“Must Watch” Video on Physician Assisted Suicide

A reader passed along this short video. It will take you 42 seconds to watch. We thought everyone following this issue would find it worthwhile to watch.

Please pass along to friends and relatives.

The organization promoting this is called Massachusetts Against Doctor Prescribed Suicide.   They are raising money to air this commercial. Their website is http://noonquestion2.org/.

BCI is still trying to understand what is exactly is going on with the Rasky Baerlein-run campaign. A number of readers have written to say the Rasky campaign feels anemic. BCI agrees.  People in parishes keep telling BCI that they are hearing very little in their parishes.  We hope and pray the pace of the campaign picks up.

In the meantime, visit noonquestion2.org and support their efforts if you are able to.

4 Responses to “Must Watch” Video on Physician Assisted Suicide

  1. Boston Priest says:

    Very moving testimonial. BCI, thanks for sharing this. Catholics and non-Catholics should all see this. I wish the archdiocese would share some of these with us. Alas, that’s why I’m grateful for BCI’s efforts.

  2. Liz reilly says:

    My only question is for the organizers of the town meeting. Why was this critically important event scheduled at the same time, on the same night as the presidential debate?

  3. Carol says:

    The Catholic TV Town Hall on Assisted Suicide hosted by Cardinal O’Malley can be watched here : http://www.catholictv.com/Town-Hall-Forum-PAS.aspx

  4. saintpio1 says:

    If anyone is bent on population control or as my niece says I want euthansia rather than give my hard earned money to doctors and hosps, any effort is useless.
    The AMA has brought a lot of the attitude in doing “research” on elderly patients and for the insurance as in my mother’s case. I didn’t realize what was happening until it was over. She went through 2 events not needed and another not done but a doctor and his colleague talked with myself and my 2 brothers to put a pace maker in my 101 old mother who was dying. They even tried to get the nurse to pressure us.

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