End of Year Message: Catholic Donations

A lot of readers have been writing to us lately asking about worthwhile Catholic causes they can donate to if they would not like to give to the annual Catholic Appeal at this time.  A good number of people tell us they are getting just plain fed up with the corruption, six-figure salaries, deception, cronyism, and other breaches of trust they are seeing, and just do not trust how the Archdiocese is going to use their money–at least for right now–until they see things change.

If you are looking for great Catholic causes, here are a few suggestions from Boston Catholic Insider. We asked the Cardinal and his cabinet a few days ago via email for their thoughts and suggestions regarding how we should respond to people who want to re-direct their contributions or earmark them for specific causes, and we did not hear back from anyone.  So this is the best list we can offer.  We are pressed for time, so can only list the names and brief descriptions.  All do great work. Visit their websites and you may find an organization you have never heard of that you want to support.

  • Your local parish: this is your spiritual home, and they always need your support.
  • St. Johns Seminary: contributions can count towards the Catholic Appeal goal for your parish, but go only to the Seminary, not to Central funds.
  • Daughters of St. Paul: publishing, media, and evangelization
  • Brotherhood of Hope: local community of religious brothers who staffs Catholic campus ministry at Boston University and Northeastern University
  • Sisters of Life: New York-based religious order that promotes the sanctity of life
  • Cor Unum: feeds hundreds of thousands of poor and homeless in the greater Lawrence area; affiliated with St. Patricks in Lawrence
  • St. Francis House: feeds the poor and homeless in Boston
  • Catholic TV (formerly known as Boston Catholic TV): daily Mass for shut-ins, rosary, and a lot more.
  • St. Michaels Media: these are the folks behind RealCatholic TV
  • WQOM (Queen of Mary radio): new Catholic radio station in Boston

None of these organizations have asked us to promote their needs, and we are listing them entirely on our own without their knowledge, just because we know they are doing great work and can always use financial support.

Regardless of your perspectives on donating to the archdiocese or temporarily redirecting your contributions, these organizations will always need your help.

Here’s to a 2011 fulled with integrity, honesty, transparency, ethical practices, merit-based hiring and promotion, careful stewardship of assets, pay commensurate with Catholic Church standards for similarly qualified people, and overall stronger teaching, sanctifying, and governance in the Archdiocese of Boston.

Best wishes for a blessed New Year!

13 Responses to End of Year Message: Catholic Donations

  1. Please also remember the Catholic Community at Tufts.
    We get no help from the Archdiocese.
    Everything is tax deductible.
    Thank you.
    Fr. Dave

    • Come on! says:

      Comment edited by BCI:

      The commenter wrote that Tufts Catholic campus ministry gets no funding from the archdiocese because they are funded by Tufts University. (Those campus ministries which get no funding from the archdiocese AND no funding from the universities they serve are in particular need of financial support because they must raise all of their own funds).

      • ListeningCarefully says:

        What a mean-spirited response from Come On!

      • Come on! says:

        Not mean spirited, just the truth. There are many wonderful groups, causes and ministries that NEED our donations, Tufts University is in my opinion, not one of them. And I know Fr. O’Leary’s brother priests would not mind having the extremely high salary he enjoys while they all try and live on a minimal salary.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would not contribute one dime to the catholic appeal and their band of thieves.There are plenty of good catholic causes that would use your contributions wisely. Your local parish leads the list.

    Be careful of designating your gift to the appeal. If the place you designate already receives archdiocesan money, they would only reduce this and not give them extra. It’s too bad that the word can’t get out to more people about the goings on at 66 Brooks Drive. If they had no money, they couldn’t mismanage it.

  3. Liam says:

    Your local conference of the Society of St Vincent de Paul. At the parish level, it’s all-volunteer. At the archdiocesan counsil (in Boston, parish conferences pay only $170 in annual dues to the archdiocesan-level conference), there is a handful of staff in Stoughton. There is zero control by pastors or the chancery.

    Vincentians do important work that is largely invisible. Meeting the poor in their homes, assessing their needs, assisting them in emergencies (food, utilities, rent, clothing, et cet.), counseling them out of dependency, burying their dead, et cet.

    • DBP says:

      Great response, Liam! Show me a parish with a good, functioning St. Vincent de Paul Society and I’ll show you a happy pastor! These folks are Christians in the truest sense – they do what they do for the love of brother & sister, not for money or recognition.

      I’ve long wondered why we need a professional staff at Catholic Charities when there are so many Vincentians (and so many more who would gladly function as such if they were made aware of the need) who would do a better job than Catholic Charities does and for free!!!

      Fire Hehir and the dissenters who staff that “secretariat” and empower the St. Vincent de Paul Society to step in!

      • Liam says:

        SVdP is not a universal solution to poverty. It works best when complemented by more institutional approaches. I will tell you from personal experience that many of our clients have cognitive and other ability deficits that call for the services of a professional caseworker, services that SVdP is not typically suited to provide. Getting caseworkers is like pulling teeth.

  4. SAd Boston Priest says:

    I have always been impressed by the HONESTY + Excellent Outreach ministry of “My Brothers’ Keeper” in Easton, MA {founded and still directed by an amazing selfless couple, Jim + Terry Orcutt} …. they use almost 99cents of every donated dollar to direct service !

    Also Deacon Frank Tremblay + his nurse wife,Ginny [BOTH OF BOSTON} are ‘running 3 parishes in the Turks + Caicos Islands AND will use donations responsibly in direct service to the poor people of their parishes.Contact:@ Frank T ….

    ALSO Opus Bono Sacerdotii are helping priests{Nationally} who are severely ‘short changed by their bishops in medical benefits and DefficientFinancial living support … CONTACT THE FOUNDER, Mr Joseph Maher @ Joe Maher An example: One priest who was ‘Living in his car’ was assisted! Many other SAD situations have benefitted by the outreach of Joe Maher + his tEAM-MATE Pete Ferarra … Their financials are squeaky CLEAN!

  5. SAd Boston Priest says:

    SORRY !~
    I MESSED UP Deacon Frank’s Email address :
    IT IS: frankrt@yahoo.com

  6. Michael says:

    My wife and I just gave the largest donation we have ever made to any group … to the Apostolate For Family Consecration/Catholic Familyland in Ohio (http://www.familyland.org). Catholic Familyland is run by real Catholics who are empowering Catholic Families across the US to raise their children as strong Catholics.

    Sadly, not one penny of ours will be given to the Archdiocese this year. I would consider it a huge waste of money based on what I have read at this and other blogs.

  7. Friend of Life says:

    Locally produced Life Matters TV is another worthy cause for donations. Based in Boston and produced for the past 8 years by Brendan O’Connell, the show can be broadcast on local community stations. Checks can go to:
    Life Matters TV and Media, Inc., P.O. 320182, Boston, MA 02132. Their website is LifemattersTV.org.
    They’re a non-profit and have 501(c) 3 status with the IRS, so donations are federally tax deductible.

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