Change the Chancellor

For 9 months we have been chronicling the deception, cronyism, conflicts of interest, excessive 6-figure salaries, mismanagement, and breaches of fiduciary responsibility in the Archdiocese of Boston. The Archdiocese is still basically trying to ignore issues raised on behalf of priests and religious, church employees, and other laity, so  today it is very important for you to let the archdiocese know it is time for a change.

March 24: 1pm UPDATE: Based on feedback that the message has been communicated and gotten through, we are ending the campaign.

Many readers asked U.S. bishops to not vote for Bishop Kicanas for USCCB President last November. Now it is very important for you to tell Cardinal O’Malley to not renew the term of the current Chancellor.

The Daughters of St. Paul experienced an “incredible lack of responsiveness, non-answers to very specific questions, and just endless, fruitless negotiations’’ over 5 years by people under the responsibility of Chancellor James McDonough. This is but one in a consistent pattern of actions over the past 5 years (detailed in our last post, Time for a Change) that have caused Boston Catholics to lose trust in the financial and administrative management of the Archdiocese of Boston:

A variety of people and factors may be to blame for this situation.  But the Chancellor is the lay executive responsible for managing these areas, and he has  failed to uphold his responsibility to be a good steward of assets, temporal goods, and donor funds. Something has to change to rebuild trust. With his contract up for renewal, now is the time for the change.

Therefore, Catholics need to ask Cardinal O’Malley to NOT renew the Chancellor’s 5-year term.

UPDATE: March 24: 1pm. Enough people have responded to this campaign, that the volume of emails sent has become annoying to some of our dedicated priests serving the Lord.

The message has been communicated.  We are ending the campaign.  Thanks to all who participated. Now we ask all to pray that some change occurs.


One Response to Change the Chancellor

  1. A Priest says:

    He’s been reappointed. 5 more years of darkness

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