Biggest Boston Archdiocesan Sham Search Yet Now Announced

NEWSFLASH: We have been writing about the sham search for the Secretary for Institutional Advancement/Development since August 23 (see our Open Letter to Cardinal O’Malley) and word that the “fix was in” for an insider first appeared here on August 25 when someone posted Kathleen Driscoll’s name to the blog.  We posted our confirmation of this officially on September 27, in Sham Search #1. Cabinet officials including Vicar General Richard Erikson, Communications Secretary Terry Donilon, and others who have been discrediting this blog for “unfounded claims” for months should take a serious look in the mirror today because Boston Catholic Insider readers, the chickens have now come home to roost.  The Archdiocese has just announced, guess who?  Jack Connors’ former Hill Holliday exec Kathleen Driscoll is the new Secretary for Institutional Advancement!

If you did not yet believe there was a grave governance crisis in the Archdicoese of Boston, let it be known–there is a very serious governance crisis.  It is so serious that for the first time, we believe our readers need to be alerting the U.S. Papal Nuncio and Congregation of Bishops in Rome about the gravity of the crisis.

To priests and religious, pastors, donors, laypeople, Pastoral Center or parish employees, “Joe Average” Catholic in the pews, how does it feel to be lied to by the highest levels of the Boston Archdiocese about this search?

We were told the following on June 16: “The Archdiocese of Boston announced the appointment of a search committee to help in the selection of a new Secretary of Institutional Advancement and Executive Director of the Catholic Foundation. Jack Connors (Chair), Jane Mancini-Puliafico (Vice-Chair), Fr. Bryan Parrish, Kevin Gill, Jack McCarthy, Fr. Robert Murray and Fr. Brian Kiely.  How did these fine people help in the search?  The search committee members who all brought outstanding reputations and many years of dedicated serve to the Archdicoese were deceived by the archdiocese into thinking there was a legitimate search. It’s like a reality TV show or movie.  They were all used by the Archdiocese–including Cardinal O’Malley, Jack Connors, Chancellor McDonough, and Vicar General Richard Erikson–as cast members in the story to create an illusion and convince the rest of us there was a real search underway.

Below is the announcement from Vicar General Richard Erikson that just came out.  What is going on is so scary, we are surprised they did not send it out yesterday, on Halloween.   After you read it and start to ask questions like, “If they deceived me about this, what else will they deceive me about?”, perhaps you might want to watch the trailer from “The Truman Show” found below.

First, here is the email that just came out from Vicar General Richard Erikson:

Good morning,

I am pleased to inform you that Cardinal has appointed Kathleen F. Driscoll as Secretary for Institutional Advancement/Chief Development Officer for the Archdiocese of Boston.  In this role, Kathleen will be responsible for leading, directing and managing a new independent development organization, Boston Catholic Development Services (BCDS).  Kathleen starts her new role immediately and will serve on the Cardinal’s cabinet.

An experienced marketing and communications professional, Kathleen is very familiar to us in the Archdiocese.  She has led the Campaign for Catholic Schools (CCS) raising over $50 million and recently co-chaired the Priest Appreciation Dinner which raised $1 million for our clergy funds.  A resident of Hingham, MA, she is a committed Catholic and, among her board activities, is a member of Women Affirming Life.

Please join us in welcoming Kathleen and the BCDS to the good work of the Archdiocese of Boston.  We pray for her success and that of the BCDS and extend our full support in this endeavor.

Following is the press release announcing the appointment.


Fr. Erikson

Very Reverend Richard M. Erikson, Ph.D., V.G.
Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia
Archdiocese of Boston
Pastoral Center
66 Brooks Drive
Braintree, MA 02184
Phone: 617-746-5619
Fax: 617-783-2947
Please consider a gift to the Catholic Appeal at




New Development Strategy Established to Meet the Needs of the Catholic Community

Braintree, MA — Cardinal Seán P. O’Malley today announced the appointment of Kathleen F. Driscoll as Secretary for Institutional Advancement/Chief Development Officer.   In this role, Ms. Driscoll will be responsible for leading a new effort that will broaden the development strategy of the Archdiocese and form a new independent shared services organization. Ms. Driscoll undertakes her new role immediately and will serve on the Cardinal’s cabinet.

Cardinal Seán said, “I am pleased that Kathleen Driscoll has accepted our invitation to be the new Secretary for Institutional Advancement.  Kathleen is a talented professional who is deeply committed to the Catholic faith.  She is distinguished by her breadth of experience, ability to develop and implement strategic planning and success in raising needed funds for our Catholic schools.  Further testimony of her commitment to the Catholic Church was her recent work as co-chair of the Priest Appreciation Dinner.”

Ms. Driscoll said, “I am honored to have the confidence and support of Cardinal Seán, Fr Erikson and others on the Archdiocesan management team as I undertake this new and exciting position within the Archdiocese.  I look forward to serving the priests, religious, deacons and lay members of the local Church. We share the same goal in implementing a new and effective development strategy that supports our parishes, schools, and ministries of the Archdiocese.”

