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Readers, it has come to our attention that for some inexplicable reason, some people have had their automated email subscriptions to the blog dropped. We have alerted WordPress to the problem, but have not yet gotten a satisfactory response.  This is all managed automatically, and we do not have any human involvement in that aspect of the blog.  If you normally receive email notices with new blog posts and have not received our last several posts via email (e.g. “Is Boston Archdiocese Violating the Law?, Catholic Schools Questions“), please take a moment to re-subscribe to the blog.  Just click on the button to the right that says, “Sign me up!” and you will get an email asking you to confirm your subscription.

We do not believe many people were affected, but at least some readers were.  We apologize for any inconvenience and hope the problem will not recur.

If you are not currently an email subscriber but would like to receive the blog posts via email, you can also click on the “Sign me up!” button to subscribe. Only your email address is needed–we do not ask for names, and we do not rent or share the email addresses (or even look at them).

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