial contributions to various political campaigns–him personally giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Obama campaign and Democratic National Committee, while his company has donated tens of thousands to the Romney super PAC: Obama bundler’s firm backed Romney super PAC.

BCI is not disputing the contributions of Mr. Fish to  Catholic schools. But, we also would be remiss if we did not remind readers about some of the controversy with the projects, including the Pope John Paul II project.  See this post, Lending Money: Part 2, from September 10, 2010, where we wrote:

We are also told, and see validated by press articles, these were apparently single-source, no-bid deals for the contracts on school reconstruction, new construction, and demolition.  Our sources say this was  expensive in Brockton, and very expensive in Dorchester. [Update: BCI is told that at least one Suffolk Catholic schools job was “a mess,” where Suffolk was made to take off the roof and rebuild it more than once.]

As best as we can determine from multiple sources, the $26M loan was because John Fish insisted that Suffolk get its construction money up-front.  We are unclear if he is still personally involved in the initiative (no PR in 2 years) or if he is no longer personally involved after having secured the construction contract, funds, and good publicity.  Sources working in the schools tell us that from a construction perspective, they cut as many corners as they could in Dorchester, and ran behind in the construction schedule.  Rumor has it that the school custodian and a well-paid employee from the Catholic schools office were still painting the evening before the school opening and dealing with a problem of live rodents in the building.

The fund-raising status of the 2010 Campaign and the Pope John Paul II Academy have never been explained with any degree of transparency.  The 2010 Campaign was supposed to raise $70M by 2010 and had borrowed $26M from the Archdiocesan Revolving Loan Fund.  No accounting was ever publicly made of whether the $70M goal was  achieved. Their last public comment from November 2010 said they had raised $58M.  BCI asked the archdiocese about the fundraising status in January of 2011, and 21 months later, we are still awaiting their response.  According to the 2011 RCAB annual report, around $21M of those loans are still outstanding. The report says, “The Fund for Catholic Schools, Inc. has pledges that are expected to be collected over the next 5 years that will be used to substantially pay down the loans to the Corporation Sole.”

Back in 2010, we also observed the following:

1) Magnitude of project in this location. The fund-raising and tapping of a limited donor pool for a sum of $70 million was a major undertaking.  Why did the archdiocese decide to spend $70 million on one school, and in an area where it is known that Catholic schools enrollment and the Catholic population in general are declining?  Did it have anything to do with Jack Connors having grown-up in nearby Roslindale, or was that just a coincidence?

2) Sustenance of the school: Given those population shifts, can the Dorchester academy be sustained at this size even 5-10 years the future?

Here we are two years later, and the same questions remain largely unanswered.  The first regional director of the academy, a pal of $325K-salaried superintendent, Mary Grassa O’Neill, abruptly resigned in August 2009 after just a year on the job. The school originally opened with 5 campuses, but was scaled back to 4 in 2010.  BCI hears that even 4 campuses may not be sustainable. 21 teachers left at the end of the last academic year and just 12 new teachers joined this fall.

Back in 2010, a reader, “Catholic School Advocate,’ commented:

I think the 2010 Initiative should be described by a parody of the song, “Promises, Promises.” (OK so not everyone reading this blog remembers Dionne Warwick) What was promised was laudable, but the outcome belies the intelligence, wealth and connections of those who made the promises.

When the most powerful people in Boston gather Tuesday night, BCI hopes that Cardinal Sean O’Malley at least takes a few minutes to have a side conversation with some of the honorees to re-educate them about the threats to religious liberties and the sacrifice of life of the unborn brought on by President Obama, whose reelection they are publicly and financially supporting. He should also remind them that he feels it is “bordering on scandal” to vote for pro-abortion politicians. Better still, he should try to persuade Jack Connors and John Fish to help women with crisis pregnancies and support alternatives to abortion in Boston.

We also hope that in addition to honoring the wealthy folks like Connors and Fish, they take the time to honor those who “Catholic Schools Advocate” described as the “dedicated teachers, custodians and school secretaries who show up every day and deal with a million issues, and somehow find a way to work hard on educating children from varied backgrounds in the midst of all the problems. And they succeed – just ask the Admissions Board at Boston Latin.”

12 Responses to Boston Archdiocese Giving Award in Honor of Obama Fundraiser

  1. Chris says:

    I can’t believe how deep in the tank the archdiocese and its employees are for Obama. A multi-millionaire bundler. Most of the theology faculty at BC. The pastors at those churches hosting dissident speakers. The chancery is just as bad as the LCWR. WHAT IS WRONG WITH CARDINAL O’MALLEY?

