NEWSFLASH: Boston Archdiocese Pulls For-Sale Listing of Holy Trinity

The Associated Press is reporting this afternoon that the Boston Archdiocese has pulled the real estate listing of Holy Trinity in Boston, saying it was causing confusion about its intent. We will have more to say about this over the weekend. In the meantime, make sure you read our post from earlier today, “Fundraising Fiasco: $2.5M Miss on Catholic Appeal.”

5 Responses to NEWSFLASH: Boston Archdiocese Pulls For-Sale Listing of Holy Trinity

  1. Little Red Hen says:

    Terry Donilon’s statement is preposterous, that the listing was intended only to gauge the market or attract a buyer from a Catholic organization. Who can believe it? How sad that this is what his job has degenerated into. I (almost) feel sorry for him.

    • Carolyn says:

      Just to be clear, I have no idea what the right answer is for the Trinity property. I’m in no position to take sides. I used to live near there, and frankly it has very nice appointments, but I have no idea what other factors should be weighed given two Catholic churches within a half mile (the Cathedral and Our Lady of Victories). My understanding is that the two religious orders mentioned below tend to rely heavily on dioceses to fund their work, so maybe that’s not a solution. (ICRSS in Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City)

      But I feel strongly about the right answer for RCAB:

      The head of real estate for RCAB, according to BCI, worked for Jim McDonough at the Abington Bank. Do you really think Deb Dillon listed a $2.3M property with Sotheby’s in bad faith? “Just kiddin’ guys!” Do you really think Sotheby’s is in the habit of signing contracts and spending money on marketing for Deb Dillon because she’s a nice person? Or is it because they sell real estate for a living?

      Do you really think Deb Dillon thought this up on her own? That Jim McDonough broke with the prior RCAB stated practice of listing all churches for sale in the Pilot and on the RCAB website, as a coincidence? And that Trinity slipped off the radar when the great survey went out on the re-use of closed church properties?

      Or is it possible that the same Jim McDonough whose Abington Bank got into some hot water and had to apologize to shareholders when it significantly restated earnings going back two years,

      might also have thought he could list Trinity for sale without following the RCAB policy for church sales? Easier to apologize than follow standard practice, eh, Jim?

      If Jim McDonough is re-upped as chancellor, BCI should Kikanas him.

      Why wait? Why not do it before Cardinal O’Malley can let the RCAB Finance Council re-up him?

      But watch out, his former board member from the bank, and the woman who sat on the search committee to hire him, Ann Carter, is in charge of RCAB crisis management… and by her own admission on WBZ last week succeeds thanks to a lot of very hard work. And another former board member, Laure Sen, is a member of the RCAB Finance Council — the body that re-ups the chancellor.

      This starts to smell worse than Saturday’s trash after Friday’s fish dinner.

      • K&JSR says:

        Dear Carolyn;
        The proximity of Holy Trinity to other Churches was never really an issue; it always drew from a wide area, not just the surrounding neighborhood.

        As to the Orders that are interested in Holy Trinity (the FSSP and Inst.Christ the King), neither customarily relies on “host” Dioceses for anything except cooperation and an invitation. They have slightly different charisms, though. The Institute is typically interested in establishing Liturgical “centers”, and staffing them with both Priests and lay Canons. They have a reputation for restoring Churches and fundraising. The Fraternity is particularly strong in Pastoral Ministry, and tends to fully or partially staff existing Parishes when asked by a Diocese. They have a reputation for rapidly out-growing their Seminaries.

  2. TheLastCatholicinBoston says:

    From a previous post…
    “Two religious orders (the FSSP and the ICRSS), have previously expressed interest in maintaining the property and the Cardinal has showed no interest”

    If this is true, the diocese should make a public gesture toward these orders and take them up on their offers.

    The Cardinal needs to separate himself from the money changers. This is an opportunity to do just that.

    It is my hope that Dear Sean is upset enough about the premature Southbys listing to tip a few table over.

    Nice work, BCI –

  3. Fr B says:

    I am confident that Cardinal Archbishop Burke{Signatura] is trustworthy … I wish I could say the same for so many others.
    I therefor have hope for a happy outcome for Holy Trinity … With that precedent, we may have true renewal for the exhausted + nearly destroyed church of Boston.
    We seem to be surrounded by mendacious lay + clerical custodians of the once glorious church of Boston.We need to immerse these conditions with ceaseless prayer.
    Let the fire fall!!!

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