BCI’s Six-Month Anniversary: Statistics and FAQ

We are pleased to share with you that today, December 23, marks the six-month anniversary of the blog.  We take a break from our normal fare to just give you a few statistics, and answers to frequently asked questions.

  • First Post: was on June 23, 2010, shortly before 10% of the Pastoral Center staff was cut.  In that post, “Inside the Archdiocese of Boston,” we talked about some of the key staff and their salaries, and we shared the org chart as it looked on-paper.  We also observed, “It is not clear to us what Cardinal Sean’s vision for the archdiocese is, and where we would find a written statement of that, so it is also not clear to us how anyone…would make it reality.”  We think our call on June 23 was accurate then, and is still accurate today.
  • Total # of Posts in Past 180 days: 96, including today.
  • Blog Hits, Visits, and Visitors: 142, 129 hits, 88,154 visitors, 55,781 unique visitors, 32,373 returning visitors
  • Amount of time spent researching and writing the blog: Average of 2-3 hours/day since June 23.  All things included–responding to emails and comments, researching, verifying information, writing, editing– each post on average requires 4-5 hours of work
  • Reason for anonymity: Fear of threats to livelihood and retaliation by the archdiocese.  The Chancellor and other archdiocesan staff have met with lawyers to try and determine what kind of legal action was possible against the blog and bloggers.
  • Location of blog server: WordPress.com.  Not on any archdiocesan or parish server.
  • Number of people behind the blog: We are not saying.
  • Primary sources of information: Outside of 66 Brooks Drive
  • Anonymity of submissions and newstips to BCI: We never reveal sources.  You can create an anonymous Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account and send us information without ever identifying yourself if you wish. It does help if you use a functional email account, so we can respond back with questions. 
  • Number of times the archdiocese has reached out asking to meet: one time, on Sept 7. 
  • Proudest moment: Hearing that Bishop Kicanas was not elected President of the U.S.C.C.B., and that Catholic blogs, including BCI, had apparently made at least some small impact in the grand scheme of that election.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to the blog in various capacities and to everyone who has read the blog and/or has passed on word to your friends and family members.  The blog really is a collective effort that would not be where it is today without the contributions, support, and encouragement of a lot of people. 

We hope and pray that you are have a blessed Christmas.

6 Responses to BCI’s Six-Month Anniversary: Statistics and FAQ

  1. Roamin' Catholic says:

    I’d wish all the bloggers a happy anniversary except I guess you’d be happier if this blog was not necessary. You’re doing an invaluable service to Christ’s Church and her people by publicizing the truth. Thank you so much.
    May the Holy Spirit touch the Cardinal to right all these wrongs in the Boston Archdiocese, and may you all have a blessed Christmas.

  2. A Priest says:

    Third that

  3. Jack O'Malley says:

    A very Merry Christmas to the bloggers and readers of BCI. And happy (Semi-)Anniversary! Thank you for your excellent work for the restoration of the Church in this archdiocese.

  4. SAd Boston Priest says:

    I too am extremely grateful!
    I never thought I would see the truth of the Boston Church in print. Have suffered their assaults, I am pleased to see their dispicable actions and attitudes revealed and documented.
    You all deserve a Christmas respite and all the blessings of this Holy Season.

  5. Vickie says:

    As a non-Boston Catholic, I am very grateful for you work. You show us how to get valuable information out without devolving to personal attacks or innuendo.

    A blessed Christmas to everyone involved!

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