Happy Mothers Day

A special thanks to all mothers today for their selfless love, care and sacrifice. We also offer prayers to God to thank Him for creating mothers.  We came across this video last year and a separate Mothers Day prayer that we thought we would share once again with you today. We also add a note below about the importance of both a mother and a father in raising children.

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A Mothers Day Prayer
Loving God, we thank you for the love of the mothers you have given us,
whose love is so precious that it can never be measured,
whose patience seems to have no end.
May we see your loving hand behind them and guiding them.
We pray for those mothers who fear they will run out of love
or time, or patience.
We ask you to bless them with your own special love.
We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord.

Role of Mother and Father in Raising Children

In a week where the topic of traditional marriage vs “same-sex marriage” was in the news, on Mothers Day BCI felt it relevant to comment on the role of the biological mother in raising children along with the role of the biological father.   A reader who asked to remain anonymous sent us this piece, “Marriage and the Common Good: Ten Principles“, and we thought the following was worth sharing:

Studies suggest that men and women bring different strengths to the parenting enterprise, and that the biological relatedness of parents to their children has important consequences for the young, especially girls. Although there is a good deal of overlap in the talents that mothers and fathers bring to parenting, the evidence also suggests that there are crucial sex differences in parenting. Mothers are more sensitive to the cries, words, and gestures of infants, toddlers, and adolescents, and, partly as a consequence, they are better at providing physical and emotional nurture to their children.(31) These special capacities of mothers seem to have deep biological underpinnings: during pregnancy and breastfeeding women experience high levels of the hormone peptide oxytocin, which fosters affiliative behaviors. (32)

Fathers excel when it comes to providing discipline, ensuring safety, and challenging their children to embrace life’s opportunities and confront life’s difficulties. The greater physical size and strength of most fathers, along with the pitch and inflection of their voice and the directive character of their speaking, give them an advantage when it comes to discipline, an advantage that is particularly evident with boys, who are more likely to comply with their fathers’ than their mothers’ discipline. (33) Likewise, fathers are more likely than mothers to encourage their children to tackle difficult tasks, endure hardship without yielding, and seek out novel experiences. (34) These paternal strengths also have deep biological underpinnings: Fathers typically have higher levels of testosterone—a hormone associated with dominance and assertiveness—than do mothers.(35)  Although the link between nature, nurture, and sex-specific parenting talents is undoubtedly complex, one cannot ignore the overwhelming evidence of sex differences in parenting —differences that marriage builds on to the advantage of children.

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On that note, to all moms, our very best for a very Happy Mothers Day!

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  1. john shaughnessy says:

    the achievements of children raised in a loving,catholic, 2 parents, traditional family marriage are outstanding especially if followed up by education in Catholic schools. these children become well adjusted young adults and are well prepared to face the challanges of life.the mothers first & foremost duty is raising her children.God will bless such a family. Jack, father of 7 & grandfather of 17 super achievers .

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