Welcome to Boston Catholic Insider

Welcome to Boston Catholic Insider, a new blog that we hope will help people learn more about what is happening inside the Archdiocese of Boston.

Other Boston-area Catholic blogs we’ve enjoyed reading tend to focus primarily on one person or theme or are written by bloggers with mostly their own viewpoints and insights. They have a place and we may borrow some ideas from them.  But, we think there is a place for a blog that can take a broader view of what is happening in the Boston Archdiocese and which actively invites comments and participation (anonymously, if desired) of Boston-area priests, Chancery employees, and parish staff. Please drop us a line via the Contact Us page and let us know any inside news tips  or information you want shared.

We hope you enjoy reading and participating in this blog and look forward to hearing from you.

2 Responses to Welcome to Boston Catholic Insider

  1. Dave says:

    please add me to your subsription list

  2. […] Today, BCI is one-year-old.  We do not know whether it is best described as a “first anniversary” or “first birthday”–and we do not even know whether it is cause for “celebration,” but suffice to say, it is one year since our first post. […]

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