    • A lot. I pray everyday that he be removed and the Pope appoints a Traditionalist archbishop for Boston.

      • Jeremy Bly says:

        I am a conservative Roman Catholic. There will never be “traditionalist” archbishop, bishop or cardinal in this country. Thank God!


    • They just keep the scandals coming. No wonder there is such an exodus from the Catholic church in Boston. I have relatives there and they are all ‘ex-catholics’.

  2. Michael says:

    No scandals without BCI’s inside knowledge. I say give some awards to BCI for their outstanding reportage.

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  4. When we looked back at our previous content on this issue, we found this 2011 comment from “Objective Observer” that we thought was still timely today:

    Abortion stops a beating heart. Period. Cardinal Sean O’Malley would come to tears telling you how passionately he feels about this. Real tears.

    The question is, what does he DO about it?

    If indeed Sean Patrick is the “pastor” (think Latin) of his flock, he is called to consistently and frequently behave as if he believes that abortion stops a beating heart. He must publicly teach that the fragile women who seek abortions, and their children, not yet born, at risk of death, need everyone’s support. He needs to privately call out Jack Connors, and publicly ask him what he’s done lately to help the most vulnerable among us — women who can see no other solution than abortion, and their children who deserve life (and a good one at that). Are these not as worthy as those who receive face transplants, and “miracle” cancer cures at Jack Connors’ hospitals? Where’s the Partners Healthcare PR about supporting women at risk of abortion and their babies who need to breathe life?

    But we need to change, too. We need to understand that the woman who is sufficiently desperate to seek an abortion will tell you that her primary “problem” is not that she is pregnant. It is homelessness, or violent physical abuse, or substance use, or some very real and desperate fear of the responsibility for this child, that takes her to an abortion provider. But once the abortion is over, the problems she took into the clinic with her remain. The only difference is that she isn’t pregnant. And she has a new problem… the day she eventually wakes up — and it is inevitable — and realizes that her child died. All in all, a messier conversation than, “Abortion is wrong.” Takes a lot more thought and work.

    But Sean doesn’t want to do the work… to speak up. He doesn’t want to demand that his well-heeled friends support these women and their fragile, unborn children. Why? Because Bryan Hehir won’t LET him. Hehir will let him walk in the Boston Life Walk in October (though note Hehir, who oversees “Life” from his cabinet position, does not appear), and he will let him “march” in DC in January. But that’s about it. No point “offending” people and “marginalizing” himself by stirring up the conversation that Hehir proclaims (and I heard him say this) “will never be solved in our lifetime.” If that’s the most rigorous intellectual argument Hehir can raise for the cardinal’s cowering at a public discourse on alternatives to abortion, the Kennedy School of Government is not getting its money’s worth letting Hehir occupy an endowed chair. My 7th-grade daughter can do better… for free.

    To Bryan Hehir: Among problems that will not be solved in your (or my) lifetime: Homelessness, cancer, and not even baldness. But WE will be judged — not on some progress measured by the arbitrary yardstick of our lifetime — but by the quality and effectiveness of our efforts to provide another way for these women and their children.

    Sean flunks the test because he demonstrates a consistent and longstanding pattern of mere lip service to an abortion conversation, and utterly fails to rally the likes of Jack Connors in the support of abortion alternatives in Boston. Why? He fails to act solely in deference to Bryan Hehir’s undue influence and insatiable addiction for political expediency. Sean doesn’t flunk merely by bowing down to Jack Connors, and failing to send him packing from the Finance Council. He fails utterly because he has a longstanding pattern of failing to act to find another way for these women and their children. FACTA NON VERBA, Sean.

  5. Just A Boston Pastor says:

    I think what Objective Observer said still is the case today. If Mr Connors or Mr Fish were in my parish, I would sit with them privately and educate them – primarily for the salvation of their souls, but also so they might use their considerable wealth and influence to save the lives if the unborn and truly help the health and well being of women in need. I pray that Cardinal Sean, as their “pastor”, does the same.

  6. Lynne says:

    Did you know that the first Sunday in October is Life Chain Sunday (see and people gather in front of abortion centers to just quietly pray. There’s over 1700 cities where this occurs. Boston isn’t one of them. And don’t forget that Boston does not participate in 40 Days for Life which has had great success.

    • Anni says:

      Not one word about Pro-Life Sunday at my parish last weekend. When it comes to abortion, assisted suicide, same-sex marriage, or any similar topic all we hear from my pastor is…crickets!

  7. Michael says:

    Boston doesn’t need to get approval from Cardinal O’Malley to participate in 40 days for life. If he won’t lead, the laity have a duty to.

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