Town Hall Meeting 8pm Tonight Against Physician-Assisted Suicide

At the request of many readers, here is information about the Town Hall meeting tonight at 8pm on the topic of why we should oppose Physician-Assisted Suicide.

CatholicTV® Network to Air Live Town Hall Meeting Against Physician-Assisted SuicideOn Wednesday, October 3, 2012, join the CatholicTV Network along with Cardinal Seán O’Malley and a group of concerned Catholics to openly discuss Physician-Assisted Suicide

WATERTOWN, MA (October 2, 2012) On Election Day in November, the people of Massachusetts will be asked to accept or reject the so-called “Death with Dignity” Act. If passed, it will allow an adult resident of Massachusetts, deemed to have the capacity to make health care decisions, and determined by two physicians to have a disease that will likely result in death within six months, to request and receive a prescription for a lethal drug that he or she may self-administer.

The Town Hall Meeting will include the following panelists:

• Cardinal Seán O’Malley, OFM Cap is the Archbishop of Boston.

• Rev. Tad Pacholczyk, Ph.D. is a priest of the diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts. A

• M. C. Sullivan, RN MTS JD, is a nurse-bioethicist-attorney who is Director of Ethics at Covenant Health Systems in Tewksbury, MA.

• Janet Benestad, M.A., is the Secretary for Faith Formation and Evangelization for the Archdiocese of Boston and is the Director for the Archdiocesan Education Campaign against Physician-assisted Suicide in Massachusetts.

• John Howland, M.D. was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1953, graduated from Harvard College and Tufts University of Medicine.

Join Cardinal Sean O’Malley and a group of concerned Catholics to openly discuss Physician-Assisted Suicide to ensure that the families of people with terminal illnesses will never feel they have been left alone in caring for their needs. The claim that the ‘quick fix’ of an overdose of drugs can substitute for these efforts is an affront to patients, caregivers and the ideals of medicine.

Please support the opposition of Physician-Assisted Suicide and join the CatholicTV Network on October 3, 2012 at 8PM ET.

BCI supports the effort to oppose Physician-Assisted Suicide.  Tune-in if your schedule permits.

6 Responses to Town Hall Meeting 8pm Tonight Against Physician-Assisted Suicide

  1. Objective Observer says:

    This is a good start. But think of all the people who won’t watch. RCAB needs to push information out there. Every parish bulletin should include an insert that offers guidelines for end of life care decisions. Health care proxy forms should be made available at every Catholic Church and hospital accompanied by a copy of guidelines.

    There is no reason for anyone to truly suffer physically at the end of life. But there is another element: Family and friends need to care for all the needs of the dying — not just palliative physical care. Somehow we need to realize that bathing the dying is as essential as rocking newborns! The notion of “burden” has to somehow undergo a conversion.

    So the panel discussion is a good idea, and the people who will present know what they are talking about. That covers the “what.” But what about the “how?” Get the guidelines out there, and encourage family and friends to learn how to care for the dying.

    Most hospices are very good at leading this kind of care. Some hospices are lousy. If a hospice doesn’t want to respect life care guidelines, find another hospice.

    When my mother, living 250 miles away, first descended into the need for daily care, I came up with many reasons why I could visit her, write to her, and pray for her. But it took spiritual wild horses to move me to truly entering into her experience and making her happiness in the last four years of her life my first priority. (And this with four young children…) I kept looking Heavenward, saying, “OK, but you don’t mean ME, right?” But He did mean, me, and the time I spent caring for my mother were the most difficult and most graced years of my life so far.

    MANY priests care for their parents exquisitely at the end of life. I can name a dozen priests who have cared for a parent (and in one case a sibling) showing quiet, persistent, dignified attention to hands on care. This while working as a professor or pastor or bishop. They went to dozens of medical appointments, stayed the night in the last weeks of life, and helped with bedside care. Sean could ask THEM to draft the guidelines.

    This is Sean’s big chance to tell Rasky and its “nuanced” approach to back off. Stopping a beating heart takes a life. Say so, Sean! Use the word, “wrong,” sparingly, but use it. And then visit one dying person per day until the election. Blog every day about the person’s care, and draw people’s attention to the guidelines, the way you would write a homily that draws upon the readings of the day.

    Skip the bishop’s meeting to make sure you never miss a day visiting the dying.

    Just this once, Sean, facta non verba.

  2. BH says:

    I wish those leading the campaign would share more compelling stories like this one:

    Bumper stickers and lawn signs are available here:

    Personally I’m not a fan of the tagline “poorly written and flawed” and would prefer something more accurate like “assisted suicide is wrong” or “killing people is wrong.”

  3. Michael says:

    If you say it is wrong … well that would be intolerant and might even hurt someone else’s feelings. Are you so self-centered as to not think of the ramifications of your poor choice of words.

  4. Alice Slattery says:

    The Town Meeting concerning Assisted Suicide last night was very informative, especially revealing the fact that of the 2 people signing as witnesses to the request by a patient who requests the deadly potion, only one of the signers has to be a person who has nothing to gain from the person’s death. The issue of “conscience clause” was also vital since, if this is interpreted as a right given to us by the government, it can also be taken away from us by the government. I didn’t clearly understand if a pharmacist has a right of conscience not to fill the prescription.
    If doctors have to present assisted suicide procedures to their patients in a positive light, then the trust between doctors and their patients will fast degenerate! Hopefully Cardinal O’Malley can convince all pastors to discuss the very possible ramifications of
    this devious bill with the parishioners at Mass while they still have a chance to inform them.

  5. Stephen says:

    Just suffered through the town hall replay.
    – plenary indulgence?
    The Cardinal’s reference to Martin Luther King (1968)
    and Oscar Romero (RIP 1980) was touching.
    Reference to the suicide of David Thorpe (RIP 2011) and the reality
    of the “Culture of Death” in which we live would have
    made it a bit more – real. Somebody should tip him off
    that you can’t say -“retarded” any more. Although
    hearing it with his John Kerry accent is quaint. re- tahh- ded.

    The Rosary is a private devotion well adapted
    to communal prayer.

    The streaming Rosary was cool, although I was a bit
    concerned the robust church militant were going
    to fall out of their chairs live. Next time maybe the Cardinal can stream with the Blessed Mother and Ivan the phoney Medjugorje seer who gets free reign here in Boston. I hear his Thursday night visions locally are a hoot.

    Pray for good Priests.

    Go Mitt.

  6. Mary says:

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