World Youth Day: Cardinal O’Malley encourages youth to bring friends to Jesus

On Thursday of World Youth Day, Cardinal O’Malley gave a talk to 1,000 youth at the Church of San Antonio in Madrid. On Monday, he celebrated the Feast of the Assumption with Boston pilgrims in Toledo, Spain.

Below is the Catholic News Agency report on highlights from the Thursday catechesis by Cardinal Sean.

Cardinal O’Malley encourages youth to bring friends to Jesus

Madrid, Spain, Aug 18, 2011 / 05:01 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley of

Boston has encouraged young people faithfully attend Sunday Mass and to bring their friends to Jesus Christ.

“We live in a culture that is addicted to entertainment but we don’t come to Mass to be entertained,” he told World Youth Day pilgrims at a morning catechesis session in central Madrid August 17.

“Our presence there, gathered as a family, is of crucial importance. It is at the Sunday Eucharist that we learn our identity as Christ’s family, where we witness to each other that we are believers and that we want to live as Jesus’ disciples.”

Cardinal O’Malley was addressing over 1,000 young English-speaking pilgrims who were crammed into the church of San Antonio. With pews at a premium, most of the young people had to make do with the marble floor.

Throughout his catechesis, the Archbishop of Boston likened the Church to a family – with the Eucharist at its heart.

“The Eucharist is Christ’s saving presence in our community. It’s our spiritual food. It’s the most precious possession which the Church has in her journey through history. It is God’s love taken to the extreme,” he said.

Cardinal O’Malley also emphasized how Sunday Mass is the “family meal” for Catholics which we should make sure to attend.

“The shortest book in the world is the Irish cookbook,” he joked, but his mother always insisted on family meals when he was growing up.

This morning’s catechesis session was only one of 220 being offered in 27 languages all over Madrid during a three-day stretch. The sessions are allowing young Catholics to be personally taught by some of the most senior bishops in the Church.

And it is through the Catholic Church, said Cardinal O’Malley, that young people “have the same opportunity to be with Jesus as they did 2,000 years ago.”

“Jesus established his Church and gave us the sacraments so that he will be able to touch our lives and not just the lives of those living 2,000 years ago in the Holy Land – so that he could be present everywhere in the world and for all times,” he said.

Cardinal O’Malley concluded by suggesting to the pilgrims that “there’s nothing more tragic than going through life without knowing how much we are loved by our family, our friends, by our God.” In order to prevent that from happening, he urged each of the youth to help bring their friends to Jesus Christ.

The example he gave was of the paralytic man in the Gospel of Matthew who was lowered through the roof by his friends in order to receive healing from Jesus.

“Isn’t that fantastic? Wouldn’t you like to have friends like that? Tell me?” the cardinal asked the young people, who responded with cheers and applause. “Well you have to be friends like that first!” he replied.

“Cardinal O’Malley’s words really made me proud to be a young Catholic and a member of the Catholic Church despite the persecutions you go through,” said 17-year-old Matthew McConnell form Kingston-upon-Thames, England to CNA afterward.

His friend, 16-year-old Caitriona Lowry also from Kingston-upon-Thames, nodded in agreement. “I thought it really interesting the way he related it all to family. It made it seem like the Church is a big community we’re all part of.”

An audio recording of his Thursday catechesis can be found at

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5 Responses to World Youth Day: Cardinal O’Malley encourages youth to bring friends to Jesus

  1. jbq2 says:

    This article shows that Cardinal O’Malley is “quite the charmer”. Unfortunately, this points to the probability that he has a “dual personality”. His actions in Boston belie the acceptance of his personality by the conservative European community. Remember his going to the head of the Daughters of St. Paul in Rome to replace the local head of the order who had sued the archdiocese over pension benefits for the laity. His conservative “uniform” was more than accepted. Nevertheless, he is projecting quite a different personality with his liberal agenda in Boston. This is the typical profile for a “con artist”.

  2. Lucy says:

    This comment is OK, but not OK to say the same thing about THE SCOT WHO SHALL NOT BE MENTIONED???

    • It appears that you are posting under several different screen-names and you are also “Suzanne” (who posted a comment on this same topic several weeks ago). Your comment on this topic already received a response. As “Suzanne,” you also commented some time ago “the Archdiocese of Boston is controlled by pathetic, corrupt people.” Please do not corrupt the comments by posting under multiple screen names.

  3. Its still not safe for young children to be near Catholic priests as you can see from the cases this year in Philadelphia and Kansas City where the Catholic church is still hiding pedophile priests.

  4. Eric M. Brown says:

    I agree with Sean O’ Malley. Youtng people need to bring their friends to Jesus. Since I want Sean O’Malley to be my friend, I want to bring Seaon O’Malley to Jesus. It is time for O’Malley to have his “come to Jesus moment”! The fact is that what he is teaching to those poor young people is a heretical definition of the mass contrary to the Ecumenical Council of Trent. The mass is the unbloody sacrifice of the New Covenant in which the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ is offered to God the Father for the forgiveness of sins. “If anyone says that in the mass a true and real sacrifice is not offered to God; or that to be offered is nothing else than that Christ is given to us to eat, let him be anathema.” Canon 1 Session 22 of the Ecumenical Council of Trent. Therefore Mass is not a family meal, where Sean O’ Mally can distribute communion sacrilegiously to pro-abortion and pro-unnatural vice manifestly infamous politicians and other individuals. O’Malley is indoctrinating these poor ignorant youth in the Protestant heresy explicitly anathematized by the voice of Christ which is the magisterium of His Church at the Ecumenical Council of Trent. For sure the Mass, like the passover feast of the old testament, is a passover feast( the body and blood of Christ is received by those in a state of grace so that God will passover over their souls for eternal damnation at their judgment day) but just like the passover feast of the OT it is a sacrifical banquet which is to be eaten after it has been sacrificed. This is the sacrificial passover banquet of the New Covenant. O’Malley needs to recognize his heresy due to his modernist Vatican II religion and its novus ordo ritiual, recognize his mortal sins of honoring and distributing communion to manifestly infamous politicians such as Ted Kennedy and completely repent. His “come to Jesus moment” needs to be his renunciation of the Vatican II religion and its heretical Novus Ordo ritual by making the profession of Catholic faith contained in the Tridentine-Vatican I creed and the Oath against modernism. Thereby he will have his own “come to Jesus moment” and will stop leading the souls of young people into hell through the propagation of heresies contrary to the Catholic faith! Here is the relevant portion of the Catholic creed contradicting O’Malley’s heresies. “I profess that in the mass is offered to God a true, real, and propitiatory sacrifice for the living and the dead: that in the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist is really, truly, and substantially the Body and Blood together with the soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that there takes place what the Church calls transubstantiation, that is the change of all the substance of bread into the Body and of all substance of wine into the Blood. I confess also that in receiving under either of these species one receives Jesus Christ, whole and entire.” Tridentine-Vatican I Creed Then after all this is done Sean O’ Malley will finally dig up the courage to fight the marxist state of massachussets which regularily promotes contraception, abortion, and sodomy and persecutes vocal opponents of these crimes.

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