BCI First Anniversary Survey

Readers, as BCI approaches our 1-year anniversary, we have been pondering the best way to celebrate the dubious distinction of a year of blogging about the Archdiocese of Boston.  We have received a number of suggestions from readers and are trying one of them today.

We like surveys and polls, so this is a chance for you to weigh in on what you think are the most serious mistakes, breaches of trust, or examples of corruption
that have been propagated by the leadership of the Archdiocese of Boston in the past year.

To do this in a way that lets you rate the different choices on a scale from “no big deal” to “very serious: heads should roll,” we had to use a tool with the blog asks you to click on a button and it puts the survey up in a pop-up window.  Do not worry, there are no viruses.  It will take you only 2 minutes to answer the questions.

Click on the blue “Take BCI Survey” button immediately below and the survey will pop-up, or if you don’t see a blue button, click here for the survey

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For your information, the items you are voting on with your ratings are below.

  • Transfer of Caritas Christi to Cerberus/Steward, $25M sellout clause for abandoning Catholic ethical directives on abortion, and associated deceptive communications
  • Blocking access to BCI from Pastoral Center computers last August
  • “Sham search” for new Secretary of Institutional Advancement and deception to faithful Catholics and the search committee that an “open search” was being undertaken when it was never intended.
  • Lay employee pension plan: intimidating past employees into taking less than their accrued pension benefit
  • Letting vigil parishes stay occupied after all canonical appeals were expired
  • Allowing Jack Connors to remain on Finance Council after multiple conflicts of interest and fund-raising for President Obama revealed
  • Publicly saying the 2010 archdiocesan budget was balanced when it really was not
  • Failure to ever announce results of Campaign for Catholic Schools 2010 campaign
  • 2010 Catholic Appeal raising $1.5M less than 2009 appeal with Jack Connors’ new “crackerjack” fund-raising team in-place
  • Mary Grassa O’Neill’s $325,000 annual salary
  • Diversion of reconfiguration funds to Jack Connors’ Brockton school project instead of repaying lay pension funds
  • Daughters of St. Paul lay pension fiasco: Archdiocese stonewalling Daughters for 5 years prompting lawsuit, then Cardinal O’Malley intervening with Superior General, contributing to removal of U.S. provincial leadership
  • Jim McDonough being reappointed to another 5-year term as Chancellor
  • Listing Holy Trinity Church for sale on Sothebys before any consultation/survey process as was done for churches in vigil.
  • Implementation of Ethicspoint anonymous whistleblower process without a process to go over and above Jim McDonough and the Cardinal
  • Finance Council forming a Compensation Committee comprised of business execs earning seven-figure salaries to review the problem of excessive six-figure salaries paid to archdiocesan business execs.
  • 2010 Pastoral Center layoffs of low-paid staff with a long history of faithful service to the archdiocese in favor of keeping high-paid lay executives
  • Catholic Schools office hiring 3 associate superintendents in addition to the existing six-figure-salaried associate superintendents, plus Mary Grassa O’Neill
    Failing to operate with integrity and good governance, and thus failing to deprive BCI of material to blog about.
  • Cardinal Sean’s continuing abdication of responsibility for leading and governing the diocese
  • [Update/addition] Persistent conflicts of interest under Bryan Hehir & Jack Connors (Caritas, seminary real estate, conversion of reconfiguration funds, interlocking boards)

Click on the blue “Take BCI Survey” button immediately below and the survey will pop-up, or click here

Take BCI Survey!

If you feel we have missed something important, feel free to let us know via comments below.  The survey will be open through midnight on the evening of Tuesday, June 21.  Vote early and vote often as they say.  Enjoy!

20 Responses to BCI First Anniversary Survey

  1. Carolyn says:

    More than anything else, the hideous conflicts of interest that have persisted under the aegis of Bryan Hehir and Jack Connors (Caritas, seminary real estate, conversion of reconfiguration funds, interlocking boards… you name it), should be the primary concern. That said, the chancellor’s being unfit for office (everything from what appears to be larceny, to his filthy mouth) illustrates the cardinal’s apparent abdication of office.

    And just for the record, the Kool-Aid drinkers who have enabled all this chicanery should have their own circle in Dante’s Inferno.

