URGENT: Call in to Martha Coakley on WBZ Radio

Attorney General, Martha Coakley is live on WBZ Radio until 9pm EDT.  You can dial-in to speak with her at 617-254-1030.

BCI readers are urged to call her and ask any questions you wish.  Two we would suggest are the following:

1) You have responsibility for public charities and ensuring donor funds are not misused.  What are you doing to address the fact that the Archdiocese of Boston is paying an excessive $325K salary for the Superintendent of Schools, an amount without precedent in the Catholic Church, and well above the $250K/year paid to the NY Public Schools Superintendent.  The archdiocse is a public charity paying a total of $2.7M in salary and benefits to just 10 employees.  What are you doing to ensure that donor funds are not misused by the Catholic Church on excessive salaries?

2) Are you aware that the Archdiocese of Boston has reneged on defined contribution pension commitments to lay employees?  What are you doing about that?

You can dial-in until 9pm at 617-254-1030.  Give it a try!

6 Responses to URGENT: Call in to Martha Coakley on WBZ Radio

  1. Mark Frances says:

    Unfortunately, you have to start thinking in a devious manner. Martha Coakley is part of the left. Jon Corzine has just been nailed for “losing” 500K. The possibilty is there of doing the CIA 800 dollar toilet seat scene. The money is going into one account and then out and into another. I think that you have to “follow the money” instead of just watching it going in one door.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Great idea! I just got in from a long day at work — how did it go?

  3. David S. says:

    Are we absolutely sure that the Superintendent’s $325K salary comes from public (taxpayer) money?

    I thought you could not use taxpayer money to fund Catholic education. I was under the impression that this salary came from a combination of the Sunday collection plate and the tuition parents pay to send their kids to Catholic School.

    • Perhaps there is some confusion. Her salary comes from donor funds to the Catholic Church. But the AG has oversights for public charities and non-profits, and as such, if they misuse donor funds on excessive salaries, the AG can get involved and has an obligation to do so.

    • Glen says:

      This money comes from donations to the Archdiocese of Boston, primarily donations to the annual Catholic Appeal. Of the $10-12 million actually raised through the Appeal (they claim more, but that’s because they include restricted funds in the total they make public), nearly $3 million goes to pay the salaries of ten people at the offices in Braintree.

      A diligent Attorney General, as head of the Division of Charites,, would have investigated and prosecuted this level of misuse of donor funds long ago.

  4. John A. Cronin says:

    There those who believe they are above the law. This is a seriious violation of trust shown by the RCAB. They should all be replaced and more thought given to their compensation.

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