Open Letter to Papal Nuncio

This Sunday, May 15, the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, Archbishop Pietro Sambi, will be in Boston.  We are sharing this Open Letter to him, in the hopes that during or after his visit he might help address some of the concerns raised by faithful Catholics. We also hope that this open letter might encourage Cardinal O’Malley and his staff to work more actively to address these long-standing concerns for the greater good of the archdiocese.

We ask all BCI readers to take a moment and send a copy of this letter to him via email, or a version edited to address the issues you feel strongly about.  Just copy the text below, open your email client, paste the text, edit as you see fit, and send to: nuntiususa(at)

Subject: [insert your own, or just try “Your Help with Boston Archdiocese”]

Your Excellency,

I understand you are visiting Boston this weekend and respectfully request that the Holy See help address the ongoing problems of broken trust, wasteful spending and moral scandal with the leadership of the Boston Archdiocese.

Below are several of the key concerns by faithful Catholics:

  1. Irresponsible stewardship of the financial resources of the archdiocese: Three lay executives–the Chancellor, Superintendent of Schools, and General Counsel—are paid more than $1 million/year in combined salaries and benefits.  The superintendent of schools is paid $325,000/year—more than most diocesan officials across the country and more than superintendents of public school systems that are 15-25 times larger, such as Los Angeles or New York.  Annual payroll
    and benefits for the top 10 archdiocesan employees has risen to nearly $3 million.  While 1/3 of parishes are operating with deficits and donations to the annual archdiocesan Catholic Appeal have dropped by $2 million in the past year (from $15 million in 2009 to $13 million in 2010), in archdiocesan Central Ministries 25 or more employees are now paid six-figure salaries.  Excessive salaries, unprecedented in other U.S. dioceses, squander the assets and temporal goods of the Church and take scarce funds away from parishes, ministry to those in need, evangelization, and the retirement needs of priests and former employees.  A new committee formed to help address the problem of excessive salaries paid to several multi-millionaire lay employees is itself chaired by a multi-millionaire businessman.
  2. Public actions by Finance Council member and advisor to Cardinal that creates scandal: A key member of the Finance Council with oversight for fundraising and influence over the direction of Catholic schools is publicly raising funds for pro-abortion political candidates (such as President Obama),  has endorsed pro-abortion  political candidates (such as Attorney General Martha Coakley), and is chair of Partners Healthcare, one of the largest abortion providers in  Massachusetts.  This individual is hosting a $2 million fundraiser for President Obama at his home on May 18, just 3 days after your event in Boston.  Cardinal O’Malley has said it  is “bordering on scandal” for Catholics to support political candidates who are in favor of abortion rights, yet this key advisor to the Cardinal–through his public and private conduct—is actively supporting pro-abortion candidates and encouraging other voters to support them.   This scandalizes and undermine the faith of the people that are served.
  3. Broken Trust: Catholics have been deceived by public statements from the most senior officials in the archdiocese in matters including a new Catholic schools admission policy, “open searches” for key officials, and the financial condition of the archdiocese.    A promise that proceeds from closed parishes were to repay debts to the lay pension fund was not kept. Lay and clergy pension plans remain underfunded by hundreds of millions of dollars. Even a new whistleblower policy intended to help address problems of fiscal and ethical corruption is itself showing signs of ethical corruption.

In view of these concerns and others, many Catholics have stopped giving to the annual Catholic Appeal that supports the archdiocese. A growing number of faithful Catholics are concerned about a leadership and governance crisis that affects the ability of the Archdiocese of Boston to continue the good works of the Catholic Church and the saving ministry of Jesus Christ.

With the salvation of souls at stake, I respectfully request that you act decisively in whatever way you deem appropriate to address these concerns.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

[Your name]
[Your address]

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

We regret we did not get to post this earlier.  Several readers have written to the Papal Nuncio and/or called his office Friday afternoon.  Even if you send a message on Friday evening or over the weekend, the Nuncio will still get the message when he returns to his office, so please give it a try.

9 Responses to Open Letter to Papal Nuncio

  1. Little Red Hen says:

    I’ve sent it. Thank you, BCI, for providing such a well-written letter. I hope it helps. Do you know what the purpose of his visit is?

  2. Another former employee says:

    I sent a copy off also. I hope that it helps.

  3. Jeremy Stevens says:

    Here’s another concern about Catholic “identity” in this most confusing of Archdioceses. I’ve just posted this to the Cardinal’s blog:

    Your Eminence:

    This week I received a flyer attached to my door, as frequently happens in our neighborhood from evangelical churches looking for new members, inviting me to come and experience a personal relationship with Jesus in a new church called “The Haven of Hope.”

    Imagine my surprise at finding out from the flyer that this non-Catholic and actively recruiting Church meets at MARIAN HIGH SCHOOL in Framingham, an Archdiocesan High School that, back in my day, used to be run by the Sisters of Saint Joseph!

    When we’re trying to bring Catholics home, why would we be making Catholic buildings a host for groups actively recruiting Catholics away from the Church?

    • Mack says:

      Because the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Or worse yet, maybe it does! Just another example of the poor administration in this diocese.

    • Chris says:


      Let us know if it ever gets posted. I’ve given up trying to comment on that blog.

    • Jack O'Malley says:


      You have the chance of a glaebula nivis in inferis (the Church’s official language for “snowball in hell”) of getting a post past the imprimatur inquisitor on O’Malley’s blog. Unless you are prepared to kiss the cardinalitial footwear (or worse) and sing his praises higher than the Almighty’s, you will not succeed. The cult of personality is alive and well in the soviet of the Boston chancery.

      And who is that Episcopalian Olmstead guy in the pagan mitre? Katie Schorri, the wiccan witch of the west, would be ecstatic and Jeannie Robinson would have a liturgical frisson if you get my drift.

  4. TheLastCatholicinBoston says:

    Benedict has given a bold green light to the Extraordinary Form. When is it coming to Southie again? Enough belly-aching about the thieves, clowns and feminazis in the Chancellery, The Church they tried to destroy is roaring back!

    • Jack O'Malley says:


      I didn’t mention the Instruction here (I did on Carol’s blog). I don’t want to take the focus off BCI’s exposure of the thieves and clowns in the politburo in Braintree, but if you’re right about the green light, then you gotta worry about the damn fools running the red light at the intersection. They’re called bishops.

      I did notice Mary Grassa O’Neill in one of the pictures on O’Malley’s blog. Does anyone know whether she gets paid overtime for mugging for the camera? Just in case, I threw an extra quarter in the collection basket yesterday. I don’t want them to have to sell a school to pay the school superintendent. Sixth Commandment of the Church. I take it seriously.

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