Archdiocesan Accountability Meter

As part of helping the Boston Archdiocese maintain their stated goals of transparency and accountability for the common good of the Catholic Church in Boston, BCI will periodically issue updates on a few commitments made and how the archdiocese is doing against those promises.

Everyone gets busy in life and work with conflicting priorities, interruptions, distractions, tempations, and the like. So having an accountability partner can often be helpful towards supporting someone in their genuine desire to keep a commitment made.

Below are a few examples of previous practices or commitments made that we assume the archdiocese wishes to uphold:

  • Publishing results of annual Catholic Appeal. 71 days have passed since the 2010 Annual Appeal closed, and Catholic faithful, donors and clergy are still waiting for the results to be released publicly.  Here are the annual results dating back to 2002, and here is an article citing the 2001 figure.  Results have normally been released within about a week after the appeal closed.
  • Publishing results of annual Campaign for Catholic Schools 2010 Initiative. 102 days have passed since the end of the CCS 2010 Initiative that was to raise $70 million by 2010, and donors are still awaiting the results.
  • Repayment of $5M debt to St. Johns Seminary. 101 days have passed since the January 1, 2011 due date for repayment of about $5 million owed to St. Johns Seminary as the first part of repaying approximately $40 million due for the 2007 sale of seminary property.
  • Finance Council Compensation Committee formation and results.  5 months and a week have passed since the Finance Council modified their charter on November 4, 2010 to form a Compensation Committee that would review compensation of lay executive employees.  The names of the members are still not posted to the Finance Council web page, giving the appearance, perhaps incorrect, that no committee has even been formed yet.
  • Repayment of Employee Pension Obligations from Closed Parishes.  7 years and 2 months have passed since Catholics were promised on February 13, 2004 that the archdiocese would repay employee pension obligations due from closed parishes using reconfiguration funds.  $5 million remains due, but has not been repaid, while $2.5 million from reconfiguration funds was directed to another purpose.

Just as a reminder, here are the statements made by the archdiocese about transparency and accountability.

  • April 19, 2006 – Archdiocese of Boston Launches Financial Transparency Initiative: “Our commitment to financial transparency and accountability is an important step in the process of healing the Church of Boston and rebuilding the trust of the people of this Archdiocese” said Cardinal Sean “In releasing this financial information, we hope to achieve a shared understanding of both the challenges and the opportunities we share as a faith community. Together, we can work together to solve our problems and strengthen the Archdiocese’s ability to continue the good works it performs each and every day of the year.”

Since financial transparency and accountability are important to rebuild and maintain trust in the Church, and since BCI shares the goals of the archdiocese to maintain trust and to strengthen and enhance the resources needed to fulfill our mission from Jesus Christ and His Church, we hope this additional attention on transparency and accountability by BCI is helpful.  As the archdiocese satisfies the above commitments, BCI will keep you posted and check these items off the list. If anyone believes that some of these have been accomplished already, or there is something BCI missed, please let us know.

8 Responses to Archdiocesan Accountability Meter

  1. bitsnbytes says:

    Poor RCAB: when are they going to hit bottom, admit that things are out of control and get on a 12-step program? Really, they need to learn from their mistakes and get some mentoring from another diocese.

    • Michael says:

      Maybe the Denver diocese could act as a good role model.

      Let’s see … what was the Denver Archbishop’s policy on what to do when same-sex couples lie to a Pastor about their true (dysfunctional and disordered) relationship and try to infiltrate our Catholic Schools with their agenda?

      Also, I wonder what Denver thinks about providing a $325,000/yr salary to the (highest paid in the US) superintendant of Catholic schools. What exactly does the Denver Superintendant of Catholic Schools make? [Doubt it comes even close to half of that.]

      Accountability? Transparency? What the heck does Mary Grass O’Neill do? I hear she has no real authority. So what would justify a salary of that amount? I want an accounting for her position and her salary. Oh yeah, she wrote our policy … this from a woman who claims to have never heard of the term “gay agenda.”

      Which side is she on?

  2. Former Employee says:

    You forgot to give the exact period of time everyone’s favorite [edited by BCI] O’Malley took over with the promise that if you ever needed anything “dial O for….[edited by BCI]”

  3. Anonymous Catholic says:

    You’d think that publishing the fundraising results and names of committee members would be a total no-brainer and very consistent with their stated approach. The commitments made to repay debts are also all in the public record. That it takes BCI to keep reminding them of what they’ve already promised to do is sad. (no offense, BCI, you’re doing great stuff). It’s an almost inescapable conclusion at this point that they’re hiding something. So, please keep beating the drum and maybe eventually they’ll hear it and respond.

    • FR B says:

      “dial O for….[edited by BCI]“

      Former Employee … did you say Dial for ZERO because the response many have experienced when they sought anaswers + assistance … i.e. ordained and unordained have been answered with ZERO … so has BCI when they have sought answers for numerous inquiries …

  4. DBP says:

    Haven’t read them yet, but the Archdiocesan PR flack says a couple of financial documents will be released this afteroon – the “transparent” RCAB FY2010 Annual Report, and the results of the 2010 Catholic Appeal.

    These latter results 2010 Catholic Appeal note that donations were down $2million or 14%, but it’s explained away blithely as everybody’s suffering and it could’a been worse! And, great news, the FY2010 Annual Report highlights a balanced budget for Central Ministries! I mean, how hard could that balancing act have been when you parcel off a good chunk of your liabilities to new “efforts” and “foundations,” while sucking money out of parishes at will?

    I guess the delay in releasing these results, noted so often by BCI, is that they were trying to find a way to spin them that would soften their impact.

    WooHoo! Business as usual under the regum of Connors, Kaneb, Hehir & McDonough.

    Dewey, Cheatham and Howe.

  5. MarkS says:

    Does anyone have a copy of the report so we can see it?

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