  2. Catholic Gal says:

    I think the number one concern is the sellout of Caritas and the abandonment of the ethical directives on abortion. This is a grievous scandal.
    In general, I would also say that this and the other serious problems listed all point to a root cause: O’Malley’s inability to lead this diocese with real integrity, justice, and adherence to Catholic teachings.
    Today the Globe reported that the “gay pride” Mass that was cancelled at St Cecilia’s will be held in July. Why is O’Malley not at least trying to teach what the Church says about this issue?

  3. Chris says:

    How about all those trips Cardinal Sean took while his archdiocese is falling apart?

  4. John O'Gorman says:


  5. Gatekeeper says:

    Couldn’t open link.

  6. "Just Wondering" says:

    “Just Womdering” where the “key to open survey” is?????

  7. When you click the button that says, “Take BCI Survey” does it not work?

    • "Just Wondering" says:

      “JUST WONDERING” finally got it. However, the “click on” is NOT on the first copy, but on the second copy when you click on read comments.
      However, I got my survey in and I also offered Mass this morning for the Priest who is being “heard” today. May the Holy Spirit truly be present.

      • "Just Wondering" says:

        “BC”I: Maybe if you type in “Take BCI Survey: on the openning page of you statement and replace “View Poll” with it there might not be so much confusion. “Just Wondering”

  8. Francis Foley says:

    I couldn’t take the survey since there was no “button” in my post.

  9. Gerald Brent says:

    Everything certainly flows from Cardinal Sean’s continuing abdication of responsibility for leading and governing the diocese. My hot button issues are Jack Connors and the School Closing Dept aka the million dollar dept. [ The payroll goes up while the school count goes down.] I am hoping that the new VG comes in and starts kicking ass and taking names.

  10. not giving my name says:

    The fact is that few people (who are heads of their departments) in Braintree care more about the paycheck vs. The church is what is scary. Just look at other orders of international religious orders. They get things done on a small budget and exist. They rarely sell real estate, focus on the mission God gave them and avoid scandals. When the six figured salary RCAB employees are lounging around cape cod this summer look toward the ones who carry the slack they left behind. That is the church’s true leadership.

  11. […] is the 1-year anniversary for BCI.  To mark the day, you are invited to provide input towards our 1-Year Anniversary survey by clicking here.  We realize some readers had technical glitches with the survey, and if you were […]

  12. rocky says:

    a salary of 325k to watch over the boston catholic schools??? someone should drop a dime to Howie Carr on this outrage???

  13. bitsnbytes says:

    Dear BCI,

    Could you fix the title of this posting?

    The expression “1-year anniversary” is really bad writing, and not up to your usual standard. Surely you know why: an anniversary marks the passing (-vers-) of a year (annum). So a “1-year anniversary” is redundant. It’s like writing “1-year annual memorial”. Ugh. Instead, please write “first anniversary”.

    Similarly, some people don’t know any more that anniversaries are only __annual__ memorials, so they speak of “the one-month anniversary” of an event. Nope, that doesn’t exist.

    Thanks for your good work in the past __annum__.

  14. Alice Slattery says:

    When will there be a real effort made to inform the priests in the Boston Archdiocese about the only organization that has been approved by the Holy See “for helping homosexual persons to live in accordance with the laws of God and the teaching of His Church”? That organization is Courage. It appears that 3/4 of the priests in the Boston Archdiocese have never heard of Courage., let alone letting parishioners know about the possibility for our loved ones ,who become entangled in the web of same-sex sex, to be able to get help spiritually,psychologically and physically with the support of Christ and priests who are proficient in the way of Courage, to diminish and then eliminate same-sex attractions. They then can grow in union with Christ and strive to live a life of interior chastity. Since so many priests have never heard about Courage they cannot let the parishioners know about this approved outreach. Since there is this huge vacuum, they are mislead into thinking that the “outreach” of the Rainbow Ministry in support of the way of the GLBT agenda ,such as is happening at St. Cecilia’s parish, is the way that is approved by the Catholic Church and anyone who doesn’t agree that this is the way to go must be filled with hate and prejudice.
    If only you,Cardinal O’Malley, would make a true effort to let parishioners know the truth, not in just a message in The Pilot, regarding the position of the Catholic Church, but in letting them know about the true practice of the way of Courage as is happening in many other diocese, the Holy Spirit will bring about success. But you haven’t really made an effort to let the truth be known. Instead you are putting your efforts in trying to mollify those who support the Rainbow Ministry which supports the way of the GLBT agenda.
    It is tragic that the knowledge and practice of Courage is kept a huge secret in our archdiocese. Why?

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