Very Reverend Richard M. Erikson, Vicar General & Moderator of the Curia, said, “I join Cardinal Seán in welcoming Kathleen to this important ministry.  I have had the privilege to work with Kathleen in my nearly five years as Vicar General. She has demonstrated exceptional insight in her work and a strong commitment to Christ and His Church.  These and many other wonderful traits and experiences make Kathleen ideally suited to lead our new development effort. We count on the generosity of the faithful to continue the saving ministry of Jesus Christ.  I am certain, under Kathleen’s leadership and with the generosity of our benefactors, we will continue to provide pastoral and spiritual guidance and care for our Catholic community today and for future generations of Catholics.”

Cardinal Seán added, “I want to thank Kevin Kiley for serving as Interim Secretary for Institutional Advancement.  He has done an extraordinary job balancing his many responsibilities and we are very grateful for his commitment to the Archdiocese.”


Kathleen F. Driscoll

A highly respected and successful marketing, communications and development professional with thirty years of experience, Ms. Driscoll has served as the President of the Campaign for Catholic Schools (CCS) since 2008.  The CCS is a nonprofit organization established in 2007 as an outgrowth of the 2010 Initiative, a major strategic planning effort aimed at rebuilding and revitalizing the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Boston. CCS operates as a donor-advised fund of the Archdiocese and has raised more than $58 million to date for three significant reform models in education – Trinity Catholic Academy in Brockton and Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy in Dorchester/Mattapan and South Boston Catholic Academy.

In addition to her professional experience, Ms. Driscoll is a member of Women Affirming Life, serves on the board of Catholic Charities, Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy, and co-chaired the recent Priest Appreciation Dinner which raised $1 million for the clergy funds.

Prior to her position at CCS she worked at John Hancock Financial Services, first as Vice President of Corporate Communications and later as Senior Vice President, Brokerage Sales. Previously Ms. Driscoll was employed at Hill, Holiday, Connors, Cosmopoulos, Inc., the nationally acclaimed advertising and communications firm. She left there as a  Senior Vice President/Group Director.  Earlier she worked in New York City at McCaffrey & McCall and Benton & Bowles advertising companies.  She began her career as an elementary school teacher.

New Development Strategy Established

In order to strengthen and enhance the resources needed to fulfill the mission we received from Jesus Christ and His Church the Archdiocese is establishing a more effective, coordinated and strategic development approach.  The new entity, Boston Catholic Development Services (BCDS) will streamline the fundraising strategies of the Archdiocese. It will initially serve as the development office for the Archdiocese, the Clergy Funds and the Campaign for Catholic Schools. BCDS will provide dedicated development professionals and strategies for the Appeal, the ministries and programs of the Archdioceses, the initiatives of Campaign for Catholic Schools and the Clergy Fund.

The newly established 501(c) (3) organization will ensure donors of independence and accountability. A newly established Board of Trustees will provide oversight and some of its members will include member(s) of, the Archdiocese, the Campaign for Catholic Schools and Catholic Charities (if they choose to join). BCDS will also be accountable to the respective boards representing the entities they serve such as the Archdiocese, the Clergy Fund and Campaign for Catholic Schools.

So, beyond the “mother of all sham searches” now having been completed, the Archdiocese is now merging all of the fund-raising entities together. Never mind the widow’s mite–they want to go after all of the deep-pocketed donors from one entity.  Is no one concerned about the effect of Jack Connors and his cronies having a further financial stranglehold over archdicoesan decision-making across multiple aspects of how the Catholic Church in Boston operates? Is this another $300K+ salary?  Who made this decision, and when was it made?  Did this come to the Archdiocesan Presbyteral Council for discussion and input?

If you are sick and tired of the deceit and deception by the leadership of the Boston Archdiocese, so are we.  We will prepare a letter you can send off to the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Pietro Sambi, but if you can’t contain your anger, feel free to send him an email today at

In the meantime, perhaps people would like to prayerfully ponder what it feels like to be the character played by Jim Carrey in “The Truman Show.”

Yes folks, as best as we can determine, Jack Connors wrote the story, and Cardinal O’Malley, Jack Connors, Chancellor Jim McDonough, and Vicar General Richard Erikson helped produce and direct the movie.  The star actor was Jack Connors (Chair), and they pulled in as extras Jane Mancini-Puliafico (Vice-Chair), Fr. Bryan Parrish, Kevin Gill, Jack McCarthy, Fr. Robert Murray and Fr. Brian Kiely who unknowingly were deceived into helping create the illusion.  We understand they are all miffed, but they will not talk to us about it.  You, me, priests and religious, all donors, old, young, rich, poor, Pastoral Center and parish workers–we are all the character played by Jim Carrey in “The Truman Show” who was convinced something was real for a while, and then suddenly realized the story was a charade.

What do you think the consequences should be for the people who wrote this story and helped produce and direct the movie?

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