Election Day: Write in AG candidate

We interrupt your attention on our most recent Whistleblower Policy Part 2 post to remind citizens to vote today, primary day in Massachusetts. 

We have gotten several requests that we remind readers about the primary election–and in particular about the opportunity to write-in a candidate for Attorney General in order to give incumbent, Martha Coakley, a competitor.  We really want to stay out of the rough-and-tumble of public politics and focus just on the more sedate area of church politics.  But since the Attorney General regulates and approves many aspects of what non-profits like the Catholic Church do in Massachusetts, and since we have regularly asked if she was paying attention to the Caritas acquisition conflicts of interest documented on this blog, we decided to simply share a bit from the Boston Globe’s editorial about the primary.

For sake of competition, GOP should write in AG candidate

No office as important as AG should go unchallenged; giving even the most committed public servants a free pass at election time is a recipe for excesses and abuses of power.

So on Tuesday, Republican voters should do a favor to their party and the greater cause of electoral competition and write in a candidate for attorney general. If a candidate were to receive 10,000 votes — a tall order — he or she would be on the ballot in November. Two Republicans are waging write-in campaigns, and the more forward-looking choice would be Millbury attorney James McKenna, a former prosecutor and GOP party activist in central Massachusetts.  (Click here for the rest of the editorial)

We are not taking sides in the race or endorsing any candidate, and simply agree with what the Globe described as “the greater cause of electoral competition.”  The healthiness of electoral competition can have an impact on the ability of the Church to continue doing her good works.  If you have not yet voted today and are a registered Republican that can write in a candidate for attorney general, you may just wish to be aware of this option.

Most importantly, please read our latest post Whistleblower Policy Part 2.  And if you have not seen our Sunday post about shouting out your appreciation for a Boston-area priest this week, please see “Priest Appreciation” and post a compliment today!

2 Responses to Election Day: Write in AG candidate

  1. Nicholas J Spring says:

    We are not taking sides in the race or endorsing any candidate. Then why was Anthony Carbone name omitted.
    A sly, Democratic, method of endorsement.
    Leans toward hyocritic approach of so called do-gooders.

  2. Nicholas,
    Your criticism for our omitting the name of the other candidate in what we reposted from the Globe is fair. We rushed to get this out mid-afternoon because a number of readers were asking us about it, and our intention was really to just remind people of their write-in option for this office, since a number of people seemed unaware there were write-in candidates. We regret if the post unintentionally came across as an endorsement. This serves to validate that we should indeed stay out of public politics and stick just with the church stuff we know much better.

    Thanks for writing.

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