Peter Meade Named New Director of Boston Redevelopment Authority

Boston Mayor Tom Menino announced on Tuesday that he has named Peter Meade as the new director of the Boston Redevelopment Authority.  Several Catholic church properties in Boston are likely up for sale soon, and Meade also has deep ties to Jack Connors, so this appointment will be an interesting one to follow in the future.

The Boston Globe reported:

Peter Meade was introduced this morning at City Hall as the new director of the Boston Redevelopment Authority.  Meade is a long-time Democratic operative and a former executive for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

Meade’s appointment comes as the city struggles to recover from a sharp real estate downturn that has delayed many large development projects, including several on the South Boston Waterfront and the redevelopment of the former Filene’s property in Downtown Crossing.

Meade does not have deep experience as a real estate professional, but is a well-known civic leader in Boston and has worked in and around city and state politics for decades.

He also worked for 12 years as executive vice president of Blue Cross Blue Shield and as managing director of Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications, a Boston public relations firm.

A long-time associate of the Kennedy family, Meade recently served as chairman of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy and as head of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate.

The Boston Herald had a similar report, saying:

 “Though Meade has little planning or development experience, he is well-respected in business and political circles and considered a bridge-builder and a high-level problem-solver.”

Not having real estate or development experience seems to be good for the resume around Boston lately if you want to get a job in real estate development.  Long-time readers will recall how the current Director of Real Estate for the Boston Archdiocese was a loan officer at the Abington Savings Bank with then-CEO Jim McDonough and also had no prior experience with real estate or property management.

Peter Meade is in the news alot.  This December 31, 2006 Boston Globe magazine article, “The Influential,” cites him as a “Bostononian of the Year.”  Here are some additional details on Meade’s civic leadership and involvement in the Archdiocese of Boston and related entities, some of which we discussed in Caritas Coincidences last August:

So, Peter has quite a resume.  Most recently, within the scope of about 3 years, Meade has worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA, Rasky Baerlein, and the Ted Kennedy Institute.  Now he is going to start at the Boston Redevelopment Authority. 

BCI readers have been asking questions already.  How will this affect closed churches in Boston that the archdiocese is looking to sell, such as Holy Trinity? Is Jack looking for something in this from the BRA?  Does Mayor Menino need something from Jack or from Peter?  Good questions. We will have to wait and see what the answers are down the road.

9 Responses to Peter Meade Named New Director of Boston Redevelopment Authority

  1. Anna says:

    Whatsa matta you. Got a-no respect for a man with a talking dog with no real estate development credentials?

  2. Former Employee says:

    One, thing that struck me is the referenc to the USCCB forbidding honoring people who do not adhere to Church teaching in 2005.

    They are at it again this year, Ted Hesburgh is a former head of the Rockefeller Insitute, one of the leaders in the Eugenics through Abortion movement, leader at the Land O Lakes Conference where Catholic Universities broke with the Vatican and publicly lobbied for Obamacare without the morals clauses.

    And the Catholic Action League won’t touch it.

  3. Carolyn says:

    So what is Peter Meade good at?

    Meade-Eisner: Jack Connors is a member of the committee. Peter Meade recommends that a tiny parish with steadily declining numbers stay open, headed by the priest who was a very close friend of Jack Connors’ — even witnessed Connors’ wedding. Connors traveled to football games in South Bend with the priest for years. “Dear friend, let’s give him a break.” Grade: F

    At Blue Cross, Meade steered through a sweetheart deal to allow higher reimbursements unique to Partners Healthcare hospitals and doctors, where Jack Connors was/is chairman of the board. New head of Blue Cross, Andrew Dreyfus, nixed both the agreement and Meade. Grade: D-

    Meade headed the Rose Kennedy Greenway effort which failed miserably. Not one self-sustaining project went forward. So much for his ability to get major parties to develop appropriate land projects in Boston. Grade: D

    Ann Carter tucks him into Rasky to lie low, where he stays a few months and does nothing memorable. Grade: Incomplete

    Jack Connors agrees to take over fundraising for the Ted Institute. Hires Meade. After a year, Ted Institute cuts Meade loose because “his skills do not match the current challenge.” Grade:D-

    Peter Meade is the best candidate to head the BRA? Really? What makes him so perfect for the job?

    Menino names Meade as head of the BRA. One of the largest tax-exempt property owners in the city of Boston is Partners Healthcare — and they want to expand even further. Chairman? Jack Connors.

    BRA gets to approve land use in Boston — including conditions of sale and development. Partners has its sites on a lot of property in Boston that will need to be developed in the next five years.

    Jack Connors’ RCAB Finance Committee decides the when/what of RCAB real estate sales. BRA approval will be needed for most of the planning, sales and developments of RCAB Boston real estate, and will determine who gets the parcels by holding back approvals or granting them.

    Jack’s friends at National Development, Partners and other major developers need key Boston parcels and BRA decisions to go their way.

    Maybe that tells us why Peter Meade is so ideal for the job.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up.

  4. confused says:

    Im confused. Is this site no playing that 6 degrees of separation where we can connect anyone in Boston to Jack Connors? Really? According to the logic here, my cat sitter’s best friend’s sister is the neighbor of Jack Connors mailman. Thus, my cat sitter is evil.

    Really BCI? Am I expecting too much here?

  5. Hoodwinked Priest says:

    Confused, maybe you don’t realize that there’s a cabal. This isn’t six degrees of separation–it’s one. We’re all struggling to find any functional areas left in this archdiocese that aren’t somehow under the influence of Jack Connors. He tells the Cardinal what to do and how high to jump, and the Cardinal jumps. He and Jim McDonough rearranged the cabinet leadership team of the Archdiocese. He declared Catholic schools should admit children of gay and lesbian parents, and his minions all threw an outstanding priest under the bus in the process. He needed money to support the Catholic schools he was building or renovating, and somehow the archdiocese found the money to lend or give to Jacks projects before repaying pensions they promised to long-time low-paid empoloyees. I think the Globe described the way he operates as “The Invisible hand of Jack.”

    The Pastoral Center has become what Howie Carr describes as a “Hackarama” (or for the Irish amongst us, “Hack O’Rama”). I had forgotten who was on the Reconfiguration committee–the members are straight out of Jack and Bryan Hehir’s Catholic Charities Board and I’ve been told that Bryan himself reviewed the list of closings and offered his changes. The decision to keep open one of the Dedham parishes slottedd for closure still amazes me except for knowing Jack is from Dedham.

    BCI is spot-on and you’re naive if you don’t see and understand this. What a mess! I pray that God deliver us from this.

  6. Serviam says:

    Hoodwinked Priest:

    Not that any House of God should close, but I have often wondered if “The decision to keep open one of the Dedham parishes slotted for closure” had to more with blackmail and knowledge certain inhabitant(s) of the said Parish’s Rectory had on the rest of the “Lavender Mob”. Kind of “Check mate”?

    Of course this is just my personal speculation; however, this situation and its players have raised my suspicion for some time.

  7. Michael says:

    and here I am thinking rhode island politicians are the kings of corruption …

  8. FR B says:

    Dear Confused:
    In a sense it would be nice if you were correct, however, sadly you are WRONG!
    It is what it IS!
    I too worry about all the good, simple little folk who’s Faith is shaken by all this EVIL CORRUPTION!
    I consistently pray that GOD will sheild them from discouragement and despair!
    Please join me in that prayer.

  9. FR B says:

    Today’s Liturgy HIGHLIGHTED IDOLATRY …


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