VOTE TODAY: Poll on Sham Search and Merger of all Catholic Fundraising

This being election week, today is your chance to vote a second time in one week–from the comfort of your home or office at your computer.  As we continue wrapping our hands around the implications of the governance crisis in the Archdiocese of Boston–namely, the sham search that named Kathleen Driscoll as Secretary for Institutional Advancement and the decision to combine all archdiocesan fund-raising into one “independent” entity, we decided we would invite you to share your views with the blog and all readers via a short public poll. It will take you less than a minute.  If you already know the story, scroll down directly to the survey.

To ground yourself in all of the details, ideally you should read our first two posts, “Biggest Archdiocesan Sham Search Now Announced” and “Dismantling the Diocese.” But we will briefly give you the facts and high points:

Summary of Situation

In mid-June the Archdiocese announced a search committee, led by Jack Connors, to help pick a new head of development. The search committee never interviewed candidates.  On August 23, this blog first reported on the deception and asked Cardinal O’Malley, the Archdiocesan Presbyteral Council and Archdiocesan Pastoral Council to discuss the search and disclose the truth about the search. On August 25, the name of Kathleen Driscoll was posted in comments to this blog as the chosen candidate. The priests and laity of the archdiocese were informed about this on Monday, November 1, nearly 5 months after the open search was announced. Sources tell the blog that Kathleen Driscoll was chosen for the position even before the search was ever announced.

The announcement says “Kathleen will be responsible for leading, directing and managing a new independent development organization, Boston Catholic Development Services (BCDS)…A newly established Board of Trustees will provide oversight and some of its members will include member(s) of, the Archdiocese, the Campaign for Catholic Schools and Catholic Charities (if they choose to join). BCDS will also be accountable to the respective boards representing the entities they serve such as the Archdiocese, the Clergy Fund and Campaign for Catholic Schools.

No mention is made of who approved this, and what exactly the problem with accountability to the Archdiocese of Boston was before that this change now ostensibly solves?  What is this new organization independent of?  Is it independent of the Roman Catholic Church? No mention is made about who is on the “newly established Board of Trustees” that will provide oversight and who is responsible for appointing them.  Which “board” from the archdiocese will the new BCDS be accountable to?  Are they not accountable to the Archdiocese Corporation Sole?

The implications of this are huge and we want to hear what you think about this.  So for the rest of the day on Thursday, we have a survey comprised of 5 polling questions for you to complete below.  No IP addresses or identifying information about you is captured.  You can vote only once from your computer.  Just vote on the 5 questions, and the results will be displayed instantly.

Polls are open until midnight EST on Thursday, November 4.  Thanks for taking the time to weigh in and share your thoughts on these issues with Boston Catholic Insider readers and bloggers. If you have further comments, please just post them as comments below